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Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

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Brand: Rimmel / Stick / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Eye Stick / Suitable for: Eye

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    8 Reviews
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      28.02.2014 12:07



      Nice to have in a make up bag, but not an essential item.

      Rimmel is a leader of cost effective and great products and this is two products for the price of one, so it's hard NOT to purchase them!

      I bought the brown & black shade as these I felt would be most useful to me. I loved the look of the blue/teal one but I think it would be quite a hard colour to wear unless you are brave enough to try bold colours! I do tend to stick to either a neutral eye with a cat eye flick or a dark smokey eye. I bought these sticks as I thought that the creamy texture would make for a great eye shadow base for a powder eye shadow. And I was right.

      The eye shadow sticks are easy to use, soft to apply & have a really creamy texture. The colour payout is great, although the brown is a bit darker than expected, I thought it would be more of a light brown, but in reality it's quite a dark brown when applied.

      My main issue is that as they aren't provided with an eye shadow sharpener, they can be quite messy & difficult to sharpen. I do have a general eye liner sized one, but not a large one that is required for these sticks. So once they have become blunt, which is quite quickly, I have struggled to be able to sharpen them.

      Which leads nicely onto the next con, the sticks are so creamy that it actually becomes their disadvantage. They are easily damaged, they become blunt very quickly. As the lid isn't very secure, it isn't a product I would have in my bag as it slips off and the eye shadow starts becoming a 'bag shadow'!

      Overall, the eye shadow stick is nice to have, but I don't think it's an essential. As it's not a powder nor a base, it's a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none; and there are single use products on the market that do their one job, but do it well.


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      06.01.2014 13:27
      Very helpful



      Would recommend to make up novices

      My review might be biased as I am a loyal Rimmel customer and whenever I am purchasing make up I will immediately go to the Rimmel section in Boots. I always find their products to be of high quality and at a reasonable price. Saying that I don't usually buy any non essential make up (essential to me is foundation, powder, eye liner, mascara, blusher and red lippy) the only reason I purchased this was because I was given a boots £10 voucher as a christmas present and on top of this there was a 3 for 2 offer which I thought this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of so I decided to spoil myself as I had a few nights out on the horizon so I could experiment with my make up a bit more than I normally would.

      I would urge others to look into the 3 for 2 offers in boots which span over many different well known brands. For under £10 I got an eye liner pencil, lip gloss, my shadow stick and I got a free gift which was a beautiful deep red nail polish. I even had 50p left over on my voucher so I also bought a packet of chewing gum.

      Anyway back to the product. There are a range of different colours to choose from. My eyes were originally drawn to tempting turquoise as it was very vibrant but I worried that it would look a bit too heavy so in the end I was torn between bad bronze which is a dark brown color or bulletproof beige which is closer to skin tone but with a sparkle to it. In the end I choose bad bronze after testing both on my skin. Despite me choosing what I consider to be the safer option I do think there is a good enough range of colours to suit everyone for any occasion.

      I was tempted to buy 2. The paranoid purple may well have worked for a night out and I could have kept my bad bronze for everyday use but I decided to try one and perhaps purchase another if I was happy with the results.

      The price of one shadow stick is £4.49 which I think is very reasonable. If it had been much more expensive I'm not sure I would have chose to purchase it.

      Before buying this I had never used a pencil eye shadow, I barely had any experience using a pallet shadow either so it's safe to say I'm a complete novice when it comes to make up. It was only after reading reviews on here that I even thought about applying a small amount of the product and then blending it. If I hadn't read that I probably would have just coloured in my eye lid.

      One bad thing about this product is that there is no seal to open before taking off the lid, this meant that when I opened the stick to use it had noticeably been tested by people in the shop.

      I applied it by effectively drawing a line using the pencil just above my eyelashes and then using a make up brush to blend it. It went on well. I only needed to press lightly on my eyelid and only needed to go over it once. I was worried I was going to waste a lot of the product by having to go over and over my eye lid several times before any product was visible. It did look quite dark so I was pleased I had read the advice about blending. After blending the shadow was light brown and I was pleased that there was some very subtle glitter which added to the look.

      To finish off the look I applied some black eyeliner and mascara.

      I am very pleased with this and due to the simplicity of application I look forward to buying more shadow sticks and experimenting more with different looks.

      Well done Rimmel!


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      30.08.2013 21:23
      Very helpful



      Very nice product, easily used by novices and experts alike. A make-up bag essential!

      Rimmel Scandal Eyes
      Rimmel has been doing a lot of things right recently so I had high hopes for this product.
      I am an absolute sucker for a new product, especially a new product that is highly talked about so of course as soon as possible I found myself in Boots perusing the colour selection, and trying to talk myself out of buying every single one. I am glad to report that self-restraint prospered and I walked away with just one shade; Bulletproof Beige (I would like to add here that self-restraint didn't last long as I returned the very next day to purchase two extra colours, but at least I tried).
      I am also one of those people that can barely contain their excitement everytime they buy something and have to try it out or try it on 30 seconds after walking through the front door (I know there is more of you out there?! There must be?). So after putting (throwing) the less important bags down, I took off my eye makeup and sampled, what I would later conclude, is a delight of a product.
      The first thing I noticed as how soft and creamy this product is, making them incredibly easy to apply; none of that having to push so hard it feels like your eyeball might explode. The second and third things I noticed was both the pigmentation and blendability (not sure if that's a word, but I'm going with it). Both of these thing, in my opinion, are essential in a pencil eyeshadow, as I want the option to either use it as base or wear it as a wash of colour on those lazy days. You could use these pencils for either of those purposes.
      With a price point of £4.49, I was expecting a decent product that would wear fairly well, but was pleasantly surprised when, after my very stressful, 10 hour day at work, my eyeshadow hadn't budged, especially on my extremely oily eyelids.
      The only drawback I can see is the colour range. All the colours have shimmer in them, and although I love myself some shimmer, for work I would rather wear a matte shade on my lids, especially a matte brown or taupe shade.
      Keep up the good work Rimmel! I continue to be impressed by your products!


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      26.06.2013 13:54
      Very helpful



      An interesting new way to apply eyeshadow, and another good addition to the Rimmel range.

      My name is Dooyaa and I'm a shadowholic.

      I have a problem, I have a serious problem.

      My problem is that no matter how many neutral coloured eyeshadows I accumulate, I cannot physically stop myself purchasing new ones every time I enter a Boots or Superdrug. I'm actually running out of shades to buy, that's how bad it has become. I shudder to think about what my collection is currently worth. So I think it's fair to say I'm in a good position to judge any newcomers on the scene, what with having 5423 others to compare it to.

      My story with Scandaleyes began the way they always do, with those cute chubby little pencils flirting with me in Boots, saying buy me Dooyaa, we're only £4.49, and oh is that a 3 for 2 offer? So you can have two of us AND your new mascara. You've never used an eyeshadow stick before, we promise a creamy blendable texture, and look at our beautiful shades, 'Bulletproof Beige' and 'Bad Bronze', we are so YOU. Those saucy temptresses. Who was I to resist?

      These were somewhat of a novelty for me, in that they look pretty much like a jumbo eyeliner pencil, and I was little concerned. Would it be like trying to draw over your eyelids with an eyeliner? I like to blend different shades together, would they allow me to do that?


      Aforementioned chubby pencil that comes in 5 shades:

      Bulletproof Beige - light golden shimmery beige
      Bad Bronze - medium shimmery brown
      Tempting Turquoise - beautiful turquoise that looks more blue than green
      Paranoid Purple - deep purple
      Blackmail - pure matte black

      I only purchased the first two, which are shimmery, but from what I could see the others didn't look as shimmery. When I say shimmer, I mean that nice metallic glaze rather than a glittery mess.


      Cream eyeshadow, but dispensed by a crayon tip rather than having to stick your fingers/brush into a germy pot. Swiping on the hand, I was surprised by how creamy they were - my fears subsided as the pencil glided over my hand with ease and left behind a nice pigmented swatch. So far so good.

      One problem I have found with 'soft' however, is that it tends to be synonymous with 'breaks easily' and 'wears down in 5 seconds'. Having used these for a couple of weeks now I am surprised that the tip hasn't broken off once (as is the case with my scandaleyes eyeliner) and the sticks don't seem overly worn down. This is a huge plus as I don't have a sharpener that would fit these beastly crayons (common problem with jumbo eye products).


      I apply straight from the stick, essentially drawing the colour onto my lid where I want it to go and then blending it in. I use the lighter colour on my inner eyelid and the bronze on the outside. One problem is that with such a large tip it is difficult to control with exact precision where you want to colour to go, which has ended in some emergency rethinks. Blending wise, the colours blend and move extremely well with just a regular eyeshadow brush, although here again you have to be careful with application if you're picky about where your colour goes - what you draw on with the stick will blend out MUCH further.

      Overall I was pleased with the application. No dragging of the eyelids, no feeling like I was POKING MYSELF IN THE EYE WITH A PENCIL, all good.

      *THE COLOUR*

      This is where I was a little disappointed. For some reason, once blended out these colours just don't look anywhere near as nice as they do just drawn on. The lighter shade is too light and barely shows up on my skin, whereas that gorgeous rich bronze looks quite dull, flat and mid-brown by the time I finish. It's a real shame as the initial colour payoff is good, so maybe if you weren't concerned with blending in this would still be good.


      All the boxes checked - particularly that they didn't irritate my eyes as some eye products tend to do. Another real plus point is how long they last. Normally I go for powder eyeshadows over cream because cream formulas tend to slip off, crease or dry out. These remained smooth and creamy on my eyelids for a whole night out, however the colour was super easy to remove even with just water and a cotton pad, no makeup remover required!


      I think these are a great formulation, a great price and surprisingly long lasting, so yes, I would recommend them as a good product. I was a little disappointed that the colours weren't as rich and vibrant as they first appeared, but they are definitely a worthwile addition to my collection, if only to mix it up occasionally and for the nice change in texture.

      Thanks for reading!!


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      16.06.2013 18:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a great shadow stick

      I love Rimmel and am always pretty impressed with there products and the quality of them especially considering the low price tag. I hadn't used a great deal of shadow sticks in the past but I do like them mainly because there quick which is what I need especially in the mornings before work!

      Rimmel is a high street/drug store brand widely available in Boots, Superdrug, some supermarkets and even some smaller pharmacies stock it aswell. They always seem to be releasing new products aswell which keeps things interesting.


      * High Impact Colour Shadow Stick High impact cream shadow stick that applies in a flash

      * Precision tip applicator and ultra-soft formula glides on smoothly and won't tug or pull lids for a subtle or intense look.

      * High-shine and luminous finish


      I bought this in the shade 'Bad Girl Bronze' I tend to stick to quite neutral shades when it comes to eyeshadows. A great thing about this product is how quick and easy it is to apply, once it's on you get a few seconds to blend it out and then it's set for the day. The shade I chose has a little glitter in so gives a slightly shimmery finish. The product is very soft so I'd agree it doesn't tug or scratch the eyelid and is very smooth to apply. The colour is also very pigmented. I was impressed with the product as it didn't crease throughout the day. It says on the stick that it's 24 hour waterproof, I've never required my eyeshadow to stay on 24 hours so I don't know about this but it stayed on as long as I needed it to but was easy to remove at night.


      The product is available in 5 different shades:

      * Bulletproof Beige
      * Bad Girl Bronze
      * Tempting Turquoise
      * Paranoid Purple
      * Blackmail

      The shades are all pretty vibrant and not your everyday wearable shades so I'd probably only wear the bronze. I wish there were more shades available in the range.


      At only £4.49 I think these are excellent value for money. They are pigmented, last all day and are great quality so I was very pleased with my purchase.


      I like these a lot and wouldn't hesistate to recommend them, I would repurchase especially if they bought out more shades!


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        24.05.2013 22:06
        Very helpful



        Worth the price

        I tried Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow sticks because I really wanted to see what al the fuss was about. I had been reading about these fairly new eye shadows in stick format in some of my magazines and I was really interested to see how they differed from an eye shadow in a pot, so to speak. Also, I had originally wanted to try the Clinique Chubby tick eye shadows but they cost about £15 or money and I thought this might be a much cheaper way to see what eye shadow sticks are like as they cost only £3.40.

        These shadow sticks come in a choice of a few different shades, and I chose one called Paranoid Purple. I was going to buy the beige one but I wanted something that was going to b a little more vibrant in colour on my pale blue eyes.

        The shadow sticks look like thick pencils and as they begin to go blunt, just as an ordinary pencil does when it's been used a few times. I have a pencil sharpener from Max Factor with two holes in it - one standard and the other slightly larger. I find that if I use the larger hole in my sharpener then this manages to sharpen the shadow stick just fine.

        The colour I have is fairly muted, to be honest, and I had thought it was going to be bolder than it is when I put it on my eyes for the first time. However, the great thing about these pencil eye shadows is that you can actually build up the colour by just putting more on. They are easy to blend with a cotton wool bud and I also apply it underneath my eyes, around the bottom lashes and smudge slightly with my ring finger, and this gives a lovely natural smoky effect.

        I would have to say though that the only thing that lest these pencils down (apart from the fact that they need very frequent sharpening) is that they crease in the socket of my eye after a couple of hours and this means that I have to keep checking in a mirror and make sure its re-blended, otherwise it just looks a bit of a mess. The pencils are easy to use however, and don't drag my skin at all as they are quite creamy in consistency.

        Overall, I have been quite pleased with them, mainly because they are o quick and easy to apply. I may well try another colour soon but I do think that they are very reasonably priced compared to the likes of Clinique.

        I'll happily recommend these.


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        22.05.2013 12:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I like these eyeshadow pencils very much and they are not expensive

        WHAT IS IT?

        Eyeshadow that comes in the form of a pencil.

        HOW DO YOU USE IT?

        You hold it like you would hold a pencil and use it to colour in your eyes.  I use a cotton bud after to make the edges more smokey but you can use your fingers to do the same thing.

        WHAT I THINK

        I have used pencil eyeshadows from a lot of different brands and I think that this very cheap one from Rimmel is very good.  I have got them in different shades and some of them drag my skin a little bit but I can see this is the metallic shades so I do not use them in this brand now.

        The colour is very soft but it goes on faintly so you have to build the colour up, it does not take very long but sometimes I have not got the time to use this because I have to spend a longer time on my eye make up.  That is a pity because I like the light pink eyeshadow in this range of pencils and think it is a nice colour for this time of year but when I am in a rush for work I have to get ready as fast as I can.

        It lasts for quite a long time and does not flake or set into any lines around the eye.  It fades off but I like that I can just use the pencil to fill in the colour again, even going over the eyeshadow makes it look fresh but I know that the times when I reapply the colour it will fade a lot quicker than when I put it on the first time.

        It is easy to remove with a face wipe and does not need special eye make up remover.


        This costs about £3.40 and I think that is value even though the pencil wears down quite quick and I need to sharpen it a lot.

        4 Dooyoo Stars.


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          28.04.2013 19:28
          Very helpful



          A lovely vibrant eye shadow with a creamy consistency and which is long lasting

          I love to wear make up and I wear a lot of eye make up in particular. Although I usually stick to gold and brown shades, I do like to be a bit more daring on a night out and the Scandaleyes Shadow Stick by Rimmel seemed like just the thing to do the job.

          What does the product do?
          The product promises to give the eyelid a high impact colour in a flash. The shadow stick will give buildable colour to the eyelid which has a high shine and luminous finish. It has a creamy texture that promises to glide onto the lid leaving your eyes looking beautiful and eye catching. The shadow promises to last up to 24 hours and that it will be waterproof.

          The product doesn't come in many shades yet but if the product is a hit then I'm sure some more will be released. The shadows stick come with cute and original names but ones which incorporate the colour too so as well as being interesting, you will know the shade that you're getting too. You can choose between Bulletproof Beige, Bad Bronze, Tempting Turquoise, Paranoid Purple and Blackmail. I chose to buy the rather striking tempting turquoise which is a lovely blue colour and it is the one that Kate Moss is wearing in the advertisement for the shadow stick.

          Packaging and Price
          The product comes in the form of a chubby pencil. The outside of the pencil is black with Scandaleyes written in silver lettering along the side. A band of colour at the base of the pencil shows the colour that you have selected and a clear lid protects the pencil from getting damaged in storage. The product will cost you around £6 per shadow stick and they can be bought from stores such as Superdrug and Boots, from large supermarkets and also from a range of online websites.

          My experience
          The product has a really creamy consistency and these usually means creasing in an eye shadow. I used an eye shadow primer before applying the product to try and stop this from being an issue. The pencil is easy to hold because of its size and the nib is the right size to enable you to be accurate in your application. The consistency of the product is creamy which means that it will glide over the eyelid without pulling or dragging the delicate skin. The colour is vibrant and stands out a lot so this side in particular won't be for the faint heart. Going over the area twice makes the colour thick and opaque.

          The consistency of the shadow means that it is easy to blend but it does set a bit so you need to do it straight away. It feels completely comfortable on my eyelids and hasn't irritated my eyes in any way, even when I'm wearing my contact lenses. Even when it sets, it doesn't become dry or tight so my eyelids are comfortable. The product doesn't fade or smudge away for quite a few hours and I only get a tiny bit of creasing which can be smoothed away.

          The size of the nib also makes it easy to apply the shadow along the lower lashes as an eyeliner. As you work your way through the shadow, you need to sharpen the product. This means that there is some wastage and you need to be careful that you don't get any bits left on the nib before putting it near the eye area. The product is easily removed using my usual eye make up remover.

          All in all, this is a lovely product which is easy to apply and which gives the eyelid a lovely burst of colour. It is long lasting, doesn't crease when applied on top of a primer and has a lovely creamy consistency. The colour is vibrant although some of the other shades are a little tamer. The shadow comes at a good price and should last you a long time. I really like this shadow stick and I will be buying a few more the next time I'm in the shops.


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