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Sheer Cover Base Perfector

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Brand: Sheer Cover / Type: Primer

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2011 10:48
      Very helpful



      Make up which is good for your skin!

      When base perfectors began to get popular I bought Avon Magix to try - quite frankly it smelt like chip fat and though it did smooth on to my skin and make it cashmere soft to touch - it also clogged up my pores so bad that the next morning after my first use I woke up with spots. I swiftly gave the product away and steered clear of base perfectors, assuming them all to be the same.

      The next time I was online browsing Sheer Cover's make up range I came across their own take on a base perfector, at £13.95 I thought it was pretty expensive from the Sheer Cover home page, but before I knew it I'd pressed my enemy (Add to Cart button) and was eagerly awaiting my parcel. When it arrived I took it out and smelt it - not the usual way to begin using a make up product, but I just couldn't bear to apply it if it smelt like chip fat again. Luckily, it didn't, it has pretty much no fragrance at all and I set about using it.

      A base perfector is applied after cleansing, toning and moisturising. If you feel your skin after moisturising it feels soft. However when you apply just a smidgen of base perfector across your whole face paying particular attention to any still dry bits; your skin feels a hundred times softer - almost as if you have powdered it with baby talc! Sheer Cover's offering was no different - if anything it was better, my skin felt so soft and my make up just sashayed across my skin; making it look even more wonderful than it usually does with the help of Sheer Cover make up. The product claims to minimise the visibility of pores - mine aren't particularly a problem in the first place, but what it does do which just a moisturiser doesn't is smooth out your skin making it balanced ready for make up application. It dries up greasy patches and nourishes dry areas so you really do have a blank canvas to work with and provided you don't have dark circles, you can discard your concealor as it helps to blend in spots too! It's really lightweight, non greasy and does not smell awful like the other base perfector I'd tried from Avon. And the beauty of it is, you only need the tiniest amount, so it lasts a long time (I'd estimate 6-9 months with daily use, 12-18 months with occasional use).

      Because the product didn't smell so bad, I didn't even think about the spot breakout situation - until the next morning when I'd committed the cardinal sin of sleeping in my make up. So with dread and fear I picked up my mirror and my skin still looked perfect (Sheer Cover make up does not slip, melt or rub off!). I cleansed, toned and moisturised and my skin felt really good. I uploaded the pictures from the night before, and I was so surprised to see my skin looking so wonderful and flawless - like a porcelain doll. For the quality and the amazing results, I have bought it again since at the RRP of £13.95 which I now believe to be inexpensive - in fact it's a relatively cheap trade off for the results you get!

      A great tip if you're blessed with perfect skin, is just to use the product as an eye shadow primer - it will maximise the colour applied and also prevent it from slipping or creasing - perfect if you're using plain shadows rather than creams (which I find tricky to apply). Because all Sheer Cover products are made from natural extracts and minerals - this product is so gentle that even the most sensitive of skins can use it and not fear any breakouts even with continued use - despite the fact that it effectively works by 'sealing' your pores!

      The product is available in 2 sizes from Sheer Cover direct, the 15ml which is £13.95 and the 60ml which is £29.95. It comes in pretty non-descript off-white packaging and doesn't look much, but it's an amazing little product and should be in everyone's make up bag, recommended by me to every make up addict out there!


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