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Orly Bonder

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Brand: Orly / Gender: Ladies Cosmetics

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    5 Reviews
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      21.05.2012 15:14



      Does what it promises and works with other brands

      I've tried several products that claim to prevent chipping and help polish to last, but this is only one I've found that works. This bonder paints on easily and dries quickly, but it doesn't completely smooth out ridges. The brush is very small, which means that thumbnails need a few strokes but you can be precise with little fingernails. The surface it leaves is very good for painting on, and although it is rubberised, polish doesn't catch or drag as you paint it on. Although the bottle says it's for use with Orly polishes, I have used it with other brands and it's still been very effective. It doesn't make it harder to remove polish and does go some way to preventing staining from brighter colours. As with all Orly polishes, the lid is rubber so if you find it difficult to get a grip on lids, this really helps.


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      27.04.2012 23:45
      Very helpful



      Provides chip free nails which can be done easily at home

      My nails have been in a pitiful state of repair since I begrudgingly removed my acrylic nails about a year ago. Instead of perfect manicured nails I was left with weak, brittle nails that constantly peeled regardless of any treatment I used. Coloured nail polish did provide a temporary cover up, but it tended to chip after a day especially where my nails were badly peeling.

      I read about the Orly rubberised bonder on a beauty blog and decided to give it a try.

      It is described as:

      'Orly Bonder is a unique, effective base coat for a long lasting manicure.

      With an innovative, rubberised formula, this basecoat tightly fixes nail polish to the nail surface for adhesion that lasts. Nail polish is prevented from peeling, chipping or wearing off for up to two weeks!

      Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Heptane, Ethyl Acetate, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Tosylamide/Epoxy Resin, Polyvinyl Butyral, Nitrocellulose, Benzophenone-1, CI 26100 (Red 17), CI 47000 (Yellow 11), CI 60725 (Violet 2)'

      --Price and Availability--
      To my knowledge, the product is not available in local shops or chemists. I purchased it from beautybay.com for £7.95, and used the free 7 day delivery option. If you need it more urgently, then there was an option to pay £2.50 for delivery within 1-3days.
      I do believe that £7.95 is not ridiculously expensive, but it is definately more than nail products available in Boots and Superdrug. I have purchased lots of nail strengthener type products, but they have failed to make nail varnish last for longer than a day so I was happy to pay a little more for this.

      I'm not usually too concerned with packaging as long as the product works, but the packaging is of a very high quality. It was delivered in a cardboard package as demonstrated in the display picture, and the product itself is in a heavy 'glass' like container. The applicator is a typical brush type which screws in tightly to the container. I particularly like the 'rubber' like lid which feels really sturdy and is easy to hold. The product itself appears a pale orange in the container, but applies clear to the nail.

      The product is applied just as any normal polish/varnish. The applicator is a good size which means that only one coat seems to cover the whole nail. It also covers smoothly and the product itself is not too thick or thin. By the time I have covered both set of nails the product is fairly dry, and I can usually apply the colour within a few minutes. I find that the bonder makes my nails very smooth and makes the application of any colour much easier. The website advises you to use an Orly varnish and topcoat for best results, but I have to admit I have been using any old varnish with the basecoat. If I have a topcoat to hand I then apply this over the colour, however I have used the basecoat again over the top to 'seal' the colour.

      The results are amazing! While my usual polish seems to last a day at most, I can get at least four/five days of chip free polish. The basecoat really does seem to 'bond' the coloured varnish to my nail. I have been using the product for about two months and I have found that this has given my nails time to grow enough for some of the 'splits' and breaks to also grow out. It was around these splits that the chips would typically occur, hence as these are growing out I have found that the polish has also lasted longer.

      The website and the beauty blog which advised the bonder have both stated that two weeks of chip free polish can be achieved, however I have not been able to achieve this. I thought that this may be due to the fact that a few of my nails have splits, so I asked a friend with perfect nails to test it out for me and she managed to get seven days of perfect nails. I have deducted a star for this reason however I still think that it is a fantastic product.

      I have varied the ways in which I have applied the bonder: applied two base coats, different brand coloured polishes and differed topcoats. I have personally found that one coat works just as well as two, it doesn't really matter what coloured polish I use and also a topcoat of any kind helps to make it last a day or two longer.

      I would definately recommend this product to anyone who wants long lasting coloured nails that you can do at home. A friend recently paid for a Shellac manicure which didn't last as long as my own handywork!
      While £7.95 is a little on the high side, it has meant that I can utilise all the polishes that I have already have hence saving money in the long term. I have also been using it for about two months and very little has been used up, so depending on usage I would guess that one bottle would last about a year. A highly recommended product.


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      18.02.2011 18:11
      Very helpful
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      A great base coat for all to use.

      Orly Bonder is used as a basecoat that has been designed to bond to the nail plate to help polish stick, preventing chipping and pealing of nail lacquers while prolonging your manicure.
      It is suitable for any type and condition of nails but more for persons who have difficulty with nail polish staying on due to chipping and pealing after a few days of a manicure.

      Nail polish can chip and peal for many different reasons, some reasons being hands being in water a lot of the time, chemicals on the hands due to cleaning, damaged nails due to not taking care of them, which can become weak and split off, washing up without the use of gloves, not using hand cream, which can help to strengthen nails and nails that are dry or general gardening or DIY.

      Bonder comes in a cardboard box that is curved at the top with Orly Bonder written at the top. The middle sees a cut out where you can see Orly Bonder.
      The base coat itself comes in a matte glass bottle with a purple screw off rubber lid that has a white rim around the bottom. The rubberised lid is easy to unscrew off if you normally have trouble unscrewing other nail polish bottles, the brush is thin compared to OPI polish brushes.
      The product is orange in colour but goes on the nail clear.
      You will receive a full size bottle of 18ml, which can be purchased from http://www.powderpuff.net/acatalog/Orly_Bonder_18ml.html for £8.95

      Unscrewing the lid you will see Orly Bonder is thin and runny in consistency, Bonder is applied to a natural nail, although it can also be applied to false nails that is free from grease, polish, dirt, chemicals and is dry to the touch. Applying a basecoat protects your natural nail from staining and damage like weakening.
      Because Bonder is runny make sure only the amount you need per nail is on the brush wiping away any excess back into the bottle. Applying Bonder to the nail is easy and doesn't run off the nail like I thought it would with it being so runny. It goes on the nail clear and dries matte within a few minutes of application without being hard to work with. However the more you apply the longer it is going to take to dry, but you only need a thin layer to get the desired effect. When dry and touching my nail it feels very different from any other basecoat I have had on before, Bonder feels rubbery to the touch.
      If you are applying a polish afterwards, make sure your Bonder is completely dry otherwise none of the layers will dry properly leading to pealing but also in some cases it can lead to fungal infections to occur.
      I find if you don't let Bonder dry completely before polish application your polish sticks to Bonder and drags down the nail, which means you will have to start all over again.
      Once all nails are dry and you apply your coloured polish of choice I find it glides on easily while 'sticking' to Bonder. The finished look of your polish is flawless, smooth with no streaking.
      As with all nail polishes a top coat is recommended to seal in your polish.

      If I don't use Orly Bonder I normally get five days out of my manicure with tip damage due to cleaning and typing on the laptop, which can easily be rectified with another coat of polish on the tip but I do sometimes also experience chipping. However with use of Orly Bonder my manicure lasts more than five days, with no chipping what so ever but I do experience tip damage, which really can't be helped.
      I have also found when taking off my polish I am not left with any staining and my nails actually feel better condition.

      An 18ml bottle will last you at least eight months or longer with regular use.

      I find this to be a fantastic base coat for regular suffers of polish that keeps chipping and pealing off the nail plate. It is suitable for all nail conditions, natural or false.


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        05.02.2011 09:35
        Very helpful
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        Please see review :-)

        I have recently become obsessed with painting my nails on a regular basis and have found that after all the effort of applying two coats of polish and a top coat that it still peels and chips after a couple of days. This disappoints me greatly.

        I have been browsing the internet for recommendations of how to get the perfect polished look that lasts, hopefully for up to nearly a week, and found that lots of people were recommending an American product called Orly Bonder.

        At £9.25 a bottle on feelunique.com and possibly a little bit cheaper on Ebay, it doesn't come cheap but promises to keep nails looking polished without chips for up to 2 weeks. Well with those sort of claims I couldn't not try it!

        I purchased my Orly bonder from Ebay, and it arrived the next day (a super speedy seller). The product comes in a nail varnish bottle and is orange in the bottle. The part of the nail varnish brush that is held is rubbery which is excellent to aid your grip during application of the nail polish.

        The Orly Bonder is applied as a base coat to clean nails, it is easy to apply, is quite thick and dries in a reasonable amount of time (by the time I had done both hands the first nail was dry). The Bonder is claimed to bond your nail polish to the base coat to prevent chips. I then applied two coats of nail polish and then a top coat and left to dry.

        I must say I am very impressed with the product. My nail varnish has not chipped at all, and after four days is still looking as good as it did when I first painted it. I definitely would recommend buying this product if you want to get your manicures/polishes to last longer. I know its not cheap but I figure if I have to paint my nails half the times with this than a cheaper version which chips then in is an investment in time and money!


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          24.11.2010 13:02
          Very helpful



          A brilliant basecoat

          I never paid much attention to nail polish until fairly recently when I discovered Essie and OPI lacquers. I'd always been put off of painting my nails because mine never seemed to last more than a day before it started to chip, peel and generally look quite horrible. The amount of effort I put in to shaping, buffing and applying polish really didn't seem worth it for the short lived results. That changed when I purchased my first nail lacquers from Essie and realised the problems I'd been having were probably due to my nail polish choices.

          With Essie I was getting a good three days of wear before my nails were ready for a repaint which still doesn't sound like long but considering my hands are always covered in some sort of cleaning product (I forget to wear gloves) it was a small miracle for me. I was fairly happy with the lasting power I was getting from my polishes but still wanted better staying power and was recommended to try a base coat by the lovely ladies on a forum I use. Three different types were suggested of which two were near on impossible to get hold of here in the UK so I decided to try the recommendation from ORLY, a brand I'd not heard of before.

          About ORLY

          ORLY is an American company that specialise in nail products. They offer a huge range of nail lacquers in a rainbow of different colours that are free of DBP, Formaldehyde and toluene (info below) in various different finishes, a French manicure range, tools such as files, brushes, orange sticks etc and a polish remover range. Moisturising and hand care products are also available along with a large range of nail treatments which include top coats, cuticle removers, strengtheners and base coats.

          DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene (The big three)

          DBP or Di butyl phthalate is a Plasticizer used to increase the fluidity of products they are added to products such as adhesives, printing inks and nails polish. The use of DBP in nail polish is banned in the European Union due to concerns over it's the substances potentially very serious effects on health.

          Formaldehyde is an organic compound that's used as a preservative in nail polish and acts as a nail hardener to stop polish from chipping. Exposure to the skin can result in rashes and breathing in the fumes can cause headaches, labored breathing and watery eyes. Formaldehyde has also been linked to cancer and many brands have stopped using the ingredient in nail polish although some still continue to use it.

          Toluene is used as a solvent in nail polish to give its smooth finish and promotes quick drying. It promotes a feeling of intoxication when inhaled and has been linked to neurological disturbances in humans and birth defects in laboratory animals. A lot of brands have also stopped using this ingredient but some still add it to their polish.

          More and more brands seem to eliminating these ingredients from their products including Nubar, Buttter London, Chanel and China glaze. OPI are also free of the big three although some of their older collections aren't.

          What is ORLY bonder?

          Bonder is a basecoat that's designed to improve lacquer adhesion and prolong the wear of nail polish. It's described as a rubberized, polish gripping basecoat that helps polish adhere to nails for longer.

          Price and availability

          The product is available from quite a few different sites online but seems to vary quite a lot in price depending on where you buy it from. A lot of the sites offering ORLY products have them for pretty low prices but I've found that most of them ship from the US which means postage is high. Bonder is available on Amazon.co.uk where it's currently priced at £4.49 for 18ml and postage is £3.49, powderpuff.net also stock it although it's priced at £8.95 and I'm unsure how much postage would be. I decided to order mine from e-bay where I paid around £5.50 with shipping which I thought was very reasonable since it was shipped from America. I often see the product listed on e-bay and it's normally available form both US and UK sellers for much less than most websites tend to sell it for so if you decide to buy e-bay is definitely worth a look.


          The product is packaged in a matte finish, transparent glass bottle which has the ORLY logo and product name printed on the front and what the product does along with an address printed on the back in purple text. The lid is also purple and is covered in a soft, rubbery material which makes the top both easy to undo and easy to grip when you're using it.

          How to use

          Bonder is a base coat and is obviously meant to be applied before nail polish and on to clean nails that are free of residue. The product contains a brush exactly like a nail nail polish does and one, thin coat is supposed to be painted on to nails and allowed to dry before applying whatever colour you want over the top.

          The product is a transparent orange shade in the bottle and the liquid is quite thin and runny in consistency. I find it's best to make sure you don't overload the brush with product before painting on to nails as only a thin coat is needed and the product takes a while to dry if too much is applied. The thin brush allows for precise application and the rubbery grip on the top is a fantastic idea that makes the top easy to hold. The orange formula is clear once applied to nails and dries very quickly (in around a minute). Once it's dry you're left with matte nails that feel almost like rubber or vinyl when touched.

          Polish is easy to apply over the top and I feel I get a much better, smoother application when I use bonder on my nails prior to lacquer application. Varnish seems to stick and grab better and although ORLY don't promise that the product will even out ridges, I think it definitely helps to smooth the nails surface.


          As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, I was getting around three days wear out of nail lacquer before I had to repaint. With bonder underneath my Essie and OPI polishes I get a good five to six with little chipping and no peeling at all which I'm really pleased with. The basecoat has also helped a lot with staining which I sometimes get with darker, vampy colours and overall I get a much better, more professional result when I do manicures.

          Would I recommend?

          Yes! I highly recommend the basecoat to anyone who has issues with the staying power of their polish. The product is relatively cheap and because such a small amount is needed with each use a bottle lasts for a very long time. ORLY bonder is by far the best coat I've used and although it can be a little hard to get of, I will continue to purchase and will definitely be trying some of the lovely polish colours too when I replace my bottle.


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          Orly / Orly bonder rubberized base coat / Prevents laquer from wearing for up to two weeks

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