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Philosophy The Present

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Brand: Philosophy / Type: Makeup primer

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 17:47
      Very helpful
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      An average primer, nothing special.

      After watching Wayne from Gossmakeupartist go on about how amazing this primer is and how it might be the best primer in the world of course I didn't hesitate and bought this primer as soon I was in John Lewis. I haven't used a primer before mainly because I didn't know what they did but I thought it was about time I tried something new as I may be missing out. I did some research and I finally understood that primers are supposed to smooth out the skin texture and it allows your foundation to be applied smoother and last longer.

      This is the description that is stated on Boots website :
      Look like you have perfect skin, even if you do not with, the present. the present allows you to play beautifully during the day as a colorless skin perfector that camouflages fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, and gives the skin a flawless airbrushed appearance. the present also allows you to sleep beautifully in the evening, as its unique formula helps seal in your treatment products and moisturizers, and provides natural antibacterial benefits, all while providing a beautiful, natural airbrushed finish. the present clear makeup is a must-have item in the philosophy lineup.

      Wow. Reading that make this sound like the perfect product but dont be deceived.

      This is priced at £22 for 57g of products. Now that's quite a lot of money. This is available nearly everywhere. In Boots, Johnn Lewis , Fenwick and online websites like feelunique.

      This comes in a see through squeezy tube with a black lid. I quite like the packaging as it is quite simple, easy to use and hygienic. One thing that annoys me a bit is after using it for a while some of the product may start to dry around the rim and the inside of the lid. It's not much of a problem as I just make sure I pick of the dry product. On the front of the product it states "clear makeup" this caught my eye as I have never heard of that before so I was quite excited to try.

      The product itself is more cloudy white colour rather than a pure white colour but when blended in turns transparent. The product is more on the thicker side rather than the runnier side. The texture is amazing. It feels like rubbing velvet on your skin. I love the feeling! It definitely feels like a luxury product. There is slight lavender scent that is quite relaxing.

      After applying my moisturiser, I apply a reasonable amount to my face, focusing mainly on my cheeks and the middle of my face. Now, you have to wait a few minutes after applying this primer before you can put on your foundation or any other product or else it will be impossible to blend anything. I wait a solid 5 minutes and this of course can be quite inconvenient when you're running late in the morning and you don't have time to wait 5 minutes to set a primer. Applying foundation after using this primer has been quite a hassle for me after using this product. It is IMPOSSIBLE to blend the foundation into my skin. Impossible. Also I have dry skin so after trying to apply my foundation I could see little dry patches. Not just dry flakiness but also the streaks from my foundation brush were so obvious. I have never had streaking problem until I started to use this product. So of course I was super disappointed with the product. I had read some great reviews and I was expecting so much more.
      I tried again as I didn't want to give up on this product and this time I put on extra mosituriser and waited even longer before putting on my foundation. I also ditched the foundation brush for my fingers. This time the foundation did look too dry but still my foundation didn't look good. I would get a better foundation finish if I just didn't use this primer at all.
      One thing I did notice was that after using this, my makeup lasted all day. I love blusher but by end of the day there is never any colour left on my face and after using this product my blush and bronzer look perfect in place even after 12 hours. I was seriously amazed.
      This left me in a very sticky situation. I don't like this product but I like this product. I guess if I didnt have such dry skin, I might have really liked this product. I don't see much of a difference with my pores and fine lines after I apply this and it makes foundation application hell but I love the way it sticks to your make up and doesn't let it budge all day.

      I neither like this product or dislike it. I think this will work perfectly for people with oily skin and warn anyone with dry skin to drop the product and run away. It's not for dry skin definitely. I really like the fact how it made a barrier between my skincare and make up but negatives make it hard for me to use it. I still have this product after buying it approximately 8 months ago and I haven't even used 1/5 of the whole tube. I used this about 10 times and I think it this tube will last quite a long time. I don't use this on a daily basis instead I only use it when there is a special occasion like a night out or a wedding when I need to make sure my make up stays in place. Will I buy this again? Short answer: No. Not for that price. I will definitely be trying out some new cheaper primer and some specially designed for dry skin.


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        06.10.2012 16:15
        Very helpful



        A product that makes my makeup last all day.

        ---------- Introduction ----------
        I was searching the internet trying to find a makeup primer that would make my makeup last all day; I decided to look on YouTube for reviews of different primers when I came across a makeup artist (gossmakeupartist) claiming that 'The Present' by 'Philosophy' was the best primer in the world! I had watched quite a few of his makeup videos on YouTube before, and I trusted him so I decided to buy it and give it a go.

        ---------- What is 'The Present'? ----------
        Looking at the Philosophy website, it claims 'The Present' is a 'skin perfector, makeup primer and oil free mattifier.' It says 'this multitasking formula feels lightweight and fuctions as a foundtation primer, courless skin perfector, skin barrier protector and oil-free moisturiser.'

        I use the present as a makeup primer, so I put it on under my makeup so that it helps my makeup to stay on all day, and so my review will only be about how 'The Present' works as a makeup primer.

        ---------- Packaging ----------
        'The Present' comes in a clear tube, which I really like as it allows me to see how much product I have left. There is a lot of information on the tube, such as how to use it, cautions and claims. The packaging is pretty basic, just a see through tube with a black lid.

        ---------- Using the Product ----------
        'The Present' is the first stage in my skin care routine, when I'm using it I don't wear moisturiser as I read somewhere that you're not supposed to as it prevents it working properly.

        After washing and drying my face, I simply squeeze out a small pea sized amount of product. I then rub it in all over my face like a moisturiser. You then have to leave it to dry for 2 minutes before applying makeup, but I tend to leave it around 5 minutes just to make sure it's completely dry. The consistency is quite thick; I also find that it smells like lavender, which is a nice touch.

        After it's dry I apply my makeup, starting with my liquid foundation. When using 'The Present' I have to rub in my foundation very quickly, as if I don't then the foundation sticks to my face (as the primer acts as a kind of glue) if this happens then my foundation doesn't blend properly and I can get streaks, but this can be prevented if you just rub your foundation in fast enough (however it can get annoying). After applying and blending my foundation thoroughly I then apply the rest of my makeup, such as bronzer, highlighter and mascara.

        ---------- Results ----------
        At the end of the day when I come home I'm almost always very happy with how my makeup looks. As the primer acts as a kind of glue, my makeup sticks to my face and lasts all day, I was so impressed that my bronzer and highlighter especially had stayed on my face without rubbing off, as this never normally is the case.

        There have been a few occasions when I've come home and noticed that my foundation wasn't blended in properly, but as long as you blend your foundation in well in the first place, then this problem can be prevented.

        ---------- Price and Availability ----------
        'The Present' costs £22 for 56.7g of product. I find the price to be very expensive, however it does its job as a makeup primer and so I am willing to pay the price tag.

        ---------- Overall ----------
        Overall I am happy with the present; it keeps my makeup on all day, which has never happened before. I find my foundation is still on my face when I get home, and even more impressing is that my bronzer and highlighter lasts all day.

        However I am giving it 4/5 stars, as a) It is expensive and b) you have to rub your foundation in quickly to prevent the foundation sticking to your face before you've had the chance to rub it in.

        (The Present received 5/5 stars on the Boots website).


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