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Sleek Bad Girl i Divine Palette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sleek / Type: Eyeshadows

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    2 Reviews
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      17.04.2013 01:05
      Very helpful



      Fantastic, I can't recommend these Sleek eye make up compacts highly enough!

      When it comes to eyeshadows and the likes, as I have gotten older I have become alot more fussy. I like a compact that gives me mix and match looks though usually find a couple of colours that I won't touch or that the colour I opt for never looks when applied to my eyes exactly as it looked in the compact it came in. This is why a long time ago I converted to buying only Sleek compacts and now I have quite a collection of them because the colours never let me down and every colour in a compact I use and I bought this one recently from Amazon for around £7.50 and believe me this is little beauty is very worth that.......if not more than the price I paid but hey I won't type that too loudly or the manufacturers may cotton on and put the price right up!

      The Packaging:

      This is the first compact from Sleek that I have bought that came in an outer box. Usually when I buy these Sleek compacts I get them in Superdrug and all you get is the actual compact so this was a nice little addition when I first got it though of course a waste of packaging in the long run cos I soon discarded it but I did like the box it came in and thought it made this look really nice so you could gift it to someone.

      The outer box is black in colour and on the front of it we are told in bright pink writing that it is Sleek then in white writing we are told that it is I-Divine Bad Girl Palette 'Mineral based eye shadow palette' then the same as that is written in a foreign language (I assume!) and we are told that there are 12 eyeshadows in this particular pallette and that they weight 12 x 1.1g and there are are plies of what appears like powders shown us in the colours you get in the palette which brighten this packaging up alot and looks really nice actually then on the back of the box ingredients used in the eyeshadows are given and contact details are also stated for the manufacturer.

      The Palette:

      Eell the compact is oblong in shape and quite slim, its black in colour all over and the words Sleek Make Up are etched into the top/lid of it, on the underside of it we are told that it is indeed 'Bad Girl' and contact details are once again given for the manufacturer. Its handy we are told the name of the compact on it in case you own other compacts from the range!

      Open up the palette and the lid is a full, large and proper mirror, a nice addition and really helpful I think then the base gives us 12 different rounds of pressed eyeshadow and then to the bottom of those there's a large and deep indent where a long black plastic, double ended sponge applicator is house to use of course along with the eyeshadows (though you can use it for any eye make up that you have and want to apply!).

      When you first get the compact you get a see though plastic sheet to not only protect the eyeshadows but on it the colours are given so in this compact going left to right (and of course to the colours underneath those) you get Innocence (A white irridescent shade which is slightly shimmery), Gullible (a light shiny shell pink), Blade (a shimmery light grey), Gun Metal (a darker, mid grey with shimmer), Underground (very, very dark grey, almost black in colour with a little shimmer to it), Noir (a flat black), Intoxicated (A very deep green with shimmer), Envy (very dark green, almost dark grey in some lighting with a little shimmer), Obnoxious (dark purple, edging on to a dark blue in some lighting with shimmer), Abyss (a rich navy blue which is rather matt in its finish), Twilight (very dark purple and rather matt), and rebel (a very deep plum which is rather matt).

      So as you can see you get a real array of colours here and you wear them separate, mix and match them with other Sleek eyeshadows or use them with any of your choice that you may own already. You can be very creative with these because you get a very light shade and a very dark so can change the existing colours to your specification as well should you want to and not once have I become bored with the compact...its simply fantastic!

      I would say this is for women who like darker make up on the whole if your not into mixing them up and blending them too much, I wear these mainly of an evening as the colours are very apparent and rather richly pigmented and striking.

      What I love about these is the ease of applying them and that I can put these on without a primer of a morning and they stay put and just as vivid come midnight, so long lasting they really are. They are of course easy enough to remove with your usual make up removing routine and not once has any of the eye make up from this brand irritated my very sensitive eyes.

      The eyeshadows are quite thick when you apply them which for me is a bonus because it makes it so long lasting on my eyes once its applied. The applicator that comes with this is sturdy and soft and highly functional and I simply rinse it through every few days to keep the colour application of what I'm using clean and crisp rather than murky because of using it so often with dark colours.

      The colour range in this is quite simply great. I love the fact that Innocence which is the lightest shade being a white can be used for highlighting and that Noir works brilliantly as an eyeliner and I can get a smoky look using that too which is less precise and rather on trend. All the coours work brilliantly together and I like the fact its so well thought out in the way that most colours don't clash with another yet you can still very much contrast the colours should you want to.

      I think you can probably gather by now that I love this compact! Its perfect for me to simply pick up, pop on and get a sexy, sultry look from it with ease or I can sit with it and experiment to my hearts content. You get plenty of product for your money and the longevity of this stuff still amazes me although I have been buying this brand for a good few years now and as a make up wearer and a qualified Beauty Therapist I simply cannot find any fault with this!

      If your looking for great eye make up then look no further than this brand however they do, do other colour options with different names to this that are equally as good as this one with more subtle choices than this should you want to try those but if you like more daring shades then look no further than this one it really doesn't disappoint on any level!

      Google if interested, Amazon do a fair few of these compacts or have a mooch in Superdrug!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        16.11.2010 22:36
        Very helpful




        You may or may not have heard about the cosmetics brand 'Sleek' and if you haven't then you need to read on as you could be missing out on some fantastic, inexpensive makeup!

        Sleek makeup is sold in Superdrug and online in the UK but is actually a brand that sells worldwide (both in stores and via their online site) and they're very popular indeed. They have a fantastic range of makeup, including foundation to pretty much suit any skin tone (I think they have about 17 shades) but the product I am going to review today is their new eye shadow palette named 'Bad Girl'.

        The palette costs just £5.99 and comprises of 12 colours (which works out at just under 50p each - yes really!!), all of which are right up my street. I've listed their names (I believe this is the first time they've been given names) and a brief description of what the colour is like.

        Innocence - A shimmery white - but still quite subtle as doesn't apply heavily.
        Gullible - A shimmery flesh tone, subtle and doesn't apply heavily, as above.
        Blade - Shimmery/metallic silver (the lightest silver in the palette).
        Gun Metal - Shimmery/metallic... gun metal grey.
        Underground - Deeper grey (heading towards black) with slight metallic/sheen.
        Noir - Fairly matte very dark brown, verging on black it seems.
        Intoxicated - Metallic very dark olive green.
        Envy - Even darker green that verges on the grey side, still metallic/shimmery.
        Obnoxious - Fairly matte dark navy blue.
        Abyss - Even deeper blue, seems fairly matte.
        Twilight - Gorgeous metallic purple.
        Rebel - Fairly matte purple that seems a bit more on the plummy side.

        I love all the colours included but I am especially drawn to the shimmery ones - that'll be the magpie in me; and they're such fantastic quality not just for the price, but even in comparison to some of my more expensive eye shadows. The pigmentation is nothing short of spectacular, something not usually found in such bargainous makeup.

        Not only is the pigmentation so fantastic, but so is the colour payoff when actually being applied to the skin. I say this as I've tried testers in boots etc which have looked great colour and pigmentation wise on the finger that was in contact with the shadow, but when actually trying to apply to the eye has been a big letdown (I'm talking about Bourjois here - nice colours, lovely sparkles but really need to be used wet to get any kind of decent colour payoff) - well there's none of this here thankfully.

        Application of the shadow is so easy and gives such a lovely effect, although there is a bit of fall down when applying - easily solved by having loose powder under your eyes to protect your base, or even doing your base makeup once you have applied this.

        The shadow also performs well; it stays where you put it and it lasts well - which is probably more important than anything else! I've tried it both with a primer and without and I was so surprised that it lasted so well without any kind of primer involved.

        The shadows are soft so be warned that you should not really be dropping the palette, poking the shades too hard or doing anything else that could damage them - this is the only real downside, but I think this is the thing that makes them so pigmented. If looking after them a little bit more carefully is what is needed for that, well then I'll happily take that trade off!

        Included with the palette is a double ended foam applicator, which is actually another thing that is fantastic quality - I normally only use my own makeup brushes but with these I am more than happy to mix it up and use both.

        I have swatches available on my site if you'd like to see - maybe it will also help you to make your mind up about purchasing them?! The direct link to all my sleek posts is: http://www.thebeautyscoop.co.uk/search/label/Sleek

        I totally recommend this palette - and in turn, pretty much all of their other palettes too as they're all the same kind of quality and pigmentation. They release limited edition palettes all the time, this keeps the range fresh and also keeps people interested in them as a brand - the next one is a Christmas sparkle palette (sneak preview swatches available on my site also) and I cannot wait to get it based on my experience so far with the brand.


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