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Revlon Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Revlon / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: Smoothes, Vitalizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      02.05.2013 14:32
      Very helpful



      A cheap basic everyday primer

      I only started using eye primers last year and this product was the first one that I tried. I purchased it on a whim from Ebay for a good price. I had not heard of the brand 'vital radiance' before and when I received the product I was surprised to find that is part of the Revlon group.

      The packaging.
      The product comes in a small clear plastic round pot (3.1g) with a clear lid. On the front of the pot it simply says 'vital radiance' is black lettering and on the back of the pot it tells you that it is a soothing eye primer. Underneath it gives the net weight and says that Vital radiance is a division of the Revlon corporation.

      The product.
      The product itself a peachy beige colour and is a cream not a liquid. It has a really creamy and quite thick consistency. To apply simply twist the plastic lid and lift up, remove the plastic insert that covers the product (this helps stop the product from drying up) and apply to the eyelid area using the desired application tool. (I tend to use my fingers) Smooth over the eyelid with gentle movements and then apply your eye shadow on top. Make sure you replace the plastic insert to cover back up before closing the lid.

      The benefits.
      - Can be used alone to brighten the eye area
      - Can be used as a primer to help eye shadow stay in place
      - Helps avoid creasing
      - Can also be used as a concealer (I sometimes use it for this)

      Price and availability.
      I have only found this product on line and never seen it in store. It can be purchased from Amazon or Ebay and prices vary from £1.95 to £3.99

      My verdict.
      I like this product and quite often wear it alone just to brighten my eye area and also use it as a concealer. It is easy to blend although it is quite thick and may be a bit too heavy on really mature lids where the skin is really creepy in that area.


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      10.02.2008 17:41
      Very helpful



      Worth a pound!

      A couple of weeks ago I stuck me slap on my face and went to town for the day, shopping. I was pleased with my make up. 6 hours later though still in town I popped to the loos and washed my hands (of course!) and looked in the mirror to reapply my pressed powder (not lippy I was wearing lipfinity lol) and I was shocked to see my eye make up hadn't vanished, it was worse than that! The colours had faded and some was missing from the top of my eyelids. It looked a right mess!

      Now I wouldn't mind if I was wearing some 'cheap' stuff but I wasn't. I was wearing Elizabeth Arden and it promises to last all day long. It really annoyed me and left me in a dilemma. Do I throw some eye shadows out or do I accept that 6 hours is actually a long time really in the wind and the cold and start carrying eyeshadow on me when I go out or is there another way forward?

      Well I kind of accepted that actually 6 hours is a long time and maybe use lighter colours so when it wears off it isn't so noticeable! If any men are reading this maybe you can realise it's very had work to be a gal!

      So a few days later I was in town again and I went to my favourite shop for cosmetic bargains, T.J Hughes. I always manage to get great stuff cheap and I spotted this.... Vital Radiance (Revlon) Smoothing Eye Primer. Now I've never seen Vital Radiance products before and I can only assume after a little investigating on this that this is the name Revlon trade under in other countries because on all the Vital Radiance products there is always a sticker on them that's lets you know it's actually Revlon!

      The Packaging....

      It comes in a clear, plastic 3.1g tub. The lid twists on and off but is attached so you don't lose it and on the top it tells me in black writing that it is indeed Vital Radiance and on the bottom simply tells me it's Revlon and the weight ( as I've listed). The primer itself is the consistentency of foundation and you pick the colour, in my case it is 010 which is a natural colour.

      The Promises....

      Specifically developed to prepare crepey lids so powder shadow applies more smoothly and evenly.

      Lids are smoother so shadow glides on easier, looks noticeably more even and wears longer without creasing or fading.

      How To Apply.....

      Using your finger, pat to blend on lids from lashline to brow before applying 'Vital Radiance', powder shadows.

      Results ....

      Well I put it on top of my foundation and use as suggested. It blends really easily and yes it makes a big difference. My eyelids do appear more smooth and less crepy. It doesn't irritate eyes at all even though no where on my product does it say that it's dermatologically tested. My eyes look so much brighter after using this product and I even apply a dab under my eyes as I find it helps to conceal my bags brilliantly. It just feels very comfortable and doesn't make my lids feel heavy, gunky or anything out of the ordinary!

      The biggest question as it's an eye shadow primer is does it make eyeshadow stay on longer? Well the answer to this is actually a no. It doesn't. If you buy this thinking it makes eyeshadow stay longer then its going to be a disappointment or you.

      I had a date a ouple of nights ago and my eyeshadow stayed on the same length of time over the top of it as usual but no longer and that was ok I was out less than 6 hours lol However on application of eye shadows over the top of it colours do look more vibrant and I feel I don't need as much eyeshadow for an even coverage.

      This is an exceptional product to use with Barry M Eye Dust or them type of eye shadows that you make like to put to on damp skin. This works really well on top of this and again stays on as long as you would expect it to but the product doesn't make it stay on for longer however these style of shadows stay put for hours anyway and this helps make them particularly vibrant!


      I really like it for giving me smooth, nice feeling eyes. As for it making eyeshadow stay longer no so if your interested in buying it base it on what you need from it!

      I bought mine in T.J Hughes for a £1.00 and Ive seen in on markets and places like that for as much as £6.00. Available to buy on line if you look for it!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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    • Product Details

      Wear your eye shadow and get noticed / Specifically developed to prepare crepey lids so that powder shadow applies more smoothly and evenly without creasing or fading /

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