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Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara

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Brand: Sheer Cover / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2010 00:00
      Very helpful



      An ok mascara for a slightly pricey cost


      Wearing mascara is a must for me as my eyelashes are short, light and not particularly great when bare. So when my mum bought a Sheer Cover set via a television shopping channel, I took an interest as the results that they showed in their video were outstanding. And with this set she got Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara. I love trialling different mascara's and this was no exception. I liked it so much that I actually bought it individually via the Sheer Cover website.

      *The Claim*

      Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara separates and lengthens beautifully for a lush, gorgeous look.

      *About the Product*

      This mineral based, vitamin-enriched formula contains Panthenol to condition lashes while helping to prevent breakage. Formulated with moisturising silk powder, this lengthening and volumising mascara perfectly coats lashes while conditioning them to help strengthen and reduce breakage. Specially developed for sensitive eyes, the smooth, non clumping formula separates and lengthens for sleek, smudge-proof lashes.


      The application of this mascara is similar to that of most with a straight wand application. Apply this mascara from the inside of your eye outwards from the base of the lashes up to the tips. This will make your eye lashes look longer and this mascara formula works excellently to do this. This mascara isn't one that clumps, but to ensure that you don't get them you can move/wiggle the wand which allows you to separate the lashes as you go.

      *Price and Availability*

      Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara can be purchased solely from www.sheercover.co.uk as far as I am aware which I think is a real shame as I do really quite like this mascara and would be more likely to buy it again if it was more conveniently stocked for example in Boots or Superdrug. I have seen it on amazon's website so perhaps it is becoming more widely available.

      You can buy this mascara for £14.95. This is a fairly reasonable price for what I consider to be a very good mascara which fulfils its claims to lengthen your lashes, something that a lot of mascaras fail miserably at doing. It is £5 less than what my favourite mascara costs so it's a relatively good cost.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: The packaging of Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara is actually quite plain and boring. It is certainly nothing to shout about. It is a slim, long black tube with pink writing on stating the brand, Sheer Cover. The pink writing makes the product look a little girly although on the whole I find it to be uninteresting in appearance. The mascara tube opens and closes by twisting the lid which has a long brush wand attached.

      The brush of this mascara is actually fairly long which means that it isn't ideal to apply but because of its straight shape it isn't too bad. The bristles of the brush are fine and help to catch hard to reach inner and outer lashes as well as those you didn't even know you had

      Colour and texture: It sounds strange to discuss the colour of this mascara but I feel that it is important to emphasise that the product is very dark which for me is a great thing as my eyelashes are quite light and I always like to have that black, dark look. As for the texture, I find it pretty much perfect. It is thick enough to stay on your lashes all day without being overly thick and creating a clumpy look. What is also quite important is that it doesn't feel weighty or stiff on my eyelashes and isn't stiff.

      Does Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara separate and lengthen beautifully for a lush, gorgeous look? Yes it does. When you apply this mascara to your eyelashes, there is no sign of clumpy lashes stuck together. Instead the results are well separated lashes which are a lot longer than naturally. I think the outcome of wearing this mascara is beautiful looking eyes which look wider and stunning.

      Is this mascara a smooth, non clumping formula that leaves you with sleek, smudge-proof lashes? Again the answer to this question is yes. The formula is smooth which means that it is easy to apply and I have not had a single instance when the mascara has smudged which is definitely a positive.

      The mascara formula contains Panthenol which supposedly condition lashes while helping to prevent breakage. I actually happen to think that this is correct as my lashes feel good when the mascara has been removed at night unlike with alternative mascaras.

      Range of colours: Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara is only available in black and brown therefore it is fairly limited in the range of colours. This is quite disappointing as I like to have a wider range of choice but I very much doubt that they will expand the amount of colours available so I'll have to live with it.

      Staying power: I have found that the staying power of mascara on my eye lashes is generally very good and Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara was no different. This product really impressed me as my eye lashes looked like they had been freshly applied even at the end of the day.

      What I also like about this product is that although it stays put and looks fresh all day, it isn't a mascara that is stubborn and a complete nightmare to remove. Eye make up remover will get rid of any trace with just a few wipes.

      Longevity of the product: The longevity of this mascara is about 3-4 months. I have found that after this time the formula of the mascara starts to harden around the brush and it becomes difficult to apply so it is time for it to be put in the bin but this is a relatively long time for mascara.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      I would certainly recommend Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara if you are looking for a mascara that lengthens your eyelashes. After applying this mascara, they look longer and more feminine. Although it isn't the perfect mascara to have in your make-up up bag as the product itself is quite long and takes up a fair bit of space. Luckily, this is a product that looks freshly applied even at the end of the day so it is a mascara that is perfect to sit in your drawer at home and apply just in the morning.

      If you are looking for a mascara that will last up to a year then continue your search as Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara is not for you. I constantly screw my mascara tightly so that it is done up thoroughly and it still did not last as long as I would have perhaps liked.


      I love the way Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara opens up my eyes, instantly making my eyes look wider, more feminine and just more appealing on the whole. All in all, I do really like Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara but I am not quite convinced that it is as good as YSL or Dior mascaras but I certainly does a very good job of making your eyelashes look longer.


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