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Sleek Semi Permanent Lashes

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sleek / Type: False Eyelashes

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2015 21:18
      Very helpful



      Worth it, if taken care of!

      Overall Sleek is a good company I have used a lot of their makeup products. They are neither good nor bad. Their products are affordable, usable and you can buy them from quite a lot of stores. However it is not best to buy their eyelashes if you are not yet good at applying them. The first thing I noticed while applying the sleek eyelashes is that they are quite thin meaning you have to put on more for them to have any substance and for them to look good and noticeable. If you are a beginner it would be wise to buy two packs because trust me for your first time you will sometimes need more than a pack because you will pull some out if the glue gets in your eye and some just fall off without warning. This is something I found to be very frustrating myself. The price of these vary depending on where you bu them from I normally buy them from in stores within area I live in. But remember that the eyelashes are semi permanent meaning you have to look after them well or they start to look tacky, dry and old. The best this to do would be if you are applying mascara make sure you carefully remove it with a makeup wipe every night before bed and I normally apply a bit of baby oil to keep them soft and shiny and stop any kind of irritation to your eyes which most people tend to feel.


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      07.11.2011 15:43
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      You get your money's worth.

      ***Who are they and how did I find them?***
      Sleek is a company located in Islington who provide beauty services to the public. Earlier this year they featured on Groupon a discount on semi-permanent eyelashes (half set) which I purchased for £19 instead of £75 (that's 75% off). This was a while back since then they have reduced their prices to: £65 Full Set, £35 Half Set, £35 Full Set Infill, £20 Half Set Infill, £25 Bottom Lashes.

      ***My I make a booking for....***
      Extremely merry with my deal I called up the next morning. Their telephone etiquette is standard; I didn't have to wait in a queue or was placed on hold. I was told to arrive with no makeup on, 24 hours before the appointment not to use creams in the eye area and if I wore contact lenses they will have to be removed during the treatment. To my dismay they did not send a follow up email of my booking (this is the point where I started raising eyebrows) however I noted it in my Blackberry myself.

      ***Erm...is this the place***
      The outside is far from bright lights and glass windows, it looked more like a B&B entrance. To gain entrance you have to ring the doorbell, the receptionist was very warm, pretty and clearly was marketing the eyelash treatment which took my mind off the dull decor. The lighting was poor; the walls are a curious shade of "white" however the waiting room had luxurious vintage furniture (that was also comfortable). The toilet was impressive in the sense I held predetermined images in my head. It was clean and held all the necessary toiletries that aside there is only one I am unsure if it was unisex or there was a men's in another location. Unfortunately there are no indications on the door as to whether it's engaged or not so you have to go through the awkward moment of knocking.

      ***Blue Print***
      The entire treatments/waiting room/reception area is one room parted by boards --____-- (what the...yeah I thought that too). The waiting room seats 5 this is efficient during the weekdays but the weekend (particularly Saturdays it gets crowed). The only colour present could be found in the magazines given to me as I waited (at least they were up to date).
      I should of titled this section ***Grey Print***

      ***The treatment***
      Before the treatment (in the waiting room) your beautician (I had a male) will ask you the look you're going for: natural, darker, dramatic, curlier, longer etc. for you to pick a realist combination. I went for a natural appearance.
      I was getting my eyelashes done in the same room as two ladies, although this is starting to feel really back alley I can assure you their practices are very professional and clean. The process starts by the area around the eye being cleaned then eye gel patches carefully placed on top of the bottom lashes, each false eyelash is glued on to yours. It took approximately 45 minutes, I barely noticed the length as the tranquil music put me to sleep however keeping in mind you can hear everything if there noise present you would hear it all.

      ***After Care***
      Below is an extract from the website. http://www.sleeklashes.co.uk/lashextensions.php
      -It is normal to experience loss of some lashes during the first 24 hours as adhesive is still setting, please take extra care during this period
      - Do not use saunas or steam during the first 48 hours.
      - Avoid getting your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hrs - after that it is safe to swim, shower and wash your face with water.
      - You can rinse your lashes with water and pat them dry gently with a towel, however do not rub your lashes while washing them and avoid using cotton wool.
      - Eyelash Curlers should not be used as the may damage the bond and break eyelash.
      - Be careful while using your normal skincare products, avoid lash area
      - Do not pick, pull or rub your eyelashes.

      That's the general gist of it. The lashes last approx 6weeks but you are advised to get infills every 3weeks. I find my right eye loses lashes faster as this is the side I sleep on. They give a complimentary eyelash comb which proves useful daily. Considering the normal rate for this treatment it's a good deal and I have returned.

      I am happy with the end result. If you wish to view what they look like see the link to my youtube video.



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