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Revlon PhotoReady Compact Foundation

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2 Reviews

Brand: Revlon / Powders / Type: Foundation

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2013 23:34
      Very helpful



      Great product, smashing price

      I don't have much bad to say about Revlon and their range of makeup. So while trying new foundations I found this one.

      Revlon promotes this foundation great for taking photographs due to its light reflecting pigments. This particular foundation only does 4 colours ranging from vanilla to medium beige. As with most, if not all Revlon products it is oil and fragrance free, so it's especially good for people with oily skin.

      How does it come...
      The foundation comes in a little black compact rectangle with a sponge to apply. The difference with this foundation is that over the foundation there is like a net, I'm not too sure what this is for but it must be for some benefit.

      How do I use it....
      Press lightly with the sponge over the net until you get the right amount of foundation.
      Work from the outside of your face towards the outside.
      To give your face the natural look, rub into your skin past your neckline.

      How it works.....
      This compact is like a hard liquid. When you push your sponge down on it it turns liquid as you are applying it and when it is dry, it turns into a soft powder

      The best bits.....
      I love the fact that it's oil and fragrance free it's perfect for my skin.
      They have my perfect colour to suit my face.
      Goes on silky smooth and it genuinely does not make me feel like I'm under a tonne of makeup.
      The SPF 20 is great for me when I'm in the sun. I don't have to worry about drenching sun block on my face.

      The not so good bits...
      I don't think that this product lasts long at all, you put it on a few times and before you know it, it's gone!

      To sum it up....
      I very much like this foundation, I love Revlon anyway but I would say that this foundation really does impress me. It is a much better photo foundation that the liquid photoready.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes I would recommend this product I don't think there are many disadvantages.


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      15.08.2012 09:28
      Very helpful



      A excellent foundation for a few hours, requires regular top ups though.

      I normally stick to Maybelline foundation products as those are the ones I find work best for me. A few months ago, however, I found this Revlon PhotoReady Compact foundation in my local Tesco store at half price bringing it down from £13 to £6.50 for 10g of product so I decided to give it a try. I was particularly drawn to the fact that this foundation has a built in SPF of 20. Not that we seem to be getting much sun this summer but it doesn't hurt to have that protection!

      The foundation comes in four shades; vanilla, shell, natural beige and medium beige. All of these shades are what I'd consider light-medium shades and there isn't really anything suited to darker skin tones. I opted for the lightest shade - vanilla. I'm very pale and have found this shade is suited to my skin tone and adds a little more colour to my face too.

      The foundation comes housed in a black plastic case which flips open. The front of the case has a window which allows you see the actual foundation and on the front is the usual information you'd expect to find such as the Revlon logo, product name and quick product description. Flipping open the case reveals a mirror at the top of the lid which makes touch ups anywhere quick and convenient. Just below the square of actual foundation is an application sponge. The sponge itself probably isn't the best tool to use to apply this foundation as I find using this makes blending the foundation pretty difficult. This does seem to be an error with the sponge rather than the foundation itself though as I tend to use one of my better foundation brushes which gives a much nicer result.

      There's a thin mesh covering over the foundation which you just need to gently sweep your sponge/brush across to get hold of the product. This covering turns the cream foundation into a liquid which is then very easy to work with. The foundation is very lightweight and doesn't feel caked on in the least bit. It gives a fairly natural finish too. I wouldn't say it's impossible to tell I'm wearing foundation when I've applied this but it doesn't look obvious either. It gives a matte finish too which means I don't feel as though I need to apply powder over the top.

      The coverage this foundation gives is excellent. I always add a little concealer over blemishes first which helps but this really evens out my skin tone and gives my face a flawless look almost! Despite using this for a good two months now I'm still impressed at the overall effects of this foundation. It covers blemishes, uneven skin tone and scars to almost perfect standards. This foundation is said to give an 'airbrushed' look and I don't feel that claim is much exaggerated at all.

      The downside is, however, this flawless finish doesn't last a particularly long time. I tend to use mine with my Maybelline Dream Smooth primer which I generally find works well with any make-up product I use. I find this primer has no effect on the lasting power of this foundation though. With or without it I feel the need to 'touch up' this after about three hours by which time blemishes have become more noticeable again. Perhaps a different primer would improve this but I have personally only ever used the one so am yet to find out. Despite blemishes becoming more noticeable after a short amount of time though I find the even skin tone look lasts until I decide to take the foundation off so if you do have very clear skin I think this would suit you perfectly!

      All in all I'd consider this to be a decent quality foundation. I'm not sure I'd pay the full £13 for another one once I've ran out of my current one but I'd be happy to replace this one with another one at half price. The application sponge included is pretty useless which does make it less compact but using a decent applicator this foundation blends really well and is extra lightweight and comfortable to wear. The foundation comes off quickly and easily with my usual toner and cleanser and doesn't feel as though it's clogging up my pores or drying my skin out. The matte finish means the need for powder foundation is made redundant too. I just wish this had better staying power. It's perfect for just evening out skin tone but hiding blemishes requires regularly touch ups. Whilst it doesn't affect my pale skin tone I do feel a wider range of shades in this foundation would be beneficial also.


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