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Shu Uemura UV Under Base SPF10

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Brand: Shu Uemura / Makeup Type: Foundations / UV Protection Factor: SPF 10

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2010 12:00
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      That famous product you know you'd have to try

      The case for this base is a spray type which might throw some people off given its rather unusual mousse/foam formula. Although I will comment on the formula itself later, I would like to point out that as you get closer to finishing this product, you are more likely to get watery liquid form rather than its creamy foam formula which I blame the case for. Maybe it's just inevitable given the nature of the product but bearing in mind that the secret of this product seems to be in its unique formula, its tendency to squirt around towards the end of its life does make for an annoyance at the make up table early in the morning. Plus given its 30g size, it tends to only last for 2-3 months in case of everyday use.

      One other base for complaint is that it's difficult if not downright impossible to get the quantity of the foam right. You mostly tend to get too much so that you seriously have to contemplate spreading some on your neck (so that your neck so often looked over might try the glorious effects of this base too!) or sometimes end up squeezing ridiculous little blob out by straining your finger with all your might.

      Having said all that, the formula is simply wonderful. The feathery fluffly foam is so light that you hardly feel it there on your finger at all. Granted, it does melt disappointingly quick at the first contact with the skin but after a few uses, you should be able to develop the supernatural skill to transfer the still-foamlike-state formula to your face seamlessly. You hardly need to pat it to get it absorbed since it will most likely disappear before you even get to that stage. I think the highlight of this base is when its foamlike formula dissolves so easily and lightly into your skin.

      Some people with dry skin have told me that they experience pulling sensation when the base dissolves into their skin, but having oily skin myself, I have yet to experience such sensation. What I also like is the lack of any oil in the formula which pretty much is the reason why this base goes on so light unlike many other make up bases. This base also goes on very very naturally and does not give you the floured look. I have used the colour 'beige' and could observe a very slight colour correction but think the power of this base lies mainly in its ability to improve skin texture.

      If you intend to wear this product alone, be advised that it is very strong against water so it will not budge easily in the face of sweat or tears. However, it does seem to be comparatively weaker against oil so you may notice it rubbing off of your oily t-zone.

      If you wish to use this to prolong the freshness of your foundation, I would certainly recommend this product although I would find it hard pushed to say that it lasts for 12 hours as advertised. But since this foam formula is so intensely hydrated and so devoid of any oil, I think it does make the skin surface adequately matte in order for the foundation to last.


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