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Skin Caviar Foundation Concealer

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Brand: La Prarie / SPF 15 / Type: Foundation

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2010 16:52
      Very helpful



      Overall an amazingly good quality foundation and concealer but it doesn't produce miracles!

      ***What is La Prairie?***

      Well the usual skincare and cosmetic products I review are from what I call premium brand companies like Clinique, Clarins, Mac etc. But the brand La Prairie I am not sure what to call... The brand has bemused me for some time now and for some reason I have had the urge to try some of their products purely because I do not understand how a company can charge such extreme prices for their products. For example their moisturisers range from £140.00 to £640.00 (Yes incredibly ridiculous prices! - The £640.00 moisturiser actually contains the rarest metal on Earth - Platinum Rare!).

      La Prairie is a Swiss company, its heritage area in Monteux in Switzerland. This is where La Prairie's very famous Cellular treatments moisturisers and products originated.

      ***La Prairie's Aims for their products***

      * To promote youth by preventing the occurrence of aging
      * To increase cell turnover to promote bright and youthful looking skin by increasing the skin's metabolism
      * Maintain skin's moisture.

      ***La Prairie products include:***

      * Cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums
      * Eye creams
      * Foundations, powders
      * A very popular array of fragrances including Silver Rain, Midnight Rain and Life Threads (which most people have heard about)

      ***Appearance of La Prairie products***

      La Prairie has created a very clean looking array of products, all in silver or gold product packaging. I have just been working in a shop over the summer for some extra cash for university. I have been working mainly on fragrances so I was introduced to La Prairie's fragrances by the lady training me. This then led me onto wanting to know some of their products in case somebody asked for any help on the counter. The packaging is particularly confusing. A lady approached me a week or so ago asking for a cellular moisturiser and there was nobody else around who could help her. I did my best to look over the products which were on ten different shelves but all I saw were these silver boxes with pale white/silver writing staring at me. I had one of those moments when I thought perhaps I should be opting to see the optician for some glasses because my eyes were completely boggled by not being able to read the packaging titles. It took me around ten minutes to find the product she was after by which point I was quite embarrassed because I should have found it quicker than that for her. So a few days later when it was a particularly quiet day in the store I thought I would have a quick glance over all the products in the La Prairie section of cosmetics. I got their source book out and read through it. I found it particularly interesting and mind blowing to see these products at such extreme prices. One of the girls on another counter approached me to explain that all customers who approach the La Prairie stand are particularly wealthy and usually quite difficult customers because they believe they deserve the best customer service. I completely understand why these customers act this way if they are about to fork out £500 on a moisturiser.

      I came into the store on a day off to buy a couple of bits and I asked one of the girls if she could give me a couple of samples of their foundation. I am quite happy with my current foundation but I had seen a tester of La Prairie's foundation and thought the bottles looked quite special. I asked her for the lightest shade since I am usually always a very pale ivory colour. When I got home that night I had to get ready to go out for a meal with some friends. So I thought I would try out this foundation sample. The sample came in a small white and silver sachet (1.5ml). I thought I would calculate how much this sample was worth from the retail price of the regular foundation size which is 30ml. It usually retails at a whopping £120.00 which meant that my miserly little sachet cost £6.00!! This completely shocked me. I used the complete sachet in one foundation application. When I put it into perspective I thought can you imagine putting £6.00 worth of foundation on each day plus I always touch up my foundation during the day so I would probably be using £10.00 worth of foundation a day if this was my regular foundation. That is £3640 a year on foundation!!!!!!!!!! When I usually buy Clinique's foundation which is £20 per 30ml bottle. So I can buy six bottles of my Clinique foundation for this 1 bottle of La Prairie foundation.

      ***What is so special about this foundation?***

      It is called La Prairie Skin Caviar concealer and foundation, yes it contains Caviar extract! The Caviar is supposed to be extremely nourishing for the skin. The foundation also contains SPF 15 and is two products in one. The bottle has the regular foundation underneath in a regular foundation bottle which is a screw top with a small applicator wand inside to put a little bit of foundation on the hand at a time to then apply to the face. Then above the foundation is a small silver flip top which contains a creamy concealer. This concealer is always a shade lighter in colour to the foundation underneath. This is because the places where you conceal like under the eyes and on blemishes and shadows in the face is a place where you do not want to draw attention to. Also as part of the foundation bottle with the concealer is a small silver holdall with a brush to apply the concealer with. The bottle looks lovely and I think it is a great idea to have the foundation and concealer in one bottle together, it is very handy for travelling. However I was told by the girl who gave me the sample that a lot of people come in and ask if they can buy the foundation without the concealer, which they can't. So there are a couple of reasons why customers may ask this:

      * Either they find that the concealer doesn't do the trick
      * Or they have a lot of concealer left in their previous pot so do not need any more.

      However I use a lot of concealer so I think it would be perfect for me. But within the sample sachet I did not get a sample of the concealer too just the foundation so I can't really comment on the usefulness of it but when I tried it from the tester in store it felt quite thick and very creamy.

      ***Shades of foundation***

      There are nine shades altogether. I had the palest of the shades called Ivore. I got my mum a sample of it too which I matched to her Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation shade which is shell beige which gave her the La Prairie foundation in the shade Mocha which is apparently the darkest shade they do which shocked me slightly because although my mum is quite tanned at the moment if she was anymore tanned it would be far too light for her. This suggests that their shades of foundation are quite pale all in all.

      ***How did the foundation feel when applied?***

      It felt very creamy and moisturising but it also felt quite thick. It is a very full coverage foundation but what I liked about it once applied is that it didn't look like I was wearing a mask of foundation it still looked quite natural but my skin looked flawless. I dusted over the top my loose powder from Clinique which is still very natural looking; I cannot wear foundation without powder I just feel like the powder sets it for the day. When the doorbell rang after I had finished getting ready I opened the door and my friend said 'wow your makeup looks amazing.' I was so shocked that she had noticed because I had been debating whether it was any good. I had looked at myself in the mirror numerous times trying to scrutinise it. But she thought it looked lovely which boosted my confidence with it.

      ***How the foundation lasted***

      I had it on for around five hours that night and it had lasted perfectly but beyond that number of hours I am not sure. I usually do not get past five hours without removing parts of the foundation on my t-zone and reapplying it. Which leads to a point that I am unsure of with this foundation. I do not know whether it is oil-free or not and for me this is quite important that it is. But the creaminess of the foundation indicated to me that it probably wasn't. But I looked on the internet site of La Prairie and this didn't answer my query of this either. But I didn't wake up with any spots from it which hopefully means that it is ok and suits my skin ok.

      ***Would I buy this foundation***

      Well lets be serious about this its £120.00 for a 2 in 1 foundation and concealer. £120.00 would feed a family for a week and more so that is pretty ridiculous! I did love the coverage and look of the foundation but there is no way it was worth £6.00 per application, that is just absurd! If it was even half that price at £60.00 I would be massively debating it, so there is no way I would ever buy this! I am impressed by the packaging and 2 in 1 foundation and concealer but I am sure there are other companies out there that do similar things for much cheaper prices. I am glad I have sampled it because I was intrigued by it but I was expecting miracles from this foundation at that price which were not delivered!

      However if price is not an issue for some people then I'd definitely recommend it over all the other foundations I have ever tried. I loved that it gave great coverage but felt lightweight on the skin and didn't block my pores. I also loved the shades in it because there were very small differences between shades which were perfect if you wanted a shade for the summer and a shade for the winter. This is because there is not much difference in my colour between summer and winter because I do not tan easily unfortunately. Some other brands of foundation have unfortunately big gaps between their shades which can put people off not being able to find the perfect shade. However like I said earlier if you become very tanned in the summer you may not find a dark enough shade in it.

      If you are interested in La Prairie they have a massive range of samples to try, but don't get attached to the sample unless you have stupid amounts of money to throw away!! Plus La Prairie is only stocked in selected stores. Where I live there is only one store that is a stockist but I know as you get closer to London there are more and more stockists. I think House of Fraser are the store that generally tends to stock it. I have never seen it in Debenhams or Boots.

      Something else that La Prairie does is facials in their beauty rooms but I do not know whether they charge for this, but this would be a lovely way to try some of their skincare.

      Overall I am very happy with the regular premium brands that are commonly seen and heard about. La Prairie in my opinion is an unnecessary luxury. I haven't heard about any miracles from the skincare and foundations so until then I think my opinion will stay. It is also completely out of my price range so that will never change unless I marry a million or billionaire in the future! If you are out there though and fancy buying me some of this stuff give me a call, I would like a tall, dark and handsome young man typically in their mid to late 20s!! In my dreams just like La Prairie products!


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