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SolarActive Blaze UV Colour Changing Nail Varnish

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Brand: SolarActive Blaze / Type: Nail Varnish / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2011 20:13
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      A total disappointment

      Cue a particularly long, quiet, sunny day in work. My colleague is hovering in the sunshine, hands stuck out and I am fascinated by her nails - or, more precisely, her nail varnish. When in the sun, her nails changed from clear and glittery to a vibrant glittery red (and back again when she was called back inside). As it had been wonderfully sunny for days, and for once my nails were lovely and long (and mainly because I'm easily amused), I headed home to hunt down the nail varnish.

      Even though I had been told to try Ebay, I ended up on my preferred website, Amazon, basically because I had never used Ebay and didn't feel brave enough to start now! The range of colours are quiet good (looking just now, there are about 12 different pots there). I did find some of the colour change combinations odd, such as gold to a brownish shade, and some colours were barely in stock or even out of stock - which still appears to be the case now. Both of these issues limited my choice options, but I was able to choose a nice one - pearl (a shiny, shimmery colour) to a blackcurrant (a dark purple, that's also shimmery), which is in the picture above. I wanted a noticeable change to occur, which definitely would with this colour choice, but I also wanted a subtle colour for my nails when I was indoors and working. All in all, my choice ticked all the boxes, although heading to pay was a little ouchie - about £6 (give or take a penny) for a pot of nail varnish is a little steep, but my excitement about the novelty over-rode my common sense: one pot of nail varnish winging its way to me.

      I'm not very good at picturing measurements, so the 5ml pot that arrived was much smaller than I had expected looking at the picture; about half the size of my usual No7 nail varnish pots. I was slightly disappointed at this, especially after paying so much, but I knew that the colour change effect would be worth it.

      The colour in the pot is the starting pearly colour, although it looked more cream rather than the white in the picture. For once I read and followed the simple instructions on the pot, applying one coat as evenly as possible on each nail (a total challenge for me!). My nails dried rather quickly, and had a lovely subtle shimmer to them; so far, so good. The disappointment came when I went outside - I got all excited when I noticed my nails changing colour, but they only reached a shimmery, patchy grey (showing my failure to apply completely evenly), and not the shimmery purple promised. The grey was light, so the varnish didn't even achieve a dark colour that it had promised. I tried to apply the nail varnish in different ways to see if this had a better result - two layers resulted in a slightly darker, blotchier grey, and putting clear on first had not effect whatsoever.

      Overall, although the nail varnish DID colour change as promised, it didn't exactly change to the RIGHT colour. I double-checked with my colleague, and did have the same nail varnish brand as her, so perhaps it was just the colour I was using, or it just works better on fake nails. But, as this colour was so disappointing, I don't want to waste another £6 on a pot of nail varnish that may (but probably won't) do what it advertises it will. The only good things about it is the initial colour is nice, it's easy to apply and quick to dry. But definitely not one I will be trying again.


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