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Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Shizen / Gloss Conditioner / Type: Lipgloss / Subcategory: Conditioner / Gloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2012 09:31



      Try it its really a wonderful product your lips will ove you for it.

      What I like about it
      I really don't like petrochemical based lip products and have searched for a long time to find something that works to Moisturise my lips that is free from petrochemicals. I find petrochemical make my lips feel soft but leaves them really dry also I don't like putting something on my lips that contains something left over from the production of petrol.

      I think the other review compares this product to the feel of petrochemical products which is crazy.

      So basically I find this really moisturises my lips, they feel great soft and silky and look a little shiney also. It smells great really lemon like. And it's organic from Australia. I go the 30g jar from QVC and love it. I also got the jasmine face oil and loved that.

      I did have some trouble re ordering once and bought is directly from there Australian website SHIZEN.com.au

      Yes, I would and have bought this again. Have also ordered the lip hydrating serum which I can't wait to try.


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      02.09.2011 13:05
      Very helpful



      A producu I want to love, but find I can't due to many reason...shame

      **Why I want the product?**
      Shizen is a brand I had never heard of before until I watched QVCUK.com last year and saw the presenters talking about a new range called Shizen. As a suffer of dry lips no matter the weather, you can say I am a little obsessed on lip treatments and will try many, low and high brands.

      **About the Brand**
      Shizen is a Australian brand and is founded by Simone Wyndham. Simone wanted to create a natural beauty brand for lips. Shizen is a range that offers no nasties in her products that is specifically designed for dry lips. After Simone won an aromatherapy course on a radio station Simon got working on her range, Shizen was quickly recognised in Australia as the expert on dry lips.
      Each one of Shizen's products are free of fragrances, mineral oils, colourings and anything artificial.

      **About the product**
      Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner comes with lovely ingredients such as cocoa butter, lanolin and shear butter and no petroleum. Lip Gloss Conditioner wont dry out the lips, long term usage will result in healthy, fuller, soft lips.

      Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner comes in a little glass pot with 9g of product inside. On the TV the pot looks larger and easy to use, but unfortunately this is not the same once I got it home.
      The little glass brown pot comes in a silver cardboard box with the product information written on in pink and white writing that stands clearly off the silver background. Opening the box to reveal the glass pot is a little shock to the system as the pot is very small indeed. The pot measures just over one inch in width and just over an inch in height (this measurement also includes the lid, which is also in silver).

      **Applying the product**
      Like any other lip treatment, you simply massage a little product into the lips and leave it there to do it's business, for best results I find applying a layer before bed to awake with softer lips than I would in the day as it's had longer time to moisturise.

      Shizen also state if you massage the product into your lips for longer you will find this conditioner turns into a moisturising gloss that has a wet look to the lips.

      **How it works**
      With an impressive ingredient list such as: Castor Seed Oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Lime Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Patchouli Oil, Geranium Oil and Sandalwood Oil. It is easy to see why Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner is a good choice for dry lip suffers like me.

      **How does it feel on the lips?**
      The lip treatment is lemon coloured and thick in consistency with a strong lemon scent that has been delivered from Lemon Myrtle Oil that is known for its antibacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties. On the lips this product has a clear gloss/treatment look and feels light without an obvious sticky feeling that you can get with lip treatments. Although the lemon scent gives a lovely fresh feeling I am happy to report this scent doesn't last long while on the lips.

      Although it is a thick conditioner it doesn't feel thick on the lips unlike Benefit Lip Balm that feels like a thick coating, the conditioner quickly warms up meaning it is easy to glide on the lips with a light hydrating feel, because of this the product is very conventrated and a little is only needed. My lips are left feeling hydrated with a lovely glossy look to the lips that are not sickly or runny.

      While eating and drinking the conditioner does transfer off and my lips still do feel moisturised but I can feel them becoming dry again so frequent application of the product is required.
      It is also worth noting Shizen say if you massage this product on the lips longer than you usual would, Lip Gloss Conditioner turns into a wet look gloss. Personally I have found this not to be the case and it is a lot quicker to apply a clear lip gloss.

      **Does this product remind me of anything?**
      Now you come to mention it, yes it does. This product reminds me a lot of Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm, which I have also grown very fond of recently. Both products are the same colour, same consistency and deliver the same results; however Carmex has a very different price range and scent.
      Carmex has some of the ingredients as Shizen but without the essential oils.

      **Price and availability**
      QVCUK.com used to stock Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner in a 9g pot, but since then a lot of customers have complained about the size of the pot and now they stock the same product in a 30ml glass pot for £19.50.

      **What I think about it/do I like it?**
      Due to the price of this high end lip treatment I am disappointed to find frequent application is needed like a low end lip treatment, for the price this product retails at and the ingredients I would have expected it to moisturise my lips for longer but unfortunately I found this not to be the case.

      I am glad since I bought this product Shizen have re-launched it in a bigger 30ml pot. I found the 9g pot to be more of a hassle to use than a luxury. Although I have small, thin fingers even I found it difficult to retrieve any product and what I did get ended in my nail. In the end I got so fed up I depoted the product into a more friendly size container.

      I have found other lip treatments such as my trusted Carmex to work just as well with less application.

      **Would I purchase again?**
      Although I loved this product at the beginning and wanted to love it more due to Shizen's reputation I find I cannot.
      Due to the above problems and faults I will not be repurchasing this product again.

      I am going to state I am undecided whether I would recommend to a friend as other's may love this and while I think it is a great product I think there is better or same quality for less money.


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