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Revlon High Dimension Lash Highlighting Mascara

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2006 15:20
      Very helpful



      Mascara with glitter that can't be seen

      I bought Revlon’s High Dimension Mascara in a hurry – my usual mascara was at an all time low and feeling rather dried out (plus mascara should be changed every 3 months) so being attracted by the holographic packaging I bought this. I never wear any other colour of mascara than black so I was being rather daring with this mascara. Although the colour: 01, Black Flash, Flash Noir, is in fact black, Revlon have given a new ‘dimension’ to this which is barely noticeable unscrewing the lid to view the brush.

      The brush looked a little matt in colour rather than having a glossy wet look as most mascaras do from the liquid inside. The brush itself is square compared to the usual round shape and is a little more successful at getting right to the root. Applying the mascara is easy – place the brush on the eye lashes nearest the lid and work in a zigzag motion towards the tips to ensure full coverage. I had to do this a couple of times to really see a difference in coverage. First thing I noticed was that it wasn’t clumpy – the lashes were separated, darker in colour and generally better than they looked before using.

      There didn’t seem to be any difference in look but looking closely I could see what was supposed to be the magic. Although the basic colour of the mascara is black, Revlon have added what can really only be described as glitter to the mascara but it is so fine it is practically unnoticeable. The packaging says two to three coats of mascara need to be applied… This will give the mascara several layers of coverage and build up the pieces of holographic glitter. For a better understanding, the glitter in the mascara is more like grains of sand between stones – they can hardly be seen.

      What the packaging claims:

      • A new look of mascara that goes beyond basic black
      • Lash darkeners + illuminators enhance lashes with reflective colour
      • Sparks a subtle glint with every flutter of your lashes
      • Every shade interplays uniquely with your eye colour
      • For added impact and shimmer, apply 2-3 coats and wear with coordinating shade of High Dimension Eyeliner.
      • Wears up to 10 hours
      • Clump free, smudge proof
      • Ophthalmologist tested
      • Suitable for contact lens wearers

      What I found was the colour completely invisible to anyone other than me who had my face pressed against the mirror trying to find it. I tend to rub my eyes a lot but did find by the end of a long day, I had a shimmering eye area – everything but my lashes were holographic! The only way to see the sparkle was to have only the lashes lit by sunlight or a light bulb – i.e. not very often.

      The mascaras function as a basic black mascara was great – I couldn’t fault it at all. Although it did have to be applied a couple of times to get good coverage, the lashes looked longer, had more volume and were able to look like I had used eye lash curlers when I hadn’t. Another important thing is I didn’t look like I had spider leg lashes (ones that are thick and black with little bits of hair coming out of them!). Once dried, the lashes do become quite hard and if rubbed, I found flakes coming off. It’s claim that it wears up to 10 hours may be stretching it a bit for me but it does have staying power unless…

      The tear test – i.e. crying – was to prove this mascara is not waterproof. If your eyes water, this will not run but flash floods of tears does cause black streaks streaming down the cheeks. When it dries, the holographic simmer seems to be everywhere!

      I've had the mascara for about a year now and used it on and off. Even now the mascara itself has held up well and has not dried out but the glitter is still invisible maybe even more so now than when it was new.

      I can’t believe the recommended retail price for this mascara is £7.95!! I think it is pushing it at little at £3.99 – the price I paid – but it does perform its basic function well and the packaging is just an added bonus – it’s a shame it has writing all over it though! If you are getting up close and personal with someone then they may notice it too but it is such a subtle effect and more of a marketing gimmick than something that will get noticed. I'd only recommend this if getting it for a lower price - it's not with spending more on it.

      25Fl Oz / 7.39ml
      Colour: Black Flash


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