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Pain Gone Pen

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    4 Reviews
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      18.04.2010 20:26



      painpen are available at amazon for £24:33 thought this would be good for your readers.


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      14.01.2007 20:59
      Very helpful



      Handy pain relief but not suitable for everyone.

      Pain can ruin your life. Most people have suffered a headache, back pain, aching muscles but some people have pain everyday of their lives like arthritis. I had been suffering severe back pain for a long time, I had tried gel rubs, creams, pain killers etc. Acupuncture did help, but it’s not always easy to get someone to do it when the pain is at its worst. I had wondered about buying a TENS machine, when I saw PAIN®GONE advertised. I did a bit of internet research and decided to buy one. It came really quickly, and I ripped open the package to examine my new pen. Just like the picture! It is a handy size and I have carried mine about in my handbag ever since.

      The advert says quote “PAIN®GONE is a handy, fast working device shaped like a large ballpoint pen and is as easy to use. It has no attachments or batteries and can be used anywhere, anytime. It uses a low-frequency electrical charge produced by crystals to provide prolonged pain relief which is clinically proven to work.
      PAIN®GONE transmits electrical impulses that activate the nerve pathway. The nerve pathway sends a "call for help" message to the brain. The brain and the spinal cord speed natural endorphins (the body's own natural painkillers) to stop the pain. The pain is relieved or disappears.”
      I cannot explain how it works, only know it does sometimes better than others that is why I have added the quote.

      I followed the instructions and held PAIN®GONE in my hand with my index finger firmly wrapped around the metal ring. Placing the pen over the area of pain, I clicked the red push button 30-40 times. Well I admit I pushed once to try it out and then plucked up courage to push it 30 times! It did surprise me! It was quite a sharp prick, but no worse than having an injection! Eventually I have got used to the pricking sensation and it isn’t too unpleasant! For people with needle phobias there isn’t anything to worry about as there isn’t a needle to be seen.

      PAIN®GONE is effective on any physical pain such as:
      Back pain, arthritis, nausea, headache, shingles, menstruation pain, lumbago, neuralgia, phantom limb pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, post operative pain, skeletal pain, whiplash and even travel sickness.
      But please note, when treating migraine or headache, you must apply stimulation to the opposite side of the body. If the headache or migraine is on the right side of the head- you should apply stimulation to the left side of your body.

      *What have I discovered about this pen?*

      There are specially developed piezo crystals in the sealed pen unit. When the red button is pressed, the built-in generator produces a high-voltage pulse for a brief period - this activates PAIN®GONE. The voltage of approximately 15,000 volts (0.000006 amps) initiates the pain relief process and endorphins are sent to the spot on which PAIN®GONE is placed.
      The manufacture of the crystal elements takes place on a dedicated production line and is protected under patent. A diagnostic control test of the high-voltage pulse is carried out on one in every hundred units.
      The construction of PAIN®GONE and the choice of materials - both the plastics for the casing and the crystal elements - ensure a perfect insulation against the high voltage, which is reduced to a small 1-2Hz emitted from the tip of the pen.

      * PAIN®GONE - Advantages over other Pain Relief Products*

      There are no side effects, as this is a completely natural treatment, which is easy to use. It is small and durable, yet light enough to fit into a pocket or handbag. There are no attachments to be carried around. Treatment is quick – probably only ½ - 1 minute.
      It is easy to do and is effective through light clothing. It can be used whenever necessary and you cannot overdose. There are no batteries, leads, pads or gels to be replaced, and so no maintenance is needed throughout the life span of the product which is about two to three years – or about 100,000 clicks.

      *PAIN®GONE should not be used*

      * If you are fitted with a pacemaker.
      * If you suffer from epilepsy
      * Around the eyes
      * If you are pregnant 16 weeks and under
      * Directly over metallic implants, plates, pins and bolts. This may cause some discomfort, but will not actually cause any damage
      * On wet skin or damp surroundings
      * Close to a supply of oxygen or flammable liquids
      * By children under the age of 8 years

      *Does it work?*

      Independent tests show that PAIN®GONE stops or relieves pain quickly in up to 87% of the cases on which it is used, which makes it a reliable alternative to medication. People have had some pain relief and been able to reduce medication or even stop it in some cases. I was surprised that my back pain didn’t trouble me so much and when I suddenly got another twinge I was able to click away in safety, without the need to take more medication. I did try it on headaches too and one day when I thought I was going to get a migraine as I was starting to feel sick, I managed to suffer the clicks and soon felt much better, much to my surprise and pleasure. Having torn a calf muscle at the beginning of December, I have been in a lot of pain and taking pain killers daily, as it has improved I have gone onto more exercises but they in turn are causing more aches and pains, so I clicked away on different points on my leg to see if I would get some relief. Sadly I didn’t feel a great deal of difference, but tried doing it at regular 4 hourly intervals and I haven’t suffered the burning pain sensation so much. Pain relief may happen almost immediately in some cases. However some conditions may take up to two weeks of one or two simple one minute treatments per day before full relief is achieved.
      I was telling a friend about this when she was complaining about the arthritis in her fingers, and she admitted she had sent for one, but didn’t like the pricking sensation and hadn’t used it again. So it isn’t for everyone, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it on me! Oh heavens I’ve just realised I must be a masochist!

      *Instruction Leaflet*

      Hands up! I admit I have lost it! From what I remember it was small and very basic, informing you how it works and how to hold it, but it doesn’t give you information about Acupoints which would have been helpful, although this can be found on the Internet. But it is not difficult to use.


      I bought mine from hwize.co.uk at an offer price but it is now advertised at £35.95 including delivery. They do sell another version at a reduced price.

      *Would I recommend it?*

      Yes, if you suffer with aches and pains and don’t want to take medication then it is worth trying it out. It can always be used by other people in the family as it can be used through clothing if hygiene worries concern you.
      As long as you mind a liitle prick!


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        22.07.2006 21:46
        Very helpful



        Pain Relief : A positive report on a portable device that Works. For Me !

        PAIN GONE PEN ?

        About the size of a marker pen, it delivers a controlled electronic frequency to the point where pain exists.

        Simple to operate:
        Rest the tip on the pain spot.
        Click the button 30 or so times.
        Use it as often as you like.

        According to online info on other "TENS" devices operating on a similar principle,
        our brain quickly responds to such nerve stimulation ...
        Prompts the hypothalmus to produce Endorfins, "the body's own natural pain reliever".
        Laugh a lot and you increase the endorfin supply.
        So, if laughter's the best medicine, it's all to do with endorfins - apparently.
        Perhaps they soak up the pain messages?
        Anyway - the pain goes away!

        Works for me...
        I'm now in my 60's and a keen Lawn Bowler.
        A worsening knee pain was interfering with my bowls delivery, when I noticed the advert in our Bowling magazine
        for this device called the Pain Gone Pen.
        Accompanied by snippets from testimonials - one was an MD proclaiming its benefits for him personally.
        On reading of His experience, I instantly resolved to buy a Pain Gone Pen and simply take a chance on it working...
        Thankfully the device produced instant relief for me.
        So effective was it, that I ordered more Pain Gone Pens as gifts for other family members.

        I suffered with Gout for 10 years.
        Lots of attacks. Big Pains!
        Arthritis in my knuckles; Another problem emerging for me as a piano player, delivered pain in the winter months.
        So far, this year it's given no trouble.

        For 8 years online I have been providing Free Advice on pianos from my Piano information web pages.
        Inserted some comments there in testimony to the Pen's value as our most welcome, pain relief device.

        At a lower price than I'd seen anywhere -
        (and I looked Everywhere including Used Pens for sale by Online Auction) I discovered
        an overseas supplier offering Free Delivery; Worldwide !!!
        Their deliveries have been amazingly fast and all online procedures are made clear and simple.

        For information on the way in which the TENS pain relief devices operate you might further explore the internet?
        Look for sites reporting on "transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation".
        These devices have been around for some decades, in various forms.
        Not many can be regarded as "portable".

        In general, the medical profession dismisses such things as mere gadgets and of questionable value.
        Similarly, the "authorities" don't appear likely to "approve" their use.

        On the other hand - I'm convinced it does more than just Relieve pain.
        My own problems disappeared altogether.
        Never felt better!!!
        You'll find our story and this piano player's comprehensive review of the product at


        My full name, address and phone number are also published. Feel free to speak with me in person - if you feel the need.

        Do yourself a favor and buy TWO pens. (I reckon they make a wonderful gift).

        Interesting to note:
        People love to complain. True?
        I could find no Negative reports from users.
        Can You?
        One has to make up their own mind on whether to invest in a Pain Gone Pen.

        Glad I did ... that's for sure.
        Col - the OzPianoman.


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          02.07.2000 05:31
          Very helpful



          I have suffered with arthritis for a few years now and can quite often be in a lot of pain. My Father found an advert for this 'pen' and at £49 isn't particularly cheap but sent off for one for me to see if it helped. After all it does have a money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. It is about the size of a very fat pencil so is very handy to carry around, it seems to work on the same principal as a tens machine. You point the nib at the pain and click the top about 30 times it sends small electric shocks, you can even see the spark. Apparantly this sets the endorphins in your body going which are your own body's natural pain killers. The main question is does it work?? For me, yes it does.....in the short term. My arthritis is quite acute, and the pain can be very intense so it has some hard work to do but even short term pain relief is very much welcomed, and I can use it as often as I like which is quite handy. The pen lasts on average about 2 years, according to their instructions. How long it will last on someone like me, only time will tell. It's a shame you can't get some sort of 'refill' or new battery for it...however it works, but unfortunately once it's finished that's it, time to buy a new one. Two years isn't bad though for £49 but we'll see. I think it will depend on your level of pain as to how well it will work for you, but even the short term relief is better than nothing. I must point out that there are certain circumstances when you mustn't use the pen....from the instructions: Do not use In the first 16 weeks of pregnancy If you are fitted with a pacemaker In or around your eyes Over implanted metal parts On wet skin or in damp surroundings Close to Oxygen or inflammable liquids If you are a sufferer of pain, not just arthritis I would say give it a try.


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        • Product Details

          Health+Plus Pain Gone Pen is a handy, fast-working device shaped like a fat ballpoint / It has no attachments or leads, so can easily be transported and used anywhere, anytime / Works by delivering a controlled electronic frequency straight to the point of pain /

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