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Rimmel Stronger Double Duty Base Coat

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    4 Reviews
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      19.04.2015 10:40
      Very helpful


      • "good base for nails"


      • none

      Natural looking base coat

      I like to take care of my nails and a base coat is always a must. I have been using the Rimmel stronger try harder double duty base coat which strengthens and protects the nail.

      First impressions
      This is a pinky nude colour in the bottle and actually works well on its own as a protective layer and hides any staining on the nail if you want to go nude. I tend to wear it under colours though.

      In use
      This base coat is really easy to use and the brush is nice and thick. I find a couple of sweeps from the base to the tip of the nail is adequate. It has a nice finish to it as well so you can leave it on alone. Some base coats are tacky to receive and hold on to the next layer of polish but this one is just light and shiny. I use a clear Nails Inc ridge filler over the top of this before adding colour and it makes my finish a lot smoother but you can skip the filler step without losing much advantage.

      My thoughts
      This Rimmel base coat compares favourably to other, more expensive nail base coats on the market. I like its versatility and it is really easy on the pocket.

      I paid around £3 for this product in an online purchase - I think it was from the Fragrance Direct website and I bought a few things to avoid paying postage.

      Final word
      A bottle of this lasts ages with regular use and it doesn't seem to go gloopy when you get past the half way point. I will definitely buy this again in the future.


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      22.01.2014 17:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Definitely worth a try if you're looking to strengthen your nails!

      As you've probably seen from some of my other reviews, I love to paint my nails. So it can be quite annoying that I have weak nails that can't go beyond a certain length before they start to peel. They also seem to bend and break quite easily, which can be painful if I catch them on anything. While browsing online for new makeup, I came across this Rimmel Double Duty Basecoat that claims to strengthen and protect nails.

      ---First Impressions---

      On first glance at this product in its bottle, it looks slightly pink, which I thought was strange for a base coat, as they're usually completely see-through. However, when it's painted onto a clean nail, it doesn't look pink at all, and it blends into the natural nail colour perfectly.

      ---Using the product---

      The brush inside the bottle is fairly thick, making it easy to apply in one quick sweep. The last base coat that I owned was a quick dry product, so I was slightly concerned that this wouldn't dry as quickly, and that I'd end up painting over it while it was still wet. However, it doesn't seem to take any longer than 1-2 minutes to dry, depending on how much you've applied. There's really no need to use more than one coat of it, so it should dry quickly for anybody.

      I'd strongly recommend buffing and filing nails before using this, as not only will this help keep your nails healthier, it will also make it easier for the base coat to cling to your nails.
      Once it's dry, the base coat creates a lovely smooth surface for your nail polish to cling to. I never used to use base coat, but since I started using it, I won't paint my nails without it. It makes applying even nail polish so much simpler.

      Also, this product is slightly glittery, so it can be worn on it's own if don't have the time to paint your nails, or if you just want to wear it to strengthen your nails. The glitter isn't noticeable when the product is painted over, so don't worry, you won't have glittery nails even when you don't want them!

      ---Does it work?---

      I've been using this base coat for around a month, and I have noticed my nails appear stronger. I regularly paint my nails, and have been using this every time for the past month. My nails definitely don't seem to be peeling as much as they used to; quite often a lot of nails would peel a lot, but recently I've only noticed one nail peeling ever so slightly.

      So far I haven't broken any nails since using this, but they still bend slightly. However, they don't bend nearly as much as they used to, and all of my nails generally feel a lot stronger and healthier.

      ---My Verdict---

      This product has worked wonders for me. Although I've only been using it for a few weeks, my nails feel so much stronger and healthier since using it. The results haven't been perfect, they still feel quite bendy, and I have noticed a small amount of peeling, but for the price I paid, this product is a definite favourite for me.


      I bought this from Xtras.co.uk for £1.99, which was a bargain. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be stocking it on that website any more, and I can't find it on the Superdrug website either. I've also searched Boots and Amazon, and neither of them seem to stock it either. However, they do have what appears to be an equivalent product, called Nail Nurse, so I'll be trying that next.


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        22.02.2013 06:58
        Very helpful



        Love the colour

        Rimmel promote this product as being the best product to make your nails health, strong and snap free. They say that you can achieve this by putting keratin and calcium into their ingredients. So let's see how it does.

        The packaging....
        This product comes in the typical nail varnish glass bottle with a white screw lid. Nothing fancy but the labelling on the bottle and lid are all promoting how good the nail varnish is.

        The purpose....
        The purpose of this product is to strengthen your weak brittle nails by treating with them with keratin and calcium.

        Anything else?
        You can wear this nail varnish as a base coat too. Whist it is strengthening your nails you can put another colour on top and it will still work just as well.

        The senses....
        Smells like normal nail varnishes, that strong breathtaking smell. My favourite bit is how the nail varnish looks, it has a pink tint to it and also has micro glitter to make it shimmery. A typical nail varnish liquid, quite sticky.

        You can buy this nail varnish from shops like Boots/Superdrug and a lot of large supermarkets as well as buying it online. It is a widely available product.

        Prices start from £4.95 for 12ml, this is the online price, store prices vary. They are usually a bit more expensive in the shops.

        My experience....
        I have always had weak nails, probably because I don't drink milk. Anyway, I was doing my weeky shop and spotted this, I have a fair few Rimmel products so I thought it would work However I was sadly mistaken. I put a coat on like it told me and if anything it made my nails weaker! The only good thing I got out of this is the colour, it gives you a slight tint of pink but looks very natural and it does make your nails look much healthier.

        The good bits.......
        It has a beautiful colour to it that I do wear, I'm not really a bold person so this colour suits me perfectly.
        Rimmel uses an exta wide brush, all I have to do is run the brush over my nails max. 2 times and my whole nail is covered.
        The price is good, I would buy it again just for the colour.

        The not so good bits.....
        This product does not strengthen my nails as it says,
        I find that when I used it as a base coat all my nail varnish did was chip.

        It's a good colour but I don't think Rimmel should of said it was a strengthener as I don't believe it is.


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        01.10.2012 14:28
        Very helpful



        Rimell Stronger base coat.

        The Product
        = = = = = =
        This product is made by Rimmel and is part of the Nail Care range. The product I am reviewing is a double duty base coat. The product in enriched with calcium and keratin which adds strength to weak nails and increases the shield against damage. It states on the Rimmel website that you can purchase this from Boots & Superdrug; how-ever it doesn't come up on their website when I have looked for it. I did purchase mine in my local Boots store and paid approximately £4.49 for a 12ml bottle of this.
        I purchased the product because I thought it sounded good and would be a great base coat to wear alone or under coloured nail varnish.

        = = = = = =
        The nail varnish comes in a rounded bottle and is clear. You can clearly see the product inside the bottle which is a baby pink colour. On the front of the bottle is a label which states that the product is a double duty base coat that strengthens & protects nails. On the back of the bottle it gives you some information about the product, how-ever this is in very small text so you may not even be able to read it. The lid of the bottle is white and it has a label on the front stating that the product is part of the Nail Care range.

        Using the product
        = = = = = = = = = = =
        I shook the bottle well before using it and then unscrewed the lid. The applicator brush which was attached to the lid is a clear colour; how-ever it does have a slight pink tinge to it from the product. I ensured my nails were varnish free and then I applied the product to my nails using 3 strokes. The brush is quite long so it covers the nail very well in just 3 strokes. Although the product looks pink it actually looks clear when on your nails. I waited for my nails to dry and then have a look at them. My nails had a slight shine to them and you could tell that there was definitely something painted onto them. The pink tinge didn't really show on my nails, but it did make my nails look bright and healthy. I continued to use other nail products applying nail tip whitener and a base coat to finish off the look of my nails. The product smells like a typical nail varnish with the strong smell to it.

        Overall Opinion
        = = = = = = = =
        I have been using this product for well over a year now and I always use it as a base coat for when applying colour varnish to my nails or I simply use it on its own to keep my nails strong. Just using the product on its own without a top coat also looks nice as it makes your nails healthy looking. I have actually noticed that my nails have become stronger since I started using this product and they don't break as much as they used to. As I paint my nails a fair bit I do get through this quite quickly, how-ever if the product is ever on offer I will always get a few bottles to keep me going. This is a great product from Rimmel and I would be very tempted to try the other products in the nail care range.

        (review may also appear on ciao)


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