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Strictly Come Dancing Fab u lous Cosmetics Case

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Brand: Boots / Type: Cosmetics Case

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2011 01:49
      Very helpful



      best make up case there is, with lot's of goodies inside

      I got this at just after Christmas when boots have there mega sale it had 75% off so I only paid £10, well actually I used my boots card points so it was basically free.

      When I got it home and opened it up, I couldn't help but smile, I was like a child with a new toy.

      There are so many different colours of eye shadow and lip gloss, then it has two blushers and a more bronzer like powder, and to top it all off it comes with it's own make up brushes, there is a lip gloss brush, an eye shadow brush and a blusher brush, these are all good quality brushes, I use mine every day, I have cleaned them all a few times and they are still perfect and that's 7 months usage, pretty good I think.

      Now to the make up there are lot's of colours all in different shades which is useful for blending the eye shadow to make very pretty eyes indeed. you can have lot's of styles from sexy smoky to bright and girly, and there are also more subtle shades suitable for everyday wear or for going to work.

      The quality of the make up is brilliant, for it being strictly come dancing I didn't really expect that much, well I was proved wrong.
      I liked the quality that much I went back to boots and bought the mini strictly eye shadow set the same day (I had to go back the same day just to make sure I got one they were selling like hot cakes).
      The mini set was just as good, I take it on every trip where I stay overnight, and it was cheap as chips.

      Not to get side tracked...yes make up quality, well I can do my make up in the morning, using the eye shadow with concealer as a base, it lasts all day which I think is quite remarkable for something that is not from the top brands. The blushers stays on all day too, this is on bare skin because I don't use foundation, I sometimes tinted moisturiser if I'm going somewhere nice.

      the lip gloss isn't as good as the eye shadow but it's still pretty good and lasts a while.

      The case it comes in is very pretty, black with sparkles, and what girl doesn't like sparkles.
      I like that it has no branding on it so it doesn't scream out strictly come dancing (sorry but i just don't like the show), If it had of had it wrote on i probably wouldn't have bought it, and to be honest im not sure how i survived without this beforehand!!
      Inside it has 3 tiers which stack on top of each other, they can pull out so every thing can be reached easily. the tiers consist of 24 eye shadow, 12 lip gloss and 3 blusher/bronzer powder's, So you can decorate your face for any occasion.

      One very useful thing about the case itself is the space underneath the tiers, It is surprisingly roomy considering how much it has in already, I have put all my make up that I use regularly in there and could still put in extra if I wanted to.
      There is a silver lock catch which doesn't open easily enough for it to open when it is not wanted to, ending up with make up every where, now that would not be good, but it's easy to open when you want to use it. It also has a sturdy handle to carry it around.

      Well I love this make up case best £10 of boots points ever spent!!
      It is a shame that people didn't realise how good this is though because a lot were available in the sale, I just hope they bring out more stuff for Christmas this year!!


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      23.11.2010 11:41
      Very helpful



      A great make-up case particularly for people who like to experiment!

      When it comes to make-up it really is a passion of mine. So much so that by trade I am a Beauty Therapist and I often use that as an excuse to myself when purchasing things such as this. I own lots and lots of make-up and I didn't need this at all to be truthful. I simply wanted it and had the money to buy it at the time and I was really attracted to the case all the make up comes stored in! Yep I'm a bit of a magpie lol.

      I bought this in Boots when it was on offer for £22.00 recently. The usual asking price for this is £45.00 although at the moment you can get this on a 3 for the price of 2 offer. I'm not one to pass up on such a good saving mind you whether I need it or not and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and play with it!

      The Packaging:

      The packaging of this is simple indeed. You can see mostly the case containing the make up but over that and over the handle there is a piece of card (sleeve) that goes all the way around it which is very simple to remove and dispose of. It's light pink in colour with a photograph of a couple of the strictly come dancing girls on it and we are told that it is 'Strictly Fab-u-lous Cosmetics Case'. On the back of that 'sleeve' we are told about the items within the case and there ingredients and sizes are given. The sizes stated for the eyeshadows are 6g in weight or 14g as are the lip glosses and all of the blushers are 9.5g in weight. Contact details for Boots are given because this is an exclusive product to Boots of course. The information given in well listed and comprehensive. On the case handle itself and attached by a piece of black string there is a piece of black card and on that and in silver writing it simply says 'The Contents' and then on the other side shows you in colour the make up cases contents.

      The Case Itself:

      Dark black and rather large though no sizes are given for this anywhere at all including on the Boots website (www.boots.com). It has a chunky fold over sort of bright silver clasp to the top of it with a large handle and has a few hinges on it which give it silver bars around the case and when opened it folds out into three sections. The whole thing is of great quality, a nice black with integrated silver glitter within it and I haven't found that glitter to flake off at all and its all very robust with 4 rubber grey stoppers to the bottom of it so it can stand with ease.

      Open up and the case and you get 3 layers of cosmetics in black fabric trays set in. When you open the case there are in 3 oblong layers, again all with zig-zag hinges and bars that enable it all to be pulled so that you get the three sections all out one on top of the other with easy access to what you want. Underneath all that make-up there is a large area for storing other bits and pieces you want and of course this comes with three make up brushes with it too. It's a very professional looking case, very easy to open and close and I do appreciate that when I pull out the trays they feel secure in the case and I can mix and match as they are tiered giving me easy access!

      Each layer of make-up has a different theme and we're told about that on the sleeve that comes with the product. The top layer is Latin themed makeup, the second layer is Salsa themed colours and the third is called Ballroom. Each tray has 8 eyeshadows all in round shapes (apart from the top layer which is the Latin ones that come in smaller squares than the rest), you get four lip glosses to each layer, again all round and then a large blusher to each layer.

      The Latin Layer:

      This layer consists of very dark, sultry shades with only one lighter colour which is a shimmery silver. You get a couple of dusky plum/purple shades, a black, a dark brown and a couple of blue/mauve shades. The blusher in this is a deep brown with a subtle shimmer to it then you get a cerise lipgloss, a mauve and two shades of pinky/ red.

      The Salsa Layer:

      As the name of this suggests this is a collection of bright and unusual colours. You get a bright canary yellow, a couple of turquoises, a couple of pinks and a gold. All of the lip glosses are pink shades which are all rather bright and the blusher within this set is a deep dusky pink.

      The Ballroom Layer:

      This layer is much more subtle than the other ones in colours and are the ones I use the most to be honest. It's a collection of mauves, blues, a pinks and more neutral shades, again with a couple of light pink lip glosses, a clear lip-gloss and a couple of mauves and there is a browny/pink blusher with this particular layer which actually is very subtle in colour.

      All of the makeup is of course mix and match, you can blend the lip-glosses to get the colour you want and no colour is replicated in the set, in fact they are all rather different.

      The quality of the make up is rather excellent. Some things contain well blended glitter, all is smooth, nothing smells and some again though not all of the make-up is shimmery meaning this case of make-up should fulfil every need you have. Within the case as well, as I mentioned earlier there are three brushes which come in black plastic tray and you get a decent sized blusher brush, an eyeshadow blending brush and a lip-gloss brush. All the brushes are polished black plastic feeling with Strictly inscribed into each one and have silver tubing to the end which hold what appear to be natural hair which is different brown shades. Each is soft and of good quality and length (standard sized) and the hair doesn't fall off them or anything like that.

      The quality of the make up is very good indeed and I don't feel that this is overpriced at all for what it is at all. The eyeshadow, once applied lasts me all day long, the lip-gloss is smooth and not too thick though this doesn't stay on the lips at all long and of course you can't take it out with you so in a way it's a wee bit pointless is the gloss but it does feel gently conditioning and pleasant to wear whilst it is on.

      The blusher again is fabulous, easy to blend and stays put all day long with no transfer at all and to remove any of the make up it simply takes your usual make-up removing routine and nothing more.

      You don't get alot of lip-gloss and eyeshadow in each shade but you get enough for alot of applications and as the colours are so highly pigmented you don't need much at all, the blusher however being so large does last ages!

      A great buy!


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    • Product Details

      Cosmetics Case with blushers, eyeshadows and lipgloss

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