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Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

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2 Reviews
  • Doesn't run easily
  • Lasts a long time
  • Hard to tell when you're running low
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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2016 21:23
      Very helpful


      • "Goes on dark"
      • "Lasts a long time"
      • "Doesn't run easily"


      • "Hard to tell when you're running low"

      Best eyeliner ever

      I love eyeliner! I don't overdo it with makeup and I'm much more of a natural look kind of person but this eyeliner can adapt from person to person whether you like a lot or a little makeup!

      First of all the pencil itself is a twist bottom and not one that you have to sharpen with a pencil sharpener which I love! It means you don't get caught out if you're travelling and the eyeliner breaks or is too blunt to use. It also means it's not as messy when you sharpen it and there are bits that, regardless of how careful you are, just seem to get everywhere! Also, anyone who has used eyeliner pencils in the past that you do sharpen, had probably had the experience where there's a sharp price of wood that you catch yourself with. It's usually such a small price that you don't notice it at first but when you catch your skin with it, you definitely know it's there! Obviously being a twist liner, you don't get that horrible side effect!

      The eyeliner itself goes on really smoothly and darkly which I think is great, you don't have to reapply lots of layers to get the desired effect. The lines are really smooth that the pencil produces too so it means you can put your makeup on with ease and without worrying that you'll mess up the third layer! You only really need one!

      The liner lasts a really long time too. I find the most annoying thing with eyeliner can be that you put a lot on to get the darkness that you want to highlight your eyes and because you have put so much on, it runs halfway down your face really quickly (panda eyes is not everyone's favourite look!) With this liner it really does stay on your face! You don't really have to reapply it, which is great for work if you don't have time to keep touching up your liner or for those nights we've had Afew drinks!

      The only downside is there's not really a good way to tell how much you have left so when it runs out it catches you by surprise a little. Honestly though I'm just being picky, it's an extremely small price to pay for how good it really is. I sware by it and think everyone should use it!


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      01.12.2012 01:28
      Very helpful



      My review summed up in three words? I. Love. It!

      This is one of my favourite eyeliners Iv been meaning to pick another up for a while now. I actually bought it on impulse when out shopping. I needed an eyeliner and was in a rush so I picked up one of the first things I saw. It wasnt until I got home that I realised this wasnt a regular eyeliner you sharpen. But more about that in the review.

      Its a simple black tube with white writing which simply displays- the brand, the product name, revlon address, all that basic stuff. The pencil is quite thin.
      If i remember rightly it was tightly wrapped in plastic which was actually REALLY difficult to get off, im pretty sure i ended up using a razor blade to rip it. Ive never been great with packaging on eyeliner though, i have flimsy nails which break easily and i always break one or two trying to rip off the plastic.

      As i was saying earlier this isnt a regular pencil eyeliner. Its kind of like a crayon texture, you twist it to lengthen it- obviously you dont want it too long or it will snap. It kind of reminds me of the mechanical pencils we used to get back in school although these ones you can actually twist back if you twist it too far.
      Apparantly these have a build in sharpener. I lost the lid on mine pretty quick so I couldnt stay. I certaintly didnt realise this until I looked them up online to see what sort of price Id have to pay for another one. However looking at the writing on the eyeliner it does have the words "sharpner" with an arrow on it. I can honestly say (as is obvious by the fact I wasnt even aware it existed) I didnt need a sharpner with this. It went on so easily and effortlessly I didnt see why you would need one! Unlike with some cheaper eyeliners you dont need to keep going over your lashline/waterline this takes one easy sweep.
      The product is called ColorStay and I'd have to admit thats a deserving title. Its the longest lasting eyeliner Ive used to date if i put it on in the morning it'll usually be there by 8pm. I wouldnt go as far to say that it would last until 11pm/12am but i can be a bit of an eye rubber when I'm sleepy.
      Another thing I liked about this product is when it did fade it didnt smudge down my eyes given me racoon eyes. Saying this the product DOES smudge easily so if you are gonna rub your eyes midday you may smudge the eyeliner a little!
      I have quite sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses so I find some makeup can make my eyes a little pink and irritated, this eyeliner didnt bother me at all though so it shouldnt be a problem for someone with sensitive eyes.
      I personally use the plain black shade but this eyeliner is available in 4 shades in the UK- Black, Brown, Charcoal and Navy and 8 shades in the US, these are: Black, Black-Brown, Brown, Charcoal, Navy, Blackberry, Cocoa and Teal.

      These eyeliners are currently going for £6.29 in both Boots and Tesco. You can get them cheaper on ebay though.


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