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Stila Eye Gloss

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2004 22:17
      Very helpful



      • "hard to remove"

      When it comes to make-up I’m pretty fussy and I tend to go for expensive brands. This isn’t always intentional, I just seem to be drawn to them (I’m a victim of their advertising!) and unfortunately this means I sometimes end up wasting money on products that I don’t even need and end up being completely useless. Stila happens to be one of my favourite make-up brands and they do plenty of fabulous products, sadly for me they also do a few items that aren’t so good and in my opinion one such item is the Stila Eye Gloss.

      I love cosmetics that come in cute packaging and this is probably one reason I like Stila, the packaging isn’t too elaborate, in fact it’s more plain and simple but it always looks really cute and the Eye Gloss is no exception. It comes in a dinky silver tin with stars on it and ‘Stila’ written across the top; this comes in a little beige box which also has stars on it; simple yet effective. I wouldn’t normally buy a gloss eye shadow mainly because I’ve never used one before and have always bought powder eye shadows in the past but I’ve never been one to turn down trying new make-up so I decided to buy one and see what it was like.

      Applying the product is easy you don’t even need anything to put it on with you can simply put a little gloss on you finger and apply it to your eyelid. It goes on smoothly; the gloss has a relatively light texture so it doesn’t pull on your eyelid at all. The colour of the gloss comes out paler when you apply it than it looks in the tin, the problem with this is that if you buy a pale shade, as I did, you have to apply more to see the colour otherwise you just look like you have greasy eyelids. I found that when I tried to build up the colour the gloss looked and felt too thick. I’ve found that no matter how much of the gloss I use the colour fades far more quickly than powder eye shadows and the gloss creases in a couple of hours. When you apply a thin layer the gloss does give a nice sheen but you would have to buy a bold colour in order for it to show up as it looks a lot lighter than in the tin. Even then you would have to apply it throughout the day otherwise it just ends up creasing and with a gloss this seems to be more visible than with a powder eye shadow. Perhaps this is why Stila put a little mirror on the inside of the lid of the tin so you could check your eyelids regularly and reapply as necessary! Well sorry but I don’t have the time or the patience to bother doing this. I tried putting a little translucent powder on my eyelid before applying the eye gloss but this didn’t seem to make any difference; the gloss still creased and ended up looking greasy.

      One advantage of this product is that it is easily blended and looked good when I slightly smudged my eyeliner up into it. However it still looks greasy after a couple of hours. I found this quite disappointing because to keep a fresh look you have to reapply throughout the day and I wouldn’t wear it clubbing because, as I found out, it seems to melt under lights! Definitely not a look I’ll be repeating. It would be a good daywear product if it was less greasy and didn’t crease so readily. Perhaps this is just the nature of a gloss or perhaps it’s my skin, having never previously tried a gloss it would be unfair to comment on the longevity of the product because it may be an expectation that when you wear gloss you have to reapply it often, I’m sure but personally I’d rather stick to an eye shadow that lasts me through the day rather than frequently reapplying or risking the creased look.

      Stila’s Eye Gloss does have its good points but unfortunately the way I see it these are far outweighed by the bad points. The packaging is a plus point and I’ve got to admit I’m a complete sucker for buying the cutest looking products rather than things which are actually practical and I stand by believing that appearance is important but at the end of the day no-one wants a kitsch packaging when the contents leaves a lot to be desired. Also the light formulation means that initially the gloss feels comfortable but after a few hours of wear it does start to feel too greasy. Another advantage is that, depending on what colour you buy, you can also use the eye gloss as a highlighter on your cheeks or lips. Personally I wasn’t keen on the appearance of my cheeks when I tried it but it actually looks quite good on lips! However I would only really use it on my lips if I had nothing else I’d much rather use my Stila Lip Glaze which unsurprisingly looks better and smells yummy too.

      An advantage I found was that unlike most powder eye shadows the eye gloss is actually waterproof, it stayed put in the rain perfectly, of course this isn’t such a blessing when you want to take it off, a decent make-up remover is an essential. Unfortunately this brings me to another downside to the product; removing it. I already use a make-up remover for waterproof make-up but this wasn’t enough to shift it first time and I had to go over the area again using another cotton wool pad to remove the last traces. Yet another disappointment with this product is the smell; it’s so chemically and artificial. It’s not like I would expect them to flavour an eye product, and you can’t smell it once it’s on, but at first when you’re putting it on it just smells so synthetic.

      If you want a slight sheen I think you’d be better off putting a teensy bit of Vaseline over a normal eye shadow because this still gives a slightly glossy look but doesn’t make the eye shadow crease at all. It’s also easier to remove as well.

      Overall the product did have potential and at first it does look pretty but there is too much hassle involved with keeping your eyelids looking good throughout the day; is this really what we should expect from a product that costs £15 RRP? Ok, ok so I bought mine off eBay and it only cost me £6.50 so I’m not too annoyed but is the recommended retail price really justified? I don’t think so!

      Thanks for reading!


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        24.04.2002 19:05



        All my friends know I'm a total Stila girl so when one of them bought me an eye gloss for my birthday I was really happy. The packaging is 100% cute and the blue/purple colour looks great against the silver tin decorated wih stars. I'm so bad when it comes to applying eye shadow but an eye gloss is much easier to use since you just smudge it across the eye lid and it looks great. Unfortunately, this product isn't as good as the rest of the Stila range. The formulation is light but too greasy and doesn't stay put on the lids for very long. It creases and the colour fades quicky. However, I don't like my make-up to look to polished and tend to go for that "rock chick" look. This isn't for someone who can't stand slightly smudgey make-up but I think it can look kinda sexy! The colour I have (pictured) looks good on olive skin but they also have colours in pink, green, silver and gold. Even though the colour is vibrant in the tin, you have to build it up to get a vivid colour and since it creases easily, you'll have to keep reapplying. Nevertheless, a glossy sheen is left on the lids at all times. I prefer to use this product in the summer when I just want a hint of colour and because it's such so small, has a mirror and you don't need a brush, it's convienent to carry. It looks cool mixed with liner but again, the liner will eventually smudge slightly. This isn't one of Stilas best products but it's a fun peice of make-up to use if you're in a rush. If you want a similar effect that will last longer, try there 'All Over Shimmers' that come in a range of colours.


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