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Philosophy Old fashioned Lemonade Lip Shine

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Brand: Philosophy / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2009 13:55
      Very helpful



      Perfectly moisturised and tasty lips

      I have a had a lipgloss addiction for such a long time - As the years continue I have managed to refine my collection down to two main brands - Lancôme Juicy Tubes (The obvious choice) and Philosophy Lip Shines, plus the odd impulse buy or 'amazing innovation' which I cannot resist.

      Unfortunately my love for, and loyalty to these two brands has not dented the size of my collection - they just keep producing new colours and flavours, and despite the groans of my poor credit card I keep on buying. Juicy Tubes are my top choice for colour, but for flavours, scents and cute names Philosophy comes out on top. I also think these make great presents because they are not quite as ubiquitous as Juicy Tubes, and often come in really cute seasonal duos and trios, in amazing packaging. Also check out QVC who always seem to stock the special Birthday and Congratulations products.

      Scents and Flavours...

      As I have mentioned I have real trouble picking out a favourite scent from Philosophy. If you have tried any of their products you will know that they are highly scented and flavoured - and the lipglosses are no exception.

      I picked out "old-fashioned lemonade" as my flavour of choice for this review, because it is the one currently following me about in my handbag doing the everyday legwork. It doesn't stand out as an exceptional flavour - but only because they really are all great. Pick out whatever takes your fancy, you won't be disappointed (Writing this has made me think of buying and collecting the full set of flavours of Bonne Belle Lipsmackers as a 12 year old - sad to say that my habits haven't changed over the past 12 years - only the price has gone up!) "Old-fashioned lemonade" is perfect for you if you love the scent and taste of lemonade. This contains real squeezed lemon for a delicious looking and tasting shine - As Philosophy themselves say this is perfect if you "want to indulge without the calories". You'll want to lick your lips - so you'll have to keep reapplying - I suppose this is a benefit as it is helping me to reduce my lipgloss mountain a bit more quickly. Even when the shine has gone you still get a hint of the flavour on your lip.

      The taste and smell is very accurate - it really is just like old fashioned, homemade lemonade. If you fancy a different lemon scent this isn't the only lemon flavour lipgloss offering from Philosophy - you can also get "the Muffin Man Lip Shine" which has a more sugary/sweet taste - it's a lemon custard scent and flavour - check out a mention of this in my review of the shower gel. "You are my sunshine" also has a lemonade scent - slightly different but along the same lines (I recently got this as part of a duo from QVC with a large bottle Of the Foaming Shower Gelee for £25 - Bargain!) I think there's a lemon zest and pink lemonade out there somewhere too - They really do produce a lot of scents, with new ones coming available and old ones being retired all the time.

      This isn't to say that Philosophy is totally lemon focused - they do everything. My current faves are "Vanilla Birthday Cake", "Spicy pumpkin", "Raspberry Sorbet" and "Melon Daiquiri". My all time favourite is "The Gingerbread Man" - a ginger ale flavour. It is gone but not forgotten. If you see one on eBay grab it up quickly - or better still leave it there for me to grab. Anyway this has been a long winded way of saying that there will be a perfect flavour out there for you.

      Colour ...

      Most philosophy lip shines are clear or have a pale hue, whatever colour they appear in the tube (so don't be afraid of the blue and green ones). I usually have a slick on benetint on my lips for a bit of colour - that lasts for the day, so just keep topping up with the lip shine. You can also apply this over lipstick. I like a colourless or pale lipgloss for everyday use - it means you don't have to use a mirror to apply it all the time - just whip it on without any worries. The lack of colours makes these glosses multi purpose - day to night, any style of makeup. They are really versatile and easy.

      Lip Conditioning...

      This is the most soothing lip gloss I have ever used. My lips are pretty chapped at the moment, which usually means laying off the lip gloss, but not with Philosophy. The formula is super glossy, but has a real balm like quality. The directions suggest that you let the gloss "melt into lips at least twice a day" and this really does seem to penetrate the lips to make them soft and supple. I often find glosses and lipsticks are drying but this really does condition, hydrate and moisturise lips, leaving them soft and kissable.

      Gloss. Shimmer & Shine ...

      In terms of looks, the main property of this lipgloss is high gloss and shine. The shiny, glossy look is very impressive, and the best look I have achieved. The 'shimmer' level of this lip shine is ideal; it's not glittery or sparkly but has a strong, sophisticated shine.

      Stickiness ...

      This is a thicker, stickier gloss than most others, I think because of its lip balm properties. If you want a slightly thinner consistency for application, warm the tube in your hand for a minute.
      I prefer a thicker, stickier gloss, as my lips tend to get chapped the rich texture really suits me. - But if you don't like that feel on your lips then this might not be for you.

      Application ...

      Lip Shines come in squeezey tubes with a slanted tip for application, much like Juicy Tubes. As the formula is quite thick and sticky it is worth cleaning the tip once in a while, so you don't get any build up on the tip. It is very easy and natural to wear so "apply liberally to lips and kiss someone you love".

      Sticking Power ...

      The thicker texture of these lipglosses means that the shine wears pretty well, last a good bit longer than most glosses I have tried. The taste lasts for a long time too. I still apply numerous times a day though. The texture does attract some crumbs - so beware when eating - but it stands up well to drinking and kissing.


      £10 at HQ Hair

      Trio sets are often available for about £25, or look for the good value combined sets on QVC.

      Verdict ...

      I don't want lipgloss rehab quite yet - just a few more!


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