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Sally Hansen Airbrush Make Up

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Powders / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Brush

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2009 14:37
      Very helpful



      A must try product for vain gals in summer!

      I hate buying new foundation! As a pale skinned chic I find it really hard to get one that blends well and doesn't make me look like a clown but not only that it's hard to find one that doesn't irritate my sensitive spot prone skin.

      I spotted this in my local 99p shop and knew it was a bargain at that price and thought well if it isn't any good no harm done for the price of it type of thing. After a little online investigation I now know that the retail price of this is recommended to be about £10.00 a can but I have seen it online at about £4.00 so you do need to shop abut for this if your interested as it isn't very widely available and isn't stocked in Boots or anywhere like that to the best of my knowledge.

      Th Packaging:

      The product comes in a sliver cylinder can with a goldish transparent lid to the top of it covering a white aerosol push button sprayer. On the front of the can there is a small picture of a woman's face and in black writing I'm told it is Line Smoothing Airbrush Makeup SPF 8 and that I picked Nude Tan 'For medium to tanned skin tones' (other colours are available) and that is it by Sally Henson, Healing Beauty and the size is stated which is 1.0 oz/ 28.3g. On the back of the can other information tells me this is a sunscreen and that it helps to prevent sunburn and contains a high dose of SPF, warnings are listed, directions for use are given and contact details for Sally Henson are shown. Nice enough can and it gives me all the information I need without overloading my brain!

      Directions For Use:

      Shake well: Spray directly into hand and apply on face. Bend evenly and completely. Apply smoothly before sun exposure and as needed.

      Using It:

      So when I bought this I never read the back of the can and assumed it was simply a spray on the face foundation type of product. Well it is but it is also suitable to wear in the sun and be protected. I love the idea of that cos us ladies do know how hard it is to wear foundation in the beating hot sunshine (not that we get lot of it in UK granted lol).

      All you do to use this is follow the directions given on the back of can. Spray some onto your fingertips and gently blend it into the face.

      Sounds simple.... well thankfully it is! All you need is a little of the thin light brownish coloured liquid on your fingers. It sprays out fast so you you only need a quick squirt and a little goes a long way, like I say it is thin so go easy.

      I gently dab a few dots onto my face and gently blend all the dots together. It takes seconds. It sort of has a slight oily feel but it does feel hydrating as I'm aplying it and then voila in seconds its dry. It feels comfortable, skin can breath as its so light and the face feels smooth to the touch.

      Due to the colour I chose you can see a little colour on my face. It is light tan colour though and looks incredibly natural. It's long wearing too and when I've applied this in the morning and go to 'take my face off' at night I can see the colour of it come off onto my wipes or cotton wool too.

      I find I can wear this eau natural for a smooth fresh faced look or it's fine to use other make up such as pressed powder, blusher, eye-shadows and that sort of thing with it if I so desire.


      It does give skin a fresh faced and natural look. I can't feel I'm wearing it and my skin feels really smooth with it on. It doesn't cake on over time or rest in wrinkles or go patchy and yes it can withstand heat too, I know this from being in a very hot pub one night where I was sweating rather badly but my face stayed in place!

      It does seem to make my face glow and look fresh however the one downside of this is that if you have imperfections on your face it tends to show them up and it''s totally rubbish at covering spots and things. I have a few open pores on my cheeks and this makes them really apparent however saying that I can use pressed/loose powder to help conceal those.

      All in all this is actually a really nice, simple to wear type of face product. It's not foundation as such though I refer to it as that but really it's a spray on light face tan that protects you from the sun and if you see it I advise you to try it. It's not a miracle air-brushing spray but it is easy to use and very easy to wear and I'm really glad I got mine!


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        07.02.2008 17:06
        Very helpful



        Nothing's as effective as photoshop but hey it's a start!

        If I were to make a list of the top three foundations that I have ever used (I have used a LOT of foundations from all price ranges and brands) then it would go like this

        1) Ruby & Millie Liquid Base
        2) Maybelline Wonder Finish
        3) Sally Hansen Airbrush Make Up

        It's a close call between the second and third place, and this product only falls third because it is not widely available, in fact I do believe it has been discontinued but it is still available at some places on the net and perhaps in some discount make up shops. That said, third place out of the huge amount I have tried is not bad going at all.

        I had used Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs before and had been largely disappointed with the results - it basically looked like I was wearing make up on my legs, which just looked odd not flawless and I was worried sick about transference all night.

        Also Sally Hansen is more widely known for nail products, so a foundation by them would have never normally caught my attention as something that could have been good. The reason it caught my eye was because of the Airbrush gimmick. Called "the poor womans Era" (a spray on foundation coming in at whopping £39.99 a can) this product comes in an aerosol can. When I got it home I actually read the application technique was to spray the product onto your hands and then apply it to your face, which sort of defeated the whole object so I was a little disappointed at first but not once I saw the results. I have also tried spraying this directly onto my face and then blending, but I haven't found any benefit to this.

        It basically applies the same as any other foundation - put some on your hand and then apply in whichever way you find best - fingers, sponges or a foundation brush. Out of the many methods of application I always find a foundation brush to be the most hygienic, easy to use and give the best finish, and it also doesn't soak up your product.

        When you first spray the foundation it sort of bubbles and fizzes and then quickly calms down. It has quite a chemical smell which isn't the nicest but it's not awful and does disappear quickly.

        When applied to the skin I found it gave great coverage to any skin imperfections and evened out my skin tone, whilst still looking so natural that you would question whether the person is wearing make up or just naturally has good skin. It gives the skin a smooth, even look, and feels light, despite its good coverage abilities. Sally Hansen say it gives an "invisible, impeccable finish" which I think is a perfect way to describe it. It is said by some that it helps hide fine lines, although I cannot personally say whether I agree with this but it is an added bonus if it does. It is also water resistant and long lasting, which means it doesn't wear off and need reapplying throughout the day. It is however easy to remove with your normal cleanser or wipes.

        A word of warning would be do not use this over primer. I tried it with foundation primer on my skin and it would not blend at all it was just streaky all over my face - not a great look!

        A downside would be it isn't available in a huge amount of colours. It is available in Nude Tan, Beach Beige, Natural Beige Spice, Creamy Natural and No Colour. The one I own is Creamy Natural and it is a light shade suitable for pale skins and it definitely is a creamy colour. I've never used the "No Colour" option, but I would be interested to see how this works.

        It has an rrp £9.95 but I wouldn't expect to pay this for it. I got mine for £3.99 at the local discount beauty store. I've also seen it at this price at various places on the web and even for 99p on ebay. Unfortunately the store I bought this from stocks things that are being discontinued, and this product is hard to find so it is a possibility that this is what's happening to it but at the moment a quick search on the web should find a fair few places you can still buy it from.

        It loses a star simply for the fact that it is not widely available in the shops but other than that this is a great foundation.


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      • Product Details

        This ultra thin liquid sprays out of a slim aerosol can, blend for an all over even finish /

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