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Ruby & Millie Face Gloss

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Brand: Ruby & Millie / Type: Blushers / Subcategory: Face Gloss / Suitable for: Face

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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2011 08:42
      Very helpful



      Glossy cheek colour from Ruby & Millie

      When it comes to purchasing cosmetics and beauty items my purchasing habits are slightly excessive. The brands of make up I wear varies I purchase both premium priced products if I feel they are worth spending a bit more on but if I want to try out a new look I will purchase items from lower priced brands. When it comes to cheek colour I tend to stick with a small range of colours and use this quite sparingly so I find myself spending a little more on these types of cosmetics which includes Ruby & Millie Face Gloss.

      ***Ruby & Millie Face Gloss***
      Ruby & Millie Face Gloss is described as a product which will "give a natural flush to the face" and can be used on the cheeks lips or eyes.

      The Face Gloss comes in a clear plastic container. Personally I was very impressed with the packaging and probably the reason why I initially purchased this product. The product has 10g of face gloss within. The packaging is about 2cm wide by 4cm high. The face gloss is visible on the top section about 1cm in height and stretches all the way across the applicator you can push this up to the level you need to apply to your face. The packaging has a clear plastic cap lid which fits over the cheek gloss.

      Ruby & Millie Face Gloss comes in four colours which are wine, flush, fire and orange. The colours are not the most appealingly named however do not let this put you off. I have purchased both fire (a deep red colour) and orange (a golden bronze colour). Therefore will be covering the results of these colours in my review.

      The product is from Ruby & Millie therefore available at Ruby & Millie counters in many department stores. I purchased from my a Ruby & Millie counter at my local Boots store costing £12.00 for the face gloss product.

      ***Application and Results***
      To apply you simply rub the stick over the cheek, lip or eye area. I have used this product once on my eyes but due to the colours I chose I feel these were better suited to using on my cheeks. Therefore my review is based on this experience. Because this is a cream based product the harder you press down the more colour that will be dispensed onto your face. Therefore when you apply you need to be consistent that you put equal pressure onto each cheek in order to create on even effect on both sides of your face. The design of the packaging makes this very easy to do and in two easy sweeps the colour can be applied, in less than 10 seconds; great for those that do not like spending a long time applying make up or getting ready. I did find that because the "fire" coloured face gloss was a darker, brighter colour when applying the gloss I did not need to apply too much pressure as otherwise too dark a colour was applied and my cheeks had a VERY rosy effect. With the bronzed "orange" coloured gloss this was the opposite. The colour was a very light and subtle bronzed colour, therefore needed to be swiped across your face with a lot more pressure in order to notice the product on my cheek.

      Although very easy to apply my main criticism is that the cream face gloss colour is not so easy to apply if you have been storing the product somewhere cold and it needs to be reasonably warm to ensure even coverage. Many years ago prior to having children, in the middle of winter our central heating had gone off and the results of trying to apply cold Ruby & Millie Face Gloss was a disaster. When cold you cannot simply swipe this over your cheeks and expect even coverage. If the cheek colour is too cold when swiped across your face it achieved a patchy uneven effect on your face which is not advisable, not to mention it dragging on your face.

      Aside from when applied cold the results of Ruby & Millie Face Gloss look good. The overall effect is a very natural shimmery looking cheek colour which gives a shiny glow which in my opinion is a lot more natural and subtle than what you can create with a powder cheek colour. The "Fire" colour is a more pink/ red colour therefore gives cheeks a more rosy look to them. The "orange" colour is more of a shimmery bronzed colour, therefore gives a more warm bronzed glow to your cheeks, very much like if you were applying a bronzer or highlighter to your cheeks.

      Although considered a "gloss" I do not feel on my skin (which is a more normal skin type) the effect is overly greasy or shiny looking. For those with dry skin this would be a great way to achieve even cheek colour as in my experience applying powder blusher to dry cheeks can result in patchy looking cheek colour. For those with greasy skin this may not be a product for them as it may emphasise shiny skin a little too much.

      When applied to the cheeks the face gloss is not excessively greasy or sticky feeling but you can feel it on your skin when it is first applied therefore it is advisable to not keep touching your face. Although once you have been wearing it for over an hour it is less apparent to touch.

      The Ruby & Millie face gloss is also very simple to remove. It can be wiped off with other make up using a make-up wipe.

      This is a great cheek colour for those wanting a natural glow and touch of as opposed to a strong matt effect that powder blusher can give you. The effect is not greasy or excessively shiny but does give a hint of shine to the face. This is great for those with dry to normal skin tones but for those with greasier skin types this type of effect may not be preferable.

      Very easy to apply and although a it may be considered a more expensive beauty product at £12.00, it does offer versatility and a natural glow and shine.


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        21.04.2008 19:52
        Very helpful



        A fabulous little all rounder!

        Just lately I have been re vamping and modernising my make up bag! I have loads but in there is a load of stuff I just don't use so thanks to Boot's and a load of points to get some free stuff I decided that I'd only go for 'posher' products buck she lol

        I've often looked at and never bought Ruby & Millie, Urban Decay and Benefit products, almost bought stuff and put it back at the last minute. I mean I'm not tight at all but £15.00 an eyeshadow etc has always made my blood go cold. It would be different if I could justify my purchases like I've ran out of something but that never happens as I buy all the time for the sake of it. iI don't use cheap products I just buy them! However I bought an Urban Decay and Benefit eyeshadow and they were amazing and pure quality and actually showed up alot of stuff I do use and I got comments on my new products when I wore them as well so shows me it is worth paying more!

        My skin tone has always bothered me. With black hair, pale white pasty skin and being tall and slim I get alot of 'oi Mortisha' shouted at me. One guy at speed dating wouldn't speak to me cos he reckoned I was a goth! (I'm not!) I can't tan and fake tans are just that on me. I long to be a little darker but it's never going to happen so I've given up the ghost on that one (boom boom!) lol

        However the one area I can create a bit of colour is on my face with blushers and bronzers though even then I do have to be careful cos my face doesn't match my neck and shoulders if I'm not extremely careful! So with blushers and bronzers they can't be too dark and harsh and I find creams in general are more suited to my skin tone and sheer.... all the better for a natural hint of colour!

        So looking at Ruby & Millie stand in Boot's I came across this and it really caught my eye!

        What the product says for itself....

        Ruby & Millie Face Gloss....

        Face Gloss is a new way to provide a natural flush to the whole face; cheeks, lips or eyes.

        Apply to the cheek from the stick and rub into the cheek area, either under the cheekbone for more contour, or on the cheeks apple for a more flushed look.
        For eyes, apply with your fingers swiping under and over the lid, then smudge. For lips, apply with your fingers or a lip brush and use alone or layer over lip colour for a glossy sheen.
        Looks great on sun-kissed skin.

        When applied the face gloss will give your face a silky shine.

        The Packaging....

        10g Clear plastic container, silver writing on the front telling me simply it's Ruby & Millie and that is the only writing on it. It's a tall product and then length-ways at the top the colour is and on the back is a ridged kind of button you can give a shove and the product comes up for ease of use. The colour is damp and goes to liquid on your face but it isn't wet as such but it is moist. On the bottom of my product I'm told weight, colour and contact details for Ruby & Millie.

        Using It....

        Incredibly easy! The colour spreads easy on to a bare face for shimmer or you can use it over the top of foundation, pressed or loose powder. It goes on top of anything and doesn't clog or drag. It simply glides but it isn't greasy!

        All of the colours are incredibly shimmery but contain no glitter in them and have no smell to them so I'm not worried about it upsetting my over sensitive skin. The colour that comes out is exactly the same when applied to the skin but goes on very sheer.

        I love it! Really this is a product that is just so perfect and versatile. Use it on the cheeks for colour, under cheekbones for definition, as eye shadow (none creasing) and over the top of lipstick as a gloss or as a lippie (no taste).

        It's long lasting on the skin in any compacity you want to use it! It's a perfect size for carrying in your bag for instant glamour on the go. Personally on my face applying it once on the face is enough and then i forget about it knowing it works and as eye make up it stays put also, lipstick/gloss it does need reapplying the same as any lipstick/gloss does.

        It hydrates the face and is comfortable and none greasy to wear and very simple to use and peps up a tired look instantly.


        I'm impressed to hell with this. This is a product that shows that you get what you pay for in life. The only draw back is cos it's more of a moist product it does run down pretty quick particularly if you want to use it for lots of things which I do!

        Colours available....


        £12.00 Per product (please note my colour is no longer on sale as far as I can see, it may be found in store and the only place I've seen Ruby and Millie cosmetic's is in Boot's. My colour may be found on line in discount stores. My colour by the way is a bronze colour ,yellow (c20).

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        Add a little colour to enhance not only your cheeks, but your lips and eyes too!

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