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Rimmel Royal Gloss

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Brand: Rimmel / Lipgloss / Type: Lipgloss

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2013 18:45
      Very helpful



      A good non sticky lip gloss with a delicious scent

      Lip gloss is growing on me but I still prefer lip stick in general. I do like a bargain though so I was happy to see some Rimmel Royal Gloss on offer in Savers for £2, which was half price. I have since bought a tube in Poundland too- it is no longer the latest Rimmel lip product so it seems there are bargains to be had if you are lucky. Wilkinson's also still have it on sale but it isn't listed on the UK Rimmel website that I can see. So it may be on it's way to being discontinued, which is just typical because I really like it!

      The gloss is described as non sticky which is what first attracted me to it, more in hope than expectation. I have used so many glosses that have displayed the same claim and they have almost all failed to live up to it. It is also sweet tasting which almost put me off as I hate those lip products that remind me of sickly fruit squash. But it was cheap so I took a chance and I am glad I did. I chose "Moreish" which looks a intense sugary pink in the tube but goes on my lips several shades lighter, as I hoped it would. The other flavours//colours have names like "Jelly baby" and "Yummy" and are various tones of pink and red plus I think there was a clear one too.


      The tube is a neat little 14ml size which makes it perfect for slipping in my smallest make up purse on a low maintenance day. It is easy to squeeze so thankfully it also has a nice sturdy cap that prevents the contents emptying out as I go around. You have to screw the lid on so it is hard to come off unless you want it to. Underneath there is an angled tip to the tube which makes applying it quite easy. I prefer the sort of gloss that comes in a tube with a mascara wand like applicator because I think I can get more accurate results but this one does glide on smoothly direct. You just have to be careful not to squeeze it too hard!

      THE LOOK

      As I mentioned above, the actual colour of the gloss on the lips is a lot paler and more natural looking than the sugary pink that it appears to be in the tube. I like this more subtle shade but it isn't so pale that there is any doubt you are wearing lip colour. It just makes my lips look a bit more rosy than normal. The finish is lovely and smooth and perfectly glossy. The shine lasts as long as the colour, which isn't all day but it looks great while it is there. I wouldn't say that this gloss has a real "wet" look but I am ok with that.


      The gloss is like a thin gel and it feels surprisingly light on the lips. I hate glosses that feel "heavy" and obviously there all the time. I was surprised to find that it really does live up to it's non sticky promise. I can feel it on my lips if I bring them together, but the surface feels smooth and not as though I am in danger of not being able to actually open my mouth again.. This makes eating and drinking when wearing the gloss a lot more pleasant but sadly it still leaves a pale pink mark behind on my cup. The lip colour doesn't disappear completely after one drink which makes it better than some glosses but the colour is definitely less. I think you have to be ready to re-apply it every couple of hours even if you aren't eating because the colour becomes less intense over that period. It does fade quite evenly so you won't look odd in the meantime, just as if you are going for a barely there lip colour look.


      I actually look forward to topping up the colour because it smells and tastes great. It definitely lives up to the Moreish name. The smell is very sweet and I can see that it wouldn't appeal to everyone. It is fruity but not too artificial. I think it has elements of juicy satsumas, oranges, and maybe grapefruit too - but definitely with a hefty does of sugar. The taste matches that but I think it fades quite fast. Thankfully, the frequent application doesn't have any negative effect on my lips. They don't get dried out and still look nice and smooth at the end of the day.


      I would definitely recommend the gloss. Flavoured/scented products don't usually appeal that much to me as I usually find them disappointing but this one is addictive. The colour, whilst not as intense as it looks in the tube, is an attractive one and suits me. I like the fact it is actually a pleasant gloss to wear. It makes my lips feel nicer than usual, even a little moisturised, rather than sticky or dehydrated. I would hope to keep buying it but I think Rimmel have other ideas. Get it while you can, unless you really don't like sweet flavours/scents.


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        11.12.2012 22:23
        Very helpful



        A nice lip gloss from Rimmel

        There are not many perks to being ill and although I'm not often ill as such (I can have the odd day that I don't feel on top form) when I am ill it does tend to knock me off my feet. However, a few weeks ago whilst trying desperately to feel somewhat human my mum travelled over to see me and came with a little gift-bag full of a few sweet treats to try and make me feel a bit better and to put a smile on my face. I have to say my mum is incredibly thoughtful at times like this and although there were practical items such as tissues and paracetamol she also included a few make up items.

        Now don't get me wrong there wasn't a large amount of items just a few lip glosses and a new tin of Vaseline but non the less it was a lovely gesture and of course I love lip glosses/jellies/balms etc so I was more than grateful. One of those was the Rimmel Royal Gloss Lip Gloss. I had recently seen these on offer in Boots and had refrained from buying one as I was trying to be sensible so I was pleased to see that my mum had thought I'd like it and she even picked a decent shade - No 121 Yummy.

        == Royal Gloss ==

        Rimmel has been making jelly type glosses for quite a number of years now and have always proved quite successful and the Royal Gloss collection is their newest having launched this year. Rimmel class it as "deliciously sweet, fabulously juicy".

        Royal Gloss has been formulated to give a non-sticky finish which gives a nice, comfortable wear without it feeling too sticky and generally a nightmare to wear as it won't disappear easily. There are only 5 shades to choose from according to the Rimmel website which I personally think isn't that many given other jelly type glosses on the market by other brands.

        == Packaging ==

        The Royal Gloss comes in a small tube just like most other jellies so nothing new or innovative there. Each shade comes in its own coloured tube so you can tell the difference, each coloured tube is meant to represent the shade you are buying which I guess is simple yet clever. The tube is clear so you can also see the exact colour of the jelly. The Rimmel logo is on the front together with the product name and shade name and number.

        == In Use ==

        The shade I was bought was 121 - Yummy and is a pale pink which almost when looking at the jelly has quite a coral hue to it. This would probably have been the shade had I of bought it myself as it is not overly bright so ideal for wearing in the office or as an everyday lip gloss.

        The applicator tip is made of a soft plastic type material and to apply you just need to squeeze the tube slightly and then just run the applicator tip along the lips until you get the desired look you want. Personally, I do just like a subtle sheen to the lips as I don't want to look like I have just kissed a deep fat fryer and the Royal Gloss manages to give a noticeable sheen to the lips but of course the more you apply the glossier the look would be.

        Rimmel do advise that the gloss is enriched with vitamins which is great for keep the lips moisturised especially as some glosses don't have a moisturising property. When one the lip gloss feels incredibly smooth and soft quite similar to Vaseline. It isn't at all sticky and once it eventually wears off it doesn't leave a residue behind which is nice, it does however leave your lips feeling incredibly soft.

        The Royal Gloss does last for quite considerable time on the lips despite it's light and smooth texture. It does have a fruity flavour to it which makes a pleasant change to others I have used but after a while can give a slightly sickly taste in my mouth which soon disappears with a sip of water. However, the fact that this gloss gives a lovely sheen with just a touch of colour I can't really complain too much!

        == Overall ==

        A lovely lip gloss by Rimmel. Negatives would be the face that there is not that many shades to choose from and that it can leave a slightly sickly taste due to the synthetic fruity flavour but the positives are the soft sheen it gives coupled with the gloss caring for your lips. 4 stars from me.

        == Useful Information ==

        Brand: Rimmel
        Price: From £5
        Size: 14ml
        Availability: Boots, Superdrug etc


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