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Revlon Age Defying Instant Firming Face Primer

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Brand: Revlon / Type: Anti-Ageing / Subcategory: Concealers / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Smoothes, Rejuvenates, Firms,

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    2 Reviews
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      15.11.2009 12:35
      Very helpful



      Brilliant products for the money

      Revlon Age Defying Instant Firming Face Primer.

      Dry Skin and Normal Combination.

      I am reviewing both face primers from Revlon, both the same product but one is for dry skin and the other for normal/combination.
      I am a big believer in skin care and anything to make your makeup stay on longer and look fresher is a winner for me. Primers have always been around in makeup artist's makeup bag but it was only known to us a few years ago.
      Primers are another kind of skincare if you like; they create a protective barrier between your skin and your makeup. There are primers on the market that help with dry skin and keep you hydrated all day, help with shine, they are also a barrier between you and the harsh weather conditions.

      But they are mostly used to help fill in fine lines, help disguise large pores, make the skin look more even toned, make your makeup last longer and help your makeup sit on the skin better making your foundation look flawless, also they help to stop your makeup from cracking though the day.
      They nourish your skin throughout the day, reduces redness, keep shine and oil at bay, they don't clog pores thus letting your skin breath.

      Before I started wearing face primers my makeup actually used to crack especially if my skin was drier than usual, which can happen with oily/combination skins like me, this can be caused by the harsh weather conditions, central heating, drinking too much tea/coffee etc it is also caused by inadequate skin care routine.
      I also noticed this around the eye area if my eyes were dry and tired. My makeup never stayed on all day and I had to re-apply, especially my foundation and concealer where I used it on my face to hide flaws. My face looked dull and sometimes tired.

      Since I have started wearing face primers this is now a thing of the past for me. I have tried high end face primers to low end and the first thing I always notice is my face looks smoother and brighter, almost instantly. With face primers they are applied after your usual moisturiser.
      Let that sink in for a few minutes and then apply your primer, again letting it sink in for a few minutes before applying foundation.

      I have heard mixed opinions on Revlon's face primer but I have had nothing but good results.
      I first bought their normal to combination formula to help control shine on my face mostly for summer. I got them both from http://www.thecosmetichouse.co.uk for £5.95

      Both primes come in 30ml white tube with a red screw off top. When you squeeze a little of the product to the back of your hand you will notice it looks white and creamy, also little thick in texture, which is a surprise to me as it's designed for normal to combination skin. But once you spread the product out straight away the product glides along my hand and sinks in very quickly leaving no residue and shine free.
      After this I couldn't wait to try it on my face, after my usual cleansing routine and letting my moisturiser sink in I applied a small amount to the tips of my fingers. I rubbed my fingers together and instead of applying the product to the middle of my face and blend outwards like Revlon states I patted the product all around my face and then gently smoothed it into my skin. This way I am ensuring the product is eventually distributed.

      Straight away my face looks brighter and smoother. I can still see my pores around my nose but the truth is when I apply my foundation. It has soothed my t-zone and made my face look matte without looking harshly dry.

      When I came to apply my foundation I used my foundation brush and started in the middle of my face working outwards, I only used a thin layer. Again straight away I can see and feel how easy my foundation is gilding over my face, looking very smooth and even. I couldn't see the pores around my nose. My liquid foundation looked almost airbrushed it looked so flawless.
      Instead of my foundation and concealer wearing off in the afternoon, they we're both there and still looking as good as when I first applied it.
      My only complaint is even though it is for normal/combination it doesn't leave me shine free for hours and I have to use a powder to take the shine away. But a quick sweep and I am like new. There we're also no cracking of makeup through the day, although the concealer around my eyes did a little but it wasn't noticeable unless you really looked. The one thing I found great is it kept my skin hydrated all day.

      When I came to remove all my makeup I was very impressed by this, my makeup was still in place and looked fresh even though I was tired. This is a primer I will be using for a long time to come.

      I bought the dry skin version for the winter weather, even though I don't have dry skin the harsh weather can dry your skin out so I wanted to keep it hydrated. After all the drier your skin is the more likely you are to develop wrinkles.

      Instead of this type looking creamy and thickish in texture, it looks and feels very light. Looks cloudier than pure white almost like silicone. It glides on the face beautifully and sinks in very quickly, even when it has sunk in and you touch your face you can feel the product but once your foundation is on it is fine. It doesn't make me anymore shiner than the normal/combination formula.
      This product has and did all the benefits of the other product with the added hydration to my skin all day.

      Brilliant products.


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        05.12.2008 14:18
        Very helpful



        A face primer that's cheap and smells cheap.

        Over the past year I've been hearing more and more about the supposed need for a face primer. All the magazines and TV makeup programmes have been harping on and on about these primers, and I thought it was about time I investigate.

        Its usage is basically the same as paint primer - you use it to prepare your face for the final coat which is your foundation. It's supposed to help create a smooth base as make sure your foundation lasts even longer. This Revlon brand also states it helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but you don't stand a chance if you have thick lines and wrinkles. Actually, I made the second part of that sentence up.

        I wasn't prepared to spend a great deal on one of these as I don't often wear foundation any more, now I'm no longer working in an office. However, I was intrigued to find out just what all the hype is about these primers.

        Setting off for Boots one day, I chose the new branch in the Westfield Centre in Shepherds Bush because it's enormous and I thought I'd have a lot to choose from. It wasn't easy. There were primers costing a fortune (for me that's anything over £15). They came coloured green, they came coloured orange and some were actually skin coloured! I've no idea whether I have skin requiring a green base or an orange base so I played safe and went for a nice white transparent primer from Revlon that upon testing, dissolved into my skin without a trace. It cost around £7.50.


        It comes in a nice, compact squeezy tube and holds 30ml or 1.6 fl oz. It's one of Revlon's Age Defying range and this is clearly labelled on the front. It says it's an instant firming face primer with Botafirm. Botafirm? I ask you, what will they come up with next? I'm sure they make these names up. There are a glut of so called cosmetic wonder creams on the market containing a variety of ingredients with names bearing an uncanny similarity to the name Botox. Botafirm, Botox. Close enough. Doing a little search on Botafirm, I see it's patented by Revlon, so I assume they've made it up themselves. There are lots more, particularly names ending with 'tox' which must draw women towards them like a magnet.

        ~~~How to use it~~~

        After applying your moisturiser, you need to apply a small amount on the centre of your face and blend outwards. Easy as that.

        ~~~My Experiences Using the Product~~~

        I'm feeling somewhat bemused with the never ending layers of product women are told they must apply to their faces. It's getting ridiculous now. It used to be simple, slap on some moisturiser then foundation, then all the extra bits like blusher, eye shadow etc.

        Now though, before we even venture onto blusher or mascara, we must prepare our skin for the assault to follow. Firstly, we're encouraged to use serums underneath our moisturisers. So I duly applied my serum, followed by my favourite moisturiser.
        Then there is the eye area, with special eye creams to be applied - one for dark circles, one for smoothing puffiness, one for 'freezing' lines. And now I had to apply the primer. I'm sure when I apply each new layer I'm simply wiping away the previous layer and the cosmetic companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

        So, I put a blob of primer on my nose and started blending. The cream is very light and glides easily over the skin, leaving no trace of any residue or oiliness. That part was fine.

        What was not so fine was the smell. I nearly gagged when I first caught a whiff of it on my face. In fact, it was so revolting, I almost washed it off again. I can only describe it as having a smell like a damp sponge that's been left for days, or a face cloth that's been left mouldering. So if I wasn't feeling like a wet rag, I'm sure I now smelled like one.

        Once it was dry, my face had a sheen to it and I was ready for the next layer. My foundation went on easily enough and looked the same as usual. The primer doesn't act as a camouflage to any blemishes and is as transparent as moisturiser.

        At the end of the day, literally, I can't say I noticed any difference in the staying powder of my foundation. Most foundations boast of their staying power nowadays anyway.

        So, will I be using it again? Definitely not. I can't see the point of it, except as a means of extracting even more money out of easily persuaded females such as me. Still, I needed to find out for myself. Now I've been there and done that, and that puts an end to my experimentation with face primers.


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        Firm and smooth the skin before applying foundation /

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