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Rimmel Lash Maxxx Eye Shadow & Liner

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Brand: Rimmel / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2012 10:59
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      Avoid, its just horrible

      Being as mad about make up as I am, my daughter tries a lot of make up too, some of the makeup I buy I lose to her but I repay that by using hers too so we are even really. I do buy items purely for her to use though as being 38 I feel I am way past some colours and styles.

      I bought this pencil for her mainly as pink really isn't my colour and she can pretty much get away with anything. This has the whole 2 in 1 offer in it of being an eye shadow and liner all in one. It saves carrying around two items when one does the job of two. That would be true if it actually worked like that, sadly it doesn't.

      I bought originally the pink impact colour for my daughter, they did have a purple/plum coloured one but I really didn't think I would ever wear it. I do love purple and it is a great surprise to me that I didn't buy it anyway, I managed to show some restrain. The pencil itself is a pink/peach colour with a black lid and black end, the lid pulls off to show a pink end that moves up when you twist the bottom part of the pen. I like the fact you don't have to sharpen it just twist it up and back down when you have finished.

      Obviously unlike a normal eyeliner pencil, you cannot get firm thin lines with this as you do not have a point as such. The consistency of this is also like lard, I was expecting something that was like a cream, that went onto your eye and dried like a shadow, unfortunately this is nothing like that at all. It is more like a lipstick but just a very poor make of one. My daughter tried to use this as a eye shadow and it was horrible, it doesn't apply properly as you can't wipe it over the eyelid. Due to the consistency being thick it doesn't 'stick' in place. It is greasy in texture and sort of melts once it has been on a little while. The colour is very diluted and thin and just settles into the creases of your eyes and stays there. It wasn't even used as an eye liner as trying to use it as a shadow was such a disaster. It doesn't dry at all and stays thick and sticky; it is like trying to apply Vaseline nicely, it just doesn't happen. I am now glad I didn't buy the purple one as this one has found its way into the bin.

      I found this is my local Superdrug and paid £1.99 for it so I won't mourn my lost pound for too long. It is a horrible product that I wouldn't expect from Rimmel, maybe Boots No 7 or Avon but not Rimmel.


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      25.10.2008 21:47
      Very helpful




      When I saw this product for the first time I was filled with joy at the thought of being able to eye line my eyes with a fluorescent pink eyeliner but straight after that emotion I was immediately worried when realising it was a Rimmel eye product. Ok I'll level with you here and now. I don't like Rimmel products. I like luxurious make up and no matter who they use to advertise the brand and try and liven up the packaging to me this will always be a cheap, crappy brand that has upped it's prices to make us think we are buying quality and we're not. We are buying over priced economy products and I resent that big time!

      I'm mainly opposed to the brand since I use a mascara from within the range a few months back. I used it and thought I got ok results. I got in from a night out and removed it. Noticed I hadn't got all of the mascara out from within my lashes but did the best I could half drunk and very tired and went to bed thinking oh well I'll scrub the rest off in the shower tomorrow and cleanse and tone once again. Well the following morning I thought I'd had some sort of stroke. I could barely blink or touch my eyes and the insides of my eyeballs felt so dried up it was unreal. I checked in the mirror and my eyes were so swollen and bright pink it was awful. I was in a real mess and I couldn't even cry and my Mother was horrified at my appearance. My eyelids had all but turned inside out and I couldn't touch my eyes to remove any left over remnants of make up. In the end I used cold wet compresses and did consider going to the hospital but after a couple of days my eyes returned completely to normal once again and panic was over. Mascara went in the bin, as did alot of what I deemed to not be the best quality make up I owned and off I trotted to get a decent selection of eye make up removers to really make sure it never happened again. All I can think of is that I must have had an allergic reaction!

      So nowadays not only am I careful with what I purchase because I don't want a repeat performance happening to me again but also when I wear eye make up I have to be very careful anyway as I have incredibly sensitive eyes that love any reason to get angry and cry on me. I can't tell you how many eye products I have purchased recently and although they have claimed to be very gentle and thoroughly tested they have ruined nights out after making my eyes dry, red and heavy. So along with a product being hard wearing and a bit glam I need something that will come of when I demand it to come off!

      This particular product stood out to me on the Rimmel counter. At 34 years old I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but at the same time I do realise that I'm not staid and over the hill...just yet lol I like flashes of colour and realised that sure I could use a bright pink eyeliner if I wanted to do providing I stay calm with the rest of my make up, why not! Excitedly I ran off to the till in Boots waving this about with my advantage card. Yes this was a free purchase for me (usually around £4.99 a product in all good chemists and supermarkets).

      The Packaging....

      It's a long plastic, recyclable pen. At one end you have the lid in black plastic which is fairly long that you pull on/off and then you have the 'body' of the pen which is bright pink with black writing on it. The writing tells me it's Lash Maxxx, Eye Shadow & Liner and some stuff in foreign languages (I don't understand). I'm then told the colour which in my case is 01, Pink Impact and the net weight is listed which is 0.028oz/0.8g and the recycle symbol is displayed there too. Then there are contact details for Rimmel and on the bottom I'm told it's Rimmel. It's quite distinctive packaging and gives the impression it's easy to use. I'm sure this would appeal to punky looking girls, me I just felt like a change of image lol!

      To Use...

      Well pulling the lid off helps a lot lol. To get the product in/out you twist the body clockwise or anti-clockwise (if you want to get the product back in). Now the product is as I said in my case a bright pink colour. I have looked into this product online to get information on it to share with you in this review but there is very little information to have on it for some reason. I have only ever seen this colour displayed in stores and I can only find this colour on line as well. However I'm a little bemused because the colour is written on the side which makes one think that there are more colours available in the range, but still.... I'm none the wiser!

      So I use it as a an eyeliner and an eyeshadow and we'll start by looking at how it works as an eyeliner shall we? lol

      Whether using as eyeliner or eyeshadow it's of course one product and it comes out of the 'pen' easily. It's very moist and soft in texture and is a little hard but very creamy and not at all all sticky or smelly (it smells of nothing). It's a solid product so it is unmessy to use considering all you need is the pen.

      So to use it as an eyeliner just draw it as close to the rim of your eyes as possible. However this isn't' easy at all. The product is not only thicker to look at in shape than most eyeliners and remember this isn't an eyeliner you have to sharpen (and therefore goes very blunt over time). It is a thick and moist, creamy consistency. Now you can use it as an eyeliner but don't expect the ability to define the eyes. You don't/can't get sharp lines and you do have limited control. It goes on easily and stays on till you remove it. The colour is vibrant and as long as you don't touch it, it stays in place till your remove it with your usual make up removing routine which is simple enough to do. The easiest was of using this I think is to to dot some around the eye rims avoiding the lashes (as it clogs into them if you not very careful) and use your fingers and try get it on as as an eyeliner. It creates a sort of smoky look but loses some colour but it doesn't smudge if applied this way.

      Using it as an eyeshadow is a little more tricky however. No matter how steady of hand you are, because your literally colouring in your eye skin who have quite a large area to do. It's just very difficult the get the colour evenly applied and in some places it looks sheer and other places the product looks like it's thickly applied although it's not clumpy. It looks moist and bright and very glossy/oily and don't touch it cos it smudges terribly and it doesn't dry over time either. I don't like the look over my eyelids even when it's just applied as the colour is so uneven due to the consistency.

      However it gets worse...a lot worse....

      Leave on as I've just described and not only do you start off with not good results and the colour transfers everywhere but what happens is give the product around 5 minutes and then look in the mirror. Cos it doesn't set and it's greasy you end up with two lines of colour dropping down and a slight hint of colour where the colour has stained you a bit. You basically have 2 pools of colour that are wet and look awful and it's very noticeable something has gone wrong. I guess you'd say you have colour run or something. I hope you understand that description. You can't 'set' the colour with loose/pressed powder (I tried) because the powder clumps into the moistness of the eyeshadow/liner and make a mess.

      The only way I've found of using this as an eyeshadow at all is to dot some on the where you want to apply it to and then smudge it gently into the area to stain the eyes. This works but the colour is alot more subtle and not at all like the colour shown on the outer casing of the tube any longer. It does last a while this way and providing you don't use to much of the product you don't get the creasing and smudging anywhere near as bad but it gives a much plainer look on the eyes and there is no hint of rock chick beauty!


      Just awful and complicated to use. Ok it can be used as a smudgy eyeliner but for me using it as a smudged on eyeshadow gives me such a slight hint of pink colour I look like I have sore eyes and it's not complimentary to my skin tone at all. I purchased it for the colour on the tube and was left disappointed. This is not 'rock chick' glam. Lash Maxxx? I don't even know why it's called that. The only positive is that it doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes either when it's on my face or when it's removed but using it, is simply terrible and now I've reviewed it I'm binning it because I hate it! Terrible Rimmel! I can see why I dislike the brand so much now!


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    • Product Details

      Use it for defining your eyes as a liner, a shadow or both to create a get-noticed look /

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