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Primark Lipstick

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Brand: Primark / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2013 16:59
      Very helpful



      A good buy for £1, but you won't get a good choice of colours for your money

      My nearest branches of Primark have only recently started stocking a wide range of make up. In the past there was a stand bearing a few nail polishes and odds and ends. It would always be positioned somewhere different in the shop, usually at the back. Now there is a whole new scetion offering a large selection of their own brand make up and skin care items plus items from the likes of Montagne Jeunese, Vaseline and Nivea. When this are first arrived nothing appealed to me as while the prices were low, there wasn't much of a colour/skintype selection available within any category. For example there were only a choice of 3 lipsticks. Last month I had another look and I saw there was now 5 lippies available. I liked the look of a mulberry red, and as it was just a £1, I decied to give it a try.


      As mentioned above, my local branches have on average of 5 lipstick colours to choose from. It is hard to see what is available though because they are not displayed on a stand. Instead they are all heaped together in a large clear plastic box. As every colour is packaged the same, you have to sort through a lot to find the colour you are potentially looking for. The colours aren't named and I am not 100% sure that they are numbered either because although my lipstick has the number 2 on the end it is positioned in such a way that it could be part of a bar code. Apart from my mulberry red, when I was last in Primark 3 weeks ago, the other colours available were a brown, bright fuschia pink, a pastel pink and pillar box red. This shop isn't somewhere that I would head for if I wanted a big selection of colours but I suppose they have covered the basics.

      The tubes are black with a gold animal print design. The lid is clear which is essential so you can get some idea of what colour you are buying. I am not that keen on the tube design myself, as I think it looks a bit tacky but I am not really a fan of animal print so I am probably biased. It feels flimsy and the wind up base catches every so often so it doesn't feel great quality either. I can put up with that given the low price but I also think of the MUA lipsticks that also cost £1 and move up and down easily all the time.


      I was surprised to find the lipstick has a fruity scent as this wasn't mentioned on the tube. I probably would have loved this when I was a young teenager but I am not so keen on scented lippie these days. I don't hate but I find it a bit artificial smelling. It isn't really obvious once on the lips though so I am not going to complain. The lipstick isn't favoured, or if it is supposed to be it is so weak that I can't taste it.

      Scent apart, I really like putting this lipstick on. It has a great texture that belies it's price. There's a creaminess that makes it glide on easily and the finish is lovely and smooth. The colour is really intense and I was really surprised at the level of pigmentation. The mulberry shade actually goes on lighter and pinker than it looks in the tube, and I prefer it that way. It looks a fresh bright colour that is apparently fashionable at the moment, but from my point of view it suits my pale skin without looking too garish. It doesn't have a matte finish but it isn't high shine either so if the last look is what you want you may have to add some clear gloss over the top.

      I am delighted with how it feels on the lips. It is not heavy and I can wear it for a few days in a row without it having any kind of drying effect. I haven't had any problems with the colour feathering or bleeding. The only downside is the fact the colour doesn't last all day. It isn't transfer proof but I must say that it doesn't completely disappear after a coffee. I don't feel like a mess if I have something to eat because I know the colour won't look patchy until I can re-apply it. If I don't eat much it lasts into the afternoon. Not bad longevity for the price considering how many more expensive lipsticks don't manage to do so well.


      I tthink this is a good quality lipstick for the price I paid. It is a shame that not more colours are available and that they couldn't displayed better in the shop. The packaging could be improved for me by making the wind up base of the tube work smoothly but it hasn't actually stopped working and I am well on the way to using up the lipstick now. It has worn down a bit quicker than other lippies with a similar creamy consistency but the price does reflect that. All in all, I am going to award it 4 stars. I would recommend it as worth a try if you can find a colour to suit you and you don't mind re-applying more than once in a day. I am going to give other Primark products more of a chance now!


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        18.02.2013 13:28
        Very helpful



        would recommend

        I'm writing a review about the lipstick range from Primark, avaliable in 3 different colours (that I have seen in my local primark, but every primark is different), pink, red and brown. The Primark range of make up is getting bigger every time I go in there so I always have a look. This lipstick range is avaliable only at Primark and cost a whopping £1!

        As many of you already know Im a showgirl, so Im always on stage or in front of the camera. That being said red lippy is the number 1 basic make up I have to wear. So when I saw this in Primark for a pound on a recent shopping trip, I thought I would buy it and try it out. Ok, so its in a plastic tube about 3 inches long, the top is clear so you can see the colour without opening it (this comes in useful when rumaging thrrough a massive bag of make up!) The bottom is black with a gold pattern on it. It has a twist bottom, which when you twist is moves the lipstick up and when you twist the other way it goes back down.

        When applying this lipstick I do find at first that its sticky and hard to glide across lips untill it warms up, then it becomes easy and you can easily move the stick about. If you go out of the lip line its very easy to wipe off and doesnt stain skin, it also doesnt bleed into skin around the mouth areas like somme lipsticks do. It comes out in the desired ccolour without having to go over and over it again and again, and it smells beautiful. It actually smells like strawberries, which is an unexpected niceness as it isnt advertise to have a scent. Its not over powering and gives the lips a nice faint smell.

        For me it doesnt stay on very long, I would say a maximum of 2 hours without reapllying. However if you drink or eat it fades much quicker and I also find that it does leave a residue where the lips touch each other when talking, and I have to wipe that away.

        MY OPINION
        For a pound you cant go wrong, I have bought it again and I have recommended it to my sister as well. I like the beautiful strawberry smell and the colour is great, for me a couple of hours is enough but some people may not find that substancial and may not like reapllying it. It feels lovely when its on and really stands out. I tthink its a great product for any women to have in her make up bag and Im giving it 4/5. It loses a mark for the residue it sometimes leaves where the lips meet.

        All in all a great product from Primark and I will be buying again :)

        Thanks for reading and rating.



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