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Smashbox O Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper

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2 Reviews

Brand: Smashbox / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip / Contents: 10ml

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    2 Reviews
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      01.08.2011 12:16
      Very helpful



      A lip plumping product that creates your own personal shade of pink of your lips

      Smashbox Cosmetics is a cosmetics company which has been created by the great grandsons of Max Factor himself. With such a great heritage in the make up industry, the brand was always going to be a success and it is constantly releasing products that are unique and of a high quality. I'd heard a lot of good things about the brand and so went to find out more and one of the first products which caught my eye was 0-PLUMP.

      What does the product do?
      0-PLUMP is a lip plumping product that promises a little more than the average plumper. As well as literally giving you full and plump lips, it also claims to work intuitively with your own lips to create your own custom shade of pink on your lips. They claim that the colour created will be unique to you and suit you perfectly. Sounded pretty magical to me!

      How does it work?
      The plumping action is carried out by the range of mint oils within the product. Gingermint Oil, Peppermint Oil and Spearmint Oil stimulate and irritate the delicate skin on the lips causing them to swell up. The increased blood flow which causes the swelling also adds some colour to the lips.

      Ginkgo Biloba is also included to increase the blood circulation, making the lips appear fuller and deeper in colour. The substance also stimulates the production of Collagen so lips become naturally plumper, even once this product has long gone. Winter Green Leaf performs much the same job and it also make the skin contract, meaning the fine lines on the lips will disappear and the lips will look smoother.

      Goji Berries and Pomegranate are present in order to nourish the lips with vitamins and minerals. As they are anti oxidants, they also help to prevent premature of aging in the skin of the lips and therefore, keeps them looking full. Safflower nourishes and moisturises the lips while Avocado hydrates the lips and gives them a lovely shine. Marine Botanicals helps to smooth out the skin, to stimulate the production of collagen and to keep the skin on the lips firm.

      How do you use the product?
      The product is to be applied in the same way as a normal lip gloss. You smooth the product straight from the tube onto the lips, taking care not to get the product onto the skin around the lip area. Once it has got to work, you can apply a different product over the top such as lip stick or a different gloss. If you apply this over the top of lipstick, you might not get the same benefit.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes in a frosty silver tube with a pink lid and it looks really cute. The tip of the tube is moulded to enable you to apply the product with greater precision and to avoid you getting this on your skin. It is small and compact so you can easily carry it around with you in your handbag.

      The product costs around £20 and for this money you get 10ml of the plumping liquid so it's not a cheap product. It can be bought from most large department stores including Debenhams and it can also be bought from a variety of online website so if you shop around, then you may find it for a bit cheaper.

      Extra Thoughts
      O PLUMP is pretty much the same product as Smashbox's O GLOSS but obviously it has a plumping action included. The shape of the dispenser makes it easy to apply the product precisely and the product is easy released from the tube. The consistency of the product is quite thick and greasy and it feels quite heavy on the lips but no more so than that of a normal gloss.

      The gloss is tingly on the lips as you would expect from a lip plumping product but it doesn't hurt as some lip plumping products do. It does feel slightly uncomfortable for the first few minutes or so but after a while the sensation dies down so you just need to grin and bare it.

      The product smells minty and refreshing but don't be tempted to lick your lips! If you accidently lip your lips, it does make your tongue tingle too and it doesn't taste very good. If you drink or eat shortly after use, you can taste the product too, yuck! If you get it on the skin around the lips, it does make the skin go a little red and stings slightly so be careful with application and remember not to lick your lip.

      O PLUMP really does plump up your lips. Within a minute, your lips will look fuller and they stay that way for an hour of so before they begin to return to their normal size. I don't think it necessarily plumps up your lips to the point where people would comment on the size of them but they do look better. Because they are plumper, they are also smoother and the fine lines are reduced so your lips look nicer and younger.

      The gloss effect is good and the shine it gives your lips is pretty. Somehow, it does make your lips go a nice shade of pink. I don't know how it does this as red would have been the obvious colour due to the increased blood flow but it looks good anyway. The shade of pink stays for hours even if the gloss has been wiped away.

      I don't especially like the glossy look for the day time, so after twenty minutes I wipe the gloss away and my lips stay plumped up and pink. I've also tested this product on my friends and it actually does produce a different shade of pink on different people. The product is really moisturising and the lips are still soft and hydrated once the product has been removed.

      All in all, this is a great product that does everything that it promises to do. It plumps up the lips, changes them into your own personal shade of pink and leaves them in a good condition. It tingles but doesn't sting and as long as you don't lick your lips. It is the most expensive lip plumper that I've tried but it is also one of the best.


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        09.07.2010 15:05
        Very helpful



        I would recommend this product for those wanting a subtle level of plump.

        I got this product for Christmas in a set with the O-Gloss and the O-Glow products from Smashbox. I have never used a lip plumper before because I have full lips so have never had the need of the product.

        The product works the same as all the other "O-" Products with a clear gel that turns pink when it gets in contact with moisture. It claims to give you your own custom shade of pink due to your lips having their own custom moisture levels. I am not yet sold on the "technology" since it reacts to the air but the colour is nice never the less.

        As for applying the product, you unscrew the lid and squeeze the tub and a small amount of product will come out (you don't need a lot) then you apply it straight to your lips as it has a Squeeze Tube Applicator. I find that due to all the product being around the hole you sometimes need to use your finger to blend it towards the outer parts of your lips.

        I previously mentioned having full lips so I was a little scared that I would end up with a fish pout after using this product but that was not the case. I find that it plump is very suitable, it plumps the lips enough to fill in the fine lines on your lips but not enough to give you a trout pout. So I wouldn't really recommend this product to people with really thin lips who are wanting a dramatic plump.

        Finally, the "feeling" of this product is lovely. Just like the rest of the range, the product is a gel consistence so it doesn't leave your lips sticky or slimy. Due to the plumping ingredients it gives your lips a desirable tingle making you feel refreshed. It also has a glossy finish to the product so there is no need to combine it with other products.


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    • Product Details

      Get a perfectly plump pink pout all your own! O-PLUMP is the first intuitive lip plumper that goes on clear and then reacts with your personal chemistry to turn lips your own custom shade of pink, while instantly plumping to perfection / How it works:It's packed with our exclusive microcirculating Goji Berry-C ComplexTM, Gingermint, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalizing marine botanicals and moisturizing avocado oil for non-stop color and shine / How to use:For the ultimate plump pout, dab a highlighter (try Photo Op Under Eye Brightener) on top of the cupid's bow before applying O-Plump /

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