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Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quad

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    7 Reviews
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      21.01.2015 15:59
      Very helpful
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      • Long-lasting
      • "Nice colours"


      • None

      Very happy with this stuff

      I got a Soap & Glory make-up gift set at Christmas and included in the set were 6 shades of their Lid Stuff eyeshadow. I’ve used these shades frequently since.

      Normally you can buy 4 shades in a palette, costing £10 from Boots. Each palette has a black base and a clear plastic lid for portability. There is no brush or applicator included so you have to use your own (though there was a brush included in my set).

      The palette is available in 3 varieties: one containing nude shades (cream, gold, brown), one containing smoky shades (white, black, grey) and one with colours (such as blue and purple). My selection is a mixture of the above.

      Minky: a shimmery light brown
      This is a lovely colour which goes with everything. I love the shimmer effect. I can wear it during the day with a light lipgloss, or in the evening with a darker lipstick – it’s very versatile.
      Dandy Plum: a rich dark purple
      I love this colour; it’s dramatic and makes an impact. I can wear it alone or blended with one of the other colours in the set: I’ve used it with the blue for a dramatic look, and with the grey and black shades for a smoky evening effect.
      Black Gold: black with tiny flecks of glitter
      This makes a dramatic impact worn alone over the lid in the evening. I also use it to accentuate other colours, and as an eyeliner.
      Vanilla: pale cream
      I use this as a base, and also as an all-over shade on the days when I don’t want to look as if I’m wearing too much makeup.
      Wild Blue: a rich bright teal
      This is a wonderfully bright and dramatic colour worn alone; I also like to pair it with the purple shade.
      Smokin’: matte dark grey
      Worn alone, this is a sophisticated smoky shade, but I also blend it with the purple colour for a strong look.

      Overall I love the colours: they are versatile and together suit any occasion. I find that you can brush them on to give a light wash of colour or build up the shade using an applicator for a more dramatic look. It is claimed that they last for 8 hours: I wear them for work so it’s easy to judge this, and I find that the claim is true unless it is a particularly hot day. Any longer than that and they do crease; but applying primer beforehand helps them last all day, and also makes the colours ‘pop’ even more.

      Overall I’m very happy with these eyeshadows, and would consider buying a palette in the future. Which one, though?


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        08.11.2014 20:30
        Not Helpful


        • "Long lasting"
        • "Pigmented colour"


        • None

        Great shadows

        These shadows are amazing. Buttery feeling powder, highly pigmented and long lasting.


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        03.07.2013 14:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        good stuff!

        I don't wear eye make-up on a day to day basis so I don't own that many eye products however, my mum has a mighty collection of eye shadows. I was getting ready for a posh lunch date with some friends that I had not seen in a while and decided to actually put some effort in to my appearance. As all my eye shadows are for nights out and full of shimmer I didn't really have anything appropriate. Therefore I decided to raid my mum's collection and came across this palette. The eye shadow quad is called "What's Nude" and is comprised of the following colours:

        Vanilla - a creamy bone shade
        Mudhoney - a deep murky brown
        Pink T - a warm pinky nude brown
        Aubersheen - a purple based iridescent brown

        This palette is a well-balanced - three matte shades and one with a hint of shimmer. The quad comes without an applicator and this is explained on the packaging where it is stated that one is not included as it would drive the price up as well as being of rubbish quality. I like that this is stated and the no nonsense attitude that Soap and Glory products have. Having said that the packaging is rather cheap looking and gaudy but at least the sentiment is there!

        I decided to go for a wash of the Pink T shade with the crease shaded in with Mudhoney and a little of the Vanilla shade underneath the brow. I love how the shades are so natural and I was able to emphasise my eyes without it looking to made up and try hard. The eye shadows lasted the full day on

        me and didn't crease which is my main problem with eye shadows.
        In terms of application these eye shadows are unlike any other eye shadow in terms of texture. They are very finely milled and are almost creamy - sounds weird but that's the only way I can describe it!
        They blend really well which is important when you want a natural seamless finish.

        After using the palette for that initial lunch date I was so impressed that it has now almost permanently entered my make-up collection! The addition of the deep Aubersheen shade means that this palette has now become one of my go to products when I want to create a smoky eye for a night out. There are just so many colour combinations and possibilities and you can adapt it for every day or night time looks.


        I think this quad is great as it can be used to create day and night time looks - it is very versatile. Furthermore, the shadows themselves are of a high quality - they do not crease and last the 8 hours which it is claimed to do. This product retails for £10.00 and is available from Boots - working out at £2.50 an eye shadow - I think this is really reasonable as it's the only palette you would really need!


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          27.05.2013 20:47
          Very helpful



          An nice little compact but a bit too fiddly and expensive for me.

          So, if you look at my other reviews you may realise that I am a bit of a Soap and Glory fan, at least of their toiletries. As for the makeup, in certain cases I am still to be convinced. Whilst this eyeshadow has some really good points, it doesn't quite have as firm a place in my heart as some of the others. I bought Smokey Dokey Lid Stuff about 18 months ago and below are my thoughts.

          The Packaging:
          Lid Stuff comes in a plastic square container with a clear lid with 'Lid Stuff' written across it in gold. The box itself is really strong, I have had it for a year and a half and the hinge shows no sign of wear and tear. The palette inside consists of 4 circles of eye colour. I have the Smokey Dokey box which has the colours Diamondust (A pale pinkish colour with a hint of shimmer) Chine (A Lillac colour with a hint of shimmer) Black Gold (A matt grey colour) Smokin' (a shimmery dark grey colour). There is not an applicator included but this is mentioned on the box, they say that its better to use a proper brush.

          The Product:
          The main reason I was attracted to this product was because I wanted to be able to perfect the smokey eye look. It looked like this would be possible with the palette. The colours are all really nice and well balanced and I thought that I could create something really striking with them.

          On the packaging Soap and Glory claim that "4 shades of fabulous flawless-finish, super colour 8 hour wear eyeshadow (that wont flake, wont crease)" This is definitely true. I can quite happily put the powder on early in the morning and keep wearing it into the night. The powder really does stay on, however, I find I have to use a lot of powder in the first place to make it visible. I really like the light colours (Diamondust and Chine) but the powder just doesn't show up unless I use quite a lot of product. Conversely, the darker colours are so dark that they have to be used incredibly sparingly.

          Once you have the right balance of colours though Lid Stuff is good product. It feels really nice on my eyes, the powder is smooth and silky and has a really nice light shimmer. The shimmer is so slight that it just catches the light occasionally, its not like a strong glitter so don't be put off.

          In essence I do like the colours contained in Lid Stuff and the feel and look of the product. However, I feel you need a bit of practice to get application just right. Two of the colours can be so light you can barely see them and the other two are so dark you can look a gothic. However, the practice is worth it as the colours can work well together the are just a little fiddly to get used to. Also, at £10 I feel there are cheaper alternatives which would give you just as good a look with less need to practice.


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          10.08.2012 16:26
          Very helpful



          Nice eyeshadow quad, worth the price paid

          I have had both positive and negative experiences with products I have purchased from Soap and Glory; however, I would have to say that my overall opinion of the brand is altogether quite favourable. After hearing good reviews about this Soap and Glory Lid Stuff, I decided that I should give it a try since I had been meaning to purchase a good eyeshadow palette as it was; what harm could come from it, after all? I trusted that at least Soap and Glory would not be as inconsiderate as to provide me with a completely terrible product.

          If you have had any experience with Soap and Glory products, you will know that their products do not exactly come cheap. This eyeshadow quad cost me the grand total of 10 pounds- quite a lot for only four colours when you take into account the fact that many other make up brands will provide you with many more colours in the palette for only a fraction of that price. Yes, this does make this Soap and glory Lid Stuff seem quite ridiculously priced... however, bear in mind that this price is nothing out of the ordinary for a Soap and Glory product. Also, this would be thoroughly worth it if it could live up to its claims (printed in pink writing at the back) which goes as follows:

          "4 SHADES OF FABULOUS FLAWLESS-FINISH, SUPER COLOUR 8-HOUR WEAR EYESHADOW (that won''t flake, won't fade, won't crease)".

          From the description, Soap and Glory seem pretty confident about how good their product is, with some big claims added in there, therefore setting my expectations quite high. I had known some worse quality eyeshadows to flake, fade and crease, the exact things that Soap and Glory claims that this Lid Stuff will definitely not do, so I was looking forward to using something of seemingly superb quality. It also claims that it will stay put for 8 whole hours; normally, I prefer it when cosmetics companies do not speak of set times for the product's longevity, since the usual outcome is that it cannot live up to these claims, lasting a bit longer than your average product, perhaps, but nowhere near what they promised. I hoped that this eyeshadow quad could do better than that.

          The palette is rather large and square, but small enough to fit into an average sized make up bag at least. It is made of a lightweight plastic material, so it is easy to carry without too much fuss; also, it feels strong and good quality, as if it is not likely to break suddenly. The lid is a clear plastic (so that you can see the actual colours in the palette), with the lettering and logo entirely in gold, looking flashy and classy at the same time. This lid can easily be prised open so you can use the eyeshadow, and when it is not in use it protects it from dirt and damage.The back is entirely black, apart from the text and pictures, which are entirely in pink (which is easy to read since it shows up so well against the black). The eyeshadows themselves are in wells and you can easily swipe the powder with a brush to apply it. As is indicated on the lid, each well contains 1.5g of powder.

          I bought the colour variety of 'What's Nude', a rather more natural selection of colours. There is a diagram showing you what these colours are on the back of the palette- the colours seem to be going from light to darker shades. These shades are:

          (top left) This is the lightest shade on the palette, a creamy matte vanilla. I have to say that this is my least commonly used shade of the four, even though it is a nice eyeshadow; it is just a little too light for me to use it all the time.

          PINK T:
          (top right) I would say that this shade is more of a light brown colour than a pink, though I do see some pinkish hues. This is the eyeshadow that has the Soap and Glory logo printed on it, though it has nearly faded away completely since I have used it so much. This is also a matte eyeshadow.

          (bottom left) A matte darker beigey brown colour, which looks lovely and natural when applied. I think that this looks the best of the four on my eye lids.

          (bottom right) This is the only non matte eyeshadow out of the quad, being instead lightly shimmery, though not too much that it looks completely unnatural. This is a lovely shimmering chocolate colour. I like to add a light layer of this on top of another colour to give it a light subtle shimmer.

          All the colours look gorgeous when applied, looking surprisingly bold and natural at the saame time. This really does help to accent your eye lids.

          The directions for use, also written on the back in pink text are:

          "Brush them on sheer and then blend, or build in layers for bigger, bolder lid colour."

          It also advises you to "Visit soapandglory.com to learn makeup artist tips and tricks".

          You can apply this with a brush, which, unfortunately, Soap and Glory decided not to provide for their Lid Stuff customers. They have given an excuse under the heading 'I'M IN NO BRUSH', and they say: "We chose not to include a cheap spongy shadow brush, because not only would it drive the price of this palette up, we thought you'd rather opt for a proper one.' Well, obviously I do not want to pay more for something that costs so much already, but I think for 10 pounds Soap and Glory can afford to give us four eye shadow colours and a brush. Also, a 'cheap spongy shadow brush' would have been rather nice, actually, for the times when I have forgotten to bring a brush, reducing me to having to use my fingers for application. This gets the application and my fingers messy. However, this is a rather minor issue.

          This eyeshadow is of very good quality. It feels nice when it is applied, not weighing down my eye lids or feeling uncomfortable and as promised, it does not flake, fade or crease. I was also very pleased with the longevity of this eyeshadow; though I did not time it exactly, I would say that this can last for eight hours without a single problem. In the (albeit, rather rare) hot sweaty summer days when make up can at times be seen literally sliding off my face, this eyeshadow still manages to stay put. This is far better than most eyeshadows I have tried.

          Altogether, I like this product from Soap and Glory, and I think that it is worth the high price paid. It comes with some really nice natural shades, which look lovely on and what's more, last for a long time too. Altogether, this is a product I will be buying more of when I run out, and I am pleased to give it 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars.


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          22.03.2012 21:29
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended

          Soap & Glory Lid Stuff eyeshadow quad pallettes come in three shades: What's Nude, Smokey Dokey and Off The Wall Flowers. I own the What's Nude pallette and have been using it for about three months.

          This pallette includes four shades (three matte, one shimmery) called Vanilla, Pink T, Mudhoney and Aubersheen. The product information promises crease free wear up to 8 hours. Personally I do find it lives up to this promise. The product is quite creamy and applies very smoothly without looking "dusty" like some cheaper eyeshadows can do in my experience. The colours are quite pigmented and last all day on me, better than some more expensive eyeshadows such as Clinique.

          Vanilla is a pale shade as the name suggests and is excellent all over the lid either as a base for other shades or on its own to brighten up the socket. I find this quite a useful shade especially because it is matte which means it looks much more natural. Some of the paler shimmery colours out there are not always appropriate for a neutral look in my opinion and can look a bit "disco"!

          Pink T is definitely the shade I have used the most since getting this pallette. It is a matte pinky brown colour which I think would suit everyone. It is subtle and very suitable for work, as it just makes the eyes look a bit more finished and presentable. The colour can be built up quite well if you want it show up with more impact. This works with any outfit or look and I could easily wear this every day. It has become my default shade if I don't have much time and quickly need an easy fix for my eyes.

          Mudhoney is darker than Pink T and is more of a standard, deeper brown. I do have other shades a bit closer to this so it is not as unique as Pink T. It is also a very useful matte shade which is very neutral and appropriate for day time wear. I haven't used this one as much but on the occasions when I have, I found it is well pigmented and has a good colour pay off. It doesn't need too much building up.

          Aubersheen is the shimmery shade, which is also a brown. I really love this one and I think it is good that the pallette mixes matte and shimmer. I have often used Aubersheen in combination with Pink T (Pink T all over the socket, with Aubersheen on the lower lid, more heavily on the outer corners). It stands out well, is very smooth (more so than the matte shades) and doesn't crease all day.

          Each shade is 1.5g and they seem to last a long time. I have used this pallette almost every day and I have barely worn the product down. The embossed Soap & Glory logo on Pink T has worn down but despite using that colour most days I am nowhere near hitting pan. For £10 this has become a brilliant budget staple in my makeup bag.


          The pallette comes in a small, lightweight square case with a transparent lid. I have found the packaging to be good quality and very durable as I have often carried it around in my handbag most days for two to three months and sometimes handled it quite roughly by throwing my bag down on the floor, but the casing has not cracked at all and has barely even scratched. This is an important plus point for me as in the past I have often been disappointed by the packaging of cheaper cosmetics brands as I have had a few incidents with them smashing and leaving powder and makeup all over my bag. The pallette doesn't include a brush and there is an explanation on the back saying that Soap & Glory decided against a brush because it keeps the price down and they think people would prefer to use their own good quality brushes. I agree with this idea (I like to use my favourite Body Shop eyeshadow brush) and this also keeps the pallette smaller and more streamlined.

          Overall I really highly recommend the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff pallette in "What's Nude".


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          11.01.2012 16:01
          Very helpful



          A fantastic palettes - very highly recommended! :)

          Soap and Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quad (Shade: What's nude)

          I have had this eyeshadow quad/palette for about three to four weeks now and I was a bit skeptical at first about buying this because this is the first cosmetic range from Soap and Glory - a brand known for their amazing bath, body and skin care products. This shade is one of three eyeshadow palettes available and it is the only one really that appealed to me, as I like nude/brown shades.

          - Soap and Glory description and the ingredient list for the three matte shades

          '4 shades of fabulous flawless - finish, super colour 8 hour wear eyeshadow (that won't flake, won't fade and won't crease). Amazing, intense second- skin-like colour finish in matte or metallic shades plus a superior creamy finish.'

          "Talc, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Dimethicone, Isononyl Isononanoate, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Zinc Stearate, Caprylyl Glycol, C26-28 Alkyl Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, PCA Dimethicone, Nylon-12, Hexylene Glycol, Dimethiconol, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Octyldodecanol, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Alaria Esculenta Extract (+/- CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77742 (Maganese Violet), CI 77007 (Ultramarines), CI 75470 (Carmine)". S&G uk site

          - About the product

          This eyeshadow quad obviously comes with four eyeshadows, three of which are matte and only one of the shades is shimmery, which is very different to most other eyeshadow palettes - as usually you get all shimmery shade and very, very few matte shades. The quad contains four 1.5g eyeshadows and on the back of the quad there is information about the shadows, there is an ingredient list, an image showing the shades in the quad and also a small section of information about why they didn't include a brush/applicator with the palette which is as follows: "We chose not to include a cheap spongy shadow brush, because not only would it drive the price of this palette up, we thought you'd rather opt for a proper one" - I completely agree with this statement as all of the brushes in palettes are usually cheap and not very useful and I always end up throwing them away.

          - Packaging

          The packaging for this product is just like any other eyeshadow quad but the difference with this one is that it actually feels really durable, well made and not cheap at all. The lid of the palette is made of clear plastic so that you can actually see the shades themselves which is good when deciding whether to buy this palette at all or whether to buy another Soap and Glory palette but with different shades. The back of the palette has a lot of information on which is quite useful and the overall design of the packaging is very Soap and Gloryesque as it looks quite retro and glamorous but also simple and sleek with the gold text and gold stars on the front and the typical Soap and Glory black and pink on the back of the palette. The packaging itself feels really strong, durable and made to a high quality which is great as most palettes that I own that are not very expensive always tend to feel like they are not made to a high standard in my opinion. Also the palette is light weight and really quite small at about 7.5cm by 7.5cm, so it would be fantastic for traveling - I am definitely going to take this palette on holiday with me this year. Overall, I would rate the packaging as 5/5.

          - Shades (the same as the photograph above)

          There are four shades in this palette which include: Vanilla, which is a creamy/white shade. Pink T which is a pinky/slightly brown shade. Mudhoney which is a medium brown shade. Finally the last shade in this palette is the only shimmery shade and it is called Aubersheen and it is a metallic, taupe/mink shade. I love that this palette has three matte eyeshadows and then only one shimmery shade as I find that all palettes, high end and expensive or cheap, have mostly shimmery shades in them and hardly any matte shades. I also love that this palette has very, very wearable, everyday shades in it.

          Firstly the Vanilla shade, this is a great shade for light/pale skin tones because it has multiple uses if you have these skin tones. The Vanilla shade can be used as a matte brow bone highlight, a tear duct highlight and an all over the lid shade if you have light/pale skin tones. The Vanilla shade is fantastic for me as it is only a shade lighter than my skin tone at the moment (as my skin is a bit lighter now as it is winter) and I use this shade in all of the ways stated above. This shade is a great brow bone and tear duct highlight for me as it is nice and more natural to have a matte highlight than a shimmery one which can look really unnatural if you don't use it very subtly. When used in the tear duct/inner corner of the eye this shade just opens up my eyes, making them look bigger and brighter naturally. This Vanilla shade is also a great base colour for other eyeshadows as it neutralizes any redness or pigmentation on the lids, it makes the skin matte and oil/shine free and it stops the other eyeshadows on top from creasing. This shade applies so nicely with a fluffy brush such as the mac 224 brush or the Frontcover fluff and buff brush mentioned in my previous review. This shade applies so quickly and easily and it is foolproof to apply. I would rate this shade at 4/5, just because it can sometimes highlight dryness slightly on my skin.

          The second shade in the palette is Pink T which is the only shade in this palette that I have not used everyday since I bought this palette and the only reason for this is because I do not want to ruin the Soap and Glory embossing on this shade as it does looks really pretty and unique. If there was no embossing I would use this shade more as the shade itself looks really pretty and unique - I have not seen a shade like this in any of my other palettes, well at least not a matte shade like this. I use this shade as an all over the lid shade as it is like the Vanilla shade because it neutralizes pigmentation on the lids and it creates a great base for other eyeshadows. This shade is a shade darker than my skin tone and it is pinker but it is a great subtle, neutral shade. This shade like all of the others in this palette applies like a dream! The application is very quick, easy and fuss free and this shade applies really smoothly and evenly and it blends so seamlessly too. I would rate this shade 4/5, just because of the embossing on this shade which does look pretty but that means that I don't want to use it as using this shade would wear away the embossing.

          The third shade in this palette is Mudhoney, which is a bit of an unusual shade name, but this shade is my personal favorite out of the four. One of the many reasons I love this shade is because it is a neutral brown, it does not have any red under tones in it at all which is fantastic in my opinion and it also does not have any prominent cool tones in it either. This shade is a perfect all over the lid shade for me as I like light/medium browns over my lids as it just looks well groomed, effortless and everyday appropriate in my opinion. To use this shade I just apply it quickly to the lid using a fluffy brush such as the two I mentioned previously and I then add a bit more of the same shade to my socket line just to make my eyes look a bit more naturally defined, I also then just some of the Mudhoney shade and apply it to the outer corner to again define my eyes more but also to add some depth. I would rate this shade at 5/5 as it is just the perfect eyeshadow for me personally and I think it would suit a range of skin tones.

          The last shade in this palette is Aubersheen (yes, that is correct) which is the shimmery shade and I really like this shade as it is a gorgeous brown shade which can look fairly dark in some lights but in others this shade can look really metallic and just so pretty because of the finely milled silver shimmer. I use this eyeshadow with the Mudhoney shade as I apply mudhoney all over the lid as a base, then I apply Aubersheen just to the outer corner which makes my eyes look defined and eye catching due to the gorgeous shimmer. This shades makes the Mudhoney shade darker and makes it stand out more and it is also great when I then apply the Vanilla shade to my tea duct which just opens up my eyes instantly. Even though this eyeshadow has shimmer in it, it still applies just as smoothly and creamy as the three matte shades which is great and like the other shades this one blends so amazingly well. Overall I would rate this shade at 4/5, just because I find that this shade creases the most (not that any of the crease really).

          Overall, I love the shades in this palettes, they are all fantastic for everyday and if you just wear the matte shades during the day which is what I do, you can then take your make up from day to night just by applying the shimmery Aubersheen shade either all over the lid or just to the outer corner - to create a brown smoky eye or an overall shimmery but neutral/natural(ish) evening look. The shades all apply like a dream as they have an incredibly smooth, soft and creamy texture (even the shimmery shade) and all of the shades blend so smoothly, quickly and seamlessly too. The pigmentation on these eyeshadows is just incredible, all of the shades are very pigmented and you only need one sweep across the eyeshadow to obtain a good amount of eyeshadow on your finger or a brush. Overall, I would rate these shades at 5/5, because they are just amazing and made to a very high quality in my opinion.

          - Results and the longevity of the eyeshadows

          I love the overall results from this palette as I can create so many everyday looks and it is very easy to get a couple of evening looks out of this palette too because of the addition of the shimmery shade. This palette is of a really high quality and this is also reflected in the quality of the eyeshadows - in particular the longevity of the shadows. I find that these eyeshadows last for about 6/7 hours with no creasing at all! The shadows only start to crease very slightly at around 7 hours, which is surprising as this palette was inexpensive and it is the first cosmetic line by Soap and Glory so I didn't expect fantastic products first time round but this palette has far exceeded my expectations. I would rate the overall longevity of these eyeshadows at 5/5, as they last almost all day on me without creasing at all - the eyeshadow also don't smudge, fade or move all day.

          - Price and availability

          I bought this palette about three to four weeks ago from a large boots store and the Soap and Glory products were on the three for the price of two offer (which is still continuing as of 11/01/2012) so I bought this palette, the daily double eyeshadow stick (previously reviewed) and also the cheekmate lip stain (which was free because of the offer). This palette was only...£10! This palette is amazing and for only £10, I would get more but I don't really like the other two palette shades. The other two palettes are called: "Smokey Dokey" which I may buy and "Off the wall flowers" which I will not buy as it contains bright shades. Overall, I cannot recommend this palette enough, it is just fantastic and everything I want in an eyeshadow palette. These palettes are only available from boots stores and boots.com as far as I am aware - you may be able to find them on eBay though.



          *Very easy to apply and remove - I just remove these shades with my boots botanics toner and it works really well at removing them
          *Easy the blend as these shadows have a fantastic smooth, soft and creamy texture
          *The shades are great for everyday and evening
          *The shades are very pigmented, so you don't need a lot of product on your brush
          *The packaging is great and it feels really durable
          *Great price
          *The shadows only start to crease on me after about 6/7 hours! depending on how much eyeshadow I applied
          *Available in boots and it is on offer at the moment (correct at the time of posting 11/01/2012)


          *None in my opinion!

          Thank you for reading my review - this review will also be posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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