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Orly Nail Polish

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14 Reviews
  • Quick dry
  • Excellant finish
  • Bit drippy
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    14 Reviews
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      03.10.2015 21:05
      Very helpful


      • "Quick dry"
      • "Excellant finish"


      • "Bit drippy"

      Try this brand of nail polish

      I bought an Orly nail polish knowing nothing about the brand. I had been browsing online and just fell in love with a particular bright shade that I fancied for the Summer months. So I decided to give it a go.

      My colour came in a 11ml bottle which is a little more generous than many of the other brands I've bought over the years and means that I have got plenty of use out of it. The ribbed plastic lid of my Color Blast polish looked a bit cheap to me but it did make it easy to undo because you have more grip on the lid when it is textured. The brush is quite small and narrow which is how I prefer it for neat application. The neck of the bottle is fairly wide which also maks the product easy to use.

      Although for durability two coats are always ideal I find that the colour is intense and wearable from only one application. I have been very impressed by the quality of the finish this product gives. It is of the type that makes you want to keep glancing at your nice nails. I am also impressed by his quick Orly polish dries. Although not promoted as an ulta quick drier my nails are touch dry in two minutes easily when I use it. A claim that the makers do have is that they have invested a lot into anti chip technology so this should be a long lasting polish. Depending on my activities I would say it lasts 5 days to just over a week. I definitely recommend Orly nail products to anyone who wants a polished almost salon look. My only criticism is that it is on the runny side so you need to wipe excess of the brush before use.


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      10.07.2014 21:18
      Very helpful



      Good quality, excellent range of colours, pretty hardwearing.

      Orly nail polishes are really good quality. It comes in a vast range of colours to suit all tastes, but all the different types of shades are good. I have tried a few and it seems to me that the bright and dark colours come out bright and dark enough without needing more than 2 coats. The glittery and shimmery colours are bright and shimmery enough (I don''t feel the need to use extra glitter top coats with these). A couple of my favourite nail polishes are made by Orly, they do some lovely colours.

      The bottle is nice and sturdy. It is a traditional round bottle, no gimmicks here. I am fairly clumsy and have dropped them before and never had a problem with them breaking! The brush is good and easy to use - 3 strokes applies the perfect amount of polish for my nails.

      The polish is a really good consistency - not so thin that if you have a slight imperfection on your nail it goes funny and you get a lighter patch, but not so thick that you can''t apply it easily. It goes on very nicely, dries fairly quickly and lasts well. I have found that it doesn''t really chip, but after a few days it will start to wear away at the ends of the nails on the fingers I use most (first fingers before the others, right hand before the left).

      In terms of value for money it''s not at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but is still good value as it is a high quality product.


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      21.02.2012 16:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great quality nail polish in a huge array of colours

      I received my Orly Nail Lacquer in one of my beauty boxes several months ago. I was really pleased to receive this, as Orly was a brand of nail colours that I had been looking at and toying with purchasing.

      The colour I received is called Haute Red and is a very bright red shade. It is not necessarily the colour I would have chosen for myself, but I have come to like wearing it on my toes. Unfortunately whilst some women can get away with red polish on their fingernails, on me it always looks really cheap and tacky - I just can't pull it off! The Orly brand make a huge range of colours, from pastel pinks to brighter blues and oranges, so there should be something there for everyone.

      The polish comes in a round bottle with a dimpled lid that makes it easier to grip. It is sold in a small 5.3ml bottle (which I have) or a larger 18ml size. The brush on the smaller size is quite skinny, but when applying the polish, I've found that it splays a bit, so I don't need to use too many strokes per nail.

      The polish is quite thick, yet not gloopy and goes onto the nails really well. It doesn't run down the sides of the nails and I don't get streaky brush marks either. I find the colour to be really strong and only one coat is needed per nail, although I sometimes add another one to aid longevity. I find it dries reasonably quickly too, which is a bonus - I've never known it smudge yet.

      Once on the nails the result is quite striking. It's incredibly glossy which I love as it looks so smooth. One thing I have found about the polish though, is that the colour fades. I decided that rather than removing the polish when it became a little bit chipped around the edges, I would take the lazy route and just put another coat of the same colour over the top. I found that the new coat was much brighter than the one that had been on for a while, which it seemed had become darker over time.

      On the subject of longevity, the polish seems to last reasonably well. On my toes I tend to get about a week and a half's worth of use from it, before it tends to chip at the edges and become a bit messy looking. Although I have never worn this on my fingernails, I would suspect that it would last less time because your hands get used more.

      In terms of price per ml it tends to work out cheaper to buy the larger sized bottle. The 5.3ml bottle costs £5 from Boots, but I don't think they sell the 18ml version. Feelunique.com stock the full 18ml size and it costs between £4.95 and £6.95 depending on which colour you choose.

      Overall I really like this polish and would be happy to buy another bottle. It goes on well, lasts reasonably well and is a reasonable price, so it gets a recommendation from me.


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        12.02.2012 10:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great polishfrom the inventor of French Manicure

        This is a review of Orly Nail Polish. I have never tried this product before now as I tend to stick to Nails Inc polishes as I love their shiny finish. I think I have found a cheaper contender now though with Orly.

        The colour
        My bottle of Orly polish is in the shade of Ruby but the colour is deeper than you would expect for 'ruby'. To me it is more of a red burgundy shade.

        My nails
        Everyone's nails are different and mine go from being amazing and strong to weak and peeling in a matter of days. At the moment they are cut shortish (just over the end of the finger) but not a bitten length. I like long nails but found them difficult to maintain with a baby. Let's just say long nails and nappy changes are not happy companions! I regularly use hand cream, nail oil and keep my nail file on me at all times in case of accidents so I do try to have nice nails.

        I use a base coat (Nails inc Caviar) before applying colour all the time but this is especially important when using a dark colour to avoid staining of the nail.

        In use
        I applied Orly Ruby to the nails, it went on nice and thickly, only one coat needed which is great, time saving and better when using a base and top coat as it can be too much thickness on the nail if you need a few coats of colour. When the colour dried I added a clear top coat (Nails inc Caviar again) which was fast drying and stopped me smudging the colour although they are never really properly dry and hard until hours later, that's why I prefer to paint my nails before bed if possible to give them a chance before I start doing up zips etc!

        Post application
        As it was a dark colour I waited for the nails to dry before touching up any mistakes with a cotton bud soaked in nail varnish remover. Luckily there were only a couple of tiny bits where I had gone onto the skin of my finger.

        Overall results
        Nice deep colour, shiny nails (this may be partially due to the top coat) with a really elegant look that will suit most occasions and a dark colour for the winter. It will go with most outfits too.

        My thoughts
        This is a classic colour and a polish I am happy to report is still wearing well on day two. If I can get three days out of a dark polish I am happy. It tends to wear off the edges of my nails but no problems so far. I hate any chipped varnish and don't try to touch up as it doesn't really work for me so as soon as one is gone, the lot has to come off.

        About Orly
        I was interested to find out more about Orly and found lots of information on their website. Orly is a salon brand and was founded in 1975 by Jeff Pink who invented the French manicure (white tips look) for Hollywood starlets!

        Orly polishes are DBP-free and have a great solution to stuck caps, their award winning 'gripper cap' which is easy to grasp and opens every time.

        In addition to the gripper cap, the packaging is a clear bottle so you can see the varnish colour and a silver twist lid with built in brush for application. I think it is really elegant.

        Price and availability
        An 18ml bottle of Ruby will set you back £6.95 on beautybay.com where you can get free postage for the most basic delivery option. Amazon also sell Ruby for £8.95 or a mini version for £4.55.

        Final thoughts
        I will be really happy to venture a short distance away from Nails inc in the future and try a few more colours by Orly. My bottle came in a beauty box and it has introduced me to a new brand which I love. (If you want to find out more about the beauty box please message me and I will reveal all!). I am happy to recommend Orly polishes to friends but I won't be sharing my bottle!


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          10.02.2011 11:32
          Very helpful



          A professional polish which is well worth trying.

          Every six weeks when my hairdresser comes to colour my hair I also have a manicure. It fits in well during the time the colour and highlights are working, and I look forward to it so much. For as long as I can remember she has used Orly products, and because of the way that they last and look I have also purchased these myself to use in between my manicures.

          Orly was founded in 1975 by Jeff Pink in America. He had the aim to create a nail polish which was as natural as possible. Indeed he was the inventor of the French Manicure which became so popular in the years that followed.

          The polishes are available widely over the internet, and although the recommended retail price is around £8.99, Ebay has some really good bargains, and I have collected quite a few this way. Often the polishes have been used once by a seller who decides they are not the colour for them, and so purchasing is affordable and allows variety without much cash outlay.

          In line with the method my hairdresser uses I first apply a base coat. For simplicity I use an Orly product called Top2 Bottom, which is really versatile as it acts both as a base and a top coat. Then I apply two coats of the polish and finally the top coat.

          So how does it perform? First of all I would say that the polish is not the quickest to dry on the market. If you are in a particular hurry then you can purchase products from Orly which speed this up; I have a product called Secndry, which does speed up this process. However if I am in a real hurry, and want to go out quickly after applying polish, I will opt for my favourite in this respect which is Rubie and Millie. These are absolutely my first choice for rapid drying, and these polishes also offer lasting results too.

          Orly polish is supplied in sturdy bottles which are chunky and easy to hold. The lid also has indentations on it which facilitate a strong grip, and a rubber seal keeps the polish in good condition. The brush is a good size and allows the polish to glide over the nails easily, and I find it to be one of the easiest polishes to work with. It is also worth pointing out that these polishes store really well, and do not dry out or thicken as quickly as others when exposed to the air.

          The colour choices are vast and there are some very pretty shades which have become my favourites. The shades are updated from time to time, so you may love one which becomes discontinued, but again this is where Ebay comes in because I will often find old favourites lurking there.

          To see the colour choices have a look at their main website over at www.orlybeauty.com. Here you can see so many colours grouped into various collections. There are rich reds through to delicate pinks - some are vibrant and some understated, so that the collection has something for everyone. My personal favourite has to be a shade called Coco Beach - this is a lovely pink/brown which I wear most days. For those preferring the understated French look there are shades with exciting names which include - Toast the Couple, Buried Treasure, Sand Castle and Goin To The Chapel!
          For more vibrant nights there are shades like Reel Him In, or Take Him To The Cleaners.
          There are shades for those looking for something a bit different - including blue shades - Star Of Bombay or It's Up To Blue. There is also a rich bottle green shade called Green with Envy!

          If you take the time to apply these polishes, and allow a good half an hour for the polish to really set then you can look forward to many days without chipping. For example I have been doing a lot of housework this week - my dishwasher is broken and awaiting hubby to look at it, and so I have been washing up a lot. Even with this I have still got a good solid polish layer on with minimal chipping. This is six days after I used the Orly two coat system with the top and bottom coats I mentioned. I think this is pretty good, and I get these sorts of results on a consistent basis. When I apply these for a holiday I will often get ten days from a couple of coats applied at the start of the trip.

          I also use these polishes for pedicures, and I do these about every six weeks myself. In the same way I apply the Top2bottom coat, then two coats of polish and a final Top2bottom coat. This I then let harden for the entire evening, as shoes will obviously present extra challenges for newly applied varnish. I tend to go for more vibrant shades on my toes- I will often use a shade called Flagstone Rush for this which is a shimmering bronze. The polish stays chip free for six weeks which I am delighted with.

          Orly has a commitment to reducing chemicals, so the polishes are now free from DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. There has been some adverse publicity about these chemicals over the years, so it is good to see the company acting responsibly over this.

          In conclusion I would say that Orly nail polish is a superb product which offers a modern choice of shades. It has excellent lasting qualities after application, but you do need to have patience to allow the product to set really well in order to benefit from the longevity. If you are in a hurry but want an excellent result to be achieved more quickly I would opt for a Ruby and Millie polish, which gives similar results but has a faster setting time.

          This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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            02.06.2010 13:07
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Cheaper than most salon brands but a quality polish nonetheless

            I'm a new Orly fan. And I love it!

            It's not really available on the high-street here in the north east so I found mine for quite a reasonable price from an ebay store for under £5 a bottle. I consider Orly polishes to be on par with salon brands and the capacity of the bottles is slightly bigger than OPI, Jessica and Nails Inc which are also fabulous polishes but twice the price.

            The two most recent Orly polishes I've tried are La Vida Loca (Bright fuschia pink with blue/purple shimmer) and Fantasea (duochrome pink/mauve/purple) both of which are stunning and vibrant.

            I'd like to de-bunk a myth that Orly polishes take a while to dry. I did not find this to be true.

            My method:

            OPI Chip skip
            1 coat Mavala Ridge Filler
            1 thin coat of Orly polish
            Allow a minute to dry
            1 not so thin coat of Orly polish
            Allow 5 minutes to dry
            1 coat Mavadry

            Everything was touch dry in a few mins and properly set in about an hour or so - which is decent considering the thickness of my application.

            Colour was smooth and even after the second coat with opaque coverage and the manicure lasted well about 4 days without having to re-apply additional topcoat.

            The brush on Orly polishes is great, not too wide like some OPI polishes but not too short - I find Zoya brushes a little short to work with. Plus the handle/lid of the Orly bottles is rubberised and textured for easy grip and easy opening / securing closed the bottle. I can't fault the design of the bottle here. It's a classic shape - nothing unusual or gimmicky.

            My only concern with the polish is that it had a tendency to drag the first coat on application of the second coat. Please allow sufficient drying times between coats to avoid this.


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              08.04.2010 16:55
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              No need for any other nail product Orly has it all!

              "Orly" love this nail varnish! It has long lasting power, thats for sure! As you might of gathered from my last review we changed from Jessica to Orly.

              Jeff Pink founded Orly in 1975 he was interested in nail care and was motivated to innovate natural nail care. This product is a manicurist's choice for the nail strength, wearability and drying time.
              Jeff Pink created the french manicure for a natural look on fashion runways in Paris. This is when the natural look got seen and became known as a french manicure!

              Orly products are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. Can't believe any company would still use these ingrediants in there products. Orly is an American company.

              The bottle is clear so you can see the colour with an award-winning "Gripper Cap" (a rubberized cap) this provides ease of opening and gripping well when applying a flawless look!

              Orly comes in two sizes and both sizes have the "get a grip cap".
              5.4ml is £4 and the 18ml is £7.50 what a bargain!
              I would always go for a smaller size as they just sit in your draw till you fancy that colour and that colour might not be in fashion or to your taste within a year. A smaller size you will get through quicker so the product won't go all mancky, gluepy and old. The smaller packaging also doesn't take up too much room and can easily take away with you anywhere as its so miniture!
              However the bigger one is a lot better as you get more product for your money.

              The colours are just magnificent! Very bright and festival like to very sexy glam.
              So much choice in colours, the colour range is absoutley huge! I have never seen so much neon and fashion in nail products before! They have neon yellows, pinks, blues, greens,purples to much more. Then you get blues, greens, purples,yellows and pinks in more of a glamourous colour.

              Orly also does sets of 4/5 nail varnishs, miniture sets and french manicure sets so you get a few for a cheaper price! The sets would come in say neon colours, sexy colours, dark colours to outragous colours. There french sets come in peaches, pinks, very white, soft wite, pearlized to glitter.

              Orly has a wide collection treatments to help with nail biting, ridges, flaky nails, infected nails, dry nails and many more.
              They have a fantastic nail varnish remover that takes of red in seconds, only for natural nails! This one is called "extra strength formula nail varnish remover", its dark blue in a clear bottle. And they have a non acetone nail varish remover that is a pale blue colour in a clear bottle this one is called "gentle formula" and is perfect for nail extensions or overlays.

              They sell smudge fixers, nail rescue kits, nail whiteners, quick dries, nail files and of course hand and foot creams, scrubs and masks.

              Orly is a lovely range with such quality to ensure your nails are looked after and looking good at all times!Orly is everything you need to everything you want, you do not need anything else!

              I hope I have been helpful and I hope you enjoyed my review :-)


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                03.04.2010 13:19
                Very helpful



                Great overall

                I first discovered Orly Nail Polish when out during a pub lunch and my friend had this absolutely stunning colour painted on her nails. She had the colour 'Lola' on and told me that this nail varnish was amazing, all the pros and no cons that she could think of. I had never heard of Orly before, but with such a great recommendation, I just had to try it.

                Each Orly Nail Polish comes in a 18ml shiney little bottle and costs around £4.50 each. Even though the style of each bottle is pretty ordinary, the bottle itself is really shiney which emphasizes the colour that you are getting inside.

                I ended up buying 'La Vida Loca' which is an absolutely gorgeous pinky purpley colour. The little bottle looks so pretty that I sometimes dont want to use it. When you twist the lid open, you reveal the brush that I would say is pretty normal. Long and thinnish.

                When taking the lid and brush out of the bottle, you notice that the polish has a good consistency, not too runny or too thick either. When applying this to your nails, I dont know if its the brush or the actual polish or abit of both, but it goes on really smoothly and isnt lumpy in the slightest bit. This stuff dries really well too, in about 45 seconds perhaps, which is really good.

                When this varnish is on, it seems to stay on too. An absolute tester for nail varnishes. Some of my nail barnishes start to come off at the tips after one or two days. After wearing this for 3 days, I found that this didnt happen. I also found that when taking this off using nail polish remover and a cotton pad that this came off pretty easily. No tugging or frustration.

                Overall I was really really happy with this product and so glad I went for that pub lunch, not only to gossip but I found a new brand of nail varnish that I love. This is a really good nail varnish in such cute little bottles. They are easy to apply, have a good wear duration, excellent colour range and is easy to take off when you want to change to using a different colour. Great.


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                13.01.2010 18:24
                Very helpful



                A very impressive long lasting polish

                Orly nail polishes are a professional brand used in a wide range of salons. They have a wide range of colours. The only thing I find confusing is the names of the polishes such as, naughty, your fired, moonlit madness. From the names of the polishes you wouldn't be able to determine what colour the actual polish is, but I still find the names fun and unusual. Orly polishes are not available to buy on High Street stores these have to be purchased in salons, direct from Orly or on stockist online.

                **Size and Price**

                These polishes are available in two different sizes 18ml and then the miniature range bottles are 5.4ml bottles. Not all colours are available in each of the sizes.
                The 18ml bottles are priced between £4.39 and £8.00.
                The 5.4 bottles are priced between £2.30 and £4.20

                ** Packaging**

                Orly polishes come in stylish glass bottles and the well known handles are designed with a non slip rubberised grip. The colour of the rubberised grips change depending on some of the collections of the polishes. The Orly miniature bottles do not have the rubber handles they just have a plain black plastic handle. The miniature bottles are ideal stocking fillers and to take on holiday.
                Around Christmas and Valentine's Day they offer a retail pack with 5 Orly miniatures in which usually cost around £9.00 which is a fabulous price and looks trendy and a lot more expensive.


                Orly has 11 collections of nail varnishes.

                * Once Upon A Time
                This collection has 6 colours and the bottles have little gems hanging from the bottles. This is Orlys newest range and has only just been released .This range consists of dramatic reds, deep greens and greys.
                * Matte Couture Collection
                This collection has 3 colours, matte velvet, matte vinyl and blue suede
                * Tikki Time Collection
                This collection has 4 colours, zesty green, sunny orange, turn your head red and blue waters
                *Prepster Collection
                This collection has 6 colours these colours consist of pearl tones of lilacs and creams
                *Carnivale Collection
                This Collection has 6 colours which were made to be flaunted from fuchsia to velvet.
                *Orly Gem Collection
                This collection has 6 colours and has a gem accessory ring on the handle. The colours consist of rich reds, browns, purples and gold.
                * High Voltage Collection
                This collection has 4 colours these colours are ultraviolet you will not miss these
                *Love Collection
                This collection has 6 colours which consist of a range of warm pastel creams
                * Sugar Coated Collection
                This collection has 6 colours consisting of light shimmering creams
                * Manicure Miniatures
                This collection has 48 colours with a variety of different shades from your deep royal reds and midnight blues and blacks to your vibrant pinks and your subtle creams and glitters.
                *Permanent Collection
                This collection has 67 colours which consist of a wide range of favourite colours.

                ** Application **

                With the Orly polishes you need to apply to thin coats of the polish. This polish if applied with Orly base and top coat will last up to 6 weeks without even chipping once. The polish when applied gives a solid colour and is not watery and does not leave brush strokes.

                **My Opinion**

                I had Naughty on which is a very deep red almost black for my holiday it was applied a week before I went and I finally took it off two weeks after my holiday only because it had grown up so much, but there was still no chips even though I had been in the pool most days and on the beach on the sand so in my personal opinion this is a very hard wearing polish. I have used spa rituals, OPI and Jessica and Essie in the past which are also nice polishes but none of them last as long as the Orly polishes. I think the bottles look very professional and the wide range of colours are endless. I feel the price is reasonable for the quality of the polish.


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                  07.12.2009 16:02
                  Very helpful



                  Great polish

                  The colour I am reviewing is Lola.

                  I got this nail polish from my sister, who works for Beauty express and gets loads of freebies from them. I liked this particular colour as during the summer Coral was very in and I had a few tops that matched this colour. It looks coraly pink on the bottle but once dried in on nails hand it looks more of a cerise colour.

                  The bottle is clear and you can see the nail varnish through it. It is an 18ml bottle and has a rubbery grey lid which holds the varnish brush on it. This screws on top of the bottle. The lid has small dents in it for easier grip.

                  The logo for orly is a large O with ORLY in capitals underneath the O.

                  The nail polish itself is very hard wearing and is very chip resistant. It is a high gloss finish which is achieved and the bottle states that 2 coats should be applied. This is however not needed, 1 coat would be sufficient. For an extra bold colour though, I would apply two. You should shake the bottle before use for the best effect.

                  The polish dries quite quickly and After about a minute I can pick things up etc. I wouldn't go in a bath for a good while after applying though, as I have done this before and it has smudged due to the heat. Orly claims that this nail polish can last upto 2 weeks but if I'm being honest mines doesn't last above 3 days. That's because I always have my fingers in my mouth. I still would say you wouldn't get more than a week chip resistant.

                  There are loads of other products in the orly line, such as base coat, cuticle oil, calcium shield, nail sanitiser and many more.

                  You can purchase these on beautyexpress.co.uk just now for £4.30 which I think is an excellent price.

                  All in all a great nail polish.


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                  02.11.2009 16:23
                  Very helpful



                  The price might be a little high for some, but it's worth every penny.


                  In my mind there's nothing better then a little DIY pamper session, but just because you're doing it yourself doesn't mean you should loose out on quality. Which is why I buy Orly, or more specifically Orly's topcoats, as my Mum (ex-nail technician!) always told - and tells - me, as long as you have a good top coat it doesn't really matter what quality nail varnish you wear underneath. So, for the purpose of the review, this is mainly based on Orly's Topcoat in 'Love Each Other'

                  ==The Brand==

                  Orly was founded in 1975 by Jeff Pink. Over the past 30+ years Orly have stayed a head of the pack with innovative nail care products and design, winning many beauty awards along the way.
                  Orlys of products are free from DBP (a plasticizer, banned in the EU) toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.
                  Orlys products are so wide ranging, and come in every colour under the rainbow, it's quite breathtaking if you get to a good stockist and see row upon row (or shade upon shade!) of these bottles - or maybe that's just me being a little weird.

                  ==The Product==

                  Orly's Nail lacquer top coat is a lovely iridescent varnish - with specks of pink and purple glitter giving your nails that little bit of extra glamour and making it perfect to just use solo on your nails for that lovely preened look. The topcoat is very easy to apply, and dries quiet quickly leaving a smooth glossy finish in seconds.
                  Also I find consistency of the nail varnish perfect, not too watery it kind of gathers along the sides of your nails, and not gloopy so it takes a lot of effort to get good coverage.

                  ==The Packaging==

                  The lids on the bottles as exclusive to Orly. With special patented gripper rubber it makes the lid easy to screw off, and is perfect to handle while you apply the lacquer.
                  Other than that packaging is very simple on the Orly bottles. The glass bottom holding the lacquer is quite chunky, fitting nicely into your hands also I find the glass isn't too thick - like on bottles when you thinking you're getting quite a lot of nail varnish to only find you have the worlds thickest glass bottle with about 1ml of nail varnish inside.
                  The text on the bottle is quite limited too, and the colour of the font changes to suit the shade of varnish inside so it 'pops' out, which in a nice touch and makes even the tiny text on the back easy to read.

                  ==The Results==

                  The results of Orlys Top Coat is completely flawless, and helps my nails stay chip free for days. Like I've said above this is perfect for use over painted nails, or just on your natural nail to give them a little sparkle!
                  The only downside of this product, which is kind of mixed with a good side, is the glitter. The specs make it a little difficult to remove - nothing major, you just need to add a bit extra pressure while removing. It isn't a big downside, but I thought it should be noted!


                  Prices for Orly nail varnishes differ a lot, I've seen them priced in some places as high as £8, and as low as about £3.50 in others. So, of course, it pays to shop around abit. But I'd happily pay around £7ish for this product, as it's honestly the best top coat I've used and one bottle will easily last you ages!


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                    25.10.2009 13:57
                    Very helpful



                    keep this to yourself

                    Orly International hails from Los Angeles, California. They do a huge range of nail colours, treatments, french manicure and manicure essentials like polish removers, nail whiteners and files.

                    Orly nail lacquers are free from DBP (a plasticizer), Formaldehyde (a toxic chemical) and Toluene (a toxic solvent). Good to know.

                    I must start off by telling you that I do not use Orly polish for manicures. I give myself PEDICURES only. This is because I do not really like my finger nails, so leave them quite natural, but I DO want a good pedicure that makes my tootsies look fab and that lasts without chipping. Well, I hate to show off, but my pedicures last until I decide to remove them... No chipping or flaking, they last and last. I cannot relate to stories from girls of how their polish chipped off within a week - this NEVER happens to me.

                    I was lucky enough to find Orly quite early on in my DIY pedicure days. I tried a few brands of polish like No7 or Revlon, but was never impressed with the colours and finish. They I went for a one off professional pedicure and that day changed my tootsies forever. It was a little local salon, unimpressive but with good prices. No one in the salon really spoke English, so a lot of gesturing and no chat (all the better for me reading my magazine in peace - bliss). Anyway, they did a great job and used ORLY. I liked the finish so much that I tried to buy a bottle of polish from them there and then, but they didn't sell to the public. I then went home on a mission to find it online. Which I did, and bought a few different bottles so that I could do my own french polish pedicure.

                    Now you cannot expect polish to stay put without chipping if you just slap it on. You have to use a basecoat, colour, and then a topcoat. It may seem like a drag, but will save you time in the long run and will look much more professional. My nails look better than if a salon had done it, and it is much cheaper, because you buy the bottles and use them over and over again. No way would I ever pay a salon to do it.

                    Sooo, for the best french pedicure you have ever had I am going to share with you my Orly product list. Don't say I'm not good to you...

                    The Holy Grail list:

                    Bonder - a unique rubberized basecoat, grips lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion. Prevents nail lacquer from wearing off for up to two weeks.

                    Beverly Hills Manicure - in white tips

                    French manicure - in bare rose

                    Glosser - super high-shine topcoat to top it all off.

                    You can buy the products online starting from about £4.30 from beautyexpress.com or similar sites. The bottles come with their Award Winning 'Gripper Cap' which makes opening easier as you get a better grip on the lid with no slipping.

                    As I haven't been for a salon pedicure since the one when I found Orly, I had no idea how much one costed, so had a quick peek online. It looks like you would pay around £28 depending what you want done. Each time?!!! I bought all 4 bottles for less than that and get tons of treatments from it.

                    A great investment, and with practice your friends will be looking on in envy and asking where you go to get your nails done.

                    (... you won't tell them though will you? Lets keep this a secret between you and me)


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                    27.06.2009 16:06
                    Very helpful



                    You will love them all.

                    ~About Orly~
                    Orly Beauty is a professional nail brand, which is trusted by thousands of nail technicians worldwide.
                    It is one of the nail industry's renowned colour houses, which means Orly seasonally introduces new colours and updates to their permanent collection. They have over 150 shades to choose from.

                    Orly consists of subtle sheers, vivid crèmes, dazzling shimmers, smooth glitters and the new hottest trend neon.
                    Orly polish works great on natural fingernails or acrylic nails.

                    The most important thing of all is Orly's nail polish is free from Dibutyl Phthalate, (DBP for short).
                    Dibutyl Phthalate is a toxic chemical; it is used as a plasticizer in nail polish, making it a smooth finish, it also makes the nail polish flexible, which can cause chipping.

                    There are other chemicals called Toluene that is a colourless liquid that is used as a solvent and Formaldehyde that helps to harden the nails. They are also used as a cheap preservative in shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and children's bubble bath.
                    All these ingredients are linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity and allergies.

                    Before you buy nail polishes check the ingredients and make sure they are free from the chemicals above.

                    Orly also has a unique award winning Gripper Cap!

                    ~About the Product and Application~
                    Blushalicious (code 40324) is one of their Dazzling Shimmers in the Permanent Collection. It comes in an 18ml bottle and will see you though many manicures and pedicures.

                    The brush is just as important as the actual polish, the brush is quite long and once applied onto the nail it 'fans' out for even coverage.

                    Personally I would say Orly polishes are close to OPI quality.

                    I found when I applied the polish and left to dry it didn't take that long. It is best to apply 2 - 3 thin coats (apply more if needed) than one thick coat.

                    As I am a Mum of a young baby my hands are always in and out of water. This polish kept the shine for a good 7+ days. No chipping and no sign of wear. As long as you use a good base, top coat and don't abuse your nails it will be brilliant for you.

                    ~Where to buy and Price of Product~
                    You can buy Orly from eBay but just remember what you see on eBay might not be the actual product but a fake. So please be careful.

                    Otherwise for peace and mind either see your local nail technician who stocks Orly or go to their website http://www.orlybeauty.com/find_store.php and find a store near you.
                    The price for Orly polishes can differ from place to place. Ranging from £4.99 upwards.

                    The packaging is good. Their award winning gripper cap I personally think is great and I haven't seen this on any other nail polish brands. At the top of the cap there is the letter 'O' for Orly.
                    The bottle is a great size and you will get many manicures and pedicures out of it. At the back of the bottle it gives you directions on how to apply and what you can use with it e.g. base coat etc.
                    At the bottom of the bottle it gives you the list of ingredients (underneath the sticker where it says peel here). Name and code of the polish.

                    ~Would I buy again?~
                    Defiantly I want to try more colours. :-) a winner for me.


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                      25.11.2008 14:49
                      Very helpful



                      a fine nail polish..to be used

                      Nail Polish is a very important part of a female make-up for her hands to make them look shiny and beautiful. For such kinds of make ups which last for long their should be no compromise on quality as low grade nail polishes could harm the nails.

                      Orly is one of such kind of brand that gives a superb quality in its products. It has a special kind of resin which gives a proper adherence with nails. It has a high level of pigmentation that provides an easy and full coverage to the nails.

                      It has a wide range of varieties and colour for various choices, moods and ocassions including all lights and darks of pinks , reds, browns etc..

                      You may find it a little expensive but when it comes to quality its balancing,
                      One of the reason for its price is natural pearl mixed in it which gives a very softer flow when applied and also lasts for long ( for about 2 weeks) without fading down and shining also maintains for long.

                      The price is about 6 pounds for each of 18 ml bottle available as single, a pack of three, six or as demanded.

                      Overall , if you have not tried it , you must buy it and see the goodness...thanks for going through..


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                  • Product Details

                    Orly's exclusive nail colour delivers unrivaled performance / Enriched with natral pearl it provides superior chip resistance and up to two weeks of dazzling colour /

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