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Rimmel I love Lasting Finish Nail Polish

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Brand: Rimmel / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    5 Reviews
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      10.08.2015 16:42



      Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish

      The Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish is available for GBP 1.99.

      The nail polish is described as follows. "Cheap & Cheerful Lasting Rimmel London colour. Lasting & Glossy colour every day. Playful colours, get inspired and mix-it up."

      As I already knew from 60 Seconds paint the same manufacturer, so I hoped again that the nail polish holds reasonably long and above all that it dries quickly. Who wants to spend hours running around moronic wagging with his hands around? Just. Now, the paint can be first of all because of the usual well-crafted brush easily and quickly apply. The brush is not very wide, as I knew it from said other variety of the manufacturer. So you are caught with an order almost always the full width of the nail, apart from the thumbnails you. So it's not necessary, nachzupinseln repeatedly. This fact is conditioned also by the fact that the brush just takes the right amount of color without much doctoring. For narrower nails you should wipe off some paint on the inside of the bottle may nonetheless. Nevertheless, all of these positive factors do what they are: they cause the application is quick se. The drying time is not to be despised. Is it with the other hand through, so the first hand is as good as dry. The whole process takes so therefore all highest eight minutes. So must it be, if it must go fast times, what with me actually always the case. The color itself is just like you can see them through the small bottle - a bright pastelliges lilac, which comes friendly and summery. Sure it does not fit absolutely to all colorful clothes to black but it definitely fits and forms exactly the contrast, I had hoped for. With the color so I have fully taken here. Important addition to the application, the drying time and the result is also the durability. Clear, because nothing more annoying than when you walk with unkempt nails around, of which chipping the paint. That simply does not look. Well, quite as long as the paint of Rimmel 60 Seconds of here does not hold. While it is not necessary to refresh it every day, but for good three days then you have yet again ran the brush. I think that's a pity, because I had just hoped for because of the good experiences that I have made more of Rimmel. Delighted I was also pleased that the nail polish can be so easily and most importantly very fast to remove.


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      07.05.2013 09:36
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous nail varnish!

      I recently stocked up on a bit of new makeup when Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on. I wasn't sure what to get as the free product but when I spotted this Rimmel lasting finish fruities nail varnish I knew this is what I had to get.

      The nail varnish usually costs around the £3 for a 8ml bottle. It is available to purchase from Boots and Superdrug. Rimmel's range of colours in this collection is quite limited with only four different colours available to buy, cranberry zest, strawberry fizz, apricot punch and lemon drop. I have this in strawberry fizz.

      The bottle isn't anything different from the normal nail varnish bottles. It is extremely similar to Rimmel's normal lasting finish nail varnish so if this is the one you want to buy I would definitely look carefully at the description to make sure it's the right one. After opening the bottle you are met with the application brush that is integrated into the lid. The brush is made from a lot of bristles and makes it quite thick. The strawberry fizz colour looks gorgeous in the bottle and has a candy pink type look to it.

      When it comes to applying the nail varnish, I find it only takes one or two strokes depending on which nail I'm applying it on to coat the whole thing, I think this is down to the thick brush head and it definitely makes the application process a whole lot quicker. The consistency of it is too thin for one coat to be enough for anybody as after just one coat it leaves a pink shade on your nails, but it's not as strong as the colour of the bottle and does require more. The drying time is quite quick despite not being one that claims to dry quickly, I find by time I've painted both hands, and left them for a minute or two, the first hand is dry and ready for the next coat. Of course, the nail varnish has a horrible chemical smell that you associate with nail varnishes when you first paint your nails.

      After applying two coats and leaving them to dry, I find my nails have a gorgeous colour to them and they do represent the colour of the nail varnish in the bottle extremely well. It's definitely a cute, girly, candy pink, bubble pop type pink shade. I wasn't expecting great things from the smell side of things as when I applied the nail varnish it didn't smell fruity in the slightest but after it has dried the scent really is divine. I wouldn't say it smells particularly of strawberries as the shade name suggests but it does have a refreshing fruity smell. The smell is strong for the first day or two then subsides but that doesn't bother me. As far as how long the nail varnish lasts, mine usually lasts around a week before starting to chip which is quite good, some nail varnishes start to chip in days and that really aggravates me but I don't encounter that problem with this range.

      I'd definitely recommend this lasting finish fruities nail varnish from Rimmel, the strawberry fizz shade is gorgeous and the smell is an added benefit that really does smell fruity. I can't wait to buy the other three shades to see what scents they have to offer.


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      23.09.2012 16:24
      Very helpful



      Cute, fun product - smells great, looks great and applies well

      As a nail polish kinda girl, I was intrigued by these scented polishes (and why they hadn't been done before!). I picked up three different shades - a salmon, a pink and a bold orange. When I got home I realised two of them were scented, and the other was not. Though this was due to my rushing. However, I do feel the scented polishes are not emphasized on the bottle which makes it harder to determine which polish is which.

      The polishes come in a small glass bottle, which is circular. The bottles feel solid and robust and the polish itself is easily seen through the clear glass helping you see the exact colour before you buy. The bottles feature white lettering which looks bright and fresh against the colour of the nail colour. A black circular lid, about the same length of the bottle and is easily unscrewed.

      All the polishes smell similar and are fruity, sweet and pretty. There is an underlying scent of polish, but the fruit scent over powers this. It's a fun and cute idea to have scented polish and works reasonably well

      There are a wide range of colours available, with a particularly good selection of sorbet shades and pinks.

      The polishes last four to five days before chipping etc. I found them to last well without showing significant signs of wear.

      The brush is thin, fine and crisp allowing for a simple and clear application. It has a aquare edge which worked prefectly for reaching both inner corners of the nails easily and allowed the liquid to coat the nail evenly and fluidly.


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      09.06.2012 11:05
      Very helpful



      An okay nail varnish with a scent which is nice but not essential

      Before this horrendous wet weather had set in I was just starting to get myself ready for the summer months. That being I've banished the tights for work so bare legs are on show and of course sandals and flip flops have been dusted off in the readiness for wearing them out and about. One thing people always seem to notice are your feet and of course the first thing I do in preparation is make sure my feet are looking their best whether it's banishing any dry skin or painting my toe nails.

      My good friend is a beautician and every three weeks I have my nails done and since summer has (or had) started I opted for a pedicure - ideal as someone is doing the hard work for you! Of course as a friend I have mates rates and have the pick of her wide range of nail varnishes. However, on this occasion I took my own. Compared to O.P.I I guess Rimmel nail varnishes are quite inferior but I had seen this specific colour and it really had caught my eye. The nail varnish in question is from the Rimmel collection called I love Lasting Finish Fruities and the shade I opted for was Cranberry Zest.

      Shade No.66 Cranberry Zest is a lovely vibrant, bold shade of a cross between red and fuschia therefore getting quite a cranberry colour. Now I normally opt for neutral shades for my nails but as the summer had started with such warm weather I was feeling summery and wanted a change. Considering it costs just under £3.00 I didn't think I was unwise with my choice and even though it is a bright colour it wasn't as daring as some shades I've seen in other brands such as bright blue or turquoise and I thought this would be a lovely shade to start the summer off with!

      The I Love Lasting Finish Fruities range are actually a scented range of nail varnishes which are currently only available in four shades according to the Rimmel website. Now I have to admit that I didn't realise that my chosen shade was scented until I took it with me to my friend's and that is how it was discovered that it was scented! Now Rimmel are not the only brand to have created scented nail varnishes, Revlon also brought their own range out around the same time just over a year ago. The fact that this nail varnish is scented is really neither here or there with me to be honest and as it is going on my toe nails it really makes no difference! All the shades come in clear glass circular bottles with a black top and brush applicator.

      After prepping my feet with a lovely pedicure courtesy of my rather lovely friend she applied a base coat (which should always be applied to protect your nails). After shaking up the nail varnish bottle to ensure it was mixed thoroughly and was as thick as it possibly could be she started to apply on my toe nails. Instantly we could both see how thin the varnish was. It almost had quite a waterish type consistency unlike the O.P.I nail varnishes (I normally opt for these) tend to have a thicker consistency. After shaking the bottle up again just in case and having let the first coat dry the same result happened on the second coat, it was thin and watery but was obviously building up the colour. In the end it took 3 coats to get the vibrant colour that you see in the bottle.

      Obviously when it comes to using nail varnish the more layers you apply the longer that it may take to dry and I guess the positive with this varnish is that because its consistency is so thin the coats don't take long at all to dry and within a few minutes are touch dry so you are not waiting around for ages whilst waiting to apply another coat. But regardless of the fact that this is quick drying I still find it annoying that you have to apply three coats to get the desired colour but after quickly reading other peoples reviews online (not on Dooyoo) apparently this happens with other shades too and is quite a common pattern with this nail varnish.

      On the upside however the colour of the nail varnish is gorgeous. It is lovely and vibrant and really does look quite sophisticated. I only wear it on my toes and it really does look lovely. As for the fragrance both me and my friend smelt the bottle when the top was off and although it does have quite a typical nail varnish aroma to it, it did actually have quite a fruity scent to it which although didn't resemble cranberries in any respect. The aroma was pleasant but didn't make this nail varnish special in my opinion and as it is being used on my toe nails I'm never going to smell it so personally it doesn't matter to me whether it is scented or not!

      Another positive is that the nail varnish with all of its three coats does actually last for quite some considerable amount of time. I guess toe nails get very different wear than nails on the hand but in the two weeks that I first had this varnish applied it didn't get a chip and the colour remained bold and bright with no fading at all. When it came to taking it off I found that a normal nail varnish remover could get rid of the colour with ease obviously having a base coat helps as the colour won't stain the nail but the colour is easy to remove and really does take a matter of minutes to get rid of.

      Overall, I can't say that I am completely won over by this nail varnish simply because of its thin consistency and that it needs several coats. But I like the colour it gives and that it lasts easily without showing any wear. For the price you pay it is perfectly fine as an everyday run of the mill type nail varnish and I have used it regularly since buying it a few months ago. However, should I be able to find a similar shade in another brand I regularly use such as O.P.I then I may have to buy it as I doubt I'd buy this again and also the fruity aroma makes no difference to me so this isn't a selling point. Would I recommend? Yes and no, ideal for a gorgeous colour but just make sure you have the time to apply it properly.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Rimmel
      Availability: Boots or Superdrug
      Shades: Cranberry Zest, Lemon Drop, Strawberry Fizz and Apricot Punch
      Price: £2.99


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      30.11.2011 15:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Pretty, Sweet & Unique Nail Polish.

      I have been looking after my nails pretty well lately and I love the Rimmel brand of Nail Polish, especially their 60 second drying range. I am a fan of their coral colours and when I recently picked up my newest 60 second nail polish I saw another lovely Rimmel colour which was just what I was looking for... but little did I know it had a special added surprise!


      The special thing about this nail polish is that it is supposed to have a fruit scented enamel that 'smells as scrummy as it looks'.

      I didn't realise this until the first time I used it and read the back of the bottle. (I was bored and waiting for my boyfriend at the barbers, so did my nails while I was waiting!) I have never heard of such a thing, obviously I remember the smelly gel pens when I was in school and scatch n'sniff adverts. But this is the first time I have known a nail polish to smell fruity!

      The nail polish I had was Apricot Punch and I have to say the fragrance was quite noticeable. But only once on the nails and when it is dry. In my opinion it had the aroma of peaches or a light sweet smell. It did make a difference to the overwhelming chemical smell that usually hovers when I do my nails. It was still there but slightly sweeter and not so strong. The bottle states that the fruity fragrance appears once the nails are dry and this is true. I thought after an hour or so the aroma would disappear. But No! 2 days later at work I made my colleague smell my nails. She thought I was crazy but her face lit up when she realised she could smell a light fruity fragrance. (She is also a nail polish fan!). Straight away she asked what the heck it was and wrote it down for her shopping list.

      To be honest the 'Fruity' aspect of this polish is a bit of a gimmick. I don't constantly smell my nails but it was pleasant that when resting my head on my hands or touching my face (bad habit!) that I had a nice aroma waft around. It's a cute idea and one that does make me smile.

      ~** COLOUR **~

      I love the fruity idea and the Apricot Punch polish that I had was a lovely light peachy colour. Rimmel are brilliant with their colours and I always find that the colour in the bottle is the colour you get. No changing of shades.

      The only down side with this Rimmel range of Fruities is that there are only 4 available at the moment. Apricot Punch, Cranberry Zest, Strawberry Fizz and Lemon Drop. I really want to try them all to be honest and I hope that Rimmel decide to add more to the range. It would be lovely to have Orange Heaven or Chocolate Dream. (They better not steal my ideas!).

      The colours are lovely and bright, do not dry differently and have a lovely fruity scent to match.

      ~** APPLICATION **~

      The brush that comes with this nail polish is quite thick so it take 1 or 2 strokes for the whole nail to be coated. I find that all Rimmel polishes have this affect and coats the nail really well. The polish is quite thick so it doesn't keep air bubbles on the nail and doesn't tend to drip.

      The colour is quite rich so with the help of the thick brush, if you are in a rush then 1 coat will work perfectly. For a more intense brighter colour then 2 coats is best.

      I love how quick this nail polish is to apply. A couple of strokes and you are finished!

      ~** DRYING TIME **~

      In terms of drying time, this is a pretty standard polish. To be honest I would say it took 15 minutes for my nails to dry but this was with me holding my hands up in front of the hearers in my car and putting the cool setting on! In general it takes about 20-25 minutes for my nails to dry when I use this polish. This explains why I usually use the 60 second range. I hate waiting! The only benefit with the fruities is that I keep smelling my nails which helps to pass the time.

      ~** LASTING FINISH **~

      This nail polish is from the 'Lasting Finish' range and is supposed to be hardwearing, chip resistant and long lasting! The actual 'Lasting finish' range has over 9 shades available, remember this is a little something different and is a branch of that range called 'Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities Nail Polish'. They look almost the same so check the names!

      I find that in general my normal NON-chip resistant nail polish lasts about 2-3 days before chipping. So I was relatively impressed when this polish lasted about 4-5 days. I have worn it a few times now and the longest it has gone without chipping is about 7 days. But by then the colour has faded a little and the fruity fragrance has almost disappeared. But considering I type all day at work and home, it works really well. Very hardwearing and I feel as though it protects my nails that little bit more from damage and breaking.

      I can really see the long lasting effect of this nail polish when I try and take it off. It is a bit stubborn. I use the nail polish remover circular wipes and usually only need one per hand. When I tried to remove this nail polish yesterday it took me 3 and a half wipes and a lot of rubbing! It shows the hardwearing capabilities but not great if you are someone who likes to change their colours often.

      ~** PRICE & AVAILABILITY **~

      Priced at £2.99 it is the same price as the regular lasting finish nail polish so it's worth a try to see if the fruity fragrance makes you smile! I think it is good value for money and makes my nails look bright and colourful. It is long wearing and makes my nails feel stronger which is never a bad thing.
      It is available everywhere from Boots to ASOS and quite often Rimmel nail polishes are on 3 for 2 offers so well worth the pennies then. Prices do vary but on average it is £2.99 a bottle.

      ~** RECOMMENDATION **~

      I love the colour and the fruity fragrance even if it is a bit of a gimmick. I would recommend to anyone that likes bright colours and wants to add a bit of fun to their nail polish.

      A great stocking filler if you get the 3 for 2 offers as it is more than a standard nail polish and the heart print on the front of the bottle is really cute.

      I personally will buy one of the other 3 colours and scents available but I will only use it when I have the time to sit there and wait for it to dry. For all other times, I will stick to their 60 second nail polishes which are perfect for my impatience.

      For a bit of fun try these delightful nail polishes. Pretty, sweet and unique.


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      Fun / Fresh / Funky / All the on trend colours you need / The BEST shades, the FUNKIEST shades / And they're long lasting / Make your nails rock in the brightest, boldest shades / It's hard wearing, daring fashion at its best / Great funky pack / Super Value / Amazing impact!