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Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette Blue Eyes

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Brand: Smashbox / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2013 22:40
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      Smashbox Eye Enhancing Palette for Blue Eyes.

      The Product
      = = = = = =
      The product I am reviewing is by Smashbox and is called Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette for Blue Eyes. I would like to add that this product comes in versions for Hazel & Brown eyes too. I am reviewing the one for blue, because I have blue eyes. The palette contains 6 Photo Op Eye shadows specifically picked to enhance your eye colour, plus a double ended brush and step-by-step instructions for creating soft and smoky looks. I haven't worn eye-shadow for a good 6 years as I always normally wear eye-liner and mascara; how-ever I fancied a slight change. I have been told been told by a few people that I have gorgeous eyes and I was looking forwards to using this product to enhance them even more. I tend to wear black eye-liner so the eye-shadows in this palette were going to be a nice change as it mainly contains different shades of browns.

      The palette comes in a cardboard box which shows you a picture of the product on the front. It also states that the product is for Blue Eyes. On one side of the box it tells you what colours you get in the palette and on the other side it states how the product is cruelty free. On the back of the box it tells you a little about the product and you can also find a list of ingredients. I opened the box and took the palette out which is square and black in colour. The plastic feels very strong and it looks like a very good quality make up product. On the front of the palette it states that the product is again for blue eyes. On the back of the palette is a special code you can scan with your mobile to download a video to show you how to use the colours in the palette. The label on the back of the palette can be peeled open to reveal 2 different ways in which you can apply the eye shadows to your eyes for 2 different looks. This is step by step information and also has a small black & white picture so you can ensure you get the look right. The palette opens easily to reveal the 6 different colours. When you purchase this for the first time there should be a piece of plastic over the powders which protects them. The small double-ended brush sits just underneath the colours and has plastic tube like bits on the end to protect the brush ends from getting damaged. The top row of colours is for the soft trio. The soft trio colours contain Cream, Shell and Pewter. Underneath these colours it contains colours for the Smoky Trio which includes Custard, Sable and Mocha. On the lid to the palette is a large mirror so you can see when applying the product. Although these aren't the colours that I would normally go for I was looking forwards to trying something new.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased the Palette from my local Boots store for £31.50. You can also purchase this online from the Smashbox website for the same price. £31.50 does seem quite a lot of money for the palette; how-ever I love Smashbox products and always find that they are well worth the money that you pay for them.

      Using the Product
      = = = = = = = =
      I applied my primer and foundation as normal and then got ready to apply the eye-shadow. Today I was going to use the smoky effect on my eyes which used the colours on the bottom row of the palette. I looked at the picture instructions on the bottom so I could apply the eye-shadows the correct way. I picked up the double ended applicator and using the large brush swept it across the Sable shade which is a chocolate brown colour. I then applied this to the whole of my eye-lid up to the crease. I then used the smaller brush on the other end of the applicator to apply the darker brown (Mocha) across the upper lash line. The smaller brush is easier to use for this so you can ensure you get close to the lash line. The last colour to apply was the Custard, which was a peach like colour. I brushed this into the crease. When applying the eye shadow I noticed that some of the powder from the eye-shadow had dropped underneath my eye and landed on the cheek area. The eye-shadows were really easy to apply and felt soft and smooth as I applied it using the brush applicator that came with the palette. I brushed the excess powder which had fallen onto my cheek off with a large powder brush. This brushed away easily. I finished the look off with a few coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. This look is great for day or night and this is my favourite look out of the two.

      The other look is a softer look which is slightly more subtle and probably best suited for the day or if you want a more natural look that is more toned down. For this look you need to apply the Cream colour from the lash line to the natural crease. This is a very light colour. Using the Pewter shade which is quite dark I simply swept this over the lid of my eye. To finish off the look brush the shell (a dark pinkish) colour into the crease. I always apply a few coats of mascara to the top and bottom of the lashes to complete the look. This is a lovely look but I still prefer the Smoky look to my eyes, by using the other colours on the palette. When applying the eye-shadow some of the powder still dropped beneath my eye which I had to brush away gently using a large make-up brush.

      = = = =
      When looking in the mirror I was really pleased with the results and loved the way the colours of the eye shadow bought out the blue in my eyes. I went out in the morning and was hoping that the eye-shadow would last for most of the day. I didn't take the eye-shadow with me so I wasn't planning on topping it up if it did wear off during the day. Although the eye-shadow still looked great about 3-4hrs by later afternoon the eye-shadow had worn off a little. I have sensitive eyes and quite often they feel dry and react to make-up such as mascara and eyeliners. The eye-shadow didn't irritate my eyes or make them itch or dry them out during the day. Although some of the eye-shadow had worn off during the day there was still some left, especially over the upper lash line. The rest of the eye shadow was easy to remove using a Simple Facial Wipe. Either way I used to apply the eye-shadow it lasted for the same amount of time and didn't really last the whole day. I think if I had used an eye-primer before applying the eye-shadow, it would have lasted longer and probably for the majority of the day. I've only worn the eye-shadow during the day but it would also look great for the evening as well. I would finish the look off for the evening using eyelash curlers and a good volumising mascara.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      I had high hopes of this product, especially as it's a Smashbox product and I find all their other products particularly good. The eye-shadow does sound quite pricey; how-ever I was willing to pay this for a decent set of eye-shadows which would also help to bring the blue in my eyes out. I did think that the eye-shadows helped to bring out the blue in my eyes and a few people commented on how nice the eye shadow looked on me as I don't normally wear eye-shadow. I found the eye-shadow really easy to apply using the guide to ensure I applied the colours correctly. Although there is a double ended applicator I do use additional applicators so I don't mix and get the other colours in the palette dirty. I also wash the double ended applicator regularly to keep it clean. The eye-shadows are smooth and silky to apply and glide across the skin easily. No matter how much I tried a light dusting of powder always ended up dropping beneath the eye area which I had to brush away carefully after applying the eye-shadow. Although the colours aren't what I would normally go for I really like them and have used the different colours and looks a few times during the day and will also use them during the evening as well if I go out for a night out on the town or to the pub. Some people may think this is rather pricey for an Eye shadow set; how-ever I think its good quality and worth the money, especially as the colours are made to suit your particular eye colour. I will definitely be purchasing some Primer to see if this helps make the eye-shadow last longer.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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