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Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish By Kate

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12 Reviews
  • Doesn't chip to badly
  • Drys quickly
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    12 Reviews
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      19.12.2014 17:30


      • "Drys quickly"
      • "Doesn't chip to badly"


      Little pot of wonder. x

      Oh, I do love a nail varnish that actually works.

      This is a great product from Rimmel.
      It's a little pot of wonder. The colour is strong, the brush is shaped to perfection and glides on really well.
      This says it's a salon pro product and I believe them, in application it is absolutely flawless to apply. I always add two coats to give the colour that extra strength or punch but with this Salon Pro range I only apply once and I don't have to apply a top coat for shine or to prevent chipping.
      The shine is great, within one minute of application the nail varnish was dried and I was ready to go, but it wasn't until a few days later did I notice that the nail varnish had not chipped at all nor had the shine disappeared.

      I would definitely say this is worth the money and would highly recommend it.


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      06.09.2014 15:24
      Very helpful


      • "Anti chip"
      • "Great colour"


      • Price

      Definately worth the money

      Last Easter I was going on my hen party. I bought a gorgeous new dress for the occasion and really wanted some nail varnish to finish off the look.

      I was after a really strong red colour and went into my local Boots Chemist on as mission. There was quite a good selection of red coloured nail varnishes and I normally just buy the cheapest that is a nice colour. On this occasion though I went for a more expensive brand and chose Rimmel London Salon Pro 703 Rock sand Roll.

      The nail varnish bottle is really big compared to some others, it is 12ml and so should last a long time. The colour is really great and it is a strong red colour. I applied 2 coats and the colour really stood out in a good way.

      I think this nail varnish cost about £5.50 which is more than I would normally pay. Because this is a Rimmel product I was expecting it to last longer than most and I wasn't disappointed. Normally I find that nail varnishes chip off after one day but this one lasted ages. It lasts me up to 4 days without chipping and I am quite clumsy so this is really impressive.

      I am so impressed with this nail varnish I will always be going to the Rimmel Salon Pro range when looking for other colours. I would also recommend that anyone looking for a chip resistant nail varnish try this range of varnishes out.


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      26.11.2013 14:07



      Great product

      I probably keep Rimmel in business with the amount of make up I buy from them. They are without a doubt my favourite cosmetics company.

      This nail varnish is Salon Pro by Kate and retails at £4.49 from Boots and most other outlets. The price is a little bit more expensive then the nail varnishes in other ranges and even the most expensive from the Rimmel range.

      It comes in the standard clear bottle - so you can see the colour with a black screw top lid and a brush which in my opinion is just the right size, it is wide and flat like the other nail polish brushes in this range. The bottle states that it is long lasting nail polish, chip resistant, anti-fade colour with a gel like finish.

      The polish is easy to apply and lasts a very long time.

      Overall I give this product 10/10.


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        11.11.2013 01:34
        Very helpful



        Simple product to use and is worth the money if you enjoy the colour range available.

        This nail polish has kept up the positive reputation of all Rimmel nail polishes, I personally find this product long lasting and I found that it started to chip off after a week or so (which is unusual for shop bought nail polishes!) It has great consistency, with it being not too thin and not too thick. As well as this, it dried relatively quickly, definitely a nail polish that is useful on the go but with lasting shine and minimal chipping. I would recommend this product to people who enjoy quick and easy nail polish appliance but do not want to splash too much money on beauty products! The only issue I have come across with this product is that the colour range did not fit with the colours that I preferably would have purchased. I have continued to buy this product over the course of about a year due to its reliability and consistent and I will continue to over the next years. Not only this, but it would make a neat and cheap present!


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        27.10.2013 15:54
        Very helpful



        Favourite nail polishes!

        This nail polish has got to be one of my favourites - I have five shades, all of which are fantastic.

        The polish is so richly pigmented that you could get away with putting just one coat of varnish on, without it looking streaky - a rare quality in polishes as cheap as these are. The brush is just about wide enough for me to be able to cover my nail in one or two strokes, which means that I no longer have to devote whole hours to painting my nails. These polishes also dry incredibly fast, and will not smudge or smear if you accidentally knock your nail against something a couple of minutes after painting - brilliant for those of us who are clumsy and impatient!

        Two coats of this polish (without a clear coat on top) last around four days on me before chipping, and I've managed to get an entire week out of them when I apply a topcoat! At such a great price, my recommendation is to snap them up in all shades, because they're of higher quality than many expensive polishes.


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        02.10.2013 22:39
        Very helpful



        Rimmel - you've nailed it! 5 stars for you!

        I always buy Rimmel 60 second nail varnish (see previous review!) Recently I went into Boots to get a new red lipstick, and decided to get a matching nail varnish as all cosmetics were buy one get one half price (damn you Boots and your offers which make me feel like I'm getting a bargain but actually make me spend more money!) They didn't have the colour I wanted in the 60 second polish, so I tried the Salon Pro by Kate. And you know what - I like it even better.

        Salon Pro by Kate retails at £4.49, which is more expensive than the 60 second polish which costs £3.69 However, at 12ml the Salon Pro is 3ml bigger so it all balances out in the end. The nail polish comes in the usual way - a glass bottle with a screw lid which holds a brush for application. The lid is quite large but isn't uncomfortable to hold. The top of the lid has the Rimmel crown logo.

        The front of the bottle says Salon Pro with Lycra. Yes Lycra - that stuff cyclists stretch over their bottoms. Why they decided it would be a good ingredient for nail varnish I don't know! There is also the Rimmel logo and 'Kate' written in what looks like a signature, this is obviously in reference to Kate Moss who fronts Rimmel campaigns. How she is involved in the process I don't know! The colour I have is '703 - Rock and Roll' which is a traditional, deep red.

        The back of the bottle promises;

        * Long lasting nail polish, up to 10 days
        * Gel like finish
        * Chip resistant
        * Anti-fade colour

        The brush is the same as the 60 second polish, which is wide and flat. I personally think this brush shape is fantastic as it allows me to use my preferred application method - one large stroke of polish to the centre of the nail, with two more each side to take the polish all the way to the edges. The brush usually gets just the right amount of product on it, any excess can easily be wiped off on the neck of the bottle.

        I found the consistency of the product to be just right, not too runny or too thick. I applied a first coat which dried in about two minutes. It looked pretty even but I decided to do another layer to deepen the colour, again this took about 2 minutes to dry. I was really impressed with the colour, it looked just like the bottle colour. The finish was matte and looked very professional and on trend.

        I applied this nail varnish before a night out in town. I was really pleased with the effect. The next day, the polish had come away from the tips a tiny bit, but still looked great. Same on Sunday, and then on Monday and Tuesday I noticed the colour was coming away from the cuticles a little bit. I was living life as usual - going to work, the gym, cleaning and washing the pots etc. There was not one chip in the polish!

        When the colour started to come away from the cuticles I decided to remove it. It probably looked ok and nobody would have noticed, but for me personally I wanted to take it off. I'm still really impressed that the polish lasted four days without a single chip. I also found the effect to be very professional and expensive looking.

        I was worried the polish would be difficult to remove, with the colour being so bold and lasting so well. However it came off very easily, it took a fair few cotton wool pads due to the strong colour, but it only took a quick wipe and not a firm rub.

        Overall, I can't think of anything bad to say about this polish! The colour was great, the finish was very expensive looking, it lasted for days and if I wasn't so fussy I could have gone a few days more. I can't recommend this product enough!


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        29.09.2013 22:15
        Very helpful



        Could you make a little room for one these in your nail varnish collection?

        After the success of Kate Moss' lipstick collection for Rimmel London, I had a strong and positive feeling that her latest nail varnish collection was going to be another success.

        When I first saw the collection, there wasn't a huge amount of choice, there were colors of red, purple, manicure (white and pink), nude and black. The colors were more everyday wear and neutral shades, as with some nail varnish collections you can get fancy, eye-catching colors. So a nail varnish from this collection would be ideal for me as I wear nail varnish almost everyday (the times I don't wear it is when I am at work, where nail varnish is not allowed) The good thing about this nail varnish range was that there were different shades of each color, for example the red shade, there was a dark shade and a light shade.

        The first color I went for was '703 rock and roll' which was a dark shade of red, this is a great shade if you want color, but not so much of a eye-catching look for your nails. Also I do tend to wear a lot of red nail varnish, so I gave this a try. I bought it for £5.98 at Superdrug. You can find this nail varnish collection at Boots, Savers and at various supermarkets including Morrisons and ASDA, all for the same price. But these places sometimes do offer like three for two or buy one get one half price, so you could buy another one if you liked!

        The aim of this nail varnish was to have a gel-like finish, chip resistant and last for ten days. When I applied it had the gel-like finish and you only needed to apply one coat to get a strong, decent color. So when I applied the polish to my nails, they had a great salon-like finish which was great, so with this you can save a lot of money! However, this nail varnish doesn't have the ten day lasting as advertised, as I did need to re-apply about two-three days later, but even after a second application, it still chipped.

        When I took the nail varnish off, for a new color for my nails, I was really surprised that the varnish did not stain my nails considering most red nail varnishes stain your nails and make them look worse.
        I really liked this product so much that I bought a second nail varnish from this collection, this time I bought another red, but this one was a lighter shade and the one Kate was advertising for her collection. It was called 'pop' and it had the same outcome as the last nail varnish I bought from the collection.

        This nail varnish is so worth a buy, and although it does not quite have the 10 day lasting as it advertises but buying this you will save a lot of money, instead of going to the salon every week or so. But after application, you do have the nail-salon finish which is nice and no one can really tell.


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        15.08.2013 16:35
        Very helpful




        Hanging around the Boots make up aisles, I was initially drawn to this product as it was on offer and had lots of promotional advertising about it. The Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnish is created in collaboration wiht Kate Moss and features a range of bold and vibrant shades. I chose the classic red colour 'Rock n Roll'. All the varnishes are infused with Lycra to give them a gel like quality that bends with the nail and doesn't flake off.

        The product comes with a short and fat brush, which covers most of the nail with just one stroke. This makes application nearly mistake free and stops streaking that can occur with too many strokes. The polish is quite thick and provides an even, opaque finish even with just one coat. In terms of chip resistance, I can only say what I know from applying it with a top coat, my manicure lasted for a week, chip free, but once the tips began to flake off, the rest followed closely. However, all in all, I think this is a great nail varnish and would highly recommend to others for its small price tag and high quality.


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        28.06.2013 17:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fairly bogstandard polish in its price range, but some nice colours available.


        New on the scene at Rimmel is the latest member of their Kate Moss collaborations, the others being a range of normal and matte texture lipsticks all emblazoned with the model's lovely scrawl. Apparently Kate Moss created the shades, even if I find that difficult to believe (perhaps picked them out of a lineup), this range contains 32 'catwalk' shades of supposedly professional quality, highly chip resistant nail polish with a gel finish. Now my memory isn't what it once was, but I am highly suspicious of their branding of this as a 'NEW!!' product, seeing as Rimmel previously had a normal, non Kate Moss longwear lycra polish range that has now mysteriously disappeared from most shelves, making this seem almost like a clever marketing strategy to rebrand an existing product with the name of a supermodel and sell it as new? Where you can find the 'old' range, it is simply Rimmel Lycra Pro, in a slightly different bottle, some different shades, but with the same promise of 10 days wear, for the same price, in different packaging. Sneaky...

        *THE RANGE*

        Sold in the usual Rimmel haunts, ie everywhere. Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets, local chemists, generally everywhere that sells makeup sells Rimmel. I have never seen such a widely stocked makeup brand.

        As I said, there are 32 shades:

        White Orchid - nude
        Oyster Pink - pinky nude
        Grape Sorbet - shimmering pinky purple
        Urban Purple - light fuschia purple
        Cocktail Passion - dark coral pink
        Celebrity Bash - grown up red
        Ultra violet - dark lilac
        Summer orange - reddy blood orange
        Peppermint - light blue turquoise/mint
        Sea Green - dark bluey green
        Navy Seal - mid toned blue
        Barmy blue - cobalt blue
        Desire - plummy
        Isn't She Precious - girly baby pink
        Get a Nail Tan - tan beige
        Posh Trash - shimmering beige
        Beige Babe - murky mid brown
        Simply Sizzling - fuschia
        Purple Rain - light violet
        New Romantic - shell pink
        Soul Session - nude
        Hip Hop - orange toned red
        Disco Fever - violet
        Rock and Roll - red
        Reggae splash - light citrus orange
        Punk Rock - dark slate grey
        Rhythm and Blues - navy
        Britpop - bright sky blue
        Jazz Funk - hot pink
        Cuppa Earl Grey - iron grey
        Acid House - shimmery dark green

        Apologies for my terrible descriptions of colours, I tried my best! The point is, it pretty much has every shade you could want, with I suppose more of a focus on trendy, youthful colours and lots of brights. The colours are lovely and from my experience, very true to the bottle, unlike some brands where they don't quite come out as expected once dry.

        I purchased 'Reggae Splash', 'Peppermint' and 'Cocktail Passion' for £4.49 in Boots. I got them in the 3 for 2 offer which makes them rather bargainous I must say!


        Rimmel have recently been overhauling all of their packaging, and instead of the usual small, skinny lid Rimmel polish we have a rather fat, chunky bottle with a big ol' lid. It's rather LARGE for a polish bottle and feels a bit clunky, not to mention taking up way too much space in a makeup bag. Much prefer their old dinky packaging. The plastic black top is I think supposed to give it a modern, streamlined and expensive look, and I suppose the matte texture does look quite nice.

        But does it really matter what it looks like eh? Onto my nails you go...

        *THE BRUSH*

        The brush is huge. A 'maxi' brush as described by Rimmel, this thing can cover almost my whole nail in one swipe. Perfect if you're in a rush, annoying if you are a) Butterfingers and prone to shakey hands which send said massive brush flying everywhere and gobbing polish all over your fingers or b) Someone who subscribes to the traditional 3 strokes method of one in the centre and two down the sides. This is how I learnt to apply nail polish and as a creature of habit, I feel annoyed at being forced into new methods. Alas, I must admit it is rather speedy once you get the hang of it. One other annoyance was that a couple of the hairs/bristles/whatever you call them started to come loose, leading to all kinds of mess. Grrr.


        I've mostly covered this with my brush issues, but I will say that the application is smooth and fairly opaque with one coat, although I apply two coats as a rule with all polish. It dried quite quickly although I did get some smudging issues the first time (I'm very impatient) The colours were lovely and the effect was indeed gel like, extremely shiny and smooth. Very nice.

        'Reggae Splash' in particular is worth a mention. I have plenty of unusual bright colours but this one is unique in my collection. I have various oranges and corals, yellows, and peaches, but this unusual hybrid of them all is very pleasing and totally original as far as I know. It isn't yellow and it isn't orange, but it's fruity and summery and reminds me of sunshine. Ahhhhh.

        *THE WEAR*

        Ok, so Rimmel say that this should last for about 10 days and without chipping. I work with my hands all day and so this is never going to happen. For me personally, the ultimate test of a polish is whether it survives a single day without needing a touch up, a test which this passed with flying colours. In fact, I noticed no chips for three days, bar a teeny bit of wearing down at the edges which was hardly noticeable. HOWEVER...

        I'm not sure what the hell was going on with this, perhaps it's the lycra part of the formula, but I find that this polish WRINKLES and SHRINKS on the nails rather than chipping? I would go into a particularly hot shower and come out with wrinkled nails, possibly from the heat, I have a theory about the 'stretch' in the polish allowing it to do this. Eventually, I didn't actually have to remove this at all, It started to shrink and wrinkle up on my nails, and I could pull the entire thing off in one piece like one of those peel off face masks. On the one hand, ew, on the other, incredible convenient method of removal that doesn't involve buying nail varnish remover. I choose to see the glass as half full. It does mean however, that I can't give you a fully informed opinion on how well this removes with conventional remover, although given how evenly the polish was 'wearing' at the edges of the nails, I would imagine it would be extremely easy.


        It's a nice range but I wouldn't say it was anything spectacular. The price is really reasonable, you get a lot of polish, the brush is good if you're into that sort of thing. Overall the quality is good and there is no reason I WOULDN'T recommend it, but there isn't anything about it that makes me say YOU MUST BUY THIS NOW. If that makes any sense. Rambling...The colours are lovely and quite different from other ranges, the texture is nice and even the superfluous addition of Kate Moss' signature doesn't bother me. It's certainly true that it doesn't chip, but it does do that weird wrinkly thing. Hmmm.

        Overall mark: 6.75/10 (I'm feeling unusually specific today)


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          27.06.2013 13:48
          Very helpful



          A fantastic nail polish which looks amazing and lasts for a long time

          ~*~*~ Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish ~*~*~

          I am a nail polish fiend and I love changing the colour of my nail polish to suit different occasions. I use nail polish at least once a week and I have around 30 different coloured polishes, from a range of different beauty manufacturers. When it comes to nail polishes I am looking for one which is easy to apply, dries quickly and doesn't chip easily. I have used a variety of polishes which claim to be 'chip proof for upto 7 days', but very few of them can really live up to this claim. I decided to purchase this nail polish as the colours were very vibrant and I have used a lot of Rimmel polishes in the past which I have go on well with. Please see below for my thoughts on this product...

          ~*~*~ What Is It? ~*~*~

          This is a nail polish by Rimmel. It comes in a glass, circular, bottle with a black, plastic, screw-top lid and attached to the lid is the brush applicator. On the front of the bottle is the Rimmel logo, the products name (Salon Pro), the colour of the polish and what is included in the polish (Lycra). The bottle holds 12ml of nail polish.

          Rimmel states that full colour can be achieved in one application (1 stroke), or for a more intense colour apply two coats.

          Rimmel claims:
          - Up to 10 days chip resistant
          - This polish has all the benefits of a professional salon manicure. Strengthening base coat, top coat and gel shine, all in one
          - Shock proof
          - Anti-fading
          - Only one coat is required for full colour
          - Maxi Brush

          This polish comes in a wide range of different colours , from neutral colours, to bright and bold colours. The colour I purchased is called Cocktail passion, which is a peachy/pinky colour.

          ~*~*~ Price and Availability ~*~*~

          I purchased my nail polish, about 3 months ago, from Superdrug for £4.49, and it was on a 3 for 2 offer. It is currently on sale at Superdrug for £2.99 (as of 27/6/13). It can also be found in Boots for £4.49, and it is on a buy 1 and get the 2nd one half price deal.

          ~*~*~ Application ~*~*~

          I was quite excited to use this nail varnish as it stated on the Rimmel website that only one coat is needed. I have used nail polishes in the past where I had to apply 2 or three coats, which is incredibly time consuming. Also Rimmel described the brush as a 'maxi brush', which sounded like something new and exciting.

          The bottle itself it quite chunky, which means the lid is also chunky. When unscrewing the lid I found that it did not fit in my hand comfortably and it was quite difficult to maneuver. The brush was quite big but looked like a standard nail polish brush. It held a good amount of nail polish, and although Rimmel state that only one stroke is required it took me 2 or 3 strokes to get into every crevice of the nail. The consistency of the polish was just right, not too runny and not too gloopy. Once I got used to the thickness of the brush I started to find it easier to apply.

          The nail polish dried reasonably quickly. I would say I was blowing on my nails for a good 4-5 minutes before they were completely dry, which I don't think is too bad. Once the first coat had dried I did feel that it needed a second coat. Rimmel claims that only one coat is needed for a full colour, but I saw there were some see through patches on the nail so I applied a second coat.

          The smell of the nail polish is not too overpowering, I actually like the smell of nail varnish as it reminds me of pear drops. I have been using this polish for 3 months, on and off, and it is still usable.

          ~*~*~ The Final Look ~*~*~

          After applying two coats of this polish I sat back and admired the beautiful colour. I did not apply a top coat because, according to Rimmel, it was not required. The colour I choose was 'Cocktail Passion', and it looked gorgeous on my nails. The colour was very glossy and shiny. I allowed 5 minutes for my nails to dry which meant that the nail was completely smooth with no ridges. I agree with the claim that the final result looks professional, I think that this nail varnish is very high quality.

          ~*~*~ Durability ~*~*~

          Now for the most important information...How long did it last? and did it chip?

          The durability of this nail polish was quite impressive. I find some nail polishes start to chip off within hours of application. The polish started to chip slightly after 2-3 days, however it was only minimal chipping around the edges of the nails. The nail polish still looked presentable after 5 days, which I think is great especially as no top coat was required. I think Rimmel's claim of up to 10 days is a bit far fetched, 7 days would have been more realistic. The polish did not fade at all and stayed bold and bright the entire time. I am not sure if this nail polish is shock proof, as I was not in any shocking situations. I would say it is washing-up proof!

          ~*~*~ Would I Recommend? ~*~*~

          I would recommend this nail polish. It is one of the best nail polishes I have used in terms of durability and the final look of the nails. There is also no need for a base coat or a top coat, which means it is less time consuming. You can pick it up for a £2.99 at the moment which is a fantastic price, and I will definitely be going out this weekend to purchase some other colours. I am going to give this nail polish 4 out of 5 Dooyoo stars. I am dropping a star because Rimmel claimed that it was chip proof for up to 10 days, which is an exaggeration and also because the lid was a bit fiddly to maneuver.

          Thank you for taking the time to read my review :)


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          27.06.2013 12:39
          Very helpful



          Patience is a virtue!

          I own a total of 4 nail polishes. I love make up, skincare, haircare (which is evident as the majority of my reviews are on these subjects!) but when it comes down to my nails I simply cannot be bothered. I like painting, I like my nails but painting my nails was something that I just wasn't into. For some unbeknownst reason in Superdrug this all changed when I was browsing the Rimmel stand in Superdrug and saw these new nail polishes. Endorsed by Kate Moss the main face of Rimmel these polishes promise no chips for up to 10 days. Apart from being lazy chips were the other main reason that I didn't paint my nails - I just cannot stand them - so I decided to give this nail polish a chance to change my anti nail polish stance!

          --The Product and Application--

          I decided to go for the shade "reggae splash" which sounds like a kind of marinade rather than nail colour. It is a muted creamy peachy orange and I choose it because I had never seen anything like it on any nail polish stand.

          The application is made incredibly easy due to the large brush which makes it easy to get a neat and full coverage of the nail. The colour in the bottle is different to how it looks on the nail - at least in the case of this shade. It appears to be a shade darker which is annoying as I wanted the light pastel shade in the bottle. It is still a great colour but not exactly how I pictured it. Furthermore, it took me four coats to build up to a completely opaque finish! It also takes ages to dry - you will need to set 30 minutes aside to do your nails with this polish it is really not fast drying. Just when you think its dry its actually still wet. On the first application when I was too impatient and I applied the next coat it smudged and dragged and I had to start over. Patience is definitely tested with this polish but the colour (when you eventually build it up!) and shine is worth it.

          Well I was chip free for a total of 7 days which I think is rather fantastic! The colour didn't fade and all of this is without a top or base coat. The gel shine finish which the product promises does materialise - it is not super glossy but it does have a lovely shine to it.

          I really wanted to love this product as I had heard nothing but glowing reviews but it just doesn't quite cut it for me. Having said this I am so impressed that I was chip free for 7 days! It seems to be a trade of between putting a lot of effort/waiting a long time to apply and being chip free. I do think I will probably purchase again from this range as the range of colours that are available are varied and interesting rather than your usual reds and nudes. These polishes normally retail at £4.49 in Superdrug (or Boots) however, they are currently on offer for £2.99 which is what I paid for it. I think at this price, despite the products flaws it is ultimately worth it and I may just have to get one more before the offer ends!


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          22.06.2013 13:08
          Very helpful



          All in all, a fantastic value nail varnish.

          On my quest to find a good nail varnish that doesn't chip after a few days, I came across this Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra ,by Kate Moss. The reason I bought this is because it has Lycra in it, and in my experience Lycra nail varnish lasts a lot longer. I bought two shades of this nail varnish, Disco Fever and Celebrity Bash. The one I'm reviewing is Disco Fever.


          There were good and bad points about the application of this nail varnish. The brush is quite thick, so you can easily cover the whole nail with one stroke, and the varnish glides on effortlessly with no clumps. I did use a base coat before the nail varnish, so I don't know how easily it will glide on without a base coat. But I definitely recommend the use of a base coat first, since it will make the application a lot easier for you anyway.

          The bad point about the application is the actual handle of the brush is quite chunky, making it hard to turn in your fingers and use the other side of the brush. This is quite a problem for me, since I came close to dropping it a few times, and you definitely don't want to drop a wet nail varnish brush.



          White Orchid
          Oyster Pink
          Cocktail Passion
          Isn't She Precious
          New Romantic
          Jazz Funk


          Celebrity Bash
          Hip Hop


          Grape Sorbet
          Urban Purple
          Ultra Violet
          Simply Sizzling
          Purple Rain
          Disco Fever


          Sea Green
          Navy Seal
          Barmy Blue
          Rhythm and Blues
          Punk Rock


          Summer Orange
          Get a nail tan
          Posh Trash
          Beige Babe
          Soul Session
          Reggae Splash


          Acid House


          Cuppa' Earl Grey


          Clearly Clear


          I can safely say that this is the best Nail Varnish I've used, in terms of longevity. I painted my nails on a Friday night, and the first chip I had was the following Friday. So I went a whole six days with no chips, and this is with doing every day things that usually chip my nails straight away. I opened containers, did washing up, used zips, and every time I expected my nails to chip, and they didn't. I'm not sure how long it would last without a top coat however, and I also used two coats of the nail varnish. Usually, I use a base coat, two coats of nail varnish, and a top coat, and my nail varnish still chips and then starts to peel off after a few days. This nail varnish was fantastic, it was really hard wearing, and I'm incredibly impressed with how long it lasted for.


          The bottle is 12ml, which is quite a lot of nail varnish, especially since it lasts so long. The bottle looks small, since it's quite short, but it's also wide, so you do get a lot. I picked this up in Superdrug for £3, but this was on offer, and usually sells for £4.49 in Superdrug. While it's on offer, it's definitely a bargain, but I would pay the full price, because I think it's worth it when it lasts for so long. Boots also sell this for £4.49, and they don't have it on offer right now. So I'd recommend buying it from Superdrug while it's still on offer.


          The only real disadvantage for me, is the chunkiness of the handle. This did make it quite difficult to apply, but I think that the benefits far outweigh this fairly large disadvantage. The price could also be considered a disadvantage, since it can be quite expensive, but once again, you get great value for your money, since you won't need to use it more often than once a week.


          Overall, this is definitely the best nail varnish I've ever used, by a long shot. Take away the chunky handle, and this would be perfect. It stayed completely chip free for 6 days, which is fantastic for a shop bought nail varnish. I'll definitely be buying more shades, even when it's not on offer.


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