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Sleek Skin Revive Liquid Foundation

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Brand: Sleek / Type: Foundation

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2010 09:36
      Very helpful



      I will stick to my mineral foundations forever as I give up.

      Ever since my disaster with a MAC foundation that I was 'matched' to I have not had a lot of look in the liquid foundation stakes. I have tried a lot and sad to say have wasted a lot of money searching for the perfect matched foundation for my pale skin tone. I have even purchased colour adapting/changing foundations that magically adapt to your actual skin tone with no luck; all the lightest shades of liquid foundations on me are either too orange or too yellow, just for reference I have a pale cool skin tone with pink under tones.
      It seems high street brands do not make pale enough foundations for the fairest of them all, I know there is properly a high end brand that sells a pale foundation but personally I don't want to pay £30 plus for 30mls that needs replacing every few months.

      Every skin tone has a under tone even pale skins like me, to determine your undertone for any liquid foundation is simple. First of all match all foundations to your jaw line and blend into your neck. After all this is where you want the colour to match and look even. A lot of people 'match' their foundations to their inner wrist, this is not true and not a good match. After all this part is lighter than your face and when do you ever put foundation there?
      Undertones come in cool (pink), warm (yellow) or neutral (olive). These are the tones that gives you your under tone and is what is needed t match in your foundation to stop you looking to orange and looking too yellow.

      Cool Undertone (pink colouring)
      If you look at your wrist and take a close look at your veins, if they look more bluish then you can rest assured you have cool skin tone. If you receive compliments when wearing certain colours such as, red, pink, pastels etc then you are more than likely to have a cool skin tone.

      Warm Undertone (yellow colouring)
      Looking at your veins in your wrists, if they look green in colour then you're more likely to have a warm undertone. You receive more complements when wearing colours such as natural earthy tones along with gold jewellery.

      Neutral (olive colouring)
      If you can not decide if your veins are of one colour, you can wear any colour clothing and look great in it, you're more likely to have a neutral undertone, lucky you.

      After researching loads on the Internet about pale liquid foundations I came across one from a company called Sleek. Sleek is a brand that launched in Superdrug, unfortunately Superdrug didn't have their lightest shade in stock so I went in search of their official website sleekmakeup.com. Sleek are proud to say they have 17 shades of foundation, which is more than any high street brand and they have successfully matched 97% of women to their foundations. I just hope I am in that percentage. Sleek are also famous for i-Divive Eye Shadow Palettes.

      Sleek's new foundation is called New Skin Revive, which is silicone based and oil free. Skin Revive comes in 17 shades all the way from Shell (pale) to Coffee Bean (Black African/Caribbean descents).
      This foundation boasts of light to medium coverage, weightless formula, oil free and creates a naked feel to the skin. Of course I choose their lightest shade in Shell 627, on the website Shell looks very pale compared to their next shade, which is Sand so I thought I was onto a winner.
      This foundation comes in a 35ml bottle for £6.99. I didn't go into this purchase blind either, I emailed customer services and asked them which would be best for me and although I knew it would be Shell it was confirmed when they replied and said it would be a good match for me.

      I received it two days later and the first thing I did was look at the shade through the see through frosted bottle, it looks pale, woohoo.
      This foundation didn't come with a box, which is good as its less packaging that needs to be recycled. The bottle itself looks lovely; it's a frosted glass bottom with Sleek writing written in silver. Clear solid plastic lid and a matte silver plastic pump action bottle.

      Because of the shade issue I wanted to try is as soon as I could. I pumped some of the foundation onto the back of my hand and this is where I encountered my first problem, the plastic pump really feels plastic and cheap, I had a hard job pressing it down, when I eventually did the foundation shot across the room. After trying again on the back of my hand the foundation doesn't look like it did in the bottle, it looks like all the other foundations that are too dark for me. My heart sank but I gave it ago.
      I applied foundation with my flat damp foundation brush as I find this gives a more even coverage and applied to one side of my face. Because of my cool, pink completion this foundation didn't cover any redness and seemed a little dark on my ever so pale skin. The other side I applied with my fingers and applied much less, again I had the same problem. No redness was covered as well as a few red parts on my face, which is acne scaring. Even if I applied more to my red parts the colour did not match.
      I also noticed this foundation dries very quickly so you need to blend fast before your left with marks. As this foundation is silicone based it glides over your skin lovely but remember, be quick.
      Looking in the mirror close up my face looks okay colour wise apart from it not covering well but my skin does look like I am not wearing any foundation, which is a dream but when I stepped back it looked like I'd tanned my face and forgot about the rest of me.

      I continued to wear it through the day as I thought it might blend into my skin some more like colour adapt foundations do. No it didn't and I continued to look silly, thankfully no one was in the house that day.
      Upon removing this to make me look even my skin wasn't dry and not irritated at all. I continued to apply this foundation for a further three days trying every trick in the book with the same sorry results. On the second day of wear I developed some eczema patches on my face and neck where the foundation was blended and soon cleared when I stopped using it so if it wasn't because of the colour I would have stopped wearing it anyway due to eczema flare up.

      In all it's a lovely foundation that glides on smooth, just a shame their lightest shade isn't their lightest.
      After trying loads of different liquid foundations I think my search has stopped here and I have given up, I am using mineral foundation at the moment by Elemental Beauty, which I have done a review on and is the ONLY foundation ever to match me.


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