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Soap & Glory Daily Double Eyeshadow Stick

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Brand: Soap and Glory / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Stick / Further Category: Soap / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      17.06.2012 18:50
      Very helpful



      An interesting concept but not a great makeup product

      My sister in law gave me this Daily Double eyeliner and eyeshadow stick pencil as she had bought it and didn't really like it. As it turns out, I didn't like it much either!

      Soap & Glory are a relatively new brand which sells shower are body care products, skin care and cosmetics. Their products are available from many Boots stores. They can be easily recognised due to their distinctive branding which is quite girly and retro in style, often featuring puns and wordplay. The Daily Double has quite a simple look to it compared to many of the Soap & Glory products. It is a simple chunky double ended pencil which is about 6 inches long including the caps. Each pencil end is covered with a see through cap and the pencil casing is two colours, with each half corresponding to the colour of the product inside. The Soap & Glory logo is printed in the middle of the stick. It does not come with a box.

      The Daily Double comes in three different colour combinations:

      1. Fresh cream and Greenlight, which is the one I have and will be talking about more in this review.
      2. Velvet Pink and Cookie, where the lid shadow is a very pale pink and the liner is a mid brown.
      3. Ultra Violet and Plum Plum, where the lid shadow is a mid lilac shade and the liner is a fairly dark and bright purple.

      The concept of this product, a time saving and space saving 2-in-1 eye makeup kit, was quite appealing to me in theory. It would be easy to throw in my makeup bag and as there is no liquid or powder there is no risk of any mess in my bag from leaks, spills or powder crumbling everywhere. However, unfortunately I haven't found the results too impressive.

      === The Linerstick ===

      I have the linerstick in the shade Greenlight.

      I actually really like the shade. It is very dark, almost black, but has a hint of greenish brown khaki to it. This means it is not as harsh as a true black, but still gives the definition and darkness that you get from a black eyeliner. It doesn't immediately stand out as being a coloured liner, so it is not too bold or daring and the colour goes with everything. The dark khaki colour is like a darker version of my own eye colour (hazel green) and so it picks out the colour. I think it would also look good on someone with different coloured eyes as a bit of contrast.

      The eyeliner pencil itself is really chunky. The thickness of the pencil makes it comfortable to grip in the hand and it does feel quite creamy and smooth to apply but the thickness does slightly hinder application as when applying the linerstick I have to be quite careful to hold it at the right angle and work very carefully and softly, so that only the thinnest tip or edge touches my eye. Otherwise the line would be far too thick for my liking and you hardly ever see anyone with eyeliner that thick, so I'm not sure that such a chunky pencil is necessary for most people! It might be better for a dramatic look at night time. I also find it difficult to get right between the lashes with this thick pencil, which I normally like to do to make my lashes look thicker and define the eye better, so I usually just try to do a thin line above the upper lashes with this. I don't put it anywhere near my lower lash line as I normally don't put anything much there anyway and this would be far too thick in my opinion.

      The colour pay off from this eyeliner is very good. The colour glides on and looks quite rich and dark on the eye. It lasts well and is still on my upper lash line by evening when I go to take it off. However, this liner does smudge a bit and cause some fall out under my eyes as I wear it. After a few hours I start to notice the odd dot of this dark colour under my eyes and as the evening goes on it gets worse. This is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to eyeliners (and some mascaras) as it obviously makes me feel that I need to keep checking the mirror and removing any stray eyeliner which ends up where it shouldn't. It is easy enough to wipe these bits off with a cotton bud and apply concealer over the top to brighten the undereye again, but it is a pain.

      When it comes to removing the eyeliner at night, it is actually quite stubborn. I use a good quality oil based makeup remover from Clinique, which usually easily cuts through all makeup even waterproof mascara very easily, but this eyeliner needs some rubbing with the makeup remover and takes a bit of effort to get off. Most stuff just dissolves immediately onto the cotton pad. Even when I think I have got this all off, sometimes a tiny bit has still been there unnoticed even after makeup removal and washing my face, and it has left me with a slight panda eye in the morning. I was not impressed by that at all!

      Both ends of the stick are easy to sharpen with a thick barelled eye pencil sharpener. Obviously they won't fit into a standard sized one. Unfortunately when I sharpened the eyeliner end, the whole new sharp tip snapped off, as the pencil is quite soft, so this was wasteful and a bit messy.

      Overall, I find the linerstick just about okay. The colour is really nice but its downsides outweigh the good points for me. I will occasionally use it but with caution!

      === The Lid shadow ===

      I have the lid shadow in the shade Fresh Cream.

      As the name suggests, this shade is very pale and I think it is suited as a good base or a brow highlight. Personally I wouldn't generally wear such a pale shade all over my eyelid. It seems more of a yellow based cream than a pink based shade.

      I was intrigued by the idea of an eyeshadow pencil as I don't think I had ever seen one before. I usually use solid powder eyeshadows. I really like the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff eyeshadow quad which I use almost daily, so I was hopeful that this eyeshadow pencil from Soap & Glory would be decent.

      I apply this lidshadow by simply drawing all over my lid with the pencil. As I'm used to using eyeshadow brushes it feels a bit weird to do this, but it is very simple and quick to do. However, it does not feel as smooth and creamy to apply as the liner stick. I find it a bit waxy in texture when drawing it on initially, and it doesn't really give even coverage as sometimes barely any colour seems to be transferred onto the lid. It goes on in quite a patchy way, however hard I try to get it looking smooth. After it has settled, it ends up looking dry and chalky. It is not a good base at all, as it isn't smooth or even, so any other eyeshadow I put on top also ends up looking a bit patchy and rough. After a while, it starts to look a bit flaky and scaly on my eye lids - basically just a right mess! I would not recommend the shadow stick at all and it definitely doesn't save any time!

      When using it as a brow highlight or to brighten the inner corners of the eye obviously you don't have such a large area to cover as when applying a base to the whole eyelid so this patchiness problem is reduced, but it still isn't a smooth application and the colour pay off is still very variable.

      Luckily this eyeshadow stick is very easy to remove from the eye! When I use my eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and lightly press it onto the lid before sweeping it off, the eyeshadow is completely dissolved and cleaned away without any residue being left behind.

      The lid shadow end of the stick was very easy to sharpen and as it is a harder consistency than the liner, it did not snap.

      === Value ===

      This costs £6.50 in Boots as it is currently on offer. The normal price is £8.50. For your money you get
      3.79g of product.

      I don't think it is worth it even at the reduced price, as half of it is awful and the other half is just okay but with its own drawbacks too. I would advise you to save your money and I'm glad I didn't pay for mine.


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        16.02.2012 13:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fantastic product at a great price

        Soap and Glory are a relatively new brand to Boots and, up until recently, had confined themselves to a delicious range of body and bath products, as well as a number of beauty-boosting items, such as lip plumpers and brow pencils. The limited range of makup items they offered reminded me very much of Benefit products - they tend to have a little 'twist' to them that provides the user with one of those 'expert tip' solutions; so an eybrow pencil might be combined with a highlighter for your brow arch. As such, it seemed only a matter of time before they branched out into cosmetics proper. And now they have, with a dedicated makeup section in Boots.

        PRICE: £8.50 from Boots.

        OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Soap and Glory have this to say about it: "A double-ended high pigment lidshadow & high intensity liner/shadow pencil with super-long-wear polymers that fix to the skin almost instantly. (It delivers fabulous, faultless colour, but we'd suggest you blend it fast.) Featuring long wear skin finish polymers and highly water-resistant pigments."

        THE PACKAGING: Soap and Glory have managed to create a distinctive, playful, fun brand that you can't miss. As I've said, they put me in mind of Benefit - they're a brand that enjoys wordplay and puns in order to demonstrate what a products going to do for you. If you're familiar with their packaging, you'll know that it's all very retro and girly. The pencils themselves are 'naked' (sans box)! Each pencil is 3.9g, which makes for quite a chunky little fellow. The pencil is divided into two colours, to indicate the working end it pertains to (shadow or liner).

        TEXTURE AND COLOUR: The pink end isn't a true pink. It's actually very light - more akin to an eye shadow base. For some, it will be ideal but, for me, it makes me look a bit washed out if I use it alone. That said, it provides a very fresh, natural colour. If you like a shimmer to your shadows, this end isn't going to set your world on fire. However, if you're a lover of matte, pared-down makeup, then bingo! Personally, I treat it as a base (and it's fantastic for that, with great grip and longevity), then I apply another shade on top or, sometimes, just along my eye socket. As you might have guessed from Soap and Glory's tip to 'blend it fast', this is a quick-drying formula. It doesn't even go on 'wet', nor is it powdery- it really is like colouring in your eyelid with a very chunky eye pencil. I tend to swipe it over my lid a few times, then blend with a finger. Once it's on though, that's it - it's not going anywhere.

        The eyeliner end is actually what I really bought this product for. I was down to the nub of my Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner to Go, which I loved. It's a chunky eyeliner which stays put all day. Before I used it, I wondered how it was possible to create a neat line with such a chunky pencil (it's a similar size to the Soap and Glory pencil). However, it just seems to work. And, I have to say, I think I've found an ideal replacement now. This eyeliner goes on smoothly and easily (no tugging or pulling). It's a wonderful shade of brown - not too dark, not too light with a hint of shimmer. You can build it up a little if you want a deeper look, or pass it over the lid once, lightly for a very natural line. Also, because it is so grippy and waterproof, other, metallic shades adhere to it wonderfully. I've used a shimmery Kingfisher shade from Bourjois on top and it's sat there all day.

        I also use the brown under my lower lid and, again, despite it being such a chunky pencil, if you apply it close to the lash line, you don't end up with a huge 'panda-eye' look underneath. In fact, because the product is large, it allows you to lightly run it over the area for a lovely, subtle look. I tend to then get a cotton bud to smudge it slightly for a smoky look. Again, though, you will need to work quickly.

        MY VIEW: For the price, I think this is a fantastic product. I'm a makeup junkie and have used all brands of everything in my time. Soap and Glory could, in my humble view, quite easily sit as a stand-alone makeup counter and charge double the price. Their packaging is pitch-perfect and their products are wonderful. I have used few chunky liners (Smashbox aside) that deliver the results this one does.

        A small criticism could be that the formula is difficult to manipulate due to its quick-drying nature. However, it's probably because of this that the Daily Double lives up to its promise of long lasting intensity. Neither the shadow nor the liner move or budge all day. At the moment, there's not a huge colour range to choose from - that said, I'd advise opting for the shade of liner you want, because you can tweak the shadow shade by applying other colours on top.

        One other tip - if you do buy this, make sure you have (or get) a chunky pencil sharpener as the product doesn't come with one (although, given how reasonable the price is, I wouldn't expect one).

        CONCLUSION: Low-end price for a high-end result.


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          04.01.2012 17:28
          Very helpful



          A good product but it has some flaws

          Soap and Glory Daily Double Lidshadow and linerstick (Velvet pink & Brownie)

          Soap and Glory are famous for their bath, body and skin care products but a few months ago they branched out into the cosmetics industry with a range of lipsticks, lip glosses, a foundation, a concealer, a couple of eyeshadow palettes, a lip/cheek stain, an eyeliner and this product. I have wanted to try this range for a few weeks and as boots were having a 3 for 2 offer on Soap and Glory cosmetics I bought three things from their range.

          - Soap and Glory description

          "A double-ended high pigment lidshadow & high intensity liner/shadow pencil with super-long-wear polymers that fix to the skin almost instantly. (It delivers fabulous, faultless colour, but we'd suggest you blend it fast.) Featuring long wear skin finish polymers and highly water-resistant pigments." Soap and Glory site

          - Ingredients

          Velvet pink side: Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Mica, Polyethylene, Lauroyl Lysine, Ozokerite, Synthetic Beeswax, Octyldodecanol, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77163 (Bismuth Oxychloride), CI 77491 (Iron Oxides), CI 77499 (Iron Oxides) CI 77492 (Iron Oxides). Brownie side: Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Mica, Polyethylene, Lauroyl Lysine, Ozokerite, Synthetic Beeswax, Octyldodecanol, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Tin Oxide, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77492 (Iron Oxides), CI 77491 (Iron Oxides), CI 77499 (Iron Oxides)

          - About the product

          This eyeshadow stick is 3.79g in total. The two shades that come in the one stick can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow or eyeshadow base. There are three shade combinations including: Velvet pink & brownie (which is the one I bought), fresh cream & green light and ultra violet and plum plum. This product is part of Soap and Glory's new cosmetic line, released a couple of months or so ago.

          - Shade and texture

          The shade I bought is called Velvet Pink and Brownie, which is the only one out of the three that I would have bought as it is a creamy colour and a metallic looking medium brown shade. The velvet pink side of the product is not actually pink, it is a creamy colour with yellow undertones, so I don't know why it is called Velvet Pink. The second shade is Brownie which is a gorgeous metallic brown with very fine golden shimmer - this shade looks darker on the skin than in the stick. The texture of both of the stick shadows/liner is a creamy texture, which is smooth even though the brownie shade has shimmer in it.

          - Using the product

          I just apply this cream eyeshadow directly from the stick as it can not be applied or blended with a eyeshadow brush. I just swipe the velvet pink shade first all over my lid and then I have to quickly blend it with my finger. You can not blend this product with a brush as it is really quite difficult to blend and you have to blend quickly as the shadow sets quickly - you only have a few seconds to blend the shadow before it sets. I apply the velvet pink all over my lid, especially over the inner third of my lid and also in the inner corner. I then apply the brownie medium brown shade just to the outer corner and along the upper lash line - again as with the velvet pink shade you have to work quickly with this product as it sets and once the shadows are set, they do not move really for the next eight or so hours! I have used the velvet pink shade on it own and I have also used the brownie shade on its own and they work great individually or together. The velvet pink shade is also fantastic as a eyeshadow base/primer as it does not crease easily and is a similar shade to my skin tone. Once I have applied the velvet pink shade I can then apply other eyeshadows over the top. I have been using the velvet pink shade as a base for the eyeshadows in Soap and Glory's nude lid stuff palette. Overall, the shades are great, they are really pigmented, they are neutrals so they go with everything and are great for day or evening make up as you can apply more of the brownie shade to the lash line and outer corner to make a brown, metallic smokey eye. Although this product is difficult to blend and the cream eyeshadows can highlight/emphasize dryness, which I have due to eczema.

          - Results and longevity

          I really like the results from this product, it is quick and easy to use and it is a great product as it is very convenient to use. The shades work really well together and they are fantastic for an everyday, neutral look which is what I go for most of the time. I like the brownie shade more than the velvet pink shade just because the velvet pink shade highlights dryness and the brownie shade doesn't really. The longevity of this product is great (although it is not as good as I thought it was going to be), the shadows last on my eyes for about 8/9 hours, which is great but I find that the ELF cream eyeshadows last for ages - until I take them off and they are only £3.50. Overall, the longevity is good but I thought this product would be a bit better than it actually is.

          - Overall positives

          The overall positives in my opinion are as follows: the packaging is quite nice, the shadows are easy to apply, the shades velvet pink and brownie are great for day and evening make up. The Velvet pink shade is great as a eyeshadow primer/base as you can put regular eyeshadows over the top and they will not crease for a while. Convenient to use and it would be fantastic for traveling. The shadows only crease after about 8/9 hours of wear but apart from that they do not move or smudge all day.

          - Overall negatives

          The overall negatives in my opinion are as follows: both the velvet pink and brownie shades are difficult to blend and you have to blend them quickly before they set. The velvet pink shade can highlight any dryness, the product does not come with a sharpener so you will need to buy a jumbo sharpener. And you don't actually get that much product in one stick, you only get 3.79g in total. Overall, this product is really good but it is not as good as I thought it was going to be.

          - Price and availability

          I bought this product from boots and it can also be bought from boots online for £8.50 and boots are currently having a 3 for 2 offer on all Soap and Glory cosmetics so I got one product free which is always good and also some boots points. You can only buy soap and glory cosmetics from boots, as far as I am aware.



          *Easy to use and it is really convenient
          *Really nice, neutral everyday shades (one shade is matte, the other is shimmery)
          *Nice creamy, smooth texture
          *Good longevity - it lasts on my eyes for about 8/9 hours without creasing (more like 8 hours than 9)
          *Boots offer
          *The two shades that come in the one stick can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow or eyeshadow base


          *The velvet pink shade highlights dryness
          *No sharpener and it does not contain a twist up mechanism
          *The shades are difficult to blend and you have to try and blend them really quickly as they set very quickly
          *Brownie shade is not easy to remove

          Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992 with pictures


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