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Rimmel Smokey Glam Pallette

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Brand: Rimmel / Type: Pallette / Contains: Eyeshadow, Blush, Lipgloss

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 16:46
      Very helpful



      A disappointment even as a free gift

      I'm quite a big fan of Rimmel products, because I find that they tend to present good value for money so I was quite happy when I got given this for christmas.

      This makeup set comes in a black gloss plastic container with the Rimmel crown symbol on the top. The top opens up to reveal a mirror on the inside of the lid and a layer of six eyeshadows. There is also a second layer in the back of the container which you reveal by sliding the bottom of the container forwards - in here are 4 colours of lip gloss and 4 colours of blush. The size and variety of products contained mean that it's handy for sticking in your bag or taking away on holiday.

      One of the things I'm slightly confused about is that this palette is called 'Smokey Glam' although I wouldn't refer to it as either of these things. For one thing the eyeshadow colours available don't really come under the smokey genre and most of the colours don't really blend well together as they aren't complimentary. The colours are: a light pink, white, grey, dark green, purple and dark blue. To the side of these is a small plastic and sponge applicator which is cheap and flimsy but better than nothing at all. On the lower level are 4 varying shades of pink blusher and 4 lip gloss colours (red, pink, bronze and beige) and a futher applicator that seems better quality than the first. Despite my initial disappointment with the colours of the makeup, which seemed to me to be gaudy and OTT, I decided to persevere and see if they looked better when on.

      Unfortunately things didn't get any better - I applied the green eyeshadow to my eyes (I have green eyes), the bronze lipgloss to my lips and the blusher closest to my skin tone and I ended up looking like a clown (and before anyone says anything I'm usually half decent at makeup application!) The eyeshadow didn't want to blend, the resulting lines were very harsh and the colour seemed overly strong despite only a light sweep across the eyelids. The blusher also seemed OTT and left my cheeks looking like someone had pinched them really hard. The worst of all though was the lipgloss - I knew it wasn't going to be good as soon as I touched it with the brush as it was incredibly thick. Applying it to my lips felt very waxy, greasy and left them ridiculously sticky (although the bronze colour was quite nice).

      For the purposes of reviewing (and because I didn't have to leave the house) I decided to leave the makeup on my face for a while and when I looked in the mirror a couple of hours later and was pleasantly surprised to find that the eyeshadow and blusher colours had muted to become less clownish - still not fantastic, but I no longer looked like a disaster. Despite this though I don't really want to have to put makeup on at least a couple of hours before I plan on going out anywhere.

      I did a bit of research online and discovered that this set was being given away by Rimmel as a free gift when you spend over £10, I was unable to find if you can purchase it separately, but in all honesty I wouldn't advise it. Learning that it was a free gift, clarified to me (to a certain extent) why the quality doesn't live up to other Rimmel products that I have used.

      I will keep this for a while as the mirror is handy and the grey eyeshadow is half decent, but apart from this the 'Smokey Glam Pallette' has proven to be a big disappointment - garish colours and low quality products, which as such mean that I don't recommend this product


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