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Seche Restore Thinner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Seche / Type: Nail Varnish / What it does: Restores,

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    2 Reviews
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      05.05.2013 13:27



      A must have product if you already have the top coat

      I had been using the amazing seche vite top coat for a while before I heard about this thinner. Over time - probably due to the fact that as a fast drying top coat - seche vite evaporates quickly and becomes gungy and hard to use (and quite wasteful as you use more).

      The thinner comes in a bottle with a handy little dropper so you can keep an eye on how much you use. It instantly thins and restores your top coat, extending its lifespan for what seems forever.

      I actually buy more of the thinner than I do of the top coat and it is excellent value, and since the top coat is so good at keeping your colour strong and shiny, you can get away with buying cheaper nail polish colours. Lots of my friends have seche vite top coat and we would often share the thinners - giving each other a quick squirt every so often to keep our top coat in top condition!

      I have heard that it is a great thinner for all types of nail colour too but have not tried that yet.


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      28.03.2012 18:53
      Very helpful
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      Very happy with this product.

      Seche Restore is marketed as specifically a thinner for their wildly popular Seche Vite fastdry topcoat - Seche Vite often thickens over time, and the second half of the bottle can be gloopy and hard to use. Seche Restore is designed to literally restore it to its original state.

      Seche tell us that this is the only product you should use to return Seche Vite to its original consistency. It's quite common to hear people talking about using nail polish remover to thin their gloopy old polishes, but this actually isn't very good for the polish quality and is absolutely a no-no for Seche Vite! Using nail polish remover for this purpose affects the colour and finish of the nail polish, and though it does thin it, your nail polish will never be quite the same again; Seche Restore claims not to "diminish shine or dull colours". Seche Restore has a short ingredient list, consisting of butyl acetate, toluene and isopropyl alcohol, which are apparently the ingredients that evaporate out of Seche Vite leading to that annoying thickening. These aren't very nice chemicals, and I think you should avoid breathing in too deeply when you've got the bottle open - toluene in particular is one of the "big 3" chemicals traditionally used in nail polishes that many now think should be avoided. To be honest, I'm not all that bothered about using these chemicals, as I'm not applying them every day and I make sure to do my nails in a well-ventilated room.

      As well as thinning Seche Vite, you can use Seche Restore to sort out any nail polish that has become thick and unusable. I've actually heard of people use it on nail polishes that have totally dried out and become solid, with great success!

      Seche Restore comes in a 14ml bottle (I got mine for £6.50 on ebay), which looks like a slightly larger than usual nail polish bottle: a cylindrical clear glass bottle, with a screw on cylindrical black plastic cap. Unlike a nail polish, there is no brush attached to the cap. Instead, it comes with a glass dropper with a rubber bulb, to let you carefully adjust how much of the product you want to add at once. Together, these are packed in a small cardboard box in silver and white.

      It's really quite easy to use: simply use the dropper to add some Seche Restore into the nail polish you want to thin down. Then, firmly attach the nail polish's lid and shake to incorporate fully - some people say you shouldn't shake nail polish, but I've never had a problem so long as I leave it to settle for a while before using it again. You can always just roll it between your hands if you prefer! Either way, you mix the Restore into the polish, and this is enough to improve the texture greatly, letting you get far more use out of your nail polish - no more having to throw it away when there's still half a bottle left. If it's still a bit thick, just add more and shake again. If you do end up adding too much, apparently you can just leave the lid off the nail polish bottle for a while to let some of it evaporate.

      I'm pleased I bought this product, as I hate throwing away lovely nail polishes that have become a gloopy mess. So far I've used it with great effect on my Seche Vite, and a L'Oreal and a Rimmel nail polish, all of which I'm now very happy with.


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