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Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Lipcare & Plumping Kit

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Brand: Soap & Glory / Type: Soap / Suitable for: Lip

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    6 Reviews
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      01.07.2011 12:48
      Very helpful



      Makes a lovely gift.

      I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory products. They always seem to perfectly packaged and marketted that I just can't resist, so my poor purse suffers. What initially appealed to me about this lip care kit was the fact that it was boxed, like a nice set so it made a nice present for people. I had seen them in Boots for sometime, for £10 but then a couple of months ago they reduced them to £7.50. I bought three of them, two for birthday presetns, and one for myself. Like I said, I just couldn't resist!

      The kits come in a pink cardboard box with a retro design and writing on the front. In the box, there are three stages of lip care to carry out. There are however only two 'sticks' as one is double ended. The first step is smooth, then soften, and then plump. The black stick (seen above) is the double ended smooth & soften stick and the plumping step is carried out by a tube of which looks like lipgloss, known as the 'Super Filling Lip Shine Balm'.

      The products have the soap and glory finishing touches, the perfect writing and wording and a nice subtle modern scent which should appeal to most people as it is not particularly offensive.

      It is all very well thinking the products look beautiful, but do they really work?!After use of the double ended stick, my lips did feel softer and smoother, but the effect was more short term than long lasting, and I have to be honest it wasn't as good as my usual lip care routine of using a cheap Blistex product. This however was a more luxurious method and felt more like a treat. I wouldn't use this everyday, but it is nice for going out and on holidays. It is nice to save things like this for special occassions and really make the most of them.

      The lip plumping gloss is a golden beige colour. It is shimmery and quite flattering to most skin tones. The lip plumping occurs as when the gloss hits the moistue on your lips a chemical reaction is carried out which makes your lips feel fuller and more dilated. For me this really isn't a huge effect and it certainly dies down the more you use it. I think this must be because the more times the lip gloss is opened the more it is opened to the air and moisture and maybe by then all the chemicals have already reacted. Just a theory!! The lipgloss is quite sticky which is a downside as my hair ends up stuck to it once the wind blows, but it is quite long lasting, which makes up for this!

      All in all this is a lovely kit for a present, or for 'treat use' but I certainly wouldn't use it every day. I have since seen you can pick these up quite cheaply on ebay.


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      25.04.2011 21:13
      Very helpful



      Interesting idea, but not an amazing product

      I'm a massive fan of the brand Soap & Glory. Started in 2006 with the aim of helping women pamper themselves without 'spending an arm and a leg just to moisturise one', the retro pink and black & white bottles and packages are a familiar fixture on the shelves of Boots and Harvey Nichols. They're also available online from retailers like ASOS. The stated aim may not be completely accurate, as the products are often more expensive than brands like Dove or Radox, but most of them are high quality. Just after Christmas, a limited edition set of 10 discontinued or renamed Soap & Glory products was advertised on Boots for under £30. Being a huge fan, I of course picked one of these up!

      Mighty Mouth comes in a cardboard box with a pink colour theme and a black and white vintage picture of a woman on the front. The packaging states that Mighty Mouth is a "3 steps to gorgeous lips kit". It is made up of a "smooth & soften lip stick & super filling lip shine" and is meant to smooth, soften and plump up your pout. The back of the box tells you to use the Smooth & Soften Lip Stick before bed to exfoliate and moisturise lips, and the Super Filling Lip Shine during the day to tint and plump the lips. As Soap & Glory state, however, these steps can be mixed up without serious side effects!

      The box is designed like a book and the top of the cardboard lifts off to reveal the two products inside. The inside cover of the box gives instructions on using all three parts of the product. The exfoliating end of the Lip Stick should be used no more than twice a day. The smooth end can be used all day long. The Lip Shine should be used during the day to make lips shiny and plump.

      Personally I find the packaging slightly wasteful from an environmental point of view, but there's no denying it's attractive, fun and eye-catching.

      I'll go through the different parts of the product separately below.

      ***Smooth & Soften Lip Stick***
      Inside the box and plastic packaging, there are two pieces. One of these is the lip shine, the other is this Smooth & Soften Lip Stick. It is a double-ended black tube with Mighty Mouth Smooth & Soften Lip Balm written on the side in silver. One end reads "Smooth Over" and the other reads "Soften Up".

      The "Smooth Over" end contains a brown-cream coloured stick lip balm with tiny exfoliating bits in. It smells vaguely of vanilla. The "Soften Up" end also smells like vanilla. It is also pale cream but there are no exfoliating particles: this end is smooth in texture and is all one colour.

      After initially feeling that the "Smooth Over" end wouldn't be exfoliating enough, I was proved wrong the first few times I used it as the balm layer wore down to reveal more of the exfoliating pieces (I'm not sure what these particles actually are!). I find this end reasonably effective at exfoliating my lips, though it's not moisturising like, for example, Lush lip scrubs. It's handy to have this in such a compact format so I can exfoliate my lips during the day if I need to. Soap and Glory state that you should only use the scrub twice a day, but I sometimes find that I need to use it more often.

      The "Smooth Over" end is just a normal lip balm. It does moisturise and soften my lips, and it is fairly pleasant to use. However I don't find that it lasts particularly long on my lips and it doesn't feel like an amazingly high quality product. It rather reminds me of cheap lip balms I used as a teenager.

      *** Super Filling Lip Shine***
      The Super Filling Lip Shine is a clear tube with a black lid and the name of the product in silver writing. Inside, the lip shine is a pink-peach colour similar to the peach coloured Sexy Mother Pucker.

      The Lip Shine has a really nice melon scent and is slightly tingly when applied (not as much as the Sexy Mother Pucker though!). It is easy to apply with the plastic tube, and not much is needed so it looks like it will last a long time. The colour is nice and light and natural, and I do find that any lines on my lips are smoothed over when using this product (although it's not as though I have loads of lines). It isn't exactly drying, but isn't especially moisturising and I need to carry around both parts of this, or another lip balm, in order to keep my lips moisturised.

      This is a pretty good product and it does a decent job. It's a novel idea, allowing you to keep everything you need for your lips as part of one kit. However, though the component parts of this are nice, they aren't anything special and I've used nicer lip scrubs, lip balms and lip glosses. I believe the original selling price was around £10 which I think is expensive for what you get.

      Three stars for a decent product, but it's not amazing so I can't really give any more.

      Mighty Mouth is no longer available in its current form, but is being relaunched as just the Lip Shine according to the Boots website.


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        19.04.2011 20:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Loved the 'smooth over' 'soften up' stick! Not to keen on the Lip Balm though :-(

        I first came across Soap & Glory a few years back, when I was given a body wash and moisturising set.
        The products were soft on my skin, and I loved the quirky packaging.

        So, this year for Mothers Day, I decided to treat myself to a Soap & Glory Bonus Bumper pack!
        I saw the pack advertised on an offer via Martin Lewis 'money saving tips' website. I purchased the pack on-line for £35.00 instead of £40.00. My partner collected my present from our local Boots store (therefore, no further costs added for delivery).

        There were many fabulous items in my bumper pack. This review is based on the 'Mighty Mouth, 3 Steps To Gorgeous Lips Kit'.


        The items are contained in a bright pink rectangular cardboard box, with a retro 'old fashioned' black and white picture of a beautiful lady with 'pouty, shiny lips'. The Soap & Glory logo is also well displayed.

        There are several quirky slogans on the front i.e, 'You want full lips? I'll show you full lips'

        The front of the box also opens displaying the contents inside through a clear plastic screen.

        The inside cover contains informative instructions and tips on how to best use the product. This is done in in a rather comical way i.e, 'use twice a day maximum, unless you want lip colour to default to red and raw'

        The bottom of the box displays ingredients for each of the three products inside.

        On the back, there are more tips on how to make the most of the product, along with more witty comments.

        There is also product contact information and a website address to leave feedback on the product.

        THE PRODUCT:

        'Mighty Mouth Smooth & Soft Lip Balm - This is a double ended stick with each of the products at either end. The stick is black with silver writing. The lids at either end are clearly labelled 'Smooth over' and 'Soften up'.
        Both products are sized 4g ( 0.14 U.S. 0z)

        'Smooth over' -
        A gentle exfoliating stick for you lips. It is beige in colour and contains little grains to exfoliate. It has no particular smell.

        'Soften up' -
        A moisturising stick for your lips. It is also beige in colour. It has a fruity (pineapple) smell.

        'Mighty Mouth Super Filling Lip Balm' -
        This product comes in a seperate clear squeezy tube with a black lid. The lip balm also smells fruity (pineapple) and appears to be an orangey/coral colour. It is sized 9ml 0.3 U.S fl 0z.


        When I first used these products my lips were extremely flaky, dry and sore. I followed the instructions and applied the exfoliating stick, followed by the moisturising stick. I needed to use the exfoliating stick a few times before the grains came to the surface. The moisturising stick felt very smooth and creamy on my lips, a little greasy, but no more than other lip moisturisers. My lips felt instantly hydrated. I was very impressed when i woke up the next morning to find that my lips were no longer 'flaky' and felt nice and soft. I also liked the light fruity smell of the moisturising stick. I use the stick a couple of times a week to keep my lips in good condition. Thumbs up!

        The 'Mighty Mouth Super Filling Lip Balm' felt quite tingly when first applied, but that soon fades away. My lips did look slightly fuller but the balm was quite thick and gloopy. It also felt very tacky on my lips. The balm has a clear appearance once applied, so it may be worn over coloured lipstick. The balm does sink in after sometime, but still feels slightly tacky, which I do not like. No thumbs up there then!


        The double ended stick lives up to my high expectations from using other Soap & Glory products. However the 'Mighty Mouth Lip Balm' ruins the set for me. I would definitely want to purchase the double end stick again (It is the best conditioning product I have found for my lip care) but I would not want to purchase the 'Mighty Mouth Lip Balm again!

        As far as I am aware these two products are sold as a twin set and are not sold separately. This set costs around £10 in Boots. I would not want to pay that much knowing that I wouldn't be using one of the two products.

        I like the fact that there is a website displayed on the packaging where consumers can leave feedback on the products. This makes me feel that Soap & Glory care about their customers and the products they sell.

        The compact double ended stick saves space and is a great size to carry in your bag :-)


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          14.02.2011 16:14



          Overall, not bad!

          I've been a fan of Soap and Glory products for a couple of years - I'm a sucker for retro style packaging and pun-tastic product names. Their plumping lipgloss is fabulous - so, needless to say, I was rather excited when I saw this product.

          With three products inside - a lip smoother, a lip softener and a lip plumping balm, this product definitely gives its money's worth. After the dry and cold winter months my lips were not in their best state and I found that using the exfoliator and smoother sticks did make a difference.

          However, the lip plumping balm let me down slightly - after caking it on, although I felt a tingle, I didn't feel like my lips were that much plumper.

          All in all though, I do think the product is worth it for the smooth lips alone - and for the way the packaging looks on your dressing table!


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          30.01.2011 14:09



          Great innovative quality product at a good value

          Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Lipcare & Plumping kit provides 3 Steps to gorgeous lips kit contains a Smooth & Soften double ended Lip Stick and Super Filling Lip Shine Balm.

          Use Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Smooth & Soften Lip Stick before bed for exfoliating and overnight moisture treatment. Use the Soap & Glory Super Fillling Lip Shine during the day for a naturally tinted lip plump pout.

          I love the lip scrub, I suffer from slightly dry skin on my lips and this is a godsend if you suffer the same. The lipcare leaves lips feeling moisturised for a long time as well as scale free.

          The lip gloss comes in a nude shade - at 1st the colour of the gloss was slightly off putting but once applied it was a fairly sheer formula, I did feel a slight tingling sensation and my lips did appear fuller. The lip gloss is great for a more natural love but for myself I much prefer the motherpucker gloss from soap and glory, i feel this is a more superior gloss.

          After treatment and application, it looks like this on my lips. Plain but quite juicy, although I did find the lip gloss needed a bit more oomph other than just looking glossy.

          This product is one of the cheaper soap & glory products but in my opinion it is still a high quality Soap & Glory product as usual!


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          26.01.2010 19:39
          Very helpful



          Nice pressie, but not something you'd want to buy for yourself.

          Soap and Glory's Mighty Mouth kit is designed to smooth, moisturise and plump your lips. It is well presented in a nice box, in the usual S&G retro fashion. Just "3 steps to GORGEOUS lips" ladies! It cost me £10 in Boots, which of course earns 40 Boots advantage points.

          Inside the box is a double ended smooth & moisturise lip balm - one end exfoliates, the other is more of a typical lip balm - and a lip plumping gloss.

          There are usage instructions inside the cover of the box (not that it's difficult to work out, as pointed out on the box), which define a 3 step approach:-

          1. "Get Rid of your Chap!"

          This is the exfoliation stage. The double ended stick is labelled "smooth over" on the exfoliating end. It feels like a thick lip balm, with fairly heavy exfoliating grains. If you overdo this stage, you will really feel it, and the packaging warns you to do this no more than twice a day "unless you want your lip colour to default to red & raw".

          It smooths the lips well, and gets rid of the rough dry skin that seems to cover my lips in this cold weather. It's also more comfortable that the old-toothbrush-dipped-in-Vaseline approach, but gives roughly the same result.

          I have found that with daily use the exfoliator end of the stick gets less effective at getting rid of dry skin, as the granules get pushed inside the balm. All that needs doing is to expose them a little more - I just scraped the top of the stick with my fingernail and it was restored to as good as new.

          2. "Hoist yer Moisture!"

          This is the moisturising stage of our plump lips routine, from the other end of the double ended stick: "soften up". To be honest, this is not really any different than any other simple lip balm I have tried. It makes lips feel very soft and smooth and has a nice fragrance. It doesn't last as long on the lips as I had hoped, so frequent reapplication is required to keep your lips in their post-exfoliation state.

          3. "Pump Iron..."

          The third and final stage is the "as you leave the house" stage. It's a subtle peachy coloured high shine gloss, which plumps your lips. The plumping sensation is less obvious than some of their other products, so is ideal if you're not so keen on the strong tingling sensation of some plumping products.

          The colour is nice and neutral, and it tastes very sweet, which is a bit off putting for me. The plumping effect isn't very obvious, but it does make my lips look good - just not much bigger. It doesn't apply on top of the lip balm (step 2) very well, so I would advise wiping that off before applying this gloss. It is also a bit too gloopy for my liking; the gloss is fairly thick, so you have to be very careful to ensure even coverage and colour distribution on your lips. It doesn't feel like Soap & Glory quality, to be honest.

          Despite its setbacks, I quite like the set really. It is nicely presented and would make a nice small gift.

          It does feel like you are paying a lot of money for what is is - you could make a similar kit with a tub of Vaseline (£1.59 for 100g - it's a lot less economical in the tins), some sugar to gently rub in as an exfoliator (or an old toothbrush!), and a cheap plumping lip gloss to finish. You could probably get the same result for £4 or less.


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