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Revlon Colourstay Cheekcolour

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Brand: Revlon / Type: Blushers / Subcategory: Colour

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2008 17:18
      Very helpful



      5/5 if you don't mind it lasting about 2 months (at best)

      Blusher is something I buy alot of. I use it so often because I have no natural cheekbones and without a bit of colour on my face I look a bit dead and at best goth like which neither are of the appearance I want at 34! I'm very pale skinned and dye my hair raven black (according to the box). I'm a natural red head but I dyed my hair so much my hair went multi-coloured so tipping a black hair dye on my barnet at the time seemed like a very good solution, however I do look pasty faced without make up and washed out lol .

      Most days I wear make up because I go out alot and an essential for me of course is blusher and I own many different brands, formulas and colours. I prefer darker colours on my skin in tone but of course I can't go heavy handed or I look like a clown but I do find darker colours to be more apparent of my face!

      I came across this product in Boots and liked the idea of a moist, hydrating blusher. Blusher powder as any users will know can be hard to apply so that you don't get harsh lines and with darker colours in particular it can be very hard to blend it in and make it subtle so purchasing this I thought I would get a subtle 'wash' of colour and it's be alot easier to blend in and look natural.

      The Packaging....

      Well mine is this product but it's a couple of months old and in that time the packaging has changed quite a bit. The review photograph of this product (at the top of this page) is correct to how you find it in a shop now. Square plastic with the round colour under a see through lid that tells you what it is and who it is by and underneath that you get told the colour, weight and given contact details for Revlon. What is nice about this new compact design is that you get a really nice quite large mirror which slides out from the underneath which is great for on the go application however it to be it's there instead of a sponge and that doesn't seem great idea to me! Who needs a mirror in a blusher compact that is meant to stay on for hours and how do you apply this moist formula? With fingers? I'm not sure but on first glance it seems a very nice compact till you think about using it that is lol.

      I however have the old design of compact which as I have stated is exactly the same product. My compact is round and made of black plastic with a round see through window and I can see the product through it. Inside I have a half moon shape of colour and the other half of the compact is a half moon white sponge. Under where the sponge sits is a half moon mirror which is easily big enough to use to apply make up in. No writing on the top of the compact it's just plain and then on the bottom I'm told it's Revlon, Colorstay Cheekcolour and my colour is Shell (a rich reddish colour with a hint of pink shimmer to it). I'm then told it won't rub off, how to use it, reminded to close the cap tightly after use (to stop it drying out), told I can buy replacement sponges if I need to, told the weight of my product (28oz/7.94g) and finally given contact details for Revlon. There is no arguing that this older design is nicer than the sleeker new packaging to be fair. In comparison my compact is way too chunky and takes up quite alot of room in a make up bag or handbag and there's no need for that as I haven't got loads of product in the over sized compact! However I like the sponge on top of the mirror idea.

      How To Use It....

      Sweep sponge or fingertips lightly over cheekcolor, starting at cheekbone, blend quickly with even, downward strokes. Sets in 60 seconds, for all day wear.

      My Experience....

      Two months ago I would have raved about this cheek colour for real. So I'll tell you about when I first used it as I used it almost everyday and it was by far my favourite blusher out of everything I had ever tried.

      Although it's a dark colour because it was moist you needed very little indeed of it indeed. I always applied it over my foundation base, concealer, foundation (really whatever) and it went over smoothly and evenly over the top of products with no clumping or dragging problems. If I used my fingers which was rare I could wipe it off with a dry tissue. I preffered the little sponge for ease of use and basically swept it over my cheeks as directed. Not only did it glide on in a sheer veil of colour that looked so natural even though you could see it, it still managed to not show up imperfections on the skin because it never interfered with the make up base.

      Not being a smelly product it never agitated my over sensitive skin and once on after it was applied I'd give it 60 seconds and yes the colour had set without being able to feel it and when I took off my make up off at night with make up remover wipes or cleanser and toner I could see I had taken it off which meant, yes it really did stay put and work hard for as long as I needed it to. It's the sort of product that although very simple to apply and fuss free in every way it can last an easy 14 hours on the face. It just doesn't come off until you want it to!

      So had I have wrote this view a couple of weeks ago I would have highly recommended it to you. However my product is two months old. Now make up should last in my opinion 3 months at least. I know with mascara we are told that it should be thrown out after 3 months because of spreading eye infections and the likes. However, me I'll be honest I'll use my own judgement with products and this kind of thing I expect to last me about 5-6 months.

      My problem is that I look after my make up. I always make sure that I do the lid up on things and particularly with moist products such as this. I'd use this with lid off, apply it then lid screwed back on in quick timing. So I was shocked when I went to use this and it had completely dried up with no warning and the upsetting part is that although I used this almost every day I used so little of it that I have hardly made any mark on how much there was so I'm losing way over 3/4 of it.

      To the touch now I rub the sponge over it or my fingers and it crumbles thickly in a mess. I tried it on my hand earlier and it's stuck on really thick and caked and no matter how hard I rubbed it I cant get the lumps out to make it usable, it's just dried out on me. I've tried to rub it in the pot to warm the colour up and make it sheer again but it split in two and now is going in the bin.... gr!

      In Conclusion.....

      Very nice.. while it lasted. I loved the fact it was sheer and it was easy to create the look I wanted. I never made a mistake with this that I had to correct, it was just fool proof. It gave me long lasting cheek bones that I never had to give a second thought to and I was a massive fan because it was just all round simple.

      However 2 months for something costing me £11.99, I don't think is good value for money particularly as I had so much product left in the compact that I can't use and I did look after my compact as well. 5/5 if your prepared to pay the price tag and be aware that the time is ticking away to get it used up. 1/5 for value for money.

      Available in colours....

      Not So Nude, Just Peachy, Rosy G, blow, Blushing Mauve, First Blush, and Berry Flirtatious.


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    • Product Details

      A light, creamy blush blends easily into the skin softly highlighting your features /

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