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Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

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Brand: Revlon / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    5 Reviews
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      03.04.2013 14:07



      Acts as a lipgloss not lipstick

      This lipstick is wonderful for a light breezy look, without the "heavy" made up look. As the name suggests, the lipstick is very buttery and gives you a burst of colour upon application. However, the effect is not lasting and the lipstick comes off after a hour or so in which the colour dulls down a great deal to just a slight transparent glossy colour. For night outs or parties, I recommend wearing this lipstick over longer lasting finishes such as Revlon Colorstay. I personally have the Cherry ice colour in the Revlon Colorburst range and didn't find it a hit and a "must have" amongst my lipwear. I do wear it from time to time over my Revlon Colorstay liquid lipstick.

      The cost is reasonable, the smell is quite neutral without emitting a strong petroleum smell that some other lipsticks seem to emit.

      In summary, I won't repurchase as it only acts as a lipgloss, and I have found lipglosses in other brands that do a far better job.


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      17.01.2012 13:00
      Very helpful



      Perfect Lipstick with 12 shades to choose from.

      I don't usually wear lipstick as I find it can be dry on my lips and I don't like the texture of most of them. Saying that when I was in the US over the xmas holidays I saw a great sale for Revlon items and brought 2 shades of ColourBurst Lipstick for only $2 (it would've been a crime not to buy it).

      Revlon was founded in 1930s with a single product a nail enamel. Revlon is a global color cosmetics, hair colour, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare and antiperspirant company. It's known to be one of the strongest consumer brand in its industry.

      The package of the lipstick case is slight different from the norm. The front and back of the lipstick has a crisscross effect, which adds a nice grip to the lipstick. The side of the case our smooth. It comes in a classic black case. Obviously the case will never be as good looking as brands such as Dior or Chanel, however at least they've tried to do something with the lipstick instead of having it as a simple black case.

      When you turn the lipstick it has Revlon engraved into the lipstick and of course as any other lipstick is slanted.

      The Website writes:
      "Instant burst of rich, true colour with a featherlight feel"
      "Elasticolor technology provides immediate colour release and hugs lips with a burst of weighless colour that feels like a second skin"
      "Available in range of 12 shades"

      The Shades:
      Baby Pink
      Soft Rose
      Rosy Nude
      True Red

      I really like this lipstick. I find it very easy to apply, as it's very creamy/oily in texture which makes it easier to glide on the lips. The shades I have are more of a lighter neutral shades, which means I have to apply a few times to layer it and add a bit of colour to my lips. The lipstick is scentless

      I do find myself having to re-apply at least twice during a working day. However once it's on my lips, it doesn't show any cracks on the lips at all, and is very moist, which gives the perfect finish.

      I do like applying the lipstick and I seem to have adjusted my make up to fit around the shade of the lipsticks I've brought! That's say a lot coming from a girl who wear lip gloss all the time.

      I think this is a must buy for everyone! I'll be buying the more vibrant colours next ( I have nude and Soft Rose).

      Extra Info:



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      16.09.2011 03:55
      Very helpful



      Shame it doesn't last longer without having to blot it!

      When it comes to lipstick or lipglosses it really isn't something I like very much at all. I've never been a fan of putting greasy stuff on my lips and the likes and tend to apply it once throughout the day or night and then don't bother again if I can avoid it lol!

      For this reason I usually wear Max Factor Lipfinity as I find that its lightweight, richly pigmented in colour and really long lasting, usually I find this with just one application to stay put about 6-7 hours with eating, drinking,smoking and the occasional snogging session!

      Because I trust and like this brand so much I very rarely deviate from it though do get bored of the usual shades and the price it costs per tube and recently in my local Poundland store I came across a few Revlon lipstick shades and bought a few because not only did I like the colours available but also because I thought the packaging looked really smart and sleek!

      The Packaging:

      The lipstick is standard sized with no weight stated on it. The tube is long and oblong and black in colour. The top of the tube is plastic and colour coded to exactly the colour you own and then the rest of the tube is black plain in parts and also with like an engraved effect on it making it look cushioned and the words Revlon are written in two sides on the casing towards the bottom of it and in silver writing. On the base of the tube we are told the colour and the code is given and we are told that it is Revlon Colorbusrt Lipstick. No contact details or anything is given however like I stated earlier this is a really nice looking and classy tube.

      Using It:

      Well this tube is conventional in the case of using it. You simply pull off the lid and twist from the bottom up and down and the colour pops out to be used and twists easily back into itself to keep it safe and when you first use the lipstick a few times it is slightly in a pointed shape but of course wears down and goes out of shape after a time.

      I chose all dark red shades (as that is my colour of choice usually) and all my shades are simply fantastic! The colour is as exactly as depicted on the colour block on the end of the lipstick and is really, really richly pigmented in colour. It glides on superbly and lightly, doesn't bleed into any wrinkles or anything around the lips so I don't have to use a lip pencil and it really is subtly shiny in a really mature, expensive way. The quality of this lipstick is superb and although it glides on with total ease it really isn't too glossy or greasy or anything like that but certainly not a matt finish lipstick.

      However if you apply this and drink, eat, smoke or kiss someone then it transfers terribly. The only good point about this is that the bottom layer next to the lips does stay on colouring the skin but for me wearing it this way may look superb but it isn't practical one bit so I always apply it and blot it, reapply and blot it again or simply apply it and blot it and this procedure keeps transfer to a minimum however you do lose that lovely sheen by blotting it away sadly but I can get it to stay on my lips this way a good two to three hours.

      However the colour pigments into the lips beautifully and seems to even plump them out slightly giving me a nice pouty but still natural look. My lips feel gently moisturised for the length of time this is on my lips and I do appreciate it not being greasy or heavy on my lips.

      I do wish I could pop this on and not have to blot it and benefit for from the gorgeous sheen it gives however I can't unless I do nothing at all and just pose lol!

      The quality of this outshines the negatives that it has for me, colourburst it really is!

      Available in all good chemists and places like Amazon.com for about £5.00 a tube.


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        12.09.2010 22:18
        Very helpful




        Being a huge lipstick junkie, I was overjoyed when I heard that Revlon were releasing a new line of lipsticks as they are a company that are very well known for their high quality lip products. These lipsticks have been available for a couple of months now, and I've built up a small collection of them for myself, so I finally feel like I'm ready to give a fair review on them.

        The collection contains 20 shades of lipsticks, although only 12 of them have been released in the UK thus far. Revlon have still to announce whether the rest of the collection will be coming to the UK or not.

        Now, onto the lipsticks themselves!

        Each lipstick comes in a gorgeous black, quilted effect casing. The lid of each tube of lipstick has a thin plastic layer of colour on top, showcasing the colour inside the tube without having to open it. There is also a black band round the tube stating that it is a Revlon lipstick, but other than these details, it is a very simple, yet elegant looking tube of lipstick.

        Upon opening the lipstick and winding it up, you are met with a beautiful looking lipstick every time. Each lipstick is glossy looking and has the word 'Revlon' imprinted on the lipstick itself. Each colour/shade obviously varies, and I'll get into that a little later.
        There is no distinct scent to this lipstick, other than a very subtle, vanilla and almond scent. The scent comes from the sweet almond oil that Revlon have used to provide extra moisture to the lips.

        I personally own 5 of these lipsticks, so I'll run you through a brief description of each before I get into the longevity and quality of the lipsticks.

        Plum - this is a very deep, rich plum colour. It is more on the burgundy side of plum than expected, but definitely has those dark plummy undertones that you'd expect from a lipstick named "Plum". It applies smoothly but you need to build up the colour if you're looking for an opaque finish. I find that just one swipe is enough to give my lips the deep colour I'm after without making my pale skin look too washed out.
        Perfect for fall/autumn and winter.

        Fuschia - just as expected from the name, Fuschia is a very bright, creamy pink with blue undertones. I've found that this is the most pigmented of the bunch and is probably only for those of you who like to make a statement with your lipstick. It goes on very opaque and feels just like butter on your lips!
        Perfect for summer.

        True Red - is a blue toned red that seems to work for every skin tone. If you still haven't found your perfect red, then I'd give this one a go. It's more of a berry red than a pillar box red, which makes it just that little bit more wearable for everyday. Again, very pigmented although you might need two coats to build up the opaque red lip that many women are after.
        Perfect for every season.

        Baby Pink - is another blue based lipstick in this collection (for those who don't know, blue based lipsticks make your teeth appear whiter!). It is a bubblegum pink with a little bit of shimmer and is a spot on dupe for MAC Viva Glam Gaga. This is one of the more sheer lipsticks in the collection, but can definitely be built up if you're looking for a more opaque finish.
        Perfect for spring/summer.

        Rosy Nude - is one of the best selling colours in this collection. It is a very neutral colour, although a little darker than your usual nudes so this may be suited better to darker skin tones. The application is very creamy and a little sheer, which is perfect for everyday.
        Perfect for every season.

        I've found that the quality is consistent throughout the collection (I'll be popping back to Boots to pick up some more soon!) and that all of these lipsticks are very creamy and easy to apply. Sometimes with lipstick you get that drying feeling, but these feel just like lip balm. There is also no need to apply lipgloss on top, as these lipsticks are very glossy themselves - not quite to the standard you'd expect from a lipgloss, but a nice glossy effect nonetheless.

        Each colour mentioned above lasts for 2-3 hours before a definite reapplication is necessary, although the darker colours may need reapplied sooner if you've been eating/drinking or licking your lips a lot!

        I've been buying my Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks from Boots for £7.99 a piece, which is a great price for the quality you're getting, in my opinion. This will also add 28 points to your advantage card.

        Overall, I find these lipsticks to be the best drugstore lipsticks I've tried and will continue to use them until something better is released onto the market!

        Thanks for reading!


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          13.07.2010 21:19
          Very helpful



          A good lipstick if you fancy splashing out and treating yourself.

          I have done many reviews on lipsticks and practically have a whole make-up bag full of them because I have so many! I recently got sent this Revlon lipstick after winning it off a competition website. The shade I recieved was 'Baby Pink' a lovely pale sheer pink, and I was delighted with it.

          ~Packaging and Appearance~
          Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick comes in a black cuboid-shapes tube that is decorated with diamond shapes. The Revlon logo is in the middle on a black bar. I thought that the packaging was very elegant and chic, and looked designer from a distance. The Revlon logo is also embossed into the lipstick itself.

          Revlon claims that the lipstick will give you an 'instant burst of color with a featherlight feel, ElasticolorTM technology (bigging it up with made-up names to make it sound all techinical and the latest breakthrough in cosmetics) provides immediate color release that feels like a second skin'. That's a lot to expect from a lipstick. However, the lippy was easy to apply and lovely and smooth, but my 'Baby Pink' shade wasn't intense enought to add a 'ColorBurst'! It only added a nice pinky sheen, which I didn't mind at all - in fact I quite liked it. I think that the more intense shades like 'Grape', 'Raspberry', 'Coral' and 'True Red' will probably show up a lot more on someone's lips because they are very intense, bold colours. The lipstick did not feel like a second skin on my lips - I didn't want that, because I don't want to feel like I'm wearing really thick lipstick! It did moisturise my lips however, and didn't dry up or make my lips dry too. This lippy lasted for about three hours with clear lipgloss to lock the colour in, which is average for a lipstick (in my experience anyway) and it is very easy and quick to re-apply anyway. I've been using the tube for about a month now, using it about 3 times a week, and I still have a good amount left, so this lippy will probably last me a while longer.

          Revlon ColorBurst lipstick is priced at £7.99, which is quite pricey but worth it because it's a good lippy and it is Revlon's most expensive lipstick. However, Boots have it on offer right now at £5.99, so hurry up and snap one up if you fancy one!


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