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Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Growth

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10 Reviews
  • Helps your nails to grow thick and healthy
  • makes your nails healthy and strong
  • Applying it can be a bit messy
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    10 Reviews
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      27.09.2014 18:43
      Not Helpful


      • "Helps your nails to grow thick and healthy"
      • "makes your nails healthy and strong"
      • "Does what it says on the packaging"


      • "Applying it can be a bit messy"

      Transformed my nails and couldn't have hoped for anything better!

      I love this product! I used to bite my nails frequently because I was so stressed and i hated doing it, but it became a habit. I managed to stop biting my nails, but i was left with short, splitting and weak nails that always ripped or broke whenever they started to grow. I tried many different nail products, and I found the sally hansen products to work best. Not only did this serum help my nails to grow, but provided them with the strength they needed to grow healthier and thicker!


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      04.09.2012 02:14
      1 Comment



      If you want a little helping hand in the nail growth department this product works wonders

      As an ex nail bitter and someone who uses my nails as tools more often than I should im prone to the odd crack in the side of my now non bitten and rather long nails. I find it really frustrating when I end up with one shorter than the others and it is tempting to revert back to my nail biting ways. No longer do I have to do this as this really does give my nails a noticeable growth boost and they even feel stronger than previously.

      Every 3 to 4 days I apply this as a base coat using just one layer and leave it to dry which only takes a couple of minutes and then apply my chosen colour over the top. Within three to four days my nails are already growing out and I'm either bored of my colour or have chipped a nail at this point so I just repeat the process again. I would credit my long nails to this product and I often get asked where I get my nails done purely based on people thinking they are extensions.

      The product is a little pricey but you can often find Sally Hansen products on a 3 for 2 in Boots so I stock up then which lowers the costs.

      I have also found that the product can go 'off' within a few months, as all varnishes do, and end up stringy and difficult to apply, but my bottle is nealty empty by that point and is nothing storing in the fridge couldn't solve.


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        22.06.2011 13:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fantastic product that appears to be boosting the strength and growth of my fingernails.

        As our wedding was fast approaching I found myself more and more interested in trying to look my best and suddenly I was remembering things like my ragged looking nails and my boring looking hair! Before I knew it I was faffing about at make-up counters, trying new perfumes, getting pedicures and shopping like there was no tomorrow! One such item that I purchased about 6 weeks ago was Sally Hansen Miracle Growth. My main reason for making this purchase was that it was available from Argos.co.uk reduced from £8.95 down to £1 and with a wait of just 3 days I was able to pick this up from my local store at this ridiculously low price with no other postage or fees added on top.

        This product comes in a little nail polish style bottle which is encased in a recyclable cardboard box packaging that shows off the polish in the middle. You can see the bottle before you buy (depending on your method of purchase of course) but this wasn't really something that appealed to me and the packaging felt a little bit over the top, however, at least it was recyclable so that's something! The bottle is your standard kind of nail polish bottle but it's coloured gold, which looking closely appears to be sprayed on and there is a shiny gold lid that makes my face look distorted if I look in to it. The bottle looks quite classy and I'd happily leave it out on my dresser, mainly because it's known as being a more premium product.

        The miracle nail growth itself is very simple to use. Just unscrew the lid, use the brush built in to apply a thin layer to nails. I usually run the brush around the top of the inside of the bottle ensuring that any excess liquid is removed meaning it's not caked on to my nails. I initially started off using this on alternate days, however, in recent days I've been using this daily. I have found that applying a small layer before bed is very convenient for me. It takes just a few minutes for the layer to dry and it does not smudge or stay tacky for longer than about 2 minutes. There is a bit of a smell attached to using this product but nothing worse than a standard nail polish, probably not as strong when I think about it, but strong enough to get my cat interested in what is going on!

        I have found that this does peel off my nails a little in places and as I do quite a manual job this is always going to happen with any nail polish. I don't usually wear nail polish to work, because of rules, so I cannot definitely say that another polish would break off but even when I'm not at work it's fair to say that nice nail polish doesn't last more than a day or two before I end up getting fed up with how tatty it looks and take it all off. While this particularly nail product does seem to peel off a little in places it's not enough for me to take it all off and when I arrive home from work I will just apply another coat before bed and it is not even noticeable that some has peeled off.

        I must say that my nails appear to be in wonderful health since I begun using this product. This could be a combination of things; no longer smoking, being more careful with my hands at work, wearing gloves a little more, not biting my nails, not cutting them constantly so they are extra trim & using this liquid. Obviously it's quite hard for me to pinpoint this one product at being the thing that's made my nails this much healthier but I feel that it has contributed. My nails are not in the best condition at the moment as they do need a nice file in to a decent shape but it's so rare for me to have nails long enough to worry about filing that I'm having difficulty remembering where all my nail files are! My nails break less and they appear to be a lot stronger also which obviously contributes to the amount of breakage that occurs anyway. I believe the reason this works so well is that 'soy protein' binds your nails ensuring they are less brittle and grow longer.

        Overall I'm really pleased with the quality of this product. It's fair to say that, in part, thanks to using this product I've got much healthier nails. I have a manicure done for my wedding by my sister-in-law (to be!) and must say that my nails were in fantastic condition. I was very very pleased with how nice they looked in our wedding photographs and the fact that I paid just £1 for this product makes it even more loved by me! I have looked on the Argos website today (to check the exact name for this item as while the bottle says it I did think it was known as something else!) and it's gone back up to £8.95 now. Now if I could just find a way to keep my nails gloriously clean without constantly using my nail brush that'd be fantastic!


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          06.12.2010 19:05
          Very helpful



          Helps nails grow but willpower needed to resist biting!

          Curently priced at £9.45 for a 13ml bottle this is not a cheap product and I therefore had high hopes for it when I first bought it way back in June 2010.
          It can be bought on websites such as cheapsmells.com for £4.95 so worth taking a peek on the internet for better deals / offers.

          It has won a number of awards over the past few years, e.g.
          2008 Bridal Beauty Awards in 'You and Your Wedding Bridal Beauty'.
          2007 She Beauty Awards - 'Best for hands and nails' category.- What is it and what does it promise?-

          *The exclusive protein complex prompts fast nail growth for soft, bitten, thin or damaged nails that won't grow.
          *Soy protein binds moisture to nails, strengthening and lengthening without brittleness.
          *Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.
          *Collagen and multi-vitamins stimulate healthy nail growth for visibly longer, beautiful nails in 5 days.
          *Salon strength treatment for 30% longer nail tips in 5 days guaranteed.

          - My Experience -

          Having bitten my nails for many, many years I have tried a multitude of concoctions that would help me break the habit. However the only thing that worked was willpower and a little help from this product.

          It has a very strong smell which isn't the most pleasant and can be quite over-powering. It goes on as a clear varnish and takes approx 2-3 minutes to dry completely. It has quite a thick consistency so it's best to wipe the brush on the inside of the rim before applying the varnish.

          The advice is to add a new layer of this on to your nails on alternate days... However I found that it began to crack a little and the top layer peel off in sections once three or more layers were put on so I removed it and then started from scratch again as this wasn't very conducive to me trying not to bite my nails as they were beginning to look a bit messy.

          As for the product's ability to grow the tips of my nails by 30% in 5 days... this all depended upon my determination not to nibble on them. Although I have to admit that given that I could see a small amount of growth after less than a week of using this it did spur me on to refrain from chewing at the nail tips that were growing.

          I am pleased to say that I now have long, strong nails - mainly due to my willpower but spurred on by the fact that this product helped the growth of my nails somewhat.

          N.B. Review also posted on ciao.


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            06.08.2010 17:04
            Very helpful



            Good for very weak, bitten or picked nails.

            -What is it?-
            Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle is a varnish you paint on your nails to strengthen them and supposedly increase growth.

            -How much does it cost?-
            Full price is VERY expensive, around £8, but you can buy online, ebay or several cosmetic stores for around £2, which is fine.

            -How does it work-
            It contains some pretty strong chemicals and proteins to bind you nails and make them stronger, and therefore grow faster.

            You apply every other day for a week, then remove and start again.

            -Does it work?-
            Yes, it does work. I...pick my nails, I started using this to try and get some pretty nails for my wedding next year. I applied as instructed and my nails were much harder, and definitely grew faster. In around 2 weeks my nails looked rather nice, and in a month I had nails to be proud of!

            Well harder, means less bendy, less flexible, so expect some snapping nails. I lost so many that way. Just opening a freezer in tesco's and a nail snapped.

            Also the product contains formaldehyde. Read into that what you will, but some people say it is definitely not healthy. And it STINKS, my partner hates it, he keeps pretending to pass out when I open the bottle.

            It DOES work, it makes your nails stronger, it helps them grown, and it is great if you are a serial biter or picker like me. But you need to apply religiously, and stop the picking or biting for it to work, and to hold your nose when applying!


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            14.04.2010 19:56
            Very helpful



            If your nails are short and stubby, go for it. Don't hope for long nails by the weekend.

            Alright, alright. I'll confess.

            My name is RTWJuju and I'm a nail-biter!

            I regularly bite my nails. I don't know why and yes, thank you, I do know it's disgusting. It's a habit that I just can't break, apparently no matter how hard I try.

            I go through cycles of biting and then letting them grow. When I am letting them grow, I get impatient and feel the need to give my nails a helping hand. In order to do this, I coat them with Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle (which comes in a lovely little gold pot) once a week.

            I bought this product originally because it promises to produce lovely strong nails within five days (or was it seven?). Now - it fails on that front. At least when it concerns me. But I would never expect anything to work that quickly on nails that are starting from the very base of their growth. When I do use it, I do notice my nails growing.

            I am a little bit dubious, however. Sometimes I'm a little bit confused as to whether my nails are growing with the aid of the product's chemical formula, or whether they're growing because they have nail polish on and that reminds me not to bite. It could go either way, to be perfectly honest. It's not as though I can compare the nail growth rate to anything -- I've never been able to grow my nails without using this varnish.

            To be perfectly honest, I don't care which way it is. I would put my faith in the former (and trust that the product actually does what it says on the tin), personally. Even if it doesn't work, I wouldn't be without it. It makes my nails look longer and smoother and more healthy than they really are. I believe it's all tricks of the light - the lacquer makes the nails shiny and removes the need for buffing, etc. It makes me feel better in myself, and I value it for that.

            It comes off really easily when it chips and/or you're done with it. A tiny bit of nail varnish remover on some cotton wool and with minimal effort, it's gone. It leaves behind no discolouring or any evidence of its being there at all.


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            15.02.2010 10:50



            Use regularly and this will work miracles.

            I first tried this when I found a cheap bottle in tjhughes and it really does what it says on the tin! When I use this (daily and as a base coat for colour) my nails grow fast and healthy. It must work or I wouldn't have continued to buy it at full price in superdrug, which is about £8.50 I think.
            I cant remember the high street price because I found a fabulous seller on ebay that sells this in a 2 pack with cuticle oil (which smells lovely and almondy) and you get 2 packs of the sets for £7 including delivery!! Bargain. I would never look back.

            Im not sure why or how it works but when you apply it, it feels cold on your nails, and it dries quickly and thin, unlike a shiny nail varnish, I think it soaks into your nails or something. I wear nail varnish on a regular basis so every time i reapply a colour i start with a base of miracle growth, this way it prevents staining as well as makes your nails grow healthily and long.

            Another advantage of using this product regularly is that it smells a lot nicer than regular polish, it sort of reminds me of pear drops sweet. mmm

            What ever it does, it does it well.


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            12.05.2009 19:20
            Very helpful



            Yes its obvious you have nail polish on but it actually does let nails grow.

            I have a terrible confession; I'm a nail biter and this is a long review based on my experience with this product.

            I have been biting my nails since I was little and I remember why I did it from the initial response to when I first discovered I could do it! I remember as a child scratching my dad by accident and it caused a scratch that bled on his face. I was horrified that I could hurt someone by my nails and started to chew them to make them less sharp. Of course at the age of five one doesn't know very much but I certainly did from the fuss my parents made when it happened. From that day onwards I became compulsive in biting my nails, and it led to scenes in the living room when watching a horror film or a fast action packed adventure film that the hands would slowly reach the face, and a finger inserted in the mouth for comfort.

            As such my nails are probably the worst feature of when playing the piano. I've seen my pupils look away sometimes as they look down and see half a nail here, or a reddened thumb nail looking like its been hit by a hammer. That was many years ago and I tried the anti-nail bite formulas but found that I could eat through them despite the nasty, bitter taste. Enter Sally Hansen...

            Sally Hansen has been one of those brands where I know very little about other than supplying the trade with nail treatments. My mother discovered the brand years ago and from time to time has bought many of the firm's many ranges of nail varnish although it seems they do a whole range for beauty addicts even as afar as feet care and hair removers. One day she brought home a clear pink liquid that proved to be a clear nail varnish as well as protecting and growing/supporting nail growth. She offered it to me then but I didn't feel that confident in putting the stuff on, not just because it was pink clear liquid but imagine having to show my mates my shinny, glistening fingers! Then the clear glass bottles were replaced with a thin tonic blue bottle - another derivative and also goes under the name of "Growth Activator," which clearly did what it suggested albeit being a thin watery like acidic tonic that burnt open wounds on contact and left cuticles icy cold.

            I finally tried the Nail Growth Miracle nail varnish recently, finally banishing myself from ever chewing my fingernails to such a bad state again and citing a new change in health direction. This was following being a teacher in the classroom and my hands and fingers constantly on a drum kit, guitar or keyboard being on view not just to me but to the pupils and other teachers.

            The packaging couldn't be any more feminine if it tried however, and it certainly won't win many male admirers in the process; dressed in a matt gold finish with a matching gold top that holds the brush in, this could well pass for a gold nail polish. However if it wasn't for the clear peel able Sally Hansen label on the front and back, you could in theory hide the fact that this is a conditioning, nail growth varnish or simply put, a clear nail varnish if applied to existing painted nails.

            Whilst essentially this is a nail growth solution, Nail Growth Miracle "Salon Strength," (in smaller letters, there) can be used on painted nails, although Sally Hansen go to the trouble of suggesting that the polish can be used if you paint your nails with two coats before applying this varnish on. And despite the fact that the directions are easy to read off the website, once you throwaway the cardboard packaging that the bottle sits in from purchase, the directions on the back of the bottle may well need a microscope because the wording is very small, and much smaller than anything I've ever had to read before.

            The ingredients of this solution seem simple enough, although it would appear that whilst Keratin has been added to protect nails from cracking, splitting or breaking, the basic content is a Soy protein that reacts with air and water to strengthen and moisturise the nail as well as Collagen and (and as far as Sally Hansen's website goes onto suggest) multi-vitamins to stimulate healthy growth of nails. The product has also been dermatologically tested. Being packed with all these ingredients it also has toxic and flammable warnings so if it's used around children, children's nails should be painted solely by responsible parents and guardians.

            The scent of this polish is really strong, very similar to the acetone you'd find in any nail polish remover but after a minute or so the scent dies down and becomes understated before turning into a slight bubble gum like scent but not enough to tempt me to chew much. For the ladies (and perhaps Men who follow the Gothic route) the beauty of this product is that it can be applied to existing nail varnish without fear of the coat running in the process. It needs to be applied to clean nails though if you want the miracle of growth to occur but it's good that it can be used as an extra protective layer for other colours.

            Given that I have used Sally Hansen products in the past, upon applying to my nails, Nail Growth Miracle has the identical feeling as its latter "Growth Activator," counterpart liquid. If there's an open wound on your finger, just at the sides of your cuticles, you will experience stinging pain - let it be said that this is not an antiseptic nail polish and as such you need to make sure all your fingers have healed of any dry skin or an open wound where any previous biting has occurred! If not, then it's a very easy procedure to do. I find that whilst the brush mirrors most nail varnish brushes, one application can last two nails on one hand before dipping the brush in again. Although the directions point you towards starting in the middle, I tend to brush at the sides first especially if I have chunks of skin cracked before the cuticle. For a more evenly growth it does make sense to put the brush on the cuticle and pull upwards, quite similar to painting your nails (or as I've seen watching my mum doing it). It only takes seconds for this solution to dry onto the nail, so you can do whatever you are doing straight after the solution has been painted on; a slight advantage over painting colours on. The solution dries into a hard and shiny thin like film, which I can tell you, if you bite off you'll get clean layers of plastic like film coming away and a lovely taste of plastic!

            The beauty of this product is that it doesn't take months for the miracle of growth to appear. I've noticed after a week of one application that things truly start to grow! The bottle suggests that you paint your nails with this stuff every day but then at £8-95 to £13-99 for such a small 13ml bottle, there are obvious marketing clues there to buy more of the product if you run out. My cuticles however look whiter, healthier whilst nail growth can actually be seen forming under the protective film.; for once I have white arcs forming on top of my nails like normal people who don't bite their nails! The trick here is that whilst the directions tell you to paint every day, in order to have super protected finger nails, I apply this solution twice to three times a week. Then I can do whatever I'm doing and find if I paint over the top of the nail where the tops of my fingers are, the skin is further protected if, say gardening or coming into contact with dust. Scrubbing the solution off is easy but again you can also take the product off using acetone or nail varnish remover as you would normally.

            The downsides are of course, the initial expense of this product but at what cost do you have to go to have nail treatments done particularly those who have no nails and have to go through pain and suffering as well as splashing out £30 to £40 on professional treatments? Save yourself the embarrassment and go the Sally Hansen route.

            In use, if the product does fall onto a table or otherwise I've found its easy to loosen off flat surfaces with a blunt knife before getting white spirit out to rid the surface off. This product doesn't blemish or dye surfaces but it can be annoying if drops of it land on a table if you apply this in a rush. Talking about applying, I find that the nylon brush is a somewhat cheap item and could do with having extra layers on it as well as perhaps being of a better quality; the nylon spreads out easily but sometimes it clogs up which needs washing. The bottle too can get clogged or stuck down with escaping solution once the brush has been put down, so you have to watch out for that.

            This is a product which does what it says and it does it without fuss and nonsense without having to buy anything else to go with it - unless of course you run out of it and have to buy it again. The website states that it guarantees 30% nail growth in five days and I truly believe that. Without a picture facility on Dooyoo however it's a pity I'm not able to show you the before and after! Perhaps its psychological, maybe it's the cost of the product, or perhaps the condition of looking at fresh, growing nails. Some of my pupils have even recognised the drastic improvement. Whatever it is, Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Miracle is a miracle in itself and puts anti-bite polishes and solutions to shame. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2009



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              26.11.2007 23:39



              do you have brittle cracked unightly nail? well don't try Sally Hanson then . . .

              I bought this product full of hope thinking it would cure my brittle, ridged nails but I was proved wrong.
              My nails weren't as ridged but they didn't grow and the varnish peeled off in water.
              Not worth the money quite frankly some people may say it works but I think its another big money making scheme.

              On the bottle it guarantees that you nails will grow by 30% of their original length in 5 days . . . . well I'm not so sure.
              Mine more or less stayed the same.

              I bought this form boots and it was more expensive than in the other chemists (but I get point on my Boots cards so Its all worth the while)
              it was around the £8.00 mark.

              The bottle however is very attractive and I must say that the way they advertised it is effective too!

              But not a winner for me.
              at the end of the day a good diet and hydration are the necessary key to having beautiful nails!


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              02.08.2007 12:02
              Very helpful



              Have the inch long talons you dream of

              Bottle Size:100ml bottle
              Cost: £8.99 (£7.89 on sale at super drug)
              Availability: Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc…

              I am at a loss to explain why it has taken me so long to review Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle. I have been using it for roughly 4 months now and it is time I shared it’s greatness with the world. With this in mind, I ask you to read this review as if I am actually standing on a roof top and shouting it to you.

              ***Why I first used it***
              I am not a nail biter – although those nasty cuticles are often more tempting than I can handle. In fact, I never got the chance to bite my nails as they were always paper thin and instead of chipping or cracking, the weak, yellowy layers would simply peel away prohibiting any form of growth.

              It was a very rare occasion that my nails surfaced from their nail bed to peek out over the finger tips and I had more or less resigned myself to never having long, sexy nails without the aid of bothersome fake nail kits which have always ruined my nails even more. I say I had almost given up hope but one day, the last shred of optimism left in me brought me to the nail care section of Boots where I was lured by the sparkling gold Sally Hansen bottle and the words Nailgrowth Miracle. Was this just another deceitful marketing ploy or had I actually found the holy grail of nail care?

              When I got home, I decided to do things right. I pulled out a ridiculous Christmas present I had been given several months earlier – a hand and nail manicure set with a number of scrubs, potions and lotions promising to give you hands to rival a babies bum. I scrubbed, peeled, sanded, scraped, prodded and patted my hands and examined them closely, They radiated with raw redness but there was no mistaking the limp and lifeless nails as my own.

              I then applied the nailgrowth miracle carefully twice to each nail and went to bed feeling less than hopeful.

              ***How to use***
              If there are women out there who can’t figure out their way around a bottle of nail polish by the time they are in their teens, shame on you! Assuming there are a select few of you out there:

              1.Open bottle
              2.remove excess polish from brush
              3.starting in the middle of the nail, brush the polish along the length of the nail, working towards the edges in a slow, fluid motion
              4.Allow nails to dry
              5.Repeat process for added strength

              It is recommended you repeat this process every two-three days, removing old polish each time before adding new.

              ***The science of the Miracle ***
              I don’t pretend to understand the science bits but I can testify to the results.

              Nailgrowth Miracle contains a unique protein complex which claims to promote nail growth. Soy protein is used to give the nails added moisture which in turn prompts strengthening allowing nails to grow more freely. Keratin acts as protection against splitting, tearing or in my case, nasty peeling and the Collagen and vitamins found in this concoction stimulate nail growth and healthier nails.

              ***A modern day miracle or a modern day flop?***
              Alas, I didn’t wake up the morning after applying the polish with inch-long talons. However, after 3 days, I could see where the nail had grown from the cuticle markings. Over the next few days I followed the instructions to the letter and within a week my nails were substantially longer. I would even go as far as to say they were the full 30% longer that good ol’ Sally had promised. I became somewhat obsessed with their growth over the following weeks and after 3 weeks my nails were not only officially long but they were also noticeably stronger.

              Over the last 3 months people have joked about my “fake nails” and girls in the office have asked me how I keep them in such good condition. I have had to struggle with mundane daily tasks like typing and opening tins and packets. I drive my colleagues up the wall with that annoying five-finger tapping I always longed to make and spend hours posing with my hand coyly placed against my cheek displaying them in all their grandeur and two weeks ago, for the first time in the history of…ever, I had to trim my nails because they were too long!

              And as if that wasn’t proof enough Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle has been recognized with the following awards:
              •SHE Beauty awards, 2007
              •Allure’s Editor’s choice award, 2006
              •Instyle - best beauty buys, 2005
              •Annual Beauty Magazine Awards – best nail treatment, 2005
              •Glamour Magazine - Glammy Award, 2004

              This sparkly gold bottle with the familiar Sally Hansen signature, is instantly recognizable even without the huge hint that is the Name “Nailgrowth Miracle” blazened across the front in black writing. It comes in a white box with orange trimming and an open window at the front from which the bottle can be clearly seen. All application details, ingredients and warnings are listed on the back along with what the products claims to do.

              ***Negative side-effects***
              Partners and children beware: you may find your partner/parent no longer has time to spend with you as every waking moment will be consumed by admiring her nails, showing off her nails, shopping for new nail polish, trying on rings that accentuate the nails and painting her nails. If there is any time still left for you, please accept that certain pastimes will be outlawed due to possible risk to the nail.


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          • Product Details

            30% Longer Nails in 5 Days. Guaranteed! Exclusive Protein Complex prompts fast nail growth / Soy protein binds moisture to nails, strengthening and lengthening without brittleness / Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and breaking / Collagen and multi-vitamins stimulate healthy nail growth / Salon Tested / Dermatologist Tested.

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