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Rimmel Traffic Stopping Eyeshadow Trio

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Brand: Rimmel / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    4 Reviews
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      24.02.2014 14:14
      Very helpful



      Nice idea but poorly designed and made

      Item: Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shaddow
      Colour: 006 Sharp Turn (Black, Silver and Pink)
      Price: £3.99
      Bought in: Boots

      I was looking for a set of eye shadows that contained a dark (black or charcoal) and silver and chose this one.

      Packaging and design:
      This is a trio of eye shadows that come in a rectangular plastic box. The lid is clear so you can see the colours through it. The box opens at one end and has quite a strong clip so I don't fear that it will fall open on its own. I do have to apply some pressure to it to open it. The box also contains a double ended foam applicator, which unfortunately does not stay in place that has been carved out for it. It moves freely as soon as you tip up the box so it does cause a bit of mess by scattering powder across the other shadows and lid. The Applicator is adequate for a simple eye shadow application, however when I try to create a dramatic look by layering up the shadows the foam sections are just too small to do this, so I do use another applicator that I already owned. The shadows are raised in to individual "dome" shapes and sit up and out from the tray they are sitting on. I assume that Rimmel are trying to copy a design that Channel have used before on eye shadow sets. The eye shadows being raised like this makes is harder to get the actual shadow on the applicator and I find myself going over and around the dome shape trying to get an even cover on the applicator. The shadows look nice in this design but it actually makes it harder to use them and I fear that if I don't keep putting the applicator across the shadow evenly it will create a dent in one area that could result in the shadow cracking. The box itself it simple and has limited details on it. The front has "Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shaddow". The back is where you need to look to get details on the colour and size. The back of the box also has details on how you should apply the shadows using a "paint by numbers" description and has numbered the shadows: 1, 2 and 3. The clear case has now also cracked across the top from just being in my makeup bag so I will soon have to leave this in the house or my bag will be covered in eye shaddow.

      Application and wear:
      As I mentioned the application is adequate for simple every day wear (simply using one of the colours lightly across the lower lid near the eye lashes). However when I tried to follow the instructions on the back of the box to create the more dramatic look using all three colours I found that the applicator was too small and took me excessive tries at getting the colour on to the designated areas of my eyelid so I had to use an alternative applicator that I already owned. Regardless of whether I am wearing just one colour or all three layered up together the shadow only lasts around 2 hours before I have to retouch it and correct smudging. The colour goes on quite evenly and does cover the eye lid well but after blinking for 2 hours I have a very smudged eye lid. The colour is also sparkly through the black shadow so that glitter spreads all over the eye lid too. The initial look is great but if you buy this set, be prepared for checking and topping up regularly.

      The colours:
      The set contains three colours, a black, a silver and a pink. Each one does go on to the eye lid well and has a deep colour but all do smudge easily. The pink is very light and has a shimmer through it. the silver is quite thick and metallic looking and the black has glitter through it. So you do get a good variety of colours that complement each other.

      Overall: I would not buy this set again. The colours are nice and the set looks good but since the shadow smudges and the applicator is tricky to use and the box has cracked I can only give this a 1 out of 5 stars.


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      04.07.2013 12:59
      Very helpful
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      Need a replacement for this!

      I purchased this compact trio when a much loved set ran out of mid colour and I decided to find a smaller set as the one I had previously had multiple colours and was pretty big. I looked at a few but this one stood out because of it's different design and the fact that I loved the middle colour for my blue eyes.

      The trio is cased in black plastic measuring approximately 3 x 1.5 inches, with a clear hinged lid which opens to the left. The design is similar to a set of traffic lights. Initially there is a little plastic sheath covering the shadows which I wish I'd kept because not only are the colours now running over the palette but the lid broke in my handbag about a fortnight after I got it. This is annoying because it now has to sit in my drawer at home which means I couldn't reapply through the day / night. On the reverse is a dinky picture of how to apply the set if I wasn't sure and the description of the product: "Ultra pearlised trio eye shadow."

      I purchased mine for £6.49 from Boots, but I have also seen it on Very for £8.

      My colour set (001 Over the Limit) is targeted at blue eyes. The highlighter is a pretty standard creamy off white but does glisten beautifully. The mid colour is almost as exact replacement for my old one (hence the purchase!) and is a deep gold, almost bronze, again with a shimmer effect. The dark colour could be described as a shimmery milk chocolate.

      Although the set comes with a sponge applicator, I use a brush for my eyeshadow. The difficulty with this set is that the colours are domed, not flat and I found it difficult to build enough colour up on my brush. Rather, I had to apply 2 or 3 thin layers to build it up. Whilst this isn't particularly bad, in swirling my brush repeatedly over the domes the packaging has got quite a mess. And because the packaging broke, I have to clean it after use so that it doesn't then leak into my makeup bag!

      It takes a while to build up the product on the eye and whilst doing so I have to be careful not to allow specks to fall on my cheek (stick some loose powder there!) As a result I haven't used much of the dark colour as I tend to be in a rush of a morning.

      I didn't mind paying £6.49 for the set as each colour would only cost ~£2.15. However, on reflection, this does seem a lot for such a small set which is quite difficult to apply. Given the fact that I haven't been able to use the dark colour due that rises to £3.25 an eyeshadow. And considering that the packaging broke soon after purchase, it's turned into an expensive replacement for me. I looked to see if I could prise the shadows out and stick them in another compact but they are pretty well stuck in there (which is a good thing for most people I guess!)

      Overall disappointing. I'm giving it 2 stars as the colour cant be faulted, nor the staying power.


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        13.12.2012 17:23
        Very helpful



        Go with something different

        Traffic Stopping Eyeshadow, it may not actually stop the traffic, you may be better off using a zebra crossing like most people. I bought mine a while ago, and I believe they have brought out more colours since I bought mine, but I bought No parking. There were four to choose from which were:

        Over the limit - Browns
        No Parking - Purples
        Speeding - Greens
        Sharp Turn - Charcoal, grey and shocking blue

        The eye shadow comes in a rectangle box that looks light a traffic light, the three circles of shadow are the would be lights of the traffic light. There is a sponge applicator as well and it is presented nicely within the black base and clear hinged lid. I won't mention my hatred for sponge applicators again but needless to say I haven't used mine, instead opting for brushes.

        On the back of the shadow it gives you tips as to where to put each eye shadow which is great if you are a little unsure or are trying a new style. I did find that the fall out (amount dropping onto my cheeks etc) was horrendous with this, I decided to try it wet by moistening my brush a little and this did help to reduce the amount that fell. I love shimmer as much as the next person but with this, I think they have gone a little overboard, you tend to get a bit too much shimmer and not enough colour. Maybe it will stop traffic after all because the glare off your eye shadow will blind all car drivers and make them crash. It's a bit of a poor show really. The colour tends to be a bit darker when applied wet as opposed to the light nothing you get with dry. The colour doesn't really last as long as I would like, especially given the amount of time it takes to actually get a colour to adhere to your lids and not your cheeks. The palette itself gets a bit messy after a while as so many little bits of powder come loose and fill the lid. A good blow out clears this but replacing the protective plastic cover helps limit the amount of powder as well.

        Overall is a bit sad, it could be a great product but it just doesn't live up to what it could be. You have to work too hard to get a good covering, although it lasts ok when on, it takes too long to apply it. I am going to give it a ticket and use another product.


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        07.05.2012 14:25
        Very helpful



        A trio of coordinating eyeshadows, which can be applied either dry or wet for more intense colour

        I came across this set of eyeshadow trios when I saw a couple of them mentioned in the 'Ageless Style' supplement that came with a recent edition of Woman & Home magazine. I was enticed by the lovely, shimmery globes of green and creamy-gold eyeshadows, and thought that they looked just the right colours to suit my hazel eyes. I've been trying to find suitable green shades for a while now, so I was very pleased to come across this recommendation. I always prefer to use eyeshadows with some shimmer, as I find they are more flattering as I get older. The fact that there are three shadows contained within each palette was appealing, as it meant I would get a highlighter, eyelid shadow and contour shadow all in one handy package.

        There are four colour options available, and I think the shades are beautifully coordinated. They are: Over the Limit (brown), Sharp Turn (grey), Speeding (green), and No Parking (purple). I would describe the Over the Limit shades as dark brown, gold/bronze and cream. Sharp Turn has indigo/navy, light grey and pinky/cream. Speeding has a deep, olive/khaki shade, pale green and creamy/gold. No Parking has deep purple, bright purple and creamy/gold.

        The RRP for each palette is £6.49, and in spite of my best efforts, I was unable to find the colours I wanted (the green palette) anywhere cheaper. (At the time of writing this review - 7th May - I have seen No Parking on eBay for £2.95 plus 95p for postage). Because most of my cosmetics and skincare purchases are made online, my next step was to find a retailer that offered free delivery, and I then placed my order with ASOS. Even though I opted for the free delivery service, my eyeshadows arrived within a couple of days. Unfortunately, when I opened the parcel, my palette was damaged, with the cream shadow having sheared loose from its base and consequently spread itself all over the packaging. I was very pleased with the way ASOS handled this, and I go into more detail about that later in the review.

        Once I received a set in perfect condition, I realized that I was quite disappointed in the size of the palette - it is small, and feels a bit flimsy - as if it might break quite easily if it was accidentally dropped. I also think that I had perhaps been seduced by the photographs in the glossy magazine into thinking that the globes of eyeshadow were larger!

        The palette is designed to resemble a set of traffic lights, and it opens from the left-hand side. The three small globes of eyeshadow are protected by a piece of shaped plastic, and this stores the small, two-headed sponge applicator. I don't normally bother with these applicators, as I find them too fiddly, but for this product I have actually found it quite useful when applying the shadow wet.

        There are instructions on the base of the palette, with a diagram that shows you where to apply each colour - a highlighter, on the eyelid, and at the outer corner of the eye.

        When I began to apply the highlighter, I quickly realized that it was shedding little bits of sparkly star dust all down my cheeks, so a bit of care needs to be taken with this

        According to Rimmel's own website, these eyeshadows are apparently Rimmel's 'first ultra-high payoff maximum colour impact'. Well, I'm afraid I don't agree with that statement. In fact I would say that for maximum impact you either need to apply at least three coats, or you need to apply the shadow wet. I found the colours to be very sheer, and after first applying the shadow with a brush, I then decided I would get a better result using the tip of my ring finger to press the shadow to my lid. I found this difficult in the contour line, and so - for the first time ever - I bravely ventured into applying eyeshadow wet, using the small sponge applicator to apply both the paler shade, and to work the darker green shadow into the contour line. I was pleased with the result, and felt that this gave the colour the extra 'oomph' I had been looking for.

        The silky powder formula blends quite well and lasts reasonably well - as long as I have primed my lids with some pressed powder. If I apply it directly to my 'naked' skin it doesn't last half so well.

        Once you get to grips with the small palette and small globes of shadow - and also with your favoured technique for application - this isn't a bad product. It's certainly nice for me to have found two green shades that work so well together, plus a highlighter, in one handy (for handy, read actually quite small) package.

        After some use, I have found that the palette can become a bit messy, as bits of powder flake off, and I'm glad I kept the little piece of protective plastic, because this helps keep things a bit tidier.

        It's available from Boots, ASOS and other outlets, but don't rely on the Boots website to show you the colours - their swatches are absolutely tiny. Take a look instead at Rimmel's own website, or the ASOS website, which give a much better representation of the colours. If you're buying in store and there is a tester available, it's definitely worth trying the shadows on the back of your hand so that you can gauge the density of the colours.

        A brief aside here about the service from ASOS. When my parcel arrived, I opened it to find the little palette wrapped in a plastic bag and protected within the box by large plastic 'bubbles'. However, when I opened the bag I was very disappointed to find that the creamy highlighter shade had broken away from its base, resulting in a lovely, sparkly mess everywhere. I later saw from one of the reviews on Boots' product page that I am not alone in finding the highlighter had broken apart. You wouldn't have this problem if you were buying in store and could actually see what you're getting, but it may be a problem if you're buying online, as I did.

        I emailed ASOS about the problem, and was pleased to hear back from them quite quickly (their promise is that their Customer Service Team will respond within four hours). I was told that a replacement would be delivered the next day, and indeed it was. In fact I even had an email the following morning to tell me that my parcel would arrive between 9.45am and 10.45am - the doorbell rang at 10am. I did not need to return the damaged item, and I was requested to dispose of it as I desired, but to recycle if at all possible. I was impressed with this level of service. When my second palette arrived, it came in a little black presentation box, and was in perfect condition.

        I have been a bit unsure about how many stars to give this product. I am certainly happy (eventually) with the colours I chose, and think they look nice with my hazel eyes. However, I think £6.49 is a bit pricey for the three little globes of eyeshadow, especially as it takes some effort to get the colour payoff that I require. My Make Up Academy trio from Superdrug has the same size shadows, is of a similar quality, and cost me only £2.50. Another comparison I would make is the Barry M Trio Eyeshadow, which comes in eight colourways, provides a much better quality of eye shadow and costs £5.99. I have this trio in Golden Goddess, which I bought after reading an excellent review of this product by dawnymarie.

        So, after some thought, I'm only giving Rimmel's Traffic Stopping Eyeshadow Trio three stars, because I think the negative points outweigh the positives. Although the green shades are what I was looking for, applying the colours dry gives a poor covering. The packaging is a bit flimsy, and I don't think this palette is very good value for money - you can buy better quality for a similar price, or similar quality for a better price.

        This product is made in China, can be used for up to 30 months after opening, and the palette is recyclable after use.

        (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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