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Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation 16 Hour

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Brand: Rimmel / Type: Foundation

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    3 Reviews
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      27.01.2011 12:51
      Very helpful



      Great price and flawless skin! what more could you want in a foundation!

      I have been using Maxfactor for years and I love it but the prices have increased and the foundation I used to use has now gone up to over £12. So I bravely decided to go in to boots and try out another foundation. I had never used Rimmel foundations before and even though I do have good clear skin which can have the occasional breakout, in the winter my skin can feel dry, not to the touch but just in myself, so I needed something that was moisturising, had great coverage and covered tiny imperfections like dark circle etc without being greasy and be easy to apply! Hmmmmmm

      After about 20 minutes of looking at lots of different foundations an doing test patches on my left hand I decided on Rimmel lasting finish in 201 classic beige it cost me just over £6.00 for a 30ml tube and I also collected advantage points for the purchase.

      The packaging is fine it is just a plastic tube with a screw/click top and would recommend giving it a little shack before use (with the lid on) as the fist little bit can be a little watery. It is in a nice size its 30ml so doesn't take up much room in my make up bag or handbag.

      That night I was due to meet some friends and we were going for a meal and on to a wine bar, so I had my usual shower and used my moisteriser as normal. When I came to apply the foundation I only needed a small amount, the consistency is quite thick-ish but still, not greasy and still quite light. I used my fingers to rub it in and I don't like using brushes or make up sponges as they can harbor quite a lot of germs and bacteria and using your fingers helps you to get a more even coverage and keep moisture in you skin if you tend to have dry skin. So I used my clean dry fingers to apply. It went on nice and smooth and the application. It is so moisturising that I though at first it would be to much for my skin as it left a 'moisturised' look to my face and looked shiny, however by the time I had applied my blusher this had calmed down and I was left with a smooth, flawless look to my skin. I think if you tend to have oily skin you may need to use a powder lightly over your face afterwards to soak up the excess moisture but if your skin is quite dry it is perfect. My skin had a dewy effect to it and any imperfections were covered effortlessly and it also has a nice smell to it to although it isn't fragranced.

      This make up is quite thick but still look really natural!

      Whilst I was out with my girlfriends I usually go to the ladies to touch up and re apply on any imperfections but was very happy when I went to do this and my foundation looked as though I had just applied it!

      It was still the same when I got in at 2am. I have been using this ever since and I work in London, so I apply it, at around 7 in the morning and get in around 7 at night. It only starts to wear around 5-6pm so I would say its more like 12 hours coverage than 16 but it really does stay on your face all day and the even better thing is that my face feels moisturized all day!!

      I do use this every day and I apply it once so a tub usually last me 4+ weeks

      For £6 for a 30ml tube (I have found this cheaper in chemists for around £5.50) the product is brilliant!! At the moment it is the only one I will use and if my pass product use is anything to go by I will probably be using this for years to come!


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        18.01.2011 22:18
        Very helpful



        For the price it's a really great foundation!

        After spending maybe too long in boots trying to find a foundation for everyday that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg I eventually decided to purchase Rimmel's Lasting Finish 16hour Foundation.

        I have to admit what drew me to it was the '16 hour' claim. As I will probably say a lot in any make-up review I need make-up that will last as I start work at 8am. I will admit I'm not a morning person so I never leave myself as much time as I should to put my make-up on. So I need something easy to use and that will last!

        I'm not going to go into any detail about the packaging as with products like this you don't really look for fancy packaging-it's nice- but you just want it to do what it says on the tin!

        *The Product*

        Now it doesn't tell you on the bottle what sort of coverage you get from this foundation but I would say it is a Medium coverage, as it's doesn't go on to thin, it helps cover any blemishes but its really not very thick.
        It has quite a wet texture, as you would expect with any foundation I suppose, but this one is quite slick. I had hope this would work well for me as I have sensitive skin which dries out easily throughout the day, especially working in an air-conditioned office.
        In an easy to use tube, very handy size also. I often take this out with me as it fits into most bags as it is quite slim line.

        *Using The Product*

        When I use this in the morning I just apply it with my hands. As I have dry skin using your hands helps keep in the moisture and also helps the foundation colour suit your face better as it warms the foundation as you put it on.
        It leaves a satin finish on the skin, quite shiny but this calms down slightly as it sets on your skin. I did feel that on some days it was a bit too shiny and I had to use powder on some areas of my face e.g. forehead & chin. I would also say if you have naturally oily skin you would really need a translucent power with this product. I found that when wearing this product in photos my skin did look quite skinny. I also really need to set the foundation with power on my eyelids as I have oily eyes (and dry skin? A tricky combo) so I try to always use a power just on the lids and a little under my eyes if I am going out.

        One thing that isn't so great that although I bought this shade in Ivory as I am very pale, the colour is still a bit dark, almost a tinge too orange for my skin. However, when it sets the colour improves and I blend it into my neck anyway so you don't notice. Plus I sometime like added a bit of colour to my face and it makes me look healthier. So I would try as best you can to rub some of this on your face in store as they don't have much choice of colour so you need to get it right.

        When applied with a foundation brush I love this foundation even more! It blends really well and gives a really good coverage. Just put a little drop in the palm of your hand, rub your brush in it in circles to warm it and apply to skin. It's doesn't take long as it goes on really well!

        I like that the nice dewy finish really helps my blusher look even nicer on my skin and helps it to look more natural as it sinks into the foundation.

        *Lasting Finish?*

        Well to the important part! As much as in places the foundation seemed to slip a little in places it didn't look awful, as my face sometimes does at the end of the day! But normally my face still looks ok , it's the eye shadow and liner I struggle to control!
        I would still top this up, but only with a little amount as it wouldn't need much more. I was really impressed with this product and I use it every day - even over my MAC mineralize foundation.


        I will buy this product again and would recommend it should someone be looking for a reasonable prices foundation! Also, I bought a darker shade of this foundation for when I have a tan. I found it looked even better when I had some colour!
        However, it is not so great that I won't try other brands. As for different occasions, times of day etc. you look for a different finish and coverage. But for everyday this is great for me!


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        14.08.2010 01:19
        Very helpful




        I wasn't sure which category to list this in as the product I'm reviewing is Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 hour Mineral Enriched liquid foundation.
        There are two Lasting Finish categories; this 16 hour one, and a mineral enriched one. I'm not completely sure, but I think they may be the same thing.

        Anyway, I originally bought this as a quick fix foundation while on holiday last year as I had somehow managed to forget my usual foundation. I didn't fancy spending the £15 it would cost to replace my usual one, so I found myself wandering around a huge Boots store, trying to figure out how I would go about choosing a single foundation out of the seemingly thousands that were on offer.

        I eventually decided to head towards the Rimmel counter as I used Rimmel foundations a lot when I was younger. I can't remember exactly why I chose this particular foundation, although it probably had something to do with the amazing colour match with my 'holiday skin tone'.

        My skin is usually a 'porcelain' shade, although in summer I gradually end up being a 'soft beige' colour. My skin was at this stage by the time I bought Lasting Finish.

        It may be pure luck that it suited my skin tone, although I started using it again in April this year and it is exactly the same, and I can't imagine that I would be the exact shade that I was then so I think that the foundation does adapt to your skin tone to a certain extent.

        Lasting Finish comes in a 30 ml tube and costs around £6. Part of the tube is clear so you can see the shade that you are buying before you commit. There are no clear 'instructions' on the tube, although I just apply it in my usual way - with a sponge.

        I find that Lasting Finish is very easy to apply; it is quite a thin foundation, and therefore spreads easily around the face.
        I have sometimes used my fingers to apply it to parts of my face and can say that it is equally simple either way.
        The consistency also makes it a lot easier to blend, thus hopefully eliminating blotches and tide marks.

        Once applied, you will have a light, even coverage that doesn't look too 'obvious', it does however cover any unevenness in skin tone and gives your skin a clear, healthy appearance.

        I can't totally agree with the '16 hour' claims, although I don't find that any foundation that claims this really lives up to it. It does last a good amount of time though, and after applying first thing in the morning, it does stay put until around tea-time.

        By this time, it is still there, although not as apparent as it was in the morning. It stays consistent across the skin and doesn't end up in a 'blotchy' appearance as some foundations tend to with prolonged use (I finds this happens with a lot of foundations, probably as my skin can get quite dry in areas).

        I was, and still am, very impressed with this foundation. It is a great value buy; and, while I do prefer my usual foundation, I will continue to buy this on occasion.

        If you are in the market for a new foundation, or just a cheaper alternative, then I would recommend trying Lasting Finish. Although you may not find one that matches your skin as well as I have, it is worth a chance, especially at such a reasonable price.


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