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Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush

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Brand: Revlon / Type: Blushers / Subcategory: Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 20:00
      Very helpful



      Lovely once on but a pain applying it at times!

      When it comes to make up one thing when I think is very important to pop on myself is a bit of blusher of some sort. I'm very, very pale skinned and lack defintion in the cheekbone area so I find I have to fake it or I look really washed out.

      Now Revlon is a decent and middle of the road price range type of make up usually found in places like Boots. This product though I found in my local Poundland store which forever seems to be getting in lots of more premium make up brands in of late and I was delighted when I spotted this 'Sheer Gel Blush' and a little research online has told me this can be picked up for about £5.50 (Amazon.co.uk) and this includes p+p.

      This comes in 4 different shades:

      *Peach Afterglow
      *Cheeky Cherry
      *Playful Pink
      *Plum Flushed (This is the colour I have as it was the only one available in Poundland!)

      The Packaging:

      The pump style action this bottle is, is actually really nice to look at. Its made is plastic and is see through where the colour is housed with a silver section it stands on then the pump is all silver metal with a see through safety cap that goes over that and then in silver writing on the front of it we are told that it is Revlon 'Pinch Me' and on the back of it we are told that its a Sheer Gel Blush and the colour is stated. Other information on there gien is the ingredients which are on a sticker oin the base of the bottle and then there is a silver coloured label on the lid and on that contact details for Revlon are given and we are told that once we open the product to use it up within 24 months and pull the top layer of that sticker off and under that we are told to simply rub it into the apples of the cheeks. Nice, classy packaging this is and I do like being able to see the product through the casing so if I wanted to not to run out and replace it I could.

      The Cheek Colour:

      Well I have read numerous good reviews on this product today when looking at where you could purchase it. They're all very positive and give it a thumbs up and although I like the results I can achieve using this I don't like it really when I'm using it!

      Push the pump and a little lumpy gel comes out. Even if I shake the bottle its lumpy and rather wet at the same time. You can apply this to 'naked' skin or over make up and I gently apply this to my cheekbones and/or apples of my cheeks. I don't like the lumpiness of this and sometimes when I'm applying it I have to pick some gel bits that are a bit dry looking off my face, other times I simply massage it in and it goes into my skin effortlessly. If I do this then I get a very natural colour on my cheeks that looks really natural but it requires a little effort and a fair bit of inspection too to create a flawless look.

      This does give a sheer colour and a really natural one I appreciate. It doesn't aggitate my sensitive skin at all, you can only see the colour and not any residue, I can't feel it, it isn't sticky and the colour lingers on my face till I choose to remove it with my usual make up removing routine! I like the natural and gentle pinched look this gives to my cheeks I just wish its consitency was better to apply it though I can't stress enough once its on it looks really light and natural.

      I do like this one and I do think its worth a pound but because of the consitency and bittiness of this I wouldn't pay more for it even though it is a Revlon product!

      Google if interested.


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        03.11.2009 12:10
        Very helpful



        Brilliant gel blush that's very easy to use

        Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush in colour Cheeky Cherry

        I know Revlon has been on the market since 1930's but it hasn't been a brand I have taken much notice of and always gone for other brands, but that was until recently when some of their products intrigued me while browsing their website www.revlon.com. I have always been a fan of blushers because of my pale skin I need a bit of colour otherwise my skin can look dull and flat, like most peoples.

        I always end up using powder ones as I find cream blushes wear off through the day even if you apply a powder blusher over the top and they tend to make my skin dry over time, so when I saw sheer gel blush from Revlon I loved the idea and bought it.
        Revlon claim this product is lightweight, translucent sheer gel, to give you a naturally flushed look.

        Revlon also do a range of blushes and colours from matte powders, mineral powders and the sheer gel formula so there will be something to suit everyone.
        Each of their blushes range in prices but I picked up the Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush for £3.40 from www.magicmakeup.co.uk, which I thought was a great price, other prices on websites range from £3.99. The product comes in 13.31mls, which will last you a long time as you need so little to get your desired pinch effect.

        When I received it, it came in a brown paper box that feels like it has been recycled (thumbs up from me), with Revlon Face products written at the front and top of the lid. There is also a little square in the brown box so you can see the product inside but you can see only the lid. The product itself comes sealed in a plastic wrapper so you can rest assured the product hasn't been tampered with. The bottle itself is 13.31mls; there is plastic chrome at the base and up to where the pump is the lid is clear plastic. In the middle is the gel blush itself is surrounded in clear plastic so you can see the colour and how much product you have left with silver writing Revlon Pinch Me. The back of the bottle tells you it is a sheer gel blush and the colour you have chosen.

        Revlon make four different colours including:
        * Playful Pink: this colour looks dark pink with a very faint hint of purple.
        * Peach Afterglow: looks a dewy lovely delicate peach.
        * Cheeky Cherry: delicate rich cherry colour.
        * Plum Flushed: a real plum colour that is a little lighter than Playful Pink.

        I went for Cheeky Cherry as I like the pink blusher look to brighten up my pale cheeks. In the bottle this colour looks really bright and dark at the same time and you almost feel like your going to apply it and look like a clown.

        After applying my foundation and a little translucent powder I was ready to apply my new blusher. After a few squirts of the pump to get the product out I applied a little to the back of my hand, straight away you can see the gel like formula that comes out very rich. I decided to take a tiny bit of the product and apply it to my cheeks to see what it would look like; if I needed a bit more I could always apply more. You can feel how lightweight it is on your skin, so perfect for summer, I was also amazed at how easy it is to apply and blend into the cheeks.
        To apply simply tab your finger into the product and apply to the apples of your cheeks, blending in a circle and outwards towards the hairline.
        I stood back and looked at how my cheeks looked and they looked really natural like I had been running or out in the cold and you have that flushed cheek look. Even though I first applied a tiny amount I could see it was sheer with a lovely wash of colour, I applied a little more and it just gave it more of a pop of colour that still looked natural and not at all artificial, like I had healthy glow to the cheeks. I also noticed there are light reflecting pigments in this product as on the cheeks you can see light bouncing off but in a flattering away, like you've highlighted your cheeks. Unlike powder blushes that can make your cheeks look flat, matte and dull.

        As the day wore on I looked into the mirror and noticed the blush was still there, where I left it without the need for me to apply more, unlike powers or creams that you have to reapply throughout the day to keep the blushed look.
        Even when I came to take my makeup off the colour was still there, I would say this blush is more like a stain to the cheeks but when you decide to take it off it does come off with ease, which was a surprise as I thought it would be a pain to say it stayed on for so long.

        I have worn this blush with foundation and without and both times my cheeks look beautiful, I have never had the dry cheek effect either like I had with cream blushers, so this has my vote.

        I would love to get the other colour Peach Afterglow as I think this would be a perfect summer colour to wear, even though Cheeky Cherry is a great colour to wear.

        This is one blush I will be repurchasing in the future and look forward to applying everyday.


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