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Sally Henson Get Growing Multi Vitamin Nail Growth Solution

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2009 21:02
      Very helpful



      A must try for really, really bad nails

      When I say I have very bad nails I'm not exaggerating, trust me. I don't want to go into many details but a long time I ago I was in an abusive domestic relationship. I took many punches, falls and pushes and had a lot of cuts and bruises (luckily no broken bones!) but one of the things that my ex liked to do was...stamp on my toenails. There's no other way of putting it and I'm dead sorry if your squeamish lol.... Not only that I have a Vitamin B deficiency which means I don't have strong bones anyway.

      I had a lot of cracked nails and alot (over time) have snapped in half and all-sorts on me. I remember once being in a Nando's restaurant having dinner with my ex and my toenail was throbbing and felt so painful I wanted to cry. When he'd injured my foot I had, had silver nail polish on so I couldn't see the damage to my nail in the way of bruising and my toe was showing no signs of problems. I went to the loo, poked my nail and it came clean off and in my hand and under my nail was blue. A nail was already growing underneath but at a later date it did go septic and I ended up going to see an emergency Dr who wanted to remove the nail that was growing and I refused because I was told my nail may never grow back. (Luckily it sorted itself out and I had made the right decision!).

      I've lost pretty much every toenail at some point of another and now because of that they grow very crooked and some are not very thick which means they chip very easily. Also my toenails are very dry and seem to like having skin grow over the nail 'dulling it down' in shine and my nails flake really very badly so much I pick at it making my nail thinner. Being a girly girl of course who wants to have horrible toenails whatever the reason? I don't, I know that much lol! I do try to look after my toenails but because of the uneven texture etc nail polish can look quite bad (particularly dark colours) and I am prone to staining and if polish gets under my nail (via a crack say) I can't get the colour out of it and it can go funny! I hate (hated lol) my toenails!

      Notice I don't talk about my fingernails. I bite them. I can't seem to stop and before anyone offers a remedy I've done it all my life (I'm now 34) and I don't think it's a habit I can break lol Fingernails though are strong enough and the right colour even thought they're bitten to hell. However they are not a concern...my toes are and I like wearing peep toes and sandals!

      As I said earlier I like to look nice and hate my nails which are a permanent reminder of my ex partner! I need that like a hole in the head lol. So when I saw this product in T.J Hughes for £1.99 (I have seen this in Sainsbury's for £6.49 just recently) I decided to give it a go. I simply felt I had to tackle my dried up looking toenails!

      The Packaging...

      The box is square and orange and white in colour. The writing on the box is gold, white and black and the bottle can be seen through a see-through window to the left hand side of the box. I'm told on the front of the box that it is Sally Hansen, (Salon Tested, Dermatologically tested), Get Growing Multi Vitamin Nail Growth Solution. I'm then again told it is a Multi-Vitamin and shown a photograph of a someones nail before and supposedly after using this solution between 5-7 days and 'Results are Guaranteed'. Finally on the front the size is stated which is 0.45 fl oz/13.3 ml.

      On the back of the box I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given (including an expert tip), ingredients are listed and finally I'm given contact details for Sally Henson. The bottle itself is tallish and quite squared in shape, is orange and almost see through with a white plastic handle/lid/ to the top you twist to open and close it that holds quite a long see-through plastic 'wand' with long pieces of clear 'hairs' to make a brush which is very good quality.

      On the front of the bottle in white writing I'm told it it Sally Henson Get Growing Multi-Vitamin Nail Growth Solution and on the back once again I'm given directions for use, details for contacting Sally Henson are also given and finally the size is stated yet again. All in all, all of the packaging is nice enough and looks quality and not one bit cheap...which of course it isn't unless you grab a bargain like I did of course! lol

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Box....

      You Have: Short, brittle, damaged nails that won't grow

      You Want longer, stronger, more beautiful nails

      How It Works : A nourishing complex with Vitamin C, Pro Vitamin B5 and Wheat Protein penetrates nails and cuticles to help revitalise, repair and restore their appearance. Hydrates nails at the source of nail growth - so nails get a healthy boost, right from the start.

      You'll Get: Healthy-looking nails that really grow
      Flexible nails that 'bounce back' instead of breaking
      Visible results in just 5-7 days

      Directions For Use....

      Shake well before opening. Apply over nails and cuticles and under nail tips. Massage in to help stimulate healthy nail growth. For damaged nails: Use morning and night.

      Expert Tip:

      Healthy cuticles are essential to healthy nail growth. Keep them soft and supple bu moisturising regularly with Sally Henson Get Healthy Nails And Cuticles Multi-Vitamin Creme.

      Me Using It....

      Well I have used this in a couple of different ways since I've owned it. Firstly cos my nails were in such bad condition I've left them with no polish on and applied this for the first couple of days morning and night and then I found my nails to be so much better that now I only use it once a day.

      I have brushed on this light weight oil (that really isn't all that greasy) with the given brush and don't need much at all just a dab on each nail and then gently massaged it in (do have a flannel or something to hand because it is a little on the oily side lol) but I have also had a couple of really dehydrated nails (at the beginning of using this) and I poured a little onto a cotton wool pad and used medical tape to secure it on my toe and slept with it that way and removed the compress in the morning. It's simple to apply, it doesn't stink and providing you massage it in well doesn't transfer any residue anywhere it shouldn't. It smells natural and lightly fruity and the smell fades very quickly once applied.


      Amazing! Really. I didn't expect a miracle but I feel I got one somehow. As soon as I apply it my nails are instantly hydrated and look glossy and the dry white appearance vanishes pretty much depending on the damage to the nail of course. Nails feels more flexible and smooth and if I want to apply nail polish that day for a bit because I'm going out say I use this a couple of hours prior to slapping some on then I remove it as soon as I can and reapply this to rehydrate my nails. I need to do that to get and keep a nice smooth base.

      My nails feel stronger and in a couple of weeks I've had no cracks or breakage appear at all. Even my ridges look smoother than usual! I simply usually use this once a day (as I say more if I remove any polish from my nails) and not only does it work and make my nails so much stronger than they used to be, I have noticed that they seem to be growing faster and straighter too. So much so I actually filed my nails for the first time in years the other day and who knows one day soon they may actually need cutting!

      It's great due to the visible improvement I have instantly but after the 5 days guideline nails really do appear different and more healthy and vibrant! I love this product and if you have really bad nails like mine, well this couldn't hurt you at least to try it out!


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