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Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Hydrating Base Coat

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Coat / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Hydrates,

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2011 08:43
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      When buying some Sally Hansen products lately, I bought a few at the same time as if I was going to look after my nails properly, I need to do it with some accompanying products. The one that I bought was this Sally Hansen Nail Quencher that is a base coat when applying nail varnish. I have used base coats before but sometimes can be quite lazy when it comes to stuff like this, it is also meant to lock in moisture to keep nails looking healthy and strong which adds to its use.


      This base coat comes in a metallic box with details of the product on it and what it does as well as it having the Sally Hansen logo. It has a window so you can see the bottle and the bottle is the usual size of a nail varnish bottle but it is blue glass with a silver metal lid. You can see through the blue glass to see how much you have left as it is a 13.3ml bottle and it has a lot of information on the back so that you know how to use this. It is really flammable so it needs to be kept away from flames etc.


      To use this product, it has a few details about it. It is meant to make nail colour last up to 4 days which is really good as well as the fact it helps protect nails and smooth ridges. It has mineral rich hydration and plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils, all of which help to keep nails in a really good condition. It is very easy to apply which is good as you apply it just like you would a nail varnish. It is only one coat you need of this and obviously it is applied before you put on nail varnish.

      Once your nail varnish has dried in, it is just a case of then picking you nail varnish applying that and then using a top coat and your nails will be ready to show. With this top coat, I noticed that it is good in stopping nail varnish from going on skin as it seems to lock in the nail varnish which is great. It seems to make nail varnish look so much smoother when applying it and there is no uneven bits which is just what I want when applying nail varnish. I do think it helps nail varnish last a good few days but I'm not 100% confirming that it is 4 days.

      I think this product is a good buy but whether I'd give it full marks, I can't say that I would as it is not perfect to me. I don't know if it is making my nails stronger as I think it is a bit much to expect it to do everything but just to even create a smoother nail to apply on is a bonus. It does smell very strong just like other nail varnish products do so watch when sniffing it as it is very strong. It is ok though just leave it to dry when applying it and you will have no smudges but it does dry quickly.

      This product is best for you if you are quite into painting your nails as a base coat protects nails a lot more and gives a better look to the finished result. It also makes life easier when painting nails and just stops smudging and an uneven looking finish which is quite good.


      If you want to give this base coat a try then you can buy it from Poundland where it was only £1 but this is only in select stores as I haven't seen it in all, I have also seen this on offer at Argos. I have also noticed that Cosmetics4Less.net are selling this for £2.50 again which isn't that bad.

      For more information go to http://www.sallyhansen.co.uk


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