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Revlon Vital Radiance Brow Fill In Powder

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3 Reviews

Brand: Revlon / Type: Brows / Subcategory: Powder / What it does: Vitalizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      24.06.2013 14:38
      Very helpful



      Actually works ,giving grat results .

      I will admit at the start ,I do pluck my brows too much.
      There , I've admitted my sin .
      My brows are really sparce and grow all over the place , I,m always plucking out stray hairs and find I end up with bald bits in them.
      I do use a brown eye pencil but I find it looks artificial if you not careful.
      I recently purchased this Revlon brow fill in powder to see if it would help my problem brows.


      Revlon brow fill in powder comes in a pinky brown plastic round container. It is a small size and suitable for you handbag or make up bag .
      I has two compartments for the brow powder with two shades of powder, a tiny brush to apply the powder and above both is a half moon mirror so you can see what your doing .The mirror is one which you can actually see in and could be used when you apply this. I wear specs so I always use a magnifying mirror.
      This container comes on a purple backing card all covered in clear plastic.
      I paid £1 for this from poundland.
      I got mine in brunette which is number 004 .


      The powder itself has no smell and has an ultra refined powder formula which blends easily with each other to produce the shade you need . I have the brunette palette as I have brown hair and it does match my brow colouring .This Revlon brow powder is also available in 002 blond and 006 dark brown , so should be suitable for most hair colouring .It is easy to use to fill in sparse areas and it stays on all day without fading. I find I can put it on in the morning and it stays on until I remove it with a face wipe before bed .
      It has really solved my brow problem and I now dont worry if I overpluck .


      I would definately reccomend Revlon Brow Fill in Powder ,it is economical,I have had mine for over a month and have hardly used any .
      I am giving this product 5 stars


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        07.11.2009 00:43
        Very helpful



        Great results for only £1!

        This is first brow powder I ever used and will probably be the only one I ever use. I found it in Poundland and was surprised to see it was a Revlon product. I didn't expect to find anything by Revlon for £1.

        It comes attached to a little purple card and covered with clear plastic. The product itself is a little circular compact which includes two shades of powder (one slightly darker than the other) , a brush and a small mirror. The sticker on the bottom tells you the name and number of the shade. Mine was 06 Dark Brown. This was the only shade they had in the shop, so I was lucky that it happened to be the right one for me. Also, it doesn't seem to be available in every branch of the shop.

        I have quite thick eyebrows that I have to pluck and trim quite a lot, but at the same time, they're kind of gappy and just not very nice. I use the lighter powder on my inner eyebrows, where they are thickest and the darker powder on my outer eyebrows where they are thinner. It blends well and certainly doesn't look two-tone. It looks very natural and my brows appear fuller.

        The powder stays on throughout the day and doesn't smudge at all, but is still easily removed with wet cotton wool or a makeup wipe.

        I've used this product quite a lot, but haven't even made a dent in the powder. I can tell it's going to last for a long time. I love this brow powder and will definitely be repurchasing. I highly recommend it.


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        31.01.2009 00:45
        Very helpful



        A must have for naughty, hairy eyebrows!

        The one part of my and getting it right. Personally I blame my Fathers genes for my Norman Tebit style eyebrows! They are thick and coarse and pluck the one wrong and I end up with a gap or wonky, patchy one's. I hate them, I really do.

        So when I saw this it struck me that something to help the appearance of my mistakes would be an eyebrow pencil or a powder concept like this. I have of course used an eyebrow pencil in the past but never really been able to get on with them very well and made a bit of a fake mess that I find unacceptable looking so when I saw this (in T.J.Hughes priced 99p) I really thought it was worth a go.

        The Packaging....

        The compact itself came on top of a lilac card with a clear front plastic cover over it. So on the card all in white writing I'm told my colour and code and that it is Brow Fill-In powder and that it's by Vital Radiance. On the back of the card I'm told a bit about the product, how to use it, a tip is given (for best results) and I'm told it's Opythalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes, contact details for Vital radiance are given (all the information in English is once again given in a different language which I don't recognise!), and finally ingredients are listed. The Compact itself is a shimmery beige plastic, round flip opening (via a little dent at the front) with a clear plastic 'window' to see the product though and on that I'm told in small black writing that its' Vital radiance'. On the bottom of the compact there is a round, cream coloured sticky label and on that I'm once again told what it is, my colour and code is stated and finally on the compact I'm given contact details for Vital Radiance and the recycle symbol is clearly displayed.

        It is quite a large compact considering the amount of product you get and realistically you don't need it to be this big, it could actually be half the size!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Card Given With The Compact....

        Ultra-refined powder formula blends easily with brows to fill in sparse areas and stays on all day without fading. The two coordinated shades lets you customize your colour for a natural look.

        How To Apply It....

        Blend the two shades together to create a shade slightly lighter than your natural brow colour. Brush on, starting at inner corner of brow and work outwards with short, feathery strokes. For better control, use Vital Radiance Brow Brush.

        Makeup Artist Tip....

        If the colour looks too intense after applying brow powder, gently soften it by 'buffing' it with a cotton swab.

        Using It....

        Well when you open up the compact you are met with a proper half moon shaped mirror at the top of it. Plenty big enough to see what your doing to your brows whilst using this product. Even so as I said earlier the compact is still too big even if you had the same sized mirror in it, there's just too much plastic on it lol. Under the mirror there is indent where a small, beige brush sits with a slight slant to the soft bristles. The bristles are quite short, feel good quality and never flake off when using it. They are smooth and over all the brush is a nice little addition to this compact. Under that you have two triangles of colour. This compact comes in my colour (blonde) but also in brown. My colours though are a light brown and a dark brown making this suitable for darker eye brows such as mine.

        The powder is the same as most good quality eye-shadows in it's texture. It's smooth to the touch, not shimmery and it doesn't smell at all. No Matter what applicator you choose to use to apply this it is of good consistency and it isn't so fine is speckles anywhere it shouldn't it simply clings on till you apply it.

        Applying it is really simple. You can mix up your shade on the brush dipping between the two colours or simply use one colour if desired. If your mixing colours then it's sort of up to you and in your head common sense to get the colour right and it's really easy to do that and not as rocket science as it sounds. For me I tend to simply gently fill in sparse areas with the darker shade which seems to be a good match on me colour-wise.

        It's easy and fuss free to use and like the expert says if you make a mistake then all you need is something to gently buff it out with and that's very easy and none smudging to do.

        The results when it's on really are good. I find not only does it over up my bald spots but it can also be used to define the colour of eyebrows softly. You simply need a steady hand and good light and it's simple to get a really good, groomed look and not only that once applied it lasts all day until you to choose remove it (usual make up removing routine is all that's required) and it's none agitating, none smudging and none fading over time. It really does work very well indeed.


        I like it so much I went out and grabbed another while I saw them cheap as I've become quite a fan of this product. I like the ease of use this has, although I wish the packaging wasn't so old fashioned and clumsy, I do like the product so I'll tolerate that. My eyebrows really do look better for this and never again will I neglect them and now if I over pluck or anything I don't panic at all cos I can fake them back to perfection. Great product!

        As I said mine cost me 99p in T.J Hughes but do look for it in online discount stores and independent chemists and pound shop type places if interested.


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