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Stila Convertible Lip Colour

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Brand: Stila / Type: Lipstick / Subcategory: Lip Colour / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2003 00:30
      Very helpful



      I personally am not into lipsticks. I prefer lip-gloss and glaze. It’s more natural and girly. Whilst browsing in Space NK in the Trafford Centre I noticed something extremely cute, it was the new “Convertible lip colour” by Stila. Since Stila is my most favourite make up company I just had to get it. The lady at the till thoroughly recommended it. Now if only I had her discount! I managed to spend £93 altogether on my Stila goods and walked out with a huge smile on my face! The first thing I noticed about this product was the lovely packaging, Jeanine Lobelle is a star when it comes to making her packaging girly and just plain fabulous. Her make up range is brilliant quality but the packaging is the first thing one notices. It’s always so colourful and different. Then you notice all the other make up brands copying Stila, I wonder how long it’ll take for other brands to copy this product. Now Convertible Lip Colour hasn’t been on the market for that long but already it’s a popular product. It’s different and cute. It’s basically two different lipsticks at each end. One being a matte lipstick and the other being a sheer lipstick. STILA*~ Stila was created by Jeanine Lobelle, a genius in my eyes! Her products are not only top quality, but the packaging happens to be the best ever packaging for make up I’ve ever seen. The products are girly, cute, fun and most of all original. Stila has come up with several different products which have then been copied by less fancy companies. Also Stila is extremely popular amongst celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and loads more. It’s the brand the celebrities love and to be honest, I can see why. DIFFERENT SHADES OF LIP STICK*~ Claret Bloom – The sheer lip colour is a light pink colour which is very light looking on the lips, it doesn’t
      come up strong but adds a tint which is great for people who prefer the natural look. The pink is quite a light shade. The matte lip colour is a slightly darker pink. This shade is different to the first because it is much more noticeable on lips. It’s a nice dark pink colour perfect for a bit of glamour. Crimson Bloom – The sheer colour of this shade is a simple, light peach based colour. It has a slight tint of pink in it, but it’s lighter than any of the other sheer lipstick colours. The matte lipstick however is a very noticeable red. It’s bright and very glamorous. If it is too over the top for some people using the sheer colour on top reduces the dramatic look as it lightens the shade somewhat. This colour is very bright, it has also has a tint of orange in it. Currant Bloom – The sheer colour on this lipstick is a very light purple/pink shade. This is my favourite because the sheer look is kept natural but still noticeable. I think it looks great. It’s a simple colour which I like to wear alone in the daytime but its great to use at night on top of another colour, but the great thing about this shade is it looks great on it’s on or with a darker shade of lipstick. The matte colour of this shade is a much darker pink/plum colour, which is also really lovely. It’s got a slight hint of pink in it but its more plum based. This colour is ideal to be used on it’s own as its quite a glam colour. Damask Bloom – this colour is a slight mix of beige and orange, it isn’t particularly a very noticeable colour, but still a nice light shade of orange. The sheer colour has more of a beige effect when it is applied to the lips although it might look like more of an orange colour. The matte colour however is much darker and looks much more orange than the sheer colour. If this colour is too bright for you, using the sheer colour on top lightens the shade quite a bit making it much lig
      hter. This colour is somewhat similar to Ginger Bloom but this seems to have much more of a beige effect. Garnet Bloom – This colour is a lovely pink shade. It is probably the brightest shade out of all the shades. The sheer colour is a sweet pink colour. It’s light but also a very sweet colour. It’s a lovely light shade of pink. The matte colour is a darker pink colour which is definitely much more noticeable. It’s an extremely bright pink colour; if you’re fans of darker, brighter shades of pink then this colour is definitely the one for you. The colours used together also adds a nice gloss to the already bright colour, but it does look really good. Ginger Bloom – The sheer colour is a light orange colour. It’s light and kept quite natural. It is one to be used alone if you want a slightly natural look but it is still noticeable. The matte colour is a much darker ginger colour. It has a strong shade of ginger in it, and is very noticeable. This is probably one of my least favourite colours as it is only suited to certain types of skin tone. The bright orange looks good alone for people wanting it a bit glamorous but used with the sheer colour it also looks good. Maroon Bloom – This colour is a slightly obvious one. The sheer colour is a light plum/maroon colour. It’s one of my favourites as it’s light but still has a nice effect. The plum shade is also really lovely. The matte colour is a darker shade of the sheer colour. It has shades of purple, maroon and plum in it. This colour is much more dramatic than the sheer colour but I still really like it because this kind of colour can suit anyone. This is one of my favourite colours because both shades look great, and look really good together as well. Mauve Bloom – The sheer colour of this lipstick is a light reddish/pink colour. It’s quite light and not as bright as the other colours. The colour is kept simpl
      e and probably the most natural out of all the shades. This one is for people looking for a more natural tone of lip colour. The matte colour is a darker shade with a much more reddish tone. It’s slightly brighter but still slighter duller than some of the other matter colours. THE LIPSTICK*~ The lipstick has two different lipsticks at both ends. One is a sheer lipstick whilst the other is a matte lipstick. Both can be used separately or used together for a mare glamorous look, either way there both ideal for use night or day. At first I actually thought it was the same shade until the lady at the till told me that one side was a matte lipstick and the other was a sheer lipstick. I thought this idea really good because with most two in ones it’s just two different lipsticks but this is actually a totally different idea. The matte lipstick is really smooth and when applying you can tell it also moisturises. If you have dry lips don’t worry, this is a good emergency product in case you run out of lip balm. I know this is good quality simply because it gives full colour whilst keeping my lips feeling smooth, so it’s a comfortable lipstick to wear. I tend to use the sheer colour in the daytime for say college or shopping, and I use the matte lipstick if I want a slightly darker effect on my lips. For going out I usually use both shades as this adds a dramatic look. Both lip colours are of a similar shade but the sheer colour is lighter as it doesn’t have such an effect as the matte lipstick. I don’t usually purchase lipsticks as I usually go for glosses instead as they are more suited to me because I prefer the natural look, so this product was ideal for me as glosses are usually not enough for going out and stuff so having a matte lipstick on one end encouraged me to use it more, and because there’s a sheer lipstick at the other end, it actually gives it a glossier look which is def
      initely a plus for me as I love glossy effects. Both lipsticks are of high quality, as they seem to last for ages, I don’t find myself reapplying too often which is definitely a good thing. The effect that this lip colour gives is completely up to you. You can choose to have it natural, slightly darker or all the way glamorous; you decide the effect you want on your lips. The lipsticks themselves are quite thin but I like this because it makes it easier to apply. They are thinner than your average lipsticks, which might make you think that they wont last as long but they are of high quality and this makes it easier to apply so I don’t particularly think it’s a big deal. THE PACKAGING*~ The product itself comes in a cute little brown box like all the other Stila products. It’s a colourless box but still manages to be chic and cute, without being over the top. Once you open the box the little product itself comes out. This product in my opinion has the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. The colours I bought were currant bloom and maroon bloom so the packaging conveys that colour. The packaging is like a metallic purple colour with Stila written on it. Also there are two tops on each ends of the product. Once each top is taken off, you just need to twist the lipstick and out it comes. It’s easy to use, it’s just like any other lipstick, the only difference being this product is like 10 times better than any other ordinary lipstick. The actual lipstick bottle to me looks quite curvy and girly. It’s small which is good as you can carry it around anywhere, I simply love it! THE PRICE*~ The lipstick itself cost me £18, which I think, is totally worth it because you get two lipsticks if you think about it. Stila has never been cheap, all their products are extremely expensive but that’s also because you know you’re buying top quality stuff, not just cheap product
      s with nice packaging. That’s why I am willing to fork out so much for Stila, because I know underneath the pretty packaging is a just as brilliant product. A lip glaze would cost you £18 also, so if you would like to try a Stila product but are worried about the price I would recommend this because it’s two products in one. For people not willing to spend more than £5 on a lipstick then I don’t think Stila will be for you but I think it’s definitely worth treating yourselves to! ADVANTAGES*~ The first major advantage to this product is that it is two products in one. The fact that there are two different lipsticks makes it even better. With it’s packaging alone I did expect it to be more expensive so personally I think it’s worth it. Another thing that I love about this product is that you can control how much colour you want on your lips as you can go for a completely natural look with the sheer colour, or a more glamorous look with the matte colour, it’s convenient as you don’t need to carry around two products. Packaging is always so important to me, I guess you could say I’m shallow like that but this product does not disappoint when it comes to fabulous packaging. It’s girly, it’s fun and it’s colourful. I’ll forever be keeping this in my handbag because the packaging is so different but cute! I know I’ll be showing it off to everyone! DISADVANTAGES*~ There is only one disadvantage to this product that I noticed and it’s not really a big deal but this lipstick doesn’t smell as lush as all those other Stila lip products. It just smells like ordinary lipstick but I guess that isn’t a big deal, I just expected it to have a nice scent like all the other products. OVERALL*~ Overall I think this product is just plain fabulous. I’m forever being amazed by the brilliant new products Stila
      comes out with and this product does not disappoint. It’s great for people who are indecisive about the kind of lip colour they want to wear on their lips. This product is brilliant in every sense; it’s the only lip product I carry around with me now. I really can’t wait to try out all the other colours. (`*•.¸(`*•.¸¸.•*') ¸.•*')® «°'¨`•.°BabyGirl°.•'¨`°» (°¸∆.•''(¸.•'''•.¸)`' •.∆¸°)


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    • Product Details

      Combines sought after mattes with matching sexy sheers in a double-ended lipstick tube / Each shade can be worn seperately or together to create a dramatic lip look that's great for day or evening /

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