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Sleek Blush

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5 Reviews
  • colours are amazing
  • reasonably priced
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    5 Reviews
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      02.12.2014 15:08
      Very helpful



      One of the best blush I have ever tried

      I do not wear make up on daily basis, so I am usually not giving so much thought about blush powder. One pot of blush powder would last forever, and I tend to use same colour every time. Few months ago, I needed to buy a new one because the last one I had was used up.

      I fell in love with Sleek Blush packaging when I saw one of these were on the display in one of the Superdrug store. It was an elegant, thin rectangular shape, with a good size mirror inside. Perfect size to carry around as I could easily slip one of this in my purse, along with my lip gloss for when I need touch up.

      It has a lot of colour options, and I chose the coral one. To be honest the Coral one is a little bit too dark for my liking, but it was not their fault. I did not try it properly before I bought it. If it was the right colour, it would definitely be my favourite blush powder.

      The texture of the powder is light and very soft. I did not have to apply too much as the colour sticks very well, and the pigment is quite strong. It blends really well, so with the right technique it would create a nice long lasting natural healthy colour, especially if you have a quite pale skin.

      It did not give me any allergic reaction, nor break out after usage. It does not contain any fragrance, which is always a plus point from me. It is affordable too, which makes it one of the best make up products purchasing decision I have made.


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        09.11.2014 02:29
        Very helpful


        • " reasonably priced"
        • " gorgeous colour and adorable packaging"
        • " lasts well"
        • " easy to apply"
        • "good quality"


        • none

        Gorgeous blush with adorable packaging

        Up until recently I had never tried anything from the Sleek brand, but I ended up buying a couple of their blushes and a lipstick.

        ~ Packaging ~
        I absolutely adore the packaging. The blushes come in small matte black, rectangular compacts. ‘Sleek make up blush’ is in shiny lettering on the top, but it is quite discreet and you can only see it when it is reflecting the light. I adore these cute little compacts.
        They open fairly easily to reveal a mirror in the lid and a large pan of blush.
        There is no space wasted on a cheap brush that is never going to be used.

        ~ Price and Availability ~
        This blusher costs just £4.49 and is available from Superdrug or Boots. You can buy it online at boots.com, but I have never noticed a Sleek counter even in their larger stores.
        I think it is a great price.
        Sleek also do blush palettes with 3 blushes in each palette for £9.99, which I think is very reasonable.

        ~ In Use ~
        The blush I have been using recently is in shade Pixie Pink, which is a light pink colour with blue tones in it. It is actually quite a bright colour, but I think it suits my pale complexion.
        It feels very smooth and silky. It doesn’t have a very powdery feel, but it picks up easily onto my blusher brush.
        I don’t usually load much onto the brush at once as I find it easier to apply a little bit at a time and then build on the colour. I have applied too much at once in the past and have ended up having to remove it and start again as it looks really bad if it is streaky or you can see the exact stroke that the brush made on your face.
        I have never gone wrong with this blush. I sometimes apply it lightly for a very natural look or sometimes I build up to a medium amount for a bit of a bolder look.
        I like both looks and I don’t think it looks over the top or too bright on my face.
        There is no shimmer in the blush at all, which for me is a good thing as I prefer a more natural look, but looking online they do make this blush in a few shimmery shades.
        I find that the blush lasts on my cheeks all day, which is great.
        I can’t really fault this blush. I think it is a nice colour, it is easy to apply, it lasts well and it is easy to remove at the end of the day. It is reasonably priced and comes in adorable packaging and there is even a little mirror too.
        I recommend this blusher and I would buy it again.


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        07.09.2014 20:54
        Very helpful


        • "reasonably priced"
        • "colours are amazing"
        • "matte texture"
        • "looks great"


        • "none for me"

        Sleek Blush

        I love Sleek make up and have been using it for the past year or so after hearing about it from one of my best friends. She always has lovely make up so I decided that I might as well give it a try and I am so glad that I did.

        This blush is so easy to apply. I have the Pomegranate shade in it which is very dark and kind of like a berry pink shade. I find that just a little touch of it gives me really rosy cheeks that look quite natural.
        I also have the rose gold shade which is just gorgeous, it is a light pink blush with a little hint of gold throughout it, it looks great when I am looking to brighten up my make up a bit and it also looks very natural which is usually the look I go for.
        It is easy to blend this blush and it looks great both when I decide to use it alone, without foundation or on top of my foundation for more made up looks. I tend not to use too much of this blush at a time, just a little goes quite a long way due to its pigmentation, this means a blush can last me months, making it really good value for money.

        What I Thought
        I really like this blush, it has a lovely matte texture and feels lovely on my skin, it isn't really heavy or greasy and is quite easy to forget that I had applied it. Also it stays on for ages, it is really wearable throughout the day and I don't really feel the need to touch it up. However I do find myself carrying it in my purse throughout the day as it comes with a handy little mirror in the packaging.
        I will definitely be repurchasing the colours that I have bought, and also have my eye on a few of the other more autumny shades now that we are coming into the winter.

        Price and Availability
        I have only ever been able to track down any sleek make up in Superdrug, though I am sure that it is sold online as well. I bought my blush for around £4.50 from memory, which was a fairly reasonable price as I have been using it for months and I still have loads of product left.

        I think that these are fantastic blushers, there is a really good variety of colours, they are really pigmented and are easy to apply. Also I love that these have good staying power as it means I don't have to touch up my make up throughout the day. Overall I would give these 5 out of 5 stars.

        Also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        26.06.2013 11:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Perfect Flush with this Blush!

        After being so impressed with my first purchases from Sleek - a pair of gorgeous lipsticks - I wanted to try out more of the range. They have a great selection of colours which are all very wearable but are bolder than other comparable drugstore brands. I decided to go for pixie pink which in the pan looks intimidatingly bright however, pretty much all my blushers are pink and I did not have a comparable colour so I decided to go for it!

        --First Impressions--

        Sleeks packaging is all black and rather minimalist in style and is very sturdy and well made. This blush has a very good little mirror built in to the lid which is a nice touch and unexpected for a drugstore brand.


        Even though it looks scary in the pan once blended on the cheeks it looks like a lovely natural flush. The colour payoff is amazing and you really don't need much - it is very easy to go over board and enter clown territory! However, the blush is so blendable that even if you make a mistake you can blend it in down to a seamless finish. On me this blush lasts the whole day - no touch ups required!


        I will certainly be purchasing another one of these blushes in the future. The quality and colour payoff is amazing and they last they whole day. You can either purchase the blush individually for £4.49 or you can buy one of their blush palettes which includes three blushes for £9.99. You can either purchase them from Superdrug or from the Sleek website. The website is great as it actually shows you what the swatches look like on fair, medium and dark skin which is great if your local Superdrug doesn't stock Sleek as you can get more of idea what would suit you. All in all Sleek seems to understand make up junkies and novices alike - great colour, long lasting and reasonably priced - perfect!


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          25.10.2011 10:34
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended.

          Sleek Blush

          One of the real benefits I have found over the last few years when purchasing make-up has been the ability to watch professional make-up artists on YouTube. Not only do you get ideas for application techniques but also product suggestions. The most useful I have found of these are what are known as "dupes". These are product suggestions which are more suitable to most budgets, but which represent similar products to higher end cosmetic brands both in shade and performance. One such product is The Sleek make-up brand, and in particular their range of blushes. These are said to perform as well as higher end brands such as Nars, and since there is a giant price difference (Sleek is £4.40 for 8g and Nars is £20.50 for 4.8g) it makes a real difference to many women. Most simply can't afford or justify this sort of expense on cosmetics, but still want to experiment with new shades and to enjoy lovely results without breaking the bank.

          My Purchase
          With this in mind I went to my local Superdrug store to purchase the blusher that I decided was my shade. Superdrug is really enlarging their cosmetic ranges, and with their new loyalty card and other offers, including books of stamps at discount prices, I am often in there looking for bargains. First of all I had checked out the Sleek website at www.sleekmakeup.com where I picked out the colour Rose Gold. This is a pigmented shade which is designed to highlight as well as to provide colour. It is a pretty pink with a slight golden shimmer to it, and looks natural and is ideal for a daytime look.
          Unfortunately this shade was sold out in Superdrug on the day I went in; but this did give me the opportunity to purchase direct from Sleek themselves, and I have to say this process was perfect. From ordering to delivery it was only a couple of days. Delivery is £2.99 so it is advisable to make up a bigger order than I did to offset this, or to visit Superdrug. I think the item was out of stock in my local store, as I went in on a Monday when the weekend sales had impacted stock levels.

          Premium Presentation
          The blusher is presented in an attractive case which has an integral mirror built into the inside of the lid. I think for the price this is a really positive benefit, and not what I expected. It is also a good size mirror enabling you to actually use it rather than a token offering. The blusher is not supplied with any applicator tool at all thus meaning that you are expected to have a brush yourself. This is fine for me, as even when I use Bourjois blushers, which have a lovely little brush provided, they still look better if you apply them using a blusher blush of your own.

          How Does It perform?
          What I absolutely love about these blushers is that they look beautiful on the skin, and certainly with Rose Gold you obtain a lovely healthy glow with a slight golden shimmer with one application. Furthermore this will last all through the day without needing to touch up. They also seem to be very moisturising and easy to apply, despite being a powder format, so if you are of more mature years, as I am, you need not worry about this product sitting in lines or accentuating wrinkles. It simply glides over imperfections and looks soft and imparts a healthy youthful look. Even if you are too heavy handed with the product, it blends out so easily that you can correct an application error with minimal fuss. I know in recent years I have tended towards cream blushes, as now in my early fifties I like to create a moist dewy look, but these blushes impart that despite being in powder form.

          A Range Of Shades
          There are ten shades to choose from which range from browns (including a very pretty shade called Sunrise) and peaches to deeper pink tones, so there are a range of options for different skin tones and occasions. There is even a coral toned one called Aruba which Sleek say helps you to create a warm Caribbean inspired look.

          So far I haven't purchased anymore as I have been so delighted with this shade that I have been using it on many days over the last few months. It has a long lasting attribute which makes the cost even more amazing.

          I have been delighted with every Sleek item of make-up that I have purchased. I also love their brand ideal which is to cater for women who are under-represented in the cosmetics market, especially making products for many races and skin colours including Caucasian, Asian, Latina, Black African and Caribbean descents. This together with their pricing structure, which makes the products affordable for all, makes them a market leader in my opinion. It is also interesting to note that their main market is aimed at younger women. They are doing something right then as they have certainly pleased me greatly as a woman of maturing years!

          Final Thoughts-
          Highly recommended blusher that lasts all day, looks pretty, is easy to apply, imparts moisture and highlights the cheeks to perfection. Highly recommended!

          This review is also posted on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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