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Revlon Beyond Natural Soothing Primer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Revlon / Type: Foundation primer / What it does: Soothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      23.04.2015 20:42
      Very helpful



      Lovely primer

      I have tons and tons of primers at home, I always prime before applying any make up. I purchased the revlon beyond natural primer from my local super drug store for a really reasonable price of £3.50. I love all products from the Revlon range especially all skin care products.

      What is primer?

      Primer is a liquid / cream that is applied to the areas of the face prior to placing on make up. The purpose of primer is to hold and keep make up in place for a long period of time, I use the primer on my eyelids when using eye shadows to hold the look for hours, and on the face when applying foundation to keep the foundation for fading or going patchy.

      I find the primer works a treat and is completely fit for purpose, it carries out all its duties and is so cheap and such high quality. I go through primers like no tomorrow so it's best that I find cheap or reasonably priced primers so I am not spending loads of money. The primer is a white cream, applied to easily to my skin and is so light on the face. I find it a treat as it doesn't leave a greasy or shiny effect after applying.

      I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is willing to listen.


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      25.02.2011 19:01
      Very helpful



      3 stars for a nice primer, shame Revlon took it off the market.

      All about facial primers
      I am a believer in skin care and anything that helps to keep your makeup on for longer and look fresher is a plus for me. Primers have always been around in makeup artist's makeup bag but only really took off a few years ago it was one of their tricks they didn't want to let go of.
      Primers are another kind of skincare; they help to create a protective barrier between your skin and your makeup as well as the weather. There are primers on the market that help with dry skin that help to keep you hydrated all day, primers that help to make you look luminous or if you are like me you want a primer that helps to control shine through the day.
      The man reason people purchase a primer is to help conceal fine lines and help to disguise large pores around the nose, wanting skin to look more even toned, your foundation and other products lasts longer and more flawless looking, because a primer sits on your skin instead of sinking in like a moisturiser your foundation and other makeup looks more flawless and helps to stop foundation and concealers from cracking through the day and looking dry, which can happen with all skin types.
      Primers help to nourish the skin by helping to reduce redness, and letting your skin breathe, which it can't do with a layer of thick foundation.

      Why I want this product
      Before I started wearing face primers my makeup actually used to crack especially if my skin was drier than usual, which can happen with oily/combination skins like me, this can be caused by the harsh weather conditions, central heating, drinking too much tea/coffee and incorrect or harsh skin care etc it is also caused by inadequate skin care routine, i.e. not cleansing properly.
      I also noticed my concealer cracking around the eye area if my eyes were dry and tired. My makeup never stayed on all day and I had to re-apply, especially my foundation and concealer where I used it on my face to hide flaws I would also notice my powder blush would be half way down my face, my face looked dull and sometimes tired on days I didn't wear it.

      About the product
      Revlon have stated this product is great for preparing the face for makeup application, leaving you with a semi-matte finish that helps to control shine through the day. Helping to reduce redness and minimising the appearance of large pores.
      With ingredients such as melon, apple and avocado fruit extracts, which all help to moisturise the skin and keeping the product silky on the skin with added silicon without drying your skin out.

      Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer comes in a small 25ml see through plastic tube with a gold screw off lid that securely clicks back into place when not in use.
      You can see the product inside is clear and gel like. It states on the front of the packaging Revlon Beyond Natural Soothing Primer in gold writing and it states there is a 24 month shelf life at the back.

      Applying the product
      With face primers they are applied after your usual moisturiser has sunk in. Squeezing a tiny amount, apply the primer as you would a moisturiser with your fingers but being careful not to over apply by rubbing it into your skin too much, also not forgetting to apply primer under the eye area as concealer tends to crack and look cakey here. When you're happy your primer has had time to adhere to your skin, which normally takes a minute or so you are now ready to apply your foundation and other cosmetics, some primers suggest applying makeup immediately but this is not so with this primer.

      How it felt on my skin
      As soon as I applied it my skin felt cool and soothed. The gel like texture feels lightweight on the skin without being greasy. The scent smells clean and fresh yet sweet that soon fades when applied. My face looks brighter and smoother. I can still see my pores around my nose but the truth is when I apply my foundation and set with powder my pores seem to disappear anyway. It has soothed my t-zone and made my face look semi-matte without looking harshly dry, just giving a lovely dewy glow that everyone craves for.
      When foundation and concealer is applied, looking in the mirror once finished you can see how brighter your skin looks, it is smoother and makeup looks flawless, almost looking like you're not wearing anything and just have really good skin that day. As usual I set my makeup with a touch of loose powder and carried on with my day.

      Since I have started wearing face primers cracking makeup through the day is now a thing of the past for me. I have tried high end primers to low end and the first thing I always notice is my face looks smoother and brighter, almost instantly. My concealer never cracks as well as my foundation around the jaw line I no longer have to worry about carrying foundation around with me to touch up or hide more areas.

      I noticed half way through the day I skin looked a little dewy if not on the greasy side but a quick swipe of a powder brush sorted this out for me and I was back to looking great again, even though I used a powder my skin still looked healthy and glowing.

      The main point of a primer is so your makeup stays put all day and I found it did live up to expectations, my foundation and concealer was still there at the end of the day as well as my blush being in the right place, even though I was tired my eyes never gave this away. Although some shine did come through, which you can look on as a good point as it is telling you you're skin is breathing and not getting clogged up.

      Price and availability
      Unfortunately since I have bought this product Revlon have now discontinued it even from their UK website revlon.com but when it was available I purchased it from saveonmakeup.co.uk for £2.50. This primer can now be found on eBay.

      What I think about it/do I like it?
      This would be perfect for summer months due to the cooling effect when first applied and with a semi-matte finish it looks lovely on the skin with or without makeup application, but it would also suit all weather seasons due to silicon ingredient that helps to keep skin hydrated. Dry skin persons would love this product with the dewy finish it creates giving you a lovely healthy glow.
      It creates a smooth base for my foundation while maintaining its longevity. My concealer under my eyes and around my nose never look cakey or cracked looking, it always looks fresh like it has been first applied and I now don't need to worry about how I look and if I look knackered.

      Would I purchase again?
      If Revlon hadn't discontinued it yes I would but I now have no choice unless I search on eBay. Shame as it was a nice product to use.


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