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Stila Lip Gloss Trio Cool

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Brand: Stila / Gloss Set / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2012 18:35
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      Stila's bargain lip gloss set

      Who can resist a bargain? For all my willpower if something is seriously on offer I do find it hard to walk past and so it came to pass that on my recent trip to Boston I came across a serious bargain. After spending longer than planned at the Benefit counter in Macy's with a saleswoman who hailed from Edinburgh - and spending more than planned too - I encountered a small rack of stocking fillers in the beauty hall which included some Stila sets. Most of these sets were palettes for eyes, cheeks and lips which I am not overtly fond of, however I spied a lip glaze trio which, according to the packaging, had a "$41 value" but was priced at just $12. I have since seen it for sale in my local branch of Boots for £10, along with the companion set called "Warm". As just one Stila lip glaze has an RRP of £15, this set is a bargain.

      ~~What You Get~~

      The set comes in a pink cardboard box which has the Stila logo and some flowers printed on the box. You get three Stila Lip Glazes in this set and all are pink based and as a result seem cool in comparison to warmer shades - hence the name of the set. Each lip gloss contains 1.5 ml of product.

      The shades you get are Raisin, Grapefruit and Seashell. Each gloss pen has a built in brush applicator covered by a clear plastic lid, and you have to twist the bottom of the pen for the product to reach the brush before you can apply it.

      Stila lip glosses add a twist which is each gloss is scented or flavoured.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      Over the course of the past few weeks since I bought this set I have worn all three lip glosses several times. Because I am very fair skinned, the "cool" set is probably a better match for my skin, although I must admit if I see the "warm" set in Boots I will probably pick it up too.

      The glosses can be a little hard to apply first time. You do have to turn the twist at the bottom of the pen several times for the gloss to reach the brush. By several, I mean at least 20 so don't panic if you are twisting and nothing comes out. Be warned however - when the gloss finally reaches the brush there tends to be quite a lot of it so be careful it doesn't drip off the brush.

      The gloss has a fairly thick consistency but it's very smooth and isn't sticky. This was a great relief to me as I hate sticky glosses. Be careful of the pen overloading as this can make application a little tricky - I find it easiest to start not at the corner of my lip but in the middle and then smooth the gloss across each lip. This cuts down on the product "bleeding" from my mouth. The brush is a good size and whilst it's not angled it applies the gloss efficiently and effectively.

      Once applied, the gloss does a good job at adding colour and definition to my lips. As I age, my lips become thinner but these lip glazes add a little plumpness to my lips too. The glosses don't feel particularly sticky once on and they add a modicum of moisture too which I really appreciate as I am prone to dry lips. The gloss isn't too shimmery either which I really like as I don't like my lips to look as if they are soaking wet when wearing a lip gloss.

      The gloss sadly isn't particularly durable and I find after a couple of hours it has faded away and certainly if you eat a meal whilst wearing this you should be ready to re-apply in the bathroom afterwards.

      Of the three shades, I like Grapefruit the least. Much as it pains me to say this, I am probably a little too long in the tooth these days to get away with a peachy-pink lip gloss except perhaps on a hot summer's day. All the glosses have fairly subtle colouring but the pigmentation is decent in comparison to some cheaper glosses I have bought in the past. Grapefruit doesn't have a particularly noticeable aroma or flavour.

      This cannot be said of Raisin, which is my favourite gloss in the set. This has a very noticeable scent of dried fruit and the darker pink-plum tone suits me much better. The only downside about this shade is the fact it doesn't plump up my lips quite so well as the paler shades - I can only surmise that's got something to do with a darker shade making my lips look thinner.

      Pale pink Seashell provides the most natural look of the set and works wonders on my old, thin lips, giving them a younger look. This shade has a sweet aroma but not of something I can immediately identify. This shade is a far more muted pink than the other shades and as such is probably the best of the set for wearing during the day.


      This is a super bargain from Stila and it enables you to try three glosses for less than the price of one single Lip Glaze.

      The only thing you should be aware of is the fact the colours you can see in the pens don't really have much bearing on what the gloss will look like on your lips. The Raisin shade looks much darker on the pen than on the lips for instance.

      If you fancy treating yourself, this is a great way of doing so without breaking the bank. For just £10 you can have three high quality glosses which offer great definition and colour, plump the lips a bit and don't result in sticky lip syndrome.


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